Is Google Censoring “Saudi Arabia Is”?

On the heals of calls of Google censoring ‘Islam is’ from there Google Suggest feature, I decided to do a little experiment. What would happen if I typed in the Google search bar the following terms and see what the result would be. 1) “America is” results in: 2) “Britain is” results in:

Obama: Military fights ‘On my behalf’.

In a gross misunderstanding why the US military risks their lives on a daily basis, President Obama is under the impression they are doing it for him personally. Obama: “those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf.” More here:

Robots, Spiders Caught in our Trap

We use a trap to monitor for spiders, browsers, and robots that don’t honor our robots.txt directive. Basically, all these entries reflect users who found a secret directory on our domain that’s sole purpose is to log requests for it. The only way these spiders could have found it was by requesting our robots.txt file…

Van Jones, Obama Czar, 9/11 Movie

Obama’s ‘Green Czar’ Van Jones has an interesting history. Can’t wait to see what this 9/11 Truther has to say. Who vetted this guy to run a $30 billion budget? HIJACKING CATASTROPHE: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire Presented by Jacob Clapsadle This powerful documentary shows key motivations driving current U.S. policy at…