Gun Camera Footage from AC-130 Video in Afghanistan

AC-130 Video from Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is being waged daily and without much news from the media. There have been very few actual video displays of combat or combat photography.

ac130 movie is pleased to present an instructional video clip of a coordinated strike involving an AC-130 gunship in Afghanistan from 2002.

Today’s AC-130U Gunship is more lethal than its predecessors, due to the addition of a GAU-12, 25 mm Gatling gun Firing at 1,800 shots per minute and mounted on a fully trainable gun mount, the GAU-12 provides twice the lethality of its former 20 mm cannons, a longer stand-off range and greater accuracy. The operator can select from a series of burst lengths to tailor effectiveness of the GAU-12 for each target due to a fully automated ammunition handling system, capable of carrying 3,000 rounds. The gunship also carries both a 40 mm Bofors cannon, capable of up to 100 shots per minute, and a 105 mm howitzer that can be fired six times a minute. To maximize accuracy, both large guns also are installed on trainable gun mounts. The AC-130U has a dual-target attack capability that allows it to attack simultaneously two targets located up to a kilometer apart. Its fire control system enables the AC-130U to destroy targets more quickly, expediting air-to-ground mission objectives while decreasing threat exposure time, which enhances aircraft survivability.

The war on terrorism in Afghanistan is very much alive and very real. This is the real deal, prepare yourself. This is what it takes.

AC-130 Gun Camera Video – Warning: Video May Be Disturbing Due to Violence!

UPDATE: As mentioned on the Howard Stern Radio Show

Here is a link to a longer, higher resolution video of the AC-130 operations. Warning! Extreme violence and extremely large multimedia file.

Picture: The AC-130U’s call sign is “Spooky”. There are currently 13 AC-130U’s in the Airforce inventory

Video: High Resolution AC-130 Attack in Mpeg Format

AC-130U Spooky Weapons

One 25mm GAU-12 Gatling Equaliser gun (1,800 rounds per minute)
One L60 40mm Bofors cannon (100 shots per minute)
One M102 105mm cannon (6-10 rounds per minute)

AC-130U Spooky Countermeasures

AN/AAQ-24 Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM)
AN/AAR-44 Infrared Warning Receiver
AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning System
AN/ALE-47 Flare and Chaff Dispensing System
AN/ALQ-172 Electronic Countermeasure System
AN/ALQ-196 Jammer
AN/ALR-69 Radar Warning Receiver
AN/APR-46A Panoramic RF Receiver
QRC-84-02 Infrared Countermeasures System

There are 13 AC-130U aircraft in the USAF inventory and they are currently assigned to the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

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