France Sucks ?

France Sucks ?

Hot off the news press today! There is mounting evidence the French government will not approve of military action in Iraq whatsoever.

President Bush voiced concern today due to suggestions from allies, including France, that they would wage a major diplomatic fight to prevent the U.N. Security Council from passing a war resolution against Iraq.

france sucks

The tiny country of France?s Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said it was important for Europe to speak with one voice on the subject of Iraq. ?We are mobilized, we believe war can be avoided,? he said. De Villepin said there was no evidence so far that justified military action, and he didn?t rule out the possibility of a French veto if the United States sought a second resolution authorizing military action.

The question remains why the the little hamlet of France believes it is just to side with one of the 21st centuries worst butchers instead with one her best allies, the United States.

Currently, the Iraqi propoganda machine is using the latest French objections in its efforts to continue to hide weapons of mass destruction.

Sadly, the French obstruction to dearming Iraq is very similar to its past history of aiding the Nazis in World War II in suppressing and killing it’s own citizens.

France Sucks Update: Refuse to Say Which Side They Want to Win

France has once again refused to support the Coalition over the war with Iraq.

French foreign minister Dominique de Villepin gave a talk at London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies in his first visit to Britain since the outbreak of war.

Dominique de Villepin refused to answer the question: “Who do you want to win the war?” at today’s press conference.

France has been fiercely opposed to the US and British-led military action against Saddam Hussein’s regime.

France is reluctant to say who they want to win Operation Iraqi Freedom. However, they do want a piece of the lucrative reconstruction contracts in post-Saddam Iraq.

French Protest Iraqi War – America Attacked

UPDATE: 30% of French Want Saddam to Win!

The French newspaper Le Monde, conducted a poll showing that only a third of the French felt the Americans and British should win Operation Iraqi Freedom, and that another third desired outright Iraqi victory over ?les anglo-saxons?.

Christian Poncelet, conservative speaker of the French Senate expressed his concern over the support for Saddam’s victory. “That’s why we’re worried and irritated if we see people demonstrating with pictures of Saddam Hussein.”

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  1. I absolutely hate France. I can’t understand why they even have a say in any world matters at all. If it wasn’t for the united states and Great Britain they would be speaking German. I think those freaking pansy cowards lost their right to have any kind of decision and should only worry about their tourism. damn frogs! The freaking girl scouts of America could conquer France.Same for Germany.

  2. Love that… this must be an American site… Still it made me laugh.
    You’re right though, the French are sad tossers but they’re rich and very nationalistic but we like the USA a lot better.

  3. Don´t forget your roots.
    The United States have no friends. All you have is a strong army. And because of this, the weak countries say: yes america we do what you want, yes ,yes.
    And Germany ist no protectorate of the USA. And please do not longer talk over the nazis, your sucking country came, as all was over. The nazis were to far in russia and so they lost the war. this was not your victory … they destroyed themselves.

  4. Hey ich, The United States is a stronger country because of it’s dealings with historically opressive countries like Germany. You must have skipped history class that day – that is, if you even went to school!

  5. Yep, the French are weak minded loosersand have had their butt kicked in every war they got themselves into since the 1700’s. no wonder they are such yellow cowards!! If U ask me we should kick the crap out of Iraq then Saudi Araiba then move right on into France. Then give France ti the MFing PLO to lessen tensions in the Mid East.

    Just a thought.

  6. Are you high on crack? my god don’t talk to me about history. The nazis didn’t lose because they were to far in Russia. They lost because they ate a lot of sausage fool!. And if the United States were a country that wanted to take over the world we could. And if any country ever used a nuke on the united states it would be the end of the world. We would destroy the whole world ten times over. And no missile launched by any country would ever hit the united states because of our missile defense. Most likely we already have planes carrying plasma cannons that will shoot any launches over the country launching an assault. And for one our country is so powerful because of our diversity. Even if we didn’t have super weapons and a high tech military we would beat any army even out manned 10 to 1. Reason is because we are just better than you cheese eating fools. I feel confident not cocky saying this only because it has been proven in the history of the united states. Only conflicts we have lost or failed are situations like Vietnam which were pretty much policing, if we wanted we could of simply used air campaigns and annihilated northern Vietnam. But nooo America cares to much about the innocent. Another thing that pisses me off is how every other country hates us cause we get involved with foreign matters. But you know what if we didn’t every country would be pissed at us for not helping. Either way you will hate us just because we are better. Right now great Britain is the only country I trust. And France, Germany and Russia are just the white speck on top of bird shit. Russia is no real threat any more cause they are frayed rope ran by Mafioso potato drinkers. Your countries are only week because you are stupid primitive people. It’s called jealousy, its ok for you to cry cause your people aren’t smart enough to make things better. It’s sad how such a new country can dominate the old war. Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know. Maybe if your ancestors weren’t afraid to be eaten by giant see monsters or falling off the edge of the earth you to would be an America driving your gas guzzling SUV and watching the silly third war countries from the comfort of your lazy boy.

  7. corrections
    *”It’s sad how such a new country can dominate the old world.”
    *”Maybe if your ancestors weren’t afraid to be eaten by giant sea”

  8. You can trust us Australians also Hydro. I think you make excellent points. What a sad bunch of wankers the French are. Unbelievable. Living in the US, I am also sickened by the toadying liberal scum you are stuck with over here, actors and the like. This vocal minority makes me wanna puke. “War is not the answer” they say…then provide one you tossers! Do they really believe Iraq and their like-minded, cowardly allies wouldn’t kill every one of them, given the chance? Flatten them all I say! Iraq, the Saudis and any other terrorist supporting scum. Screw France, and anyone else who doesn’t like it. The time for political correctness went out the window 15 months ago. What’s France gonna do about it? Eat garlic, crap in the street and refuse to bathe for 2 months at a time. Screw France!

  9. It is the elitists the run France…not all French are aholes. Hydro’s yanking your chain…no one can be that stupid

    It is an Anglo world – the US has good allies – most either speak English or thank their lucky butts that the US stood up against those who stole their freedoms.

    The noise will die don when the Iraq’s are dancing in the streets and the re-build begins.

  10. Hydro is a ignorant dick. He should die.
    France has done nothing wrong… Just because they don’t bow down like they’re our bitches doesn’t mean we have to piss all over them. Fuck America.

  11. You guys really make it clear that you can´t take diversity. Someone disagrees, and all you´re capable of is insult them for their opinion. Your basic “arguments” are that Americans are more valuable human beings than other people, and that the success of America´s lifestyle can justify anything that any amerian government will ever do at any time. There are actually words for that: one is FASCISM and the other is SELFRIGHTUOS.

    It is no achievement to be born with a passport with an eagle on it. And not one of the people sending America´s troops to war today, fought in Europe in WW2. Neither is success an argument in itself – if I knocked down an old lady with a baseballbat and stole her money, you could call that a success from my perspective (“…now I can go get that Gucci leather jacket I´ve wanted for weeks.”) But that doesn´t make me right. And hey: sure, you can destroy the world ten times over and kill any life in the planet, if somedoy dares to touch your holy land. But I don´t see how you can be proud of that. “He wrecked my car, I´ll kill his neighbor´s!”. Good point, stupid.

    It is true that many wars that America fought, brought dictatorship to an end in the respective countries. But that has always been a sideeffect, and not the reason for war. If Saddam Hussein has to be eliminated for his administration´s lack of democracy and human rights, why doesn´t the far more radical islamistic government of Saudi-Arabia? Or Kuwait? Why are Pakistan´s nuclear weapons no problem?

    Did you actually know that Bin Laden HATES Saddam for kicking the islamists out of Iraq and installing a worldly society instead (no doubt that the man is a criminal in every other aspect)? Did you know that there are no possible links from Al-Quaida to Iraq? That most of the September 11th-terrorists where actually Saudi-Arabians? That the Bush-Administration is full of people with a background and PERSONAL FINANCIAL INTERESTS in the oil-industry? No? Oh, right: I forgot that your balls will start rotting up if you accept a fact contradicting your perspective…sorry.

    There is one reason for big and wealthy countries to go to war: economics. I know “No Blood For Oil” sounds cheesy, and I´m not one of those fools who will gladly take the part as illusionist hippie-demonstrators. But that doesn´t make cynicism less disgusting. You may feel superior if history “proves you right”, but it actually just means you gave in to what rich old men want you to believe.

    Remember Ground Zero? Well, imagine living in a place were every city looks like that. Imagine losing thousands of lives EVERY day. You may be richer than third world countries, but you´re definately poor minds if Ground Zero makes you think of nothing else but to do exactly the same to someone else in another country.

    To you, war has always been something that happens far away from home, and when it´s over, we´ll have a confetti-parade on Broadway. But tha´ts only what YOU see, and ignoring the other side of the story, laughing arrogantly about people that do not look like a GAP-Ad because they where born in poor and deserted countries (yeah, right why did they choose to be such scum anyway) is one of the reasons why Manhattans Skyline looks a little different lately. At least you delivered the islamistic propaganda some good ammo.

    You may call people cowards because they don´t want to send their sons to war for you. But that has nothing to do with the truth. Only with your fear of contradiction. You can´t take being anything less than 100% right. You hate being questioned, so you just repeat it over and over again: “We´re right because we´re Americans, we´re better because we´re Americans, we´re right because we´re Americans, blablabla”.

    Now who´s a coward here. You can´t even take opposition. Too immature to see that sometimes there actually IS another point of view. A point of view that ALSO makes sense. I guess for simple minds, it is easier just to think the other side is wrong and stupid and illusionist, and weak and ridiculous…whatever. Then you don´t have to bother having a fair discussion with them, right?

    I bet you won´t even have the guts to reply to this in an objective manner.

    Plus, if it weren´t for European Immigrants, you´d be talking French today. Think about it, if you can.

  12. Lennart, I like how you criticize people here for “insulting the opposition”, yet you end your dissertation with an insult, nice touch.

    I won’t call birth in the USA an “achievement”, but it is a great blessing. I’ve been to several countries in my lifetime, I’ve even lived outside of the US for a couple years, and I’m convinced that no country rivals our way of life. The fact of the matter is that the US IS the greatest country on earth. Our economy, work-ethic, military, technology, and way of life is superior. Even though our country is superior, this doesn’t change the fact that one individual is better than another. “Better” is defined by God, and quite frankly we are all imperfect. However, society has the right to weed out individuals that infringe on other’s rights. Likewise, our nation has the right to weed out leaders and military force of countries that support the destruction of the US. No one has the right to threaten another without just cause.

    Weapons of mass destruction will be built, and not all can be controlled. Therefore a country must assess the real threats and pursue their elimination. It is ironic that several other nations such as Pakistan have nuclear weapons, but Pakistan is a more stable and trustworthy/westernized country than is Iraq. The Pakistanis have western interests and also understand the importance of controlling powerful weapons. I would even say since 9-11 they have been elevated to an “ally” status. They have demonstrated a mature control over their arsenal. However, Sadam is responsible for ruthless slaughter of Kurds and his own citizens, or should we call them subjects? History shows he doesn’t value human life, and when he acquires powerful weapons, he will use them without caution or remorse. If we don’t deal with the problem now, we are only allowing it to mature and become an even bigger threat to our children. And Bin Laden’s hate of Sadam doesn’t prevent him from accepting money out of Baghdad. The fact remains, Iraq supports terrorism, terrorists attack innocent people in the US and Ally countries.

    The other Islamic countries don’t have a killing record like that of Sadam’s. Not even close. Though they are not a democracy, the citizens of those countries still enjoy many of the God given rights.

    The “ground zero” comment doesn’t seem to ring true. I don’t look at the US invading Iraq as retaliation as you have described it, rather preemptive measures. If someone breaks into your house, and is planning to do harm to you or your family, do you wait for him to attack? The US doesn’t blow up high rise office buildings and attack citizens, we take out strategic targets such as radar, weapon depots, and other military targets.

    The fact remains, Iraq is a threat. A democratic Al Gore would be pursuing military action as well had he won the election. There is intelligence gathered that we are not aware of. Executive decisions are made based on this intelligence. Though some battles may have an underlying economic interest, I assure you that is not the case with the current Iraqi situation. Just today the terror threat has been raised another notch. I don’t enjoy living in a world where we must constantly keep an eye out for people who intend us harm for no reason. I would rather a terrorist perish than my friends, family or myself. We have done nothing to merit death. If called to defend the country I would leave in a heart beat.

    It is sad that the anti-American sediment is growing so quickly in this country, and from my experience, the people that preach it are the people who have never left US borders.

    As far as France is concerned in this posting, I feel they only oppose action to find favor with terrorists and help prevent attacks on their own soil. Let’s face it, terrorism is more likely to occur against someone that outright opposes it rather than someone who pretends to walk the line.

  13. stupid did you know Saddam is a practicing Muslim. and this is either worded wrong or your just stupid
    “And not one of the people sending America´s troops to war today, fought in Europe in WW2.”

    the reason we care about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction is because at the moment Saddam is like a child with a loaded gun. unlike the other Arab nations they wouldn’t be so stupid right now. And the whole osama is a Saudi is correct but he was exiled and the whole reason for him even wanting to lash out at America is because we used Saudi Arabia for base of operation in desert storm. we tainted his soil! Oh and he hates Jews. Have you ever seen the documentary uncle Sad dam. maybe you should watch that. pictures say a thousand words. And you know what even if America stole 75% of their oil it would be ok because the French and Russians pay them for it and sell them weapons and give them plans for nuclear reactors. So I think we deserve it. Also the Iraqi people would see more oil money in their pockets then ever before. I also do not shop at the gap! and if their country’s look like ground zero then its their fault for fucking it up with their petty civil wars and religious and border wars. you never see Canada or Mexico attack the US. And I grew up poor and you don’t see me running around with an ak shooting people. I don’t practice any religion so I guess I ‘m dumb for not killing people over that as well. And oh I’m sorry for saying that the United states is the best country in the world. But I think its perfectly normal for us to go kick some ass. Cause if we don’t do it now we may one day lose our perfect little country and our gap commercials by losers like you. Go join green peace if your not already a member and save some freaking fish. And if your an American I’m sure someone with your genes was a draft dodger or a cock smuggling meat mangler. And war is very close to home. I have 3 cousins and my older brother are in Qatar right now. If I wasn’t drunk right now I would write more but I can’t see or type a well constructed sentence so I will get back to this another night.

  14. Josh, FUCK YOU
    Lennart, You dumbass,

    “You guys really make it clear that you can’t take diversity. Someone disagrees, and all you’re capable of is insult them for their opinion. Your basic “arguments” are that Americans are more valuable human beings than other people, and that the success of America’s lifestyle can justify anything that any amerian government will ever do at any time. “
    In a larger sense American lives are no more valuable than others, If you put an Americans life side by side with some one who wants to bring harm to the US then yes, it is. The rest of your comment is nothing but ideology, which means bullshit.

    “It is no achievement to be born with a passport with an eagle on it.” Actually it is. People around the world risk their lives trying to get into America so their children will have a better life than where they came from.

    “And not one of the people sending America’s troops to war today, fought in Europe in WW2.“ Wrong again Dumbass, still a few WW2 vets serving their country in congress.

    “It is true that many wars that America fought, brought dictatorship to an end in the respective countries. But that has always been a sideeffect, and not the reason for war. “
    Actually that often is the reason. The Dicktator must go to solve the problem.

    “Did you actually know that Bin Laden HATES Saddam for kicking the islamists out of Iraq and installing a worldly society instead” I don’t give a rats ass what Bin Laden hates, he hates the US that enough. And if IRAQ has a “wordly society” someone better tell Saddam because he just hates that kind of thing.

    “That the Bush-Administration is full of people with a background and PERSONAL FINANCIAL INTERESTS in the oil-industry?” Great, this stupid, I mean dumbass comment finally arrived. “war for oil” give it a rest. We only get 10% of our oil from there.

    This is tiring, you must be a euro, old and tired euro. Please don’t tell us how to think or act. Reading the rest of your dumbass posting it is easy to tell you’re an elitist euro trash. America thrives on diversity open messy diversity. We can admit we haven’t figured it out yet but it is out there in the open. You and others who think like you are the closed minded elitists who cannot handle open discussion, arguments or debate because you can not imagine you are wrong. DUMBASS.

  15. Exactly the kind of comments I knew I would get from people like you.

    @Joe: what exactly did you do to be born an American? An achievement is something you´ve worked for. I don´t see how citizenship can be a success – at best, it might be a gift. It doesn´t make you any better than other people. And actually, you sound much more like someone who can´t imagine to be wrong.

    And no, I´m actually not against a war. I know it will have positive side-effects. But I won´t accept the explanations from the oval office, because they are lies. It´s afucked up business by cynical old men, and I don´t get it how you can let them abuse your idealism. It´s not about freedom. There are hundreds of oppressed nations in this world, and Mr. Bush couldn´t care less about them. Plus, we all know that the U.S. actually installed and supported dictatorship around the world. Remember Chile? Remember that Saddam was actually supported by the U.S.? That Bin Laden and other islamic extremists where trained and equipped by the U.S. in the war against the Red army? Brutal dictatorship is absolutely no problem to freedom-loving America, as long as they can benefit from it in some way.

    And Joe: yes, I am a European. Feel free to think that places you far above me.

    I see your point. But you won´t even consider seeing mine.

  16. Josh you are a fucktard they like to shit all over us. We saved France on more than one occasion and aparently they dont recall this. They should help us, but they’re not so thats what i think

  17. Well there you go. You won’t accept the explanations by the oval office, who asked for your consent? You deem them lies, on what authority?
    You believe they are cynical old men who have corrupted my idealism so it must be true. This is what I mean. Your opinion is absolute. How do you know my ideals have been corrupted or anyone else’s for that matter?
    It is about many things this coming war. It is about a dictator who murders his own people, who pursues weapons of mass destruction spending billions of dollars to do so while his people go without basic needs. It is about 12 years of violating UN resolutions. It is about terrorism, present day and future. Are we supposed to wait till something else happens then ask permission to defend ourselves. It is about not repeating the past. The past when all of Europe closed their eyes and let Hitler militarize Germany, violating the peace agreement from WW1. And look what happened then. Do we need to repeat it? France does not want war because of the financial investment they have in Iraq, so they clearly put financial gain over doing what is right, what is needed to be done.
    When we went into Afghanistan the left, liberals and other confused people said it was wrong, we would be killing innocent people, it was not just, they didn’t want us, bla, bla, bla. And what happened? They started dancing in the street, music was heard, people thanked us for coming, we are helping them rebuild their nation. That is rebuild it after a decade of INTERNAL CIVIL WAR, and a decade after we gave them assistance to fight of the communist aggression of the soviet empire, we helped them defend themselves, to remain free. But all we get is crap from DUMBASSES that say we bombed them to hell, that we ran out on them after we helped them defend themselves. The fact that they have’nt figured out how to live together somehow is not our fault or our doing. I believe it was the UK that divided up that area of the world in the late 19th or early 20th century. No matter what we do it is wrong so you should try to understand that when people who do nothing but talk tell us how wrong we are we tend not to get too bothered by it.
    So your not against the war your against the people who recognize the necessity of and are willing to act on it?
    Yes there are many oppressed nations in the world but we can’t help them all at once. Who was it that went into Bosnia and stopped the genocide? It was not Europe. Who went into Somalia and fed those people? Who defeated the communist empire of soviet Russia? Are we perfect, do we never make mistakes. No, we are as faulty as most nations. The Iraqi regime is dangerous because they have or are very near the point of having capabilities of very bad things, and the proclivity to use them for their own means. This is what makes the need to do something now. If you do not understand that, try
    Sure, 20 years ago we supported Saddam in some ways, read some history to learn why we might have done that. Yes, 20 years ago we supported many groups in Afghanistan in their struggle to remain a free nation, free from the oppression of soviet dominance. Yes we supported them and others. But these two turned on us, and you for that matter. Was Saddam the brutal dictator then as he is now? Just because we supported them in one struggle does not mean they are forever our allies. Thing happen things change. The world is a messy place, very complicated to all but the narrow minded elitists who have all the answers.
    I only wrote because your comments were incorrect in so many ways and the truth of the matter is that you simply don’t like us. For whatever reason you dislike America and it is obvious in you writing. It is easy to throw stones isn’t it?
    I try to see your point, but it full of inaccuracies and clouded by ideologies. We do not consider ourselves better than others, just different. But if you look at the big picture, our way of life, government, society, economics and so on it does set the bar a little higher for others. People get cranky when they can’t reach that high. If that makes us better then so be it.

  18. Two wars are going on today, neither of which is a war on terrorism. It is impossible for a government which practices terrorism to make war on it. The two wars are: one, a new war in a series of wars, to extend U.S. economic, military and political strength in the world. This war is about rediving control over the natural resources of the mid-east.This means more control in the hands of the U.S. and it’s imperialist allies and less in the hands of the local folks and the imperialist competitors of the U.S. For the last few months we’ve been watching a pack of imperialist jackels argue over who will get control of what oil in Iraq. The lions share will go to the U.S., England and Isreal with France and Germany getting the dregs. Arms have been twisted, threats made, payoffs made to get co-operation. Like the Corleone family moving into new territory. All these gangsters wear ties and are civilized and democratic but they are jackels none the less. The idea that some little third world country could make a bomb sends them into a tizzy. It’s harder to invade Korea today. So no one can have them.

    The second war is here at home, where the rights of working people are being trampled, and the constitution shredded by a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

  19. Tipoc, Name the rights that are being trampled and which parts of the Constitution that is being shredded. I hear alot of talk about it but no one ever gives the details. Please provide the details based on facts.

  20. To name a few: The right to have an attorney, the right to know the evidence presented against you, The right to not have your mail opened, house searched or e mail read without a search warrent obtained in an open court. The right to not be imprisoned without charges. The right to join a union. Increasingly new gun laws are being passed in the name of fighting terrorism that do nothing but restrict the 2nd amendment. That’s a few but there are other things.

    The right to strike is more and more being infringed on. At a time when our health benefits, wages and pensions are being eroded the government makes it harder for working people to fight. To maintain a super exploited pool of cheap labor the government cracks down on the rights of immigrant workers, making it harder for this layer of working class people to organize and fight for a decent living side by side with citizen workers. Reimposing a type of segregation.

    Benefits for vets are being ravaged, social security is being looted, etc. This is being carried out by both Dems and Reps.

    Take a look around. It’s time for hard thinking and not sloganeering.

    When a gov’t lies to its people about going to war they are up to no good. It’s bad news for the grunts. They are lying now. Clinton lied, Bush lies. They are hoping for a short war and it may be short, Iraq is pretty weak. The longer the war the more the truth wins out. It comes out eventually, as it did in Nam. They will establish a protectorate in Iraq, backed by U.S. might. It will be a dagger poised at Iran and Saudi Arabia. It will give cover for Isreal to move on the Palestinians and heard them, perhaps into Lebannon on onto a reservation type “state” of their own. Neither Ireal or the U.S. want a strong, independant Palestine. They want a source of cheap labor and land.

    Look around, what are the ruling rich doing in this country? Foreign policy is an extension of domestic. How many governments is the gov’t calling for “regime change” in? What will be the next war after this one? Feel secure? Where do the members of the cabinet come from? Any working people there?


  21. War is not a business deal the rich are working on, these upcoming conflicts are one’s own right to defend themselves. The US has a right to strike preemptively at countries that plan the US, or its Allies harm. Yes, we would even beat down a country that plans terrorism against France. Not that it would be appreciated, we would most likely be criticized for it.

    Iraq is dangerous, and the US espionage technology is unrivaled. The US wants to remove Sadam and these weapons, we know they are there, we have satellite photos of their UN resolution violations. The evidence is overwhelming. The US doesn’t have to hand it over to the world, that would nullify all our efforts for the past couple decades to build up that level of intelligence.

    It is rather annoying that the voice of Europe on this forum is that of opposition to war, even though no one can deny that Iraq will result in bigger problems in the future if not taken care of now. And of course when that happens, America will get blamed for it. You guys don’t seem to care until it hits home. You are all likened to people that oppose the death penalty here in the US, you oppose it until a friend or family member is killed, then you are hell bent on capital punishment for the criminal. And after that you seek restitution by suing a gun manufacturer or some other frivolous act. So you would be, when terrorism hits your soil. You will scream war and revenge, and then you will blame the US for having not fixed the problem years back when it was known and the European nations stood in the way. The world could learn a lot from Israel, strike when the gun is loaded, not after it is fired.

    No one wants war, but why should we sit on our thumbs while an unpredictable psycho-path develops nuclear weapons. Defense is a God given right, freedom is not free and it must be defended, and if it wasn’t for the ambition and work ethic of the rich Americans (that everyone loves to hate and blame), you wouldn’t be enjoying TV, radio, Microwaves, and even the very computer you are typing on, so quit blaming them. The only reason they are blamed is because they have what most of the world is too damn lazy to work for, so let’s blame them for living out the American dream.

  22. Tipoc, Calm down Comrade, You make good points but where are the facts, no data to back up what YOU say is happening. AS USUAL, Comrade all rhetoric, no facts.
    Everyone has the right to an attorney and hear the evidence against them UNLESS they are identified as a suspected terrorist and I know you are not talking about the captured illegal combatants in CUBA. Who is denied the ability to join an existing union, you can even petition to have your workplace unionized? Expect opposition, it would only be natural for opposing views.
    I’m with you about the gun laws, 2nd amendment right is under serious attack. Also about some of the financial issues. Immigrant workers are long the exploited work force the world over for centuries. Doesn’t make it right. You have to admit this country still is better than others in that respect. All they have to do is become citizens and educate themselves and doors will begin to open. If not for them then for their children. It isn’t easy but all of our people’s have gone through it over the last 226 years in one form or another.
    I agree on the Vets issue also. There is a long track record of poor behavior after the WW2 guys received their bennies.
    Perhaps Iran and Saudi Arabia need a dagger pointed at them. Not too sure about the Isreal thing either. Why is it none of the Palestinian brother Arabs come to their aid? Maybe they are the ones who benefit from the suffering? Palestine could have had peace in 1998 but threw it away because they prefer to have the total extinction of Israel. How can you side with that? That whole issue goes back farther than the last 50 years my friend, try looking back a couple of hundred years before you side with Palestinians. How can you accept their murderous tactics as well?

    You have some statements Tipoc but most of it sounds like the same rhetoric coming from the left and other doomsayers. Read your history (American) and have some faith and open your mind.

  23. An American History Lesson…

    From the perspective of the American Revolution the high point of French support is the landing of five battalions of French infantry and artillery in Rhode Island in 1780. In 1781, these French troops under the command of Count Rochambeau marched south to Virginia where they joined Continental forces under Washington and Lafayette. Cornwallis, encamped on the Yorktown peninsula, hoped to be rescued by the British navy. A French fleet under the command of Admiral DeGrasse intercepted and, after a fierce battle lasting several days, defeated the British fleet and forced it to withdraw. This left the French navy to land heavy siege cannon and other supplies and trapped Cornwallis on the Yorktown peninsula.

    At that point, the defeat of Cornwallis was essentially a matter of time. On September 14, 1781, the French and Continental armies completed their 700 mile march and soon thereafter laid siege to the British positions. After a number of weeks and several brief but intense engagements, Cornwallis, besieged on the peninsula by the large and well-equipped French-American army, and stricken by dysentery, determined to surrender his army. On October 19, 1781, the British forces marched out between the silent ranks of the Americans and French, arrayed in parallel lines a mile long, and cast down their arms.

    Abbe Robin, who witnessed the surrender, described the victorious American and French forces present at the ceremony. “Among the Americans, the wide variety in age — 12 to 14-year old children stood side by side with grandfathers — the absence of uniformity in their bearing and their ragged clothing made the French allies appear more splendid by contrast. The latter, in their immaculate white uniforms and blue braid, gave an impression of martial vigor despite their fatigue. We were all astonished by the excellent condition of the English troops, by their number — we were expecting scarcely 3,000 and they numbered more than 8,000 — and by their discipline.”

    George Woodbridge summed up the Yorktown campaign in the following words: “The strategy of the campaign was Rochambeau’s; the French fleet was there as a result of his arrangements; the tactics of the battle were his; the American army was present because he had lent money to Washington; in total naval and military participants the French outnumbered the Americans between three and four to one. Yorktown was Rochambeau’s victory.

    How strange it must have been for these French troops and their new-found colonial allies, some of whom had fought each other as enemies barely fifteen years earlier, to stand shoulder to shoulder in armed conflict with France’s ancient enemy and the colonist’s blood kin! In the end, these French soldiers became the hard anvil upon which the new American nation was forged and the chains of British imperial domination were finally broken.


  24. On: …the rights that are being trampled and which parts of the Constitution that is being shredded…

    Provisions of Section 225 (“The Cyber Security Enhancement Act”)


    2511. Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited

    (d)It shall not be unlawful under this chapter for an officer, employee, or agent of the Federal Communications Commission, in the normal course of his employment and in discharge of the monitoring responsibilities exercised by the Commission in the enforcement of chapter 5 of title 47 of the United States Code, to intercept a wire or electronic communication, or oral communication transmitted by radio, or to disclose or use the information thereby obtained.


  25. On: “…We only get 10% of our oil from there.”

    Well, we will sure change that now won’t we?

  26. On: “People around the world risk their lives trying to get into America so their children will have a better life than where they came from.”

    People around the world risk their lives trying to get into America to crash airplanes into buildings.


  27. I am not any more proud to be an American than I am to be able to think for myself.

    I know, I know, why don’t I go find somewhere else to live! But when I do I’ll be looking out for American F-16s overhead.

  28. Whoever told you you could think for yourself lied to you. You sound like just another bubblehead babbler repeating random statements that make no point. Maybe some day you can be a news anchor on TV.

  29. Get busy sewing the white flag Pierre! What a useless, self serving, cowardly people the French are………

  30. The French are just arguing against us because they realized how irrelevant they have become since they turned around and bent over for the Germans. It seems they just want to argue b/c militarily the useless. So they whine about the fact that they have troops in peacekeeping missions and they get no respect. If they got their heads out of their asses then maybe they will realize they there are scary people out there that need to be dealt. I dont like the idea of war and what problems it might cause because of it but i really hate the idea of iraq selling the WMD’s to terrorists and having something like 9-11 happen again.

  31. Maybe the anti-American sentiment comes in part from the bashing us Americans do on web sites. Maybe the collection insults on the internet make it much more difficult for our diplomats to acquire approval from our allies. Most Americans want Sadam gone. The reasons are written on the wall. Read them. The world said “get rid of your weapons or else”. “Or else” what? What are we gonna do? We are ready, once again, to defend the free world with our own lives, and our so-called allies don’t even appreciate it. We have been giving and giving and the giving would stop, but we are afraid that the vaccuum it would create would be filled with those like Sadam.

  32. Used french rifle for sale, slightly used, only thrown down twice in surrender….
    Going to war without the french is like deer hunting without an accordion…….I love these france sucks sites, I know, it does not deserve to be capitalized

  33. do american people know what “brain” means?
    They obviously don’t.
    Yepppeee! war! war! we’ll show we’re the strongest! even worse than saddam

  34. of course american soldiers died for france, in 1918, in 1945.
    Just one thing : just imagine they could read your words. like “short memory frogs” etc..
    I don’t think they aimed at triggering this kind of reaction 50 years later.
    Can you hear them :” we fought for peace and friendship. We don’t ask anything. Let them live free, think free”
    USA want france to think like them, to follow them without having their own opinion.
    The real lesson of ww1 and ww2 is “let us be ourselves”

  35. The famous American author of the late 1890’s, Mark Twain, had some amusing quotes regarding the French. “With friends like the French, who needs enemies?”.

    Picture: Mark Twain

    Here is a sample:

  36. There is nothing lower than the human race except the French.
    – from “Our Famous Guest”
  37. France has usually been governed by prostitutes.
    – Notebook #18, Feb.- Sept. 1879
  38. A Frenchman’s home is where another man’s wife is.
    – Notebook #18, Feb.- Sept. 1879
  39. France has neither winter nor summer nor morals–apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country.
    – Mark Twain’s Notebook
  40. Add France on the list, They built Iraq a nuclear power plant, when Iraq is setting on 1/3rd. of the world’s oil.
    What the hell do they need with a nuclear power plat unless you are going to build some nukes.
    I think that France is scared shitless that we will find that they have been supplying Iraq with hardware to build weapons, etc…

  41. How many French does it take to defend Paris? No one knows…it’s never been done.

  42. Here’s an editorial I sent in to a French media source:

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing in response to the feature article written by Alain Gresh, Maria Ierardi, Olivier Pironet and Philippe Rivière.

    Terrorism is far more than a “useful bogeyman.” If you are in doubt of that, perhaps you should talk to the family members of any of the hundreds of people killed in the attacks of September 11th. Although initial reaction world-wide was to condemn the attacks, many now outside of the United States seem to feel that America got “what was coming” to them. This is a disgraceful attitude.

    Rather than come to terms with the attacks, many would now choose to blame the United States, as a “hyper power,” of being above the law in pursuing the propagators of terrorist activities. This is quite far from the truth. Rather, the United States has found that the commitment to international justice is truer in word than in deed, and is encountering the same type of denial that existed in pre-World War Two Europe. Are you honestly expecting to find a treaty signed between Sadaam Hussein and Osama bin Laden? Are we to believe the threat of terrorism has been eliminated because the Taliban has been removed from power in Afghanistan? Perhaps you should try to ask the victims of the World Trade Center attacks.

    Then again, these were just (primarily) American lives lost. It certainly wouldn’t be different if the Eiffel Tower had been destroyed, would it? For many years, I was disturbed with what I perceived to be Israeli arrogance and brutality in responses to attacks by Lebanese and Palestinian forces. If anything, September 11th has impressed upon us as Americans that the Israeli approach might not be the most palatable, but is the only way to maintain security in a world where “civilized” nations refuse to hold one another accountable. For many years I have also been disappointed with seeming American arrogance towards the United Nations, but now that perspective is beginning to change. I’m beginning to understand that there is such world animosity and/or jealousy towards the United States that our only mistake is in trying to go along and play the political game with a United Nations that has no backbone. France, and now Germany, are helping to make both the United Nations and NATO irrelevant.

    The French might be sick of being reminded of this, but it was American and British blood that insured that German did not become the official language of France. That was because Americans and British stood up to injustices when we saw them. This seems to be a lesson that still eludes your nation.

    The lesson doesn’t seem to have been lost on Tony Blair. In his own words, “…And the shame then of knowing that I saw that threat, day after day, and I did nothing to stop it. I cannot, and I will not, do that. No matter how hard the decision, I will try to do what I believe to be right…”

    As with many Americans, I can trace my own heritage back to more than one European nation. In my case, my heritage is both French and Polish. I admire the Poles, who stubbornly fought the Germans in 1939 despite being completely overwhelmed. These same people rose up and created Solidarity at the height of Soviet oppression. In contrast, the motto of the French seems to be “I give up” or “Fighting isn’t nice.” Fighting may not be nice, and war may be hell, but it is also necessary at times. I would have thought France would have learned that lesson more than fifty years ago, but it has not.

    French arrogance, indifference, denial, and desire to placate those that can not be placated are far greater threats than those posed by the American military. Unfortunately, we in America are being represented by a president who knows what must be done, but is not very effective at articulating it. Pay attention to American actions, and to Tony Blair’s words, and perhaps France will begin to understand fighting for a just cause. If not, France can continue its posturing, and become increasingly irrelevant in world affairs.

  43. Q. Why are there so many tree-lined boulevards in France?

    A. Germans like to march in the shade.

  44. How many Frenchmen does it take to change a light bulb?


    He holds the bulb and all of Europe revolves around him.

  45. fuck france. going to war with france is
    kind of like going deer hunting without
    an accordion.

  46. Okay, France sucks! this is quite obvious. They have lost every war because they canot fight worth shit. As far as I am concerned they can take their fine chocolates and wine and go straight to hell. Not long ago, this is the same country that wouldnt let us fly over their air space. Then looked what happened, we were exhausted from the extra travel time and accidently dropped a bomb on their embassy.”WHOOPSIE!” As previously stated by “name” and Norman Schwartzkoph going to war with France is kind of like going deer hunting withoutan accordion. France is a pathetic and spineless country, not to mention pusillanimus! “Let’s roll American and kick some well desrved butt!”

  47. I hear where there are a ton of french rifles for sale. the ad reads: “Like new French assault weapons for sale…..never fired and only dropped once” guess it’s hard to hang on to them when both arms are up in the “surrender’ position. The French fail to learn from history. “Hey France….remember the Versaille Treaty?? Remember what the Germans did in the Rhineland in the 30’s?? A constant build-up of material and massing of troops for years…….you continually ignored it hoping to “contain” the Germans……and what happened? You damn near got your cheese eating asses eliminated didn’t you? Who came to your rescue again? USA that’s who. And what did we get besides hundreds of thousands of dead Americans directly from saving your smelly backsides? NOTHING!! Oh….by the way……..thanks for the damn statue of the girl in our harbor. We don’t need you or Germany. Both of your countries equal little or no consequence to the contribution of the world. When was the last time France or Germany contributed anything of value.

  48. Basically, im not at all surprized that france doesn’t want a war, because theyd probly loose. Also, im glad that they don’t want to be on our side because bringing france to a battle as an ally is like bringing an air horn while deer hunting; its incredibly stupid. Also why should we wait for IRAQ to get more powerful and organized to have to fight them, peace is clearly not an option. If Saddam lives there will be violence in Iraq just from his own genocide.

  49. oh yeah and fuck any hippy morons that think that smoking dope and peace is all that is important


  51. Well, this place is pretty cool. Now I understand how a country like the USA can produce such stupid rulers. Thank you guys ! Fortunately, it’s not hopeless : there is many americans who still have a brain (or using it). Not here obviously !
    Oh, don’t forget you are a piece of shit somewhere in the galaxie, as I am and as America, Iraq or France is. So please, go to war on yourself if you want to free humanity.

  52. Fuck france and all its supporters. If this war came down to…

    1.) Evil dictator who kills and tortours(sp) his own people
    2.) Iraq citizens deserve a better life
    3.) Iraq = breeding grounds for ppl who hate america and all like it.

    At a bare minimum if you only considered those 3 facts any country should support a US led attack on Saddam. But instead of those 3 facts we have much more. How much more? WHO GIVES A FUCK.

    By the US taking out Saddam and helping the Iraq people establish their own true goverment ALL of those iraqies will live a better life and pose no threat to the world.

    What is Frances fucking problem? FUCK FRANCE. FUCK FRENCH people and FUCK YOU if you don’t agree with me. AND FUCK YOU if you don’t like FUCK AND CAPITAL LETTERS.

    We freed the french from nazis and we’ll free the iraq people from saddam. France couldn’t and can’t handle either.. fine. FUCK FRANCE

  53. Do you know what meens “racism”? Do you know that your ancesters come from europe and maybe from France? Are you for war? What is wrong to prefer peace than war. Does Mc Donald, coca cola and your fox television made your brain empty?

  54. The whole point of this is to create peace. It Cannot be done with leaders like Saddam “Nono”.

    You are talking about a man who has killed innocent people on a regular basis using cruel and inhumane methods such as hot oil, nerve gasses etc.

    Anyone who does not believe this man should be dead is an ignorant piece of trash that would be better off joining Saddam.

    And you call me Racist? I care about a group of people (Iraqis) that i don’t know and probably hate me… They deserve a better life than with Saddam. There are women and children with no freedom whatsoever and for what???? SADDAM, simple problem to solve, it just takes a country like the US thats willing to be the opposite of France. France reminds me of a little dog, it sure barks a lot but its fucking harmless and scared of everything.

    You either LEAD, FOLLOW, or GET THE FUC OUTTA THE WAY… france needs to get the fuck outta the way.

  55. A human being
    “Well, this place is pretty cool. Now I understand how a country like the USA can produce such stupid rulers. Thank you guys ! “

    Do not worry America. Not all of Europe is filled with self-riotous Anti-American Euro centric ego-driven ‘we are smarter than you’ asses. Some of us Europeans appreciate America and all it has done for Europe and all it has given us. One European thanks you and supports your country and your president.

  56. Excuse me, make that self-righteous. Although self-riotous is much more interesting.

  57. Those french bastards should rot in hell. those fuckers weren”t protesting when they needed help with the natzis.

  58. Dear name X. Do you know how many dictators you did put in south america. Do you know that Ben Laden have been trained by american’s. That Bush with his old old conservative friends smoking cigars and drinking whisky at the supreme court and an influent man from the Bush family at Fox news decide for all the american’s that he was your president. And you call yourself a democraty? What kind of democraty is a country where almost all the news are the voice of the government? Strange… And I repeat: you trained Ben Laden and a lot of people like him! YOU! God I like your country for so many things…but when you have this superiority complex you’re awfull . As said about us Michael Moore an american documentary director ( do you even know him? oh no sorry you were watching Rambo 2 and Survivor on television) :a friend is when he tell’s you when your wrong… that’s what we are trying to do.

  59. Talking about ” killing innocent people” . are you sure that when Bush was in texas he didn’t kill innocent people with the death penalty? Are you ?

  60. Talking about ” killing innocent people” . are you sure that when Bush was in texas he didn’t kill innocent people with the death penalty? Are you ?

  61. There are many extreme views here so I thought I would share a more controlled response. First I don’t hate France. In my opinion the French government has just gone too far. They would better serve their friends and allies by abstaining from a vote if they disagree as opposed to a veto. A veto should be reserved for extreme cases of irresponsibility, misconduct or actions unbecoming a nation. For example if the United States wanted to invade Switzerland for no apparent reason then you would veto. However when you’re faced with a country that has been defying the world for 12 years, posses hidden weapons of mass destruction and has a horrific humanitarian record; I would consider that within reason, certainly not deserving of a veto.

    For every critic that says America has gone too far I say France has gone further. One thing is to disagree or abstain from a vote another thing is to purposely send diplomats to member countries to persuade them to reject US effort. This erodes the very fabric that alliances and friendship is based on.

    I did not expect much from Russia, or China, but I never thought in a million years that our trusted allies and friends in France and Germany would be so inconsiderate and I would even go as far to say irresponsible. I am very troubled by the French and German attitude. I don’t think they can say the same because we are the ones asking for the favor if you will.

    If you recall not so long ago the United States supported Europe in Bosnia and Kosovo WITHOUT UN approval to prevent another tyrant Milosevic from causing further atrocity to his people and the region. Back then we were all united, and while there was some debate the US ended up committing the majority of the forces on Europe’s behalf. Those who know the socio, military and political circumstances in more detail might say that the Unites States was serving itself in Bosnia. I would say that while that might be true there were dangers, we did not have to help, we could have let Europe handle its own turmoil but WE DID NOT. WE WERE UNITED AND WE STOOD WITH OUR FRIENDS AND ALLIES even though public opinion was not overwhelming.

    Now when the coin is turned and the United States needs help and support from its friends, France and Germany turn the cold shoulder and even worse attempt to thwart the delicate US diplomacy underway. Best of friends sometimes disagree but I have never heard of a situation that has escalated to this level of defiance. In fact friends and allies just don’t do this to each other which is why America should reexamine its relations with France and Germany after all this is said and done.

    The United Nations in my view has always been a circus; it’s a forum for protest but no action. If this body cannot come to a consensus on how and when to use military force, we are going to have a hell of a time deterring the future Hussein’s of the world. Not to mention that we are establishing a precedence of weakness and discord, this emboldens enemies and terrorism in the long run. Appeasement, hesitation, and being too cautious has never worked to keep the peace. History has shown time and time again that the only rule of law that keeps civilization in check is strength, leadership and force when prudent.
    In modern times the United States has been the keeper of the peace, and leader of the free world. Together with our friends and allies namely the English we have met every challenge and vanquished practically every aggressor. Now at the beginning of the 21 century when terrorism and rogue nations are testing the resolve of civilizations we should stand united more than ever, not because of history and what we have done for each other but because its in all our best interest to keep the peace, and while we might disagree on how best to keep it we should not go as far as undermining our friends and allies. France and Germany should reconsider their posture and accept US compromises. If efforts at reconciliation fail because we cannot possibly agree every single time they should do the right thing and abstain from a vote. It’s the only sensible thing to do it’s the only proper thing to do.

  62. Kevin – Well done.
    I would add. There is a way that each of us can fight this fight and give the French and Germans their just desserts. Attack them with your wallet. If there is one almighty power on this planet it is the American greenback folks. Our trade difference with France is nearly 20 billion dollars in their favor. If we pinch them folks, they will feel it. Bill O’Rielly of Fox News has put together a list of French owned products and companies.
    or you can link to him through
    Like Kevin said, it’s one thing to say “I don’t want to play. ” but when you fight for the other team, you deserve whatever licks you get. I personally, am sick of helping countries and then have them shit on us when we put our principles on the table.

  63. NONO,

    I don’t know what country your from but it is obviously a poorly educted one. You make weak arguments that are not relevant to this whatsoever or even make sense.

    NoNO: “Do you know that Ben Laden have been trained by american’s” —– If you believe this go hang yourself immediatly in the closet. Thats what I’d do if i believed such stupid shit.

    Nono: “hat Bush with his old old conservative friends smoking cigars and drinking whisky at the supreme court and an influent man from the Bush family at Fox news decide for all the american’s that he was your president. And you call yourself a democraty?” —– Your ignorance of our country is your problem not ours, you obviously read some radicals articles and draw your conclusions from that.

    NoNO: “What kind of democraty is a country where almost all the news are the voice of the government?” —— THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PEOPLE. The government are from the people elected by the people. We chose these people to represent us.

    NoNo: “God I like your country for so many things…but when you have this superiority complex you’re awfull ” —– you like our country for some many things eh? YOu mean when we carry your ass and give you money and other support, you obviously are no better than any other middle eastern american hating group. YOu are only arguing here because we are american and you dont’ like us. Its not hard to tell… And as for any superiority complex.. its not a complex, the United States of America is the best country on the planet period, Without any doubt. The only people who argue otherwise are ignorant and/or american haters/bashers.

  64. Over 150,000 United States soldiers died
    in the Great War and WWII fighting in and for france. They’d be turning over in their graves to hear what france is doing.
    We’ve done so much for that country and what have they done for us?

    They gave us a statue.

  65. Thank God for America. If it weren’t for us the whole world would die because there would be no-one keep peace. I know the smart people out there reading this already know, but for you ignorant ones: war brings peace! What do you think the last 50 years of generally peace have been? The direct result of WWII. Saddam needs to be removed and for all his people care, he can die. They just can’t say it. They’ll be slaughtered. Pray for the Iraqi people. Pray for America. The world needs us. And for goodness sakes, when the war starts would you please all support our army? They need our support. They fight so we can live in peace. And thank God for our president, and not some weasel like Clinton. He should move to France. God Bless America!

  66. I wonder why such an anger and blindness in yourself here ? Something wrong in your past or family ? Did someone ever tell you “I love you” ? You know, french people have children like american, go to work every morning too. We are just the same. Of course, we don’t share the same language, thought it is not very important. So why all this hate you’re creating just for a different point of view ? Does earth people called for a war against the USA when your country refused to vote the end of mines ? And you 77 vetos along this history af United Nations ? And for the Chilean dictature of Pinochet organised by the CIA in order to conter communists ?
    The answer is no. I have american friends, very nice, and I refuse to make shortcuts “fuck americans, USA is shit”, which is sterile and make people in the World hate each others. I think the american’s problem cames from your love for guns, auto-defense, violent movies, racism between communities and bad interpretation of the holy bible. Most of you are shouting “God bless America” but can’t see that this kind of words lead to religion conflicts. And do you really know the message of tolerance written in the bible ? I don’t think so. Take a look in the mirror and learn to moderate you opinions about life.

  67. Okay, I have been reading this message board for a few days now. For all of you who support the USA, thank you and God Bless! For all of you who don’t, please do me a favor: move to Iraq and act as a human shield.

  68. I’ve been to france, 3/4 of frence do hate americans and they do treat us like shit. YOu may be one of the few that are not like that. Waiters, store owners and just people in general treated me and my american friends worse than i’ve ever been treated.

    In the USA its illegal to treat people badly like you french people did us. I say Fuck france and I always will. You are the most ungreatful people on the face of the planet.

  69. Hello folks,

    I am a friend of “human being” but be sure I’am not as nice as him. I ‘ve read all these disgusting lies on this web site of shit.
    This message is for you all big integrists, whether you’re american, british, french, arabs or alien. Others aren’t concerned.

    All you’re doing is fucking every hole on the planet with your huge dick, cause all you know in life is limited to this part of your anatomy. You’re straight-minded, that’s why you can’t see your own stupidity. You’re the plague of the world, as any extremist is, without considering his nationality. I vomit on each bastard who lead humanity to hate and decadance. You’re weak, cause you use your power on those who can’t resist. No one is afraid of you jerks, in fact you are big cowards hidden behind a computer screen. I am sure if you were in front of death, you would be calling for your mom.

    Not to mention your poor knowledge of history and civilisation. First, you’re just european immigrants, the real “american people” are all finished due to cowboys like you. Your language is half french, but you would know it if you had a little bit of education.
    And let me recall you that the USA engaged the fight in WW2 after pearl harbor, i.e 3 fucking years after the beginning. Without that, europeans wouldn’t have seen an american in their life ! It’s exactly the same with your fucking september 11th, only such an event can make your ass moving ! And you talk about hundred of thousands soldiers who give their lives for France ! What a joke ! They gave it for America and did what they were told to do ! Same thing for our case. Now the war you want is very different, cause it is only money and patriotism. For my part, I will not go to war for such a goal. You would cause you’re sure to win, else you should stay quietly on your ass. That’s the truth. And because of your fucking superiority and overconfidence, you can’t stand the idea that someone else may be right. Don’t even think that we are going to suck your dirty dick for the rest of our life.

    Instead of lauching planes on thousands of innocents, this asshole of Ben Laden should had thrown them into your fucking faces ! You told us to go to Iraq, but it’s your place cause you’re forged on the same anvil that Sadam. You, big nazies, you must serve your country : disencumber it in acting as a human shield and blow your brain out definitively, hoping the water inside make grow some vegetation in the desert. And, oh, don’t forget before going to make sterilize your balls, in case they still work after you’re dead.

  70. My “name” comes from the former post big asshole. And if you had learned to read, you would have konwn that my message is not dedicated to USA but to your kind.
    About your unbelieved purposes for going to war, why not considering Corea, China, Pakistan, Colombia, many of african government, not to mention Afghanistan before events of New York ? Because you’re arguing on a piece of shit.
    And about your dick, don’t make me laugh…

  71. For anyone who believes that France’s stubborn reluctance to even remotely consider a different solution is due to their humanitarian nature: you are delusional! The United States is often criticized that whatever global actions they take are driven mainly by their own interests. France is no different. The French are only a few bombs away from losing the sweet deals they have created with Hussein over the years. In the event of change of regime, they stand to lose billions of dollars that Iraq owes them. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. So do not be so easy to laude France’s intentions so quickly.

  72. “Proud to be a big shit “

    That is the stupidest fucking post i’ve ever seen in my life. You are obviously an american basher and really don’t care what the real issues are.

    Lets forget all issues and focus on….

    Iraq has people starving, abused, killed and mistreated because of 1 man. The solution is simple. Get rid of that one man. No other country in the world has the balls to do something about this except us and maybe UK.

    Not only is France saying they don’t want any part in IRAQ issues they are trying to stop everyone else.

    France says fuck you to starving, beaten, murdered women and children oppressed by a regime run by saddam. Thats fine, i expected nothing different from a bunch of rifle dropping cowards.

    “Proud to be a big shit ” Why don’t you outright say that you do not care about these women and children Iraqis?

    I bet instead you’d rather go off and make some more pointless irrelovent and untrue statements about the USA. Your post only proves your ignorance.

    And as for “
    All you’re doing is fucking every hole on the planet with your huge dick” Ya americans have huge dicks and we put them everywhere while coward french man keep their tiny dicks in their pants to save embarassment.

  73. Typical French arguments. Again you avoid the questions and make excuses. Not only that you are trying to again change the subject.

    I will not waste any of my time arguing with such poorly educated person such as yourself.

    Final comments: Korea (corea) we have troops all around there, China, pakistan we are working closely with since afghanistan, columbia and african goverments are not breeding terrorists so they are a lower priority.

    We may pick and choose who we are going to ‘help’ but you frenchmen don’t even bother doing that.

    What have the french contributed to the world?

    Now go ahead and post some more trash and continue to display your ignorance and stupidity.

  74. This Lennart guy is obviously not living in the same universe as the rest of us. However, you’ll notice that he’s a German, so you can see why he’s having such a problem with reality. First of all, Europeans (and Germans in particular)are more arrogant, more self-aggrandizing, and more fascistic than any American ever was. Remember Hitler? He was your country’s invention, you Kraut idiot. Your country produced the worst mass murderer in Earth’s history. And, while he was gassing innocent people in the showers and burning them in ovens, the German people whistled a happy tune and did nothing to stop it. It’s laughable to hear the dumbass fascist Germans lecturing the U.S. about peace and calling Americans “warmongers”. The Germans are responsible for more human death and suffering than anyone else in history. They started both world wars, and World War II alone caused 35 million deaths all told. However, now they want to deny the Holocaust and just make it go away. And France will do whatever Germany says, because they always have. France is Germany’s little bitch. Germany and France are the two most anti-Semitic countries in the world, and that’s the main reason they’re opposed to a war with Iraq. Iraq hates Jews and so do France and Germany. Europe sucks, and every one of your antiquated, dirty little back alley countries brought fascism and loathesome social orders to the world. Europe is a class-ridden, sick continent filled with a bunch of girlish pussies who refuse to bathe. Now the Europeans are just bitter and in a snit because their ridiculous little countries are no longer world powers. Eat shit all of you, you Commie European scumbags.

  75. Top Ten Reasons Why Iraq Should Be Invaded…

    10. Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

    9. Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

    8. Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

    7.Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

    6. Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

    5. Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

    4. Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

    3. Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

    2. Just to annoy the French.

    1. Because Iraq has failed to comply with resolution 1441.

  76. Thank God for George W. Bush & Tony Blair. There are still great leaders in the world today.
    Chirac is not a leader, but a jerk who only knows the national tradition of France and that is to surrender. Surrender his principals, his country, and given the chance the world.

  77. Thank God for George W. Bush & Tony Blair. There are still great leaders in the world today.
    Chirac is not a leader, but a jerk who only knows the national tradition of France and that is to surrender. Surrender his principals, his country, and given the chance the world.

  78. Do you know why the French planted trees along the Champs Elysèe?
    So that the Germans could march in the shade after Paris “fell” to Nazi Germany in WWII

  79. America, love it or leave it, and if you leave don’t come back. “Hint” Alec Baldwin. There are good French people, just as there are good people everywhere. But this is for the ones that look down their noses at Americans and are loving their short moment in the spotlight: “Kiss my ass”. If it weren’t for the Americans and British, your national language would be German. I am in favor of digging up every American solder that died to free your sorry asses, and bringing them back home to the ones that appreciate what they did. America may not do everything right, which is obvious since we were stupid enough to liberate your 3rd rate country, but we love life and freedom, and sometimes we die just so ungrateful pukes like you can have it. I have had the chance to serve my country and I am proud that if ordered, I would have died to protect even you. To the Free French that appreciate what we did for them, I appoligize for the for your countrymen and my outburst.

  80. Reply to NONO:

    1. We supported Ben Laden to help free a country that did not want to be occupied by communist invaders, not to murder our people. If you can justify that jerk because we supported him once, you got a screw loose.

    2. There is a reason Americans have a superiorty complex, most of us came from Europe and are here to escape it’s stupidity.

    Reply to A Human Being:

    1. Yes I am aware that French people have children too. Great arguement for birth control.

    2. I love it when people from other countries watch the news and then try to tell us what our problems are. Talk about gall. Let me tell you something. My love of a gun is rooted in freedom, the love for the outdoors, and the protection of my family. If I point my gun at another human being, it will be to protect my country or my family. What will you do, throw a rock, or maybe tell them you love them. What did you tell the Germans? Anyone that tries to invade my home or my country, will find out about my love of guns. Ask the innocent people of Iraq how the defend
    their families when Sadam’s storm troopers kick down the door.

    3. The kind of movies I watch or my love of cars does not dictate my life. Unlike the French, I know fiction when I see it. I work hard to buy my cars and do not depend on a semi socialist government to hand me something.

  81. I totally agree with “hammer”, America, love it or leave it! If you don’t like it here get out. I will even help you pack your bags and bring you to the airport!

  82. Isn’t it ironic that these 2 countries (france & germany) are at the center of this contriversy. A weak unable to defend myself country who would not even exsist if were not for the USA, and a country of killers of the innocent. You have both proven your worth, we have spent billions of dollars supporting you and keeping you safe from any threat that came down the line. I do not believe that this should have bought us blind faith in our policies but on the same hand you really should quietly oppose when you don’t agree. Thats how friends act towards one another. That you U.K.
    you will not be forgotten in our prayers for all who will die in this fight for Iraqi freedom.
    Oh and france ‘ what about all those little African countries you milked for all thier worth? Who did you liberate?

  83. Jacque chirac what a total pisshead – he must smell of stale piss!!… As for French people – they are the most arrogant race in the world!

    Anyway thats with the dig at the PM – honestly though France have no say in this war, they can’t fight for one, The goverments been a shambles since the 1700’s (and before).. basically France has been shit from Napoleon.


  84. the french suck so bad they got beat by mexico,and the mexicans didnt even have an army!

  85. France has neither winter, nor summer, nor morals. France is miserable because it is filled with Frenchmen, and Frenchmen are miserable because they live in France.

    -Mark Twain

    French people aren’t all that bad (french girls are hot!) Its the ignorant leaders they ellect. Chirac is involved in the same policy of appeasement that almost handed all of europe over to the nazis. Germany, Russia etc. have their right to disagree, but the french are actively trying to prevent us from doing what we feel is necissary to protect our country. What business is it of theres? Of course they feel safe with giving Iraq more time… they’re not in the crosshairs! The next terrorist attack isn’t coming in Paris… but America.

  86. reading this discussion is kind of disapointing… all of the americans who just say “fuck you” to any oppostion. or mack cracks on other countries. i love my country and would die defending the people who populate it. but i in no way believe i am better than anyone else in the world just because i was born in america. it would be stupid to believe you have achieved something by soley being born. i think it is however an achievement to believe in freedom and protect it for all others, even those who do not live in america. i won’t deny that america has had other motives before, and has had double standards before, but when our policy was to keep out of war we were attacked. saying “To you, war has always been something that happens far away from home” is totally unfounded, who misses the dead soldiers most? i think its a pretty good guess that it would be their families.

    click here if you think war never hit home in america

    i won’t resort to saying we deserve anything from france, that would negate fighting for freedom. to think they owe us anything would be childish, i think if anything is owed to anyone, i think it is ONLY respect, and it is only owed to those who lost their life or loved ones.

    i also think if americas motives are being questioned, then so should france’s. the united states is not the only country screwing up the world… there were problems on earth before the first european ship landed here. france has ties to the oil industry in iraq, why wouldnt they want to avoid war?

    “As of October 2002, Iraq reportedly had signed several multi-billion dollar deals with foreign oil companies mainly from China, France, and Russia. Deutsche Bank estimates $38 billion total on new fields”
    “The largest of Iraq’s oilfields slated for post-sanctions development is Majnoon, with reserves of 12-30 billion barrels of 28o-35o API oil, and located 30 miles north of Basra on the Iranian border. French company TotalFinaElf reportedly has signed a deal with Iraq on development rights for Majnoon”
    “angered by France’s perceived support for the U.S. “smart sanctions” plan, Iraq announced that it would no longer give French companies priority in awarding oil contracts, and would reconsider existing contracts as well. Iraq also announced that it was inclined to favor Russia, which has been supporting Iraq at the U.N. Security Council, on awarding rights to Majnoon and another large southern oil field, Bin Umar. As of February 2003, Russian company Zarubezhneft reportedly was negotiating a contract to develop Bin Umar.”
    “Russia, which is owed billions of dollars by Iraq for past arms deliveries, has a strong interest in Iraqi oil development. This includes a $3.7 billion, 23-year deal to rehabilitate Iraqi oilfields”

    it was estimated that it would cost america 20 billion a year for several years in iraq after a war. considering Iraq currently has $15.8 billion in exports and less than half of iraq’s exports are to the US, but the main source of imports is france. i think france has a lot to lose by supporting actions against iraq. in the end i will put my support behind whoevers actions that lead to the end i believe is just. no matter the reason the united states gives for overthrowing saddam, even if you think they are bullshit, opposing it soley on that is pointless. who actually has given a reason for not overthrowing saddam, besides lack of evidence… the general opinion seems to be opposition of the united states motives, by countries with just as sick motives as they claim the US has…

  87. Everybody has their right to an opinion, but when those monkeys over there declare a political war against us simply cuz they have their panties in a wad…well…i take offense. If that crappy tower had gotten hit back on 9-11, they’d be yelling “AMERICA!!! HELP US!!! WE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!” Screw them all. America can’t win these days. The whole world will be pissed at us no matter what we do so I’ve just learned to deal with it and say “Screw all you guys that don’t like me just because I’m an American. I don’t like you either!” I’m proud to be whatever you think I am!

  88. It’s like we’re damned if we do, we’re damned if we don’t. But I guess that’s the stigma we get for being the most powerful nation in the world. I would not trade being American for anything, and I know I’m probably just saying that because I am American…. but SO WHAT?? We have the right to. We have the right to our opinions. We have the right to say screw you France.

    You don’t like us? Well that’s your own porogative. I’m sure you French all know Bobby Brown, seeing we’ve apparently forced our culture down your throats, but I, and a whole country of people arent going to be ashamed of the fact that we’re American. You people just fuel our fire.

  89. Has anyone figured it out? There was never to be a shot fired in this war. We were going to deploy troops, get the world behind us, and Sadam would see that his time had come to an end, or one of his people was going to put a bullet in his head. BUT NO, France and Germany had to step in and pretend that they could show the old bad USA, that they were in charge. What those idiots have done have not prevented war, they have assured it. They have made Sadam think he can come out of this smelling like a rose, and have sealed the fate of the troops and the innocents. Way to go you self centered jerks. The blood is on your hands. If you had participated in this, there would be no war. All France is interrested in is selling arms to 3rd world terrorist nations to help the bottom line. Don’t tell us that we are doing this for the oil. Remember, in the last gulf war, most of the planes that were shot down were French. Please send them some more of your substandard technology.

  90. To Nobody:
    Let’s see the French don’t owe us anything. Humm, what we should have done in WWII is say that we could contain Hitler after he invaded France. You know Hitler was no direct threat to the USA. Let’s put up a diplomatic wall around him and contain him. Let’s have some resolutions that demand that he leave France. It’s ok that he is killing innocent French people. We should never attack for fear of killing innocents ourselves. Why should we send our American boys over to die in a war just to stop Hitler. What has he ever done to us? We can’t prove any connection to sinking ships and Hitler.

    Does any of this sound familiar? Does anyone remember that Hitler was working on a nuke and had a missle named the “New York” missle? Does anyone remember that Hitler had thousands of operatives in the U.S. during the war? Has anyone seen, like I have, the POW camps in the United States, that were used for these captured operatives? Oh how soon we forget. Those that cannot remember history are doomed to relive it.

  91. You americans want to know the difference between you and us, frenches?
    If it was the opposite situation, if our president would like to fight Irak and yours not, all our population would be against Chirac and for Georges W Bush…because we are not too much proud like you for admitting that war is useless…if your president tells you to jump in the ocean you do it?! Who are you for saying that it is necessary to launch bombs on Irak and kill so many innocent people? Oh because your medias told you…I forget that you are the “Kings of the World”, excuse me….
    You don’t want want to see the truth even when everybody in the world tells you you’re wrong…you thinks England is with you? Yes true, Tony Blair is with you…but ask it to english population…i think it will be different….You tell us that France is ungrateful because you saved us during the second world war….nobody in France has forgotten what you did for us but don’t you see that the situation is completely different?
    If you are attacked on your territory it is obvious that France will help you without any hesitation but this is not the case…you want to attack Irak for oil…do you really think that Irak wants to attack other countries ? With what? knifes? Stones? But Irak is weak it is easier to fight with a weak country instead of fighting with a country like North Korea which said that “They are ready to kill every amaricans”…i could say much more things about it but i guess that many of you wants to insult me so do it i don’t care…but i would like to tell you something important: in France we don’t say that we hate americans or that all americans are stupid…we just criticize Georges W Bush but you, you say that you hate frenches…why? we did you something bad? We are not cowards, we just want to avoid an useless war…that is all…but you are too naive with your bloody blind patriotic spirit and you can’t even see that your president is a fool who thinks that he can do what he wants…you believe in God? And do you think God wants some of his children killed by others? Oh because you maybe think that God just wants to protect americans because USA is the “Good” and the rest of the world is the “Evil”?
    I really hope that every countries which have not been corrupted with your money will say “No” to war…it will be a good lesson for you….
    I know my english is bad but i also know that nobody in your country makes effort to learn another language so it doesn’t matter to me….Goodbye…insult me as much as you want….and…Vive la France!

  92. France Sucks I hate that place. They haven’t earned a say in any world matters all the do is back down from every thing because there scared little rabbits. If it wasn’t for the United States and Great Britain they would be speaking freakin German. I think those f-ing pansy cowards lost their right to have any kind of decision and should only worry about their declining wine sales and start kissing our @ss. damn pussies! All those WWII Americans lives that died saving their butts is enough to make me puke. France hides behind this facade of peace and figures by backing Saddam they won’t have to worry about terrorist attacks. I figure while were over there bombing the crap out of that child raping republican gaurd we could drop a couple of those 21,000lbs bombs on those french fairies! The freaking girl scouts of America could conquer France. Same for Germany. However, France does play a huge role in this war with Iraq and that they could give Iraq some pointers on how to surrender….

  93. There are no innocents.
    Is this war about weapons of mass destruction? Doubtful. Clearly oil is our reason. Also, there are some who would like to divert attention from the economy.

    Are the nations who oppose the war concerned for the good of the Iraqui people? Ha! Obviously they could care less. They want to protect their interests as well.

    Why did France allow a team of French doctors to treat and cure Saddam Hussein when he had cancer??? Clearly it is in France’s best interest to keep their ally in power. Iraq has oil reserves second only to Saudi Arabia in the region. France has contributed more than her fair share to culture, but as a political power, she falls WELL short of the measure. Napoleon couldn’t even conquer Egypt. He cleverly claimed victory as he fled to France and left his subordinate to take the fall. Charlemagne? 1,250 years ago. French veto power on the UN security council is very questionable. The most humorous thing to me is that the Arc de’ Triumph was intended for use for French army victory parades, but it only gets used by invading armies or liberating armies! Would we Americans fight to liberate France again? Without hesitation.

    How about Germany? Latent anti-semitism will always side Germany with the Arabs. The German Government permitted Siemens to sell Baghdad at least eight sophisticated medical machines which contain devices that are vital for the detonation of nuclear weapons. Iraq even received an extra 120 of these switches as “spare parts.” 120 spare parts for ~ 8 machines. That’s a bit shady.

    England? English imperialism of the past few centuries caused more global troubles in the last 300 years than could possibly be listed. However, I feel (as most Americans do) the US has no better friend than Britain, especially in times of national tragedy. (Thanks, Mum!)

    Now on to all of the protests in the world. Every government on earth cleverly uses mass media to sway public opinion. This is possible because the public is quite incapable of individual thought. Make peace, not war, they cry. Here’s a scenario: after a crowd of innocent westerners inhales some Iraqui smuggled bio-weopons, the same crowds will shout “Why didn’t the US do something?” The world wants the US to be everything to everyone, but then complains about what happens.

    This war WILL certainly result in some positive things, though:
    – Saddam Hussein will be gone (good riddance).
    – Iraq will no longer be a threat to the stability of this region. Clearly the region is of no other use than as an oil supply.
    – Iraqi weapons of mass destruction will finally be eliminated.

    On another note, why don’t Americans learn another language? Foreign languages are not of great benefit here. It’s not like Europe. The nearest national border to most of us is 1000 km away. With gas prices like they currently are, who the hell can afford to drive that far?

  94. Finally its kinda sad that you have these celebrities speaking for the American people? you could bunch this crowd up and not one of them would know who was the president on d-day or what it even meant. We have Idiots like Susan Sarandon speaking for us what a joke! from reading some of her quotes shes one dumb slug, why can’t we send her over to iraq for just one day pleeease, god I hate that Bitch. Then you got these peace rally’s with 15-21 yr old skinny weak pot smoking peace freaks that never even lived while a war was going and don’t know shit, all I can say is it makes me sick all these so called american people that hate their country…Its time to put your peace weed down and start supporting your country USA………

  95. Hammer: you must have skipped everything i said… i said they don’t owe us any favors for what we did back then, because we didn’t say “we only will help you out if you agree with us from now until the world ends” back then, we did it because we believed it had to be done… maybe you should learn to be a little less selfish and go donate some time or money without asking what benefit you will get in 20 years…

  96. hey fuck you!
    without france there wouldnt even be an America
    we saved your asses from the beginning in the Revolutionary wars!
    if it werent for us, america would be ruled by the brits!

  97. “hey fuck you!
    without france there wouldnt even be an America
    we saved your asses from the beginning in the Revolutionary wars!
    if it werent for us, america would be ruled by the brits! “

    Hahaha u believe this? The only reason France helped the US is because of the territory they lost without Brits helping durring the French and Indian War.

    France aided the US by providing artillery and loans. France’s support really took off after the Americans beat the British in the October 1777 Battle of Saratoga. – In other words you did not save shit, you simpley came in after you realized you weren’t going to get your asses kicked.

    You saved us? LOL!

  98. After the US and its true allies liberate france we should let the Kurds build there new homeland in France. The french appeasers wouldnt oppose that plan because they are for peace at all cost. And even though France sucks the Kurds will make good use of it.

  99. To Nobody:

    I didn’t miss a damned thing. It was you that missed the point. What I was trying to say was that what we did for the French is much like what we are trying to do for Iraq. Liberate a people and protect the world from the likes of Hitler and Saddam. And another thing, You don’t know me and have no right to say how I donate my time or money. I dare say I have probably donated more money to charity than you will ever make and I do not stand up and say “look at what I did”. All I expect is a better life for those less fortunate.

    To name:

    Wouldn’t you mother be proud of how you have learned to express yourself. Such insight and carefully chosen words. Your history is a little flakey too. The only reason France tried to help us, what little they did, was for their own selfish interrest, because they hated the British. If you think they cared one little bit about our welfare, I have some land in Florida I would like to sell you. The only thing they ever gave us the the Statue of Liberty, and I am about ready to give it back and put an American Eagle in it’s place.

  100. Marmite now your making me mad , attacked on our own territory ? do you watch TV or listen to radio ? And all those little snide remarks, you are exactly what we don’t like about the French. This is “holy war’ , it has been proclaimed by most of the Muslim clerics worldwide. They are quite serious about this and will not stop until they rule the world. Sadam is being appeased by them because he is our enemy. I am not saying that all Muslims are bad but they are being used. You are also being used by your leaders who also have ulterior motives. Wake up dumbass, the world is changing and you have your head in the sand.

  101. I’m an American, and I’m proud of it. I know our country isn’t perfect, but it’s better than most. I think it’s very important for all of the free nations of the world to stand together and fight for the freedom of other nations that aren’t so fortunate, but if they won’t do that, the ones who do believe in freedom must do it alone.

    Personally, I didn’t support Bush during the elections, but I think that he’s doing what is right now, and that Al Gore or anyone else who was elected into the office would do it too. There has been a lot of speculation about the U.S. just invading Iraq for oil, but I don’t believe this is true. If you hear Bush speak and manage to overlook the arrogant tone he has sometimes which really bothers me, you can tell this is something he really cares about and believes is right.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that this a war that was already fought ten years ago with the unanimous support of the United Nations. I really don’t see that any of the circumstances are different now, except that there are much more difficult leaders in countries like France and Germany. I think that these countries began with a reluctance for war, and as the case grew stronger for it, this reluctance grew into outright opposal in an effort to avoid it. I think France’s behavior has been absolutely ridiculous, especially when they went back and voted against the initial resolution they signed. This makes no sense at all. Now they don’t even believe Iraq should disarm? Regardless of what anyone says, America has helped them a lot, and their economy would collapse if America cut off the support that is funneling into their country even now. Unfortunately, we can’t do this because the world economy would be thrown out of whack.

    I really think Bush should have expressed more gratitude to the countries who have supported us, especially Britain, who has been with us from the start. I know that other Americans are also very grateful to these allies who are there for us. No one can get anywhere without good friends to count on.

    There has been a lot of criticism about America around the world, but I really believe that America is one of the greatest nations that has ever existed. We are hands down the most diverse country in the world, we have a good economy and military, we were the first nation to establish the kind of democracy that has been the basis for government of countries all over the world, and Americans have a kind of unique spirit and a way of pulling together when the going gets rough that you cannot know unless you live here. While governments of some nations oppose our country, I believe that, overall, most people support us. After all, there is no other nation that more people throw everything away to go to and start a new life.

    While I really dislike war, and have hoped since this whole thing started that we could get to peace, I think that in this case the effects of doing nothing would be much greater than if we went to war. The last things Americans want is for events like those on September 11 to happen again, and since America is clearly the country Iraq hates most, I think it is fair for us to act to protect ourselves.

  102. Countries like France and Germany are making the United Nations irrelevant. If it doesn’t enforce the resolutions it makes, how can it have any authority? Thank God there are still countries who will step up and actually act in its place, or the world would be a big jungle with everyone running around and killing each other.

  103. I have not visited this page for a lot of time and i only see that ideas are the poorest things that an american like bush owns

    .France has usually been governed by prostitutes.
    – Notebook #18, Feb.- Sept. 1879

    Frenchman’s home is where another man’s wife is.
    – Notebook #18, Feb.- Sept. 1879
    Mark twain a big thinker in the USA i guess , using strong sentences with word like prostitutes , in nowdays it will be asshole or sucks.
    Is there anything to be proud using such a vocabulary. It’s really an american problem to listen in the way to COMMUNICATE. Without listening there is no communication.
    And communication is something really limited in USA , I can’t see anymore my comments on this page I am sure they are too pacifist and using an innapropriate vocabulary, maybe too sensible.
    Media is a weapon and it works perfectly in america I just see CNN and I only see pictures on gaza(afflicting pictures that show how arab people are brutal-and don t be fooled that’s irony).
    Do i have to remenber that currently Irak is not like you see gaza, there they are people who lived relatively peacfully, war will noly create an another israelian situation.
    A point on the acores resolution, with a president very determinate(and everyone knows that determination is the way to justice and thruth, the way of the right)Irony again if you have already not understand.
    Even in the weather forecast it engage for an urgentassault, because the climate in irak is moderate in this time but it will become very hot soon.
    I seen CNN since 2 years and they never spend so many time on irak climate.
    Why do WW bush never talk himself with president Chirac, why is he afraid to do not find ideas to justify his position.
    And don’t tell his position is supress mass destruction weapon, don’t make me laugh, his position is justified by something else. No one did something when un inspectors were kicked ou of irak, and bush react when the UN inspects are back in the country.

    Human being are people with ideas of his own and not wary ways, the other are called animal.

    You are so patriotic that you forget the way to think of your own. your are manipulate by an oppressive governement ruled by rich, your country of liberty is only a country of fake liberty, where no-well thinked arguments are put away.

    Go and fight for liberty, but I don’t think your will fight for your liberty but for the one of a person more influant than you.
    I am sure that with a conciliant governement in irak petrol will be less expensive(not to you but to american oil companies).

    I think that’s all i have to say, react with insults if you want but i really don’t care of what you say with such a vocabulary.
    Because they are only words.

    To finish: some things appear to follow a cyclic way, have already forgotten vietnam, yes this wonderfull war against communist oppression, oppression against what american interest in capitalist style governement.

  104. Sorry i forget i hope my comment will not be delated, or maybe just stay a little while longer than the others.
    It’s important it’s a question of liberty.
    Do you remmenber that is in the constitution.

  105. I’m french and when I see this website, I just want to tell you that I’m worried… Because there is so much violence and agressivity in your comments that I do not see where the peace can come from ..

    I know very well the US, I have thousands of friends and relative there and the only thing I hate in the US, it’s not the people but the way media can feed them and make them think they know.

    To be 2 minutes defending my country, in terms of war succes I have to say that 1939-1945 would have been terrible without your help, but it was not only you and remeber that it’s at that time that you as a NAtion become the richest nation in the World.

    It’s also important that you read about the french again, we have unfortunately win many wars and had a lots of innocents killed for power or money.

    Of course now the US is the strongest country because you have the money. But who does have the money in the US? the government and the bank … not the people… per habitants you have the biggest debts in the world !!!

    We are all humain being and because of that I just want you to realise that your media is the worst enemy against objectivity and knowledge.

    By going to the war, you will win it but definitely not the peace. Because more the 9/10 of the population will be desesperated against 9/10 of the world wealth. And you know what desesperated people can do ? 11 /11 /01

    Your president, should work on his National politics and we hsould let the UN work with YOUR army pressure. But bombing is the easiest to get something back …

    I hope I made my self clear, I tried to explain my point of view and our differences make the world richest, so let’s tolerate.

    Education Vs Terror is my philosophy, Saddam is Terror but let’s arm his people for them to feel that they found there freedom therselves…

    What goes around comes around !

  106. Rom,

    I do not wish to personally attack you but your thoughts are full of holes and are poorly thought out… my comments in no particular order are as follows:

    “Education Vs Terror is my philosophy, Saddam is Terror but let’s arm his people for them to feel that they found there freedom therselves… ” You need to think this out a little more. A dictator with thousands of weapons of mass destruction would wipe any resistance in his own country, he has in fact done this in the past. He has poisioned, exectued and other nasty stuff to his own people for rebelling.

    ” By going to the war, you will win it but definitely not the peace. Because more the 9/10 of the population will be desesperated against 9/10 of the world wealth. And you know what desesperated people can do ? 11 /11 /01″ Pure bullshit, by removing saddam and his regime we will free the people. This is the same idea as freeing the afghans from the taliban. By removing saddam the people are free to (and probably be supported by the US) to establish a peaceful country with a great government.

    “Of course now the US is the strongest country because you have the money. But who does have the money in the US? the government and the bank … not the people… per habitants you have the biggest debts in the world !!! ” We are the strongest country because of the people… the people have taken this country to where it is today. Its all willpower and the will of the people in the US is stronger than anywhere else in the world. We can do ANYTHING and we know it, we are not full of doubt unlike countries like france. We know who we are and we know what we can accomplish.

    “It’s also important that you read about the french again, we have unfortunately win many wars and had a lots of innocents killed for power or money. ” So you outright admit that France has fought for money and power? Yes france has won wars against African countries as you’ve taken them over, but thats what happens when you fight government free countries with little to know weapons or training.

    As one of the youngest countries in the world we are by far the most powerful and wealthy. In 200 years we have claimed out land, built up a powerful military, built up a very strong economy and won most every war we’ve participated in. France on the other hand is the opposite.

  107. I would have to agree that if we had the benefit of time travel, war could have been averted. However, the time for action has come, and I for one support the actions of George W. and Tony Blair. As a father and concerned citizen, please do not think for a second that war is my first choice. My family has lost brothers and sons in WWII, Vietnam, and Korea. Children in Iraq do not deserve such disparate treatment, no children do. All these inequities aside, it is the responsibility of First World countries to ensure the safety of the world at large, as we would receive criticism whether we did something or whether we did nothing. France is not evil for not sending troops, however, if they sincerely believe that Iraq poses no real threat to anyone’s security, one would question why they would threaten centuries old ties to allegience with the United States.

  108. Way to go Kaitlin…right on target! There are some of us on here that can get our point across without the obscenity, but the truth is this: with or without the name-calling, France, Germany and Russia are trying to flex political muscles that they don’;t have and protect their own economic interests. I did not vote for Bush and likely won’t vote for him in the next election, but he is RIGHT. And as far as I am concerned, he has been far more patient with this Axis of Idiots than I would have been.

    This is the same group of people and nations that were thankful when the US led an “unapproved” coalition against Serbia…now that it is suddenly overt US interests at hand, you all have discovered diplomacy.

    I like the earlier post that noted that the US could have taken the same approach during WWII….just fight the Japanese, because they attacked us…but “contain” Hitler… how quickly the lessons of war are lost.

    To France, Germany, and Russia: get the hell out of the way… a real nation has work to do.

  109. From Google:

    I looked up “French Military Victories” and got…

    Did you mean: french military defeats

    No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found.

    Your search – french military victories – did not match any documents.


    – Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    – Try different keywords.
    – Try more general keywords.
    – Try fewer keywords.

  110. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my heritage is French and Polish… so I went to the doctor and asked him to remove any part of me that is French. The doctor informed me that I needed my asshole in order to remain healthy. I was disappointed that I couldn’t do the purge, but my doctor assured me that any other useful parts I have are either American or Polish.

  111. Hey Feyd….exactly which imperialist nation in Europe started the problems in Viet Nam…hmm?

  112. I come from the U.K. I have not liked France for a long time. France only does what suits France; they seem to think that Europe is run for them. They have more outstanding violations of European law than any other country. Atomic tests in the pacific, very peace loving.
    Don’t believe what you hear in the press. It may seem that a large amount of people in the U.K. do not want war. As there never seem to be any Pro War protests no one knows whom really agrees. The protesters seem to be yoghurt knitting green welly wearing wannabe hippies who have children called Tarquin & hug trees at weekends. The surveys are carried out by newspapers with there own agenda. Nearly everyone I speak to thinks we would be doing the people of Iraq a great favour getting rid of Saddam. They should be a wealthy country with all the oil they have not a third world country. The people of Iraq who support Saddam are just scared of being shot. Iraq seems to be run for Saddam’s benefit. The U.S. is between the Devil & the deep blue sea. If you do not act then its why did you let
    Him get away with it” If you do act they say the U.S. is attacking for the oil. No one wants anyone to die, but if not now how many in the future?
    I think our countries are best judged by what they do after the event.
    Sounds like it could be soon..

  113. three words:
    Remember Lafayette?
    if this Guy hadn’t save your fuckin’ life
    you all would be talking with a jerky english accent…
    Make tea, not War…
    I fuck your wives…

  114. greetings from vietnam he!

    bande de tafiolles de putain d’enculés de ricains va! meme pas foutus de regarder leur sguegue en face qu’ils vont aller casser les couilles a tout le monde sur cette putain de planete deja assez mal en point comme ça….
    Je vous nique…vous et votre president…


  115. parlez français…c’est bon pour la santé…
    talk french it’s good for health…

  116. tout ça a cause d’un desaccord diplomatique je trouve ça lamentable…
    (notez que meme parlant courament l’anglais je n’en prends meme pas la peine…)

  117. la france vous emmerde vous et vos leches cul d’anglais…bandes de batards de bouffeurs d’hamburgers…nation d’obèses….restez dans votre pays de merde et faites pas chier le monde avec vos gueules d’abrutis….

  118. I don’t like the idea of war, I was in the gulf in Desert Storm. I said in the end if we did not do Saddam we would be back in 10 years.I was wrong. It was 12. And as far as This bringing more terrorist attacks against America,Well, Tell me what type of foriegn policy don’t.I think America as a whole is a country that helps a vast amount of other 3rd world countries immensely, only to be backstabbed in a few years.I also don’t agree with alot of what The US government does, but name one thats better on the entire planet?

  119. Guillaume-the-French-citizen
    I don’t see where saying your banging someones wife actually hurts anyones feelings.Most men who speak like that even against people they don’t agree with usually have very small dicks, and I think most American wives would just sleep through your (fucking)them, not only because your dick is that small,They
    would not even be aware of its pathetic existence.And not to mention they are probably sleeping very well by being properly laid by a American Man!Maybe
    your weak insult is why the population of
    indigenous french peoples is actually shrinking, French men have no balls!
    Maybe you’ll wake up tommorrow with a picture of Saddam waving from the Iffiel
    tower! you probably have sex with a blow up male doll with a picture of Saddam pasted on its ass!

  120. hammer… your response (previous one) had nothing to do with my comments, i was saying frances support should not be payback from our help, it should be because they agree with us, which they dont because they have investments in iraq. i was not saying we shouldn’t overthrow him like you made me out to sound like, in fact thought we should… i just was saying the reasons people are giving here that france should support use are stupid, france is not america, they do not have to agree with us just because we liberated their country.

    “I dare say I have probably donated more money to charity than you will ever make and I do not stand up and say ‘look at what I did’.”
    good for you, how much do i make?

  121. 126,000 +U.S. troops died in World War I and even more paid the price liberating these spineless cowards in World War II.

    The political bologna they’re pulling now is ridiculous. Here’s a true story:

    My grandfather fought in World War II and en route to Germany during the warss final days, he was greeted with open arms by the French people. They gave the soldiers water, bread and cheered them on. Finally, when Germany was defeated and the same soldiers were marching through Frnace after all was done, the same French fools were cursing, spitting and throwing garbage at the troops essentially saying “get the f*** out of our country”. True story and it sums up the french in my opinion. We saved their butts not once, but TWICE in the 20th century (Ok…WW I was just us lending a helping hand). They claim Americans are arrogant, spoiled and stupid. They should look in the mirror…they’d be horrified by what they see.


  122. Hate to say it, but I’ve gone from Dove to Hawk within a span of 2 1/2 years. When you’ve seen hundreds of bodies fall from two 110 story buildings and read about your dead friends in the newspaper every day for 6 months (I knew 3 personal friends who died in the WTC on 9/11), then you’ll understand why I just don’t give a rats ass anymore. Fight with us or get the f*ck out of our way.

  123. Tell the French how you feel at: . I’m sure the frogs at the embassy would like to hear from you. Hell, if you are assertive enough, I’m sure they’ll surrender. IRAQ NOW… FRANCE LATER!

  124. Pete, I’m glad to hear your grandfather made it home after WWII. I wish now My
    grandfather would not have died in the battle of the bulge liberating a bunch of
    ungrateful French.At one time I was proud he gave his life liberating Europe.At least the Jewish community is Still on America’s side!I’m shure allot of French are still grateful for the sacrifice that Americans died by the thousands liberating them.But I think they are few.
    It makes me sad that the memory of my grandfather dying there is now unapreciated! Fuck the French!
    I just wish the GI’s that liberated paris
    would not have used condoms,maybe their would be some French now that where geneticly not pussies!

  125. What’s funny to me, when anybody around the world needs something…which country do they go to first….United States of America.

    When a country around the world wants to blame somebody, who do they blame…United States of America

    I’d like to see the world without the help of the United States of America and the billions of dollars we give out to countries in aid or whatever help they need.

    Everybody is always saying the USA is trying to be the police of the world…but do they realize that the world has put the USA in that position.

  126. To Name X,

    I’m kind of sad that you reply like this, especially on the idea of arming guerilla. This strategy has been used by the US during the cold war as the main vector to fight government that disagree with the western world. I’m not trying to tell you that you are wrong, but you have to admit that in thos pages there are a lot of appproximate knowledge on history which make the discussion kind of useless.

    About the victory of France, I understand that you in the US are willing to find all you can in your vocabulary to insult our nation when actually we just disagree on the idea to solve the war.

    I agree going to Irak and getting Saddam might not be a bad, thing but like I said it ‘s going to create a lot of problem with the US. Because people from the rest of the world didn’t decide to do so. If 11 out of 15 countries said they which to keep on going forward with a stronger UN inspection with the help of the US army putting pressure, we should od so. You are not the only nation in the world and remember 53 % of the american do not want to go for the war now and 64 % of the Brits either, about the Spanish They are all striking right now…. My point is that the UN is an international referee and that if because of power and money the US and UK do not want to respect that, then it ‘s the end of Intrnational politic and it could come to a country ” dictatorship “, the word is strong but let’s say that this could be what opther people in the world could understand. Do we want that ?

    I know for you it doesn’t matter because you feel protected over there in the US, but do not forget that you are not the only one……

    Yes FRance fought for money and power, even on your land against the brits, we also had stories, like Charlemagne, NApoleon, The 1890’s War etc… All that was far in the past, but war is not a solution anymore in today’s society except when you have a real danger, and I don’t think that Saddam is strong enough to threaten the world word. Petrol is a reason ! However americain, don’t forget that you are not one people you are a metling pot ! Your will comes from people who ran away from there country, because in the US you are free to build your own business and to be who you want to be. The WIll comes from there, and you can do ANYTHING but think about what other nations feeling can be towards you ! Because here might be the problem for the futur of your children.

    When you say that your NAtion is wealthy you should look into economical figures, per habitant as you already know you are the worlds nation in debts; Economicly you have the highest turn over, socially it’s very poor. In Average France is much more rich per habitant than you and like any other countries in Western Europe. I just wish that you could have access to the same book that you do in the US, since evrything is censured, since your press is a tool of your government, I don’t see how you can build your opinion on opinions that are the same.

    I respect your nation so bad, I thanks for helping us after the 2nd world war, THANKS TO YOUR GRAND PARENTS, I mean it, but mine over here where fighting as well and do not htink that we surrender, we were just to weak from winning the 1st world war and humiliating the german. I also want to point out that by having the US coming and who decide to come very late, you had a strong economical interest doing this, since then the European money is in your country and you have helped us to understand the samrt wqay of trading and business. Your brought to us your ideaology of capitalism that help the human being to have his agressivity into corporatism instead of fighting for lands. It’s a little simplified, but hopefully it clear enough.

    So, if we disagree it’s not a reason to start a love and hate relationship, we just have to understand that we r 6 billion on this planet and we have to do our best to make EVERY ONE happy not just ONE.

    Sorry for my holly thinking but I just want to ask you about why is it that we didn’t kicked the ass of Saddam in the early of the 90’s ? Why is it that Bush is trying to finish daddy’s work, Why is it that half of your nation is pushin to avoid war and use the UN ? Because it’s a critical moment in history and if you look at history any Nation in the world who had too much power lost it because of decision like the one u could make….

    What ever happen, I will support the peace, because I don’t think that Irak is the priority for the World peace, I would go in North Korea … And then France would support you !!!!!!! Saddam is the son of bitch, but needs to be killed by his people using what you have always been using which Secret service activities to arms his people !!!!!!!

    Good luck

  127. The US is the greatest nation, because it represent people of all over the world, I just wish that it’s government wasn’t too WASP

  128. My ancestors were Nazis. Does that make me one, too?? If so, you maybe should rethink what you know about your ancestors. Let me help you. England used America as a big prison. It’s own prisons were overpopulated, so many of the prisoners were send to America… Not quite the ancestors one wishes to have, hmm? Murderers, Thieves…

    I must say, I am against a war. I am against Saddam, too. I just think a war is not the solution. You want to bomb a country, whose inhabitants consist to 50% of teenagers and children. Ain’t there another solution?

    It has been said several times, that France an Germany send techniques to Iraq, that could be used to make weapons.
    But what about America?? Maybe read this article: in the last paragraphs it’s stated clearly, that the toxic gases Saddam used were delivered from America. Sure it wasn’t intended to be used against the Iraqi inhabitants. But then, what was the intention?? The rest of the article is also quite interesting.. Why should Iraq destroy it’s chemical weapons, if even America is not able to do it???

  129. THANKS FOR THE LINK to the French Embassy, Stephen. Here is a comment I mailed to the French government:

    With All Due Respect to the French Government and its People,

    Is this the same France that expressed its deepest sorrow for the September 11th attacks against the United States?

    Is this the same France that has voted on multiple occasions to give Iraq “a final chance to comply”?

    France pushing for a peaceful resolution with a fascist dictator? Sound familiar?

    Is this the same France that routinely violates European law and expects not to be held accountable?

    Is this the same France that rountinely detonated nukes in the Pacific against international opposition?

    Is this the same France that has turned sanctions against Iraq into a private enterprise benefitting French business and supplying Saddam Hussein with weapons technology?

    Is this the same France that was an imperial power in Africa and Asia, ignoring the voices of the native inhabitants and sewing the seeds for the war in Viet Nam?

    I grant that France is not alone in its hypocrisy. Germany and Russia should share the blame, and each of you will share responsibility as the United States discovers more and more connections between your economies and the terrorist campaign against our nation.

    Although initial reaction world-wide after September 11th was to condemn the attacks, many now outside of the United States seem to feel that America got “what was coming” to them. This is a disgraceful attitude.

    Rather than come to terms with the attacks, many would now choose to blame the United States of being above the law in pursuing the propagators of terrorist activities. This is quite far from the truth. Rather, the United States has found that the commitment to international justice is truer in word than in deed, and is encountering the same type of denial that existed in pre-World War Two Europe. Are you honestly expecting to find a treaty signed between Sadaam Hussein and Osama bin Laden? Are we to believe the threat of terrorism has been eliminated because the Taliban has been removed from power in Afghanistan? Perhaps you should try to ask the victims of the World Trade Center attacks.

    Then again, these were just (primarily) American lives lost. It certainly wouldn’t be different if the Eiffel Tower had been destroyed, would it? For many years, I was disturbed with what I perceived to be Israeli arrogance and brutality in responses to attacks by Lebanese and Palestinian forces. If anything, September 11th has impressed upon us as Americans that the Israeli approach might not be the most palatable, but is the only way to maintain security in a world where “civilized” nations refuse to hold one another accountable.

    For many years I have also been disappointed with seeming American arrogance towards the United Nations, but now that perspective is beginning to change. I’m beginning to understand that there is such world animosity and/or jealousy towards the United States that our only mistake is in trying to go along and play the political game with a United Nations that has no backbone. France, Germany, and Russia are helping to make both the United Nations and NATO irrelevant.

    The French might be sick of being reminded of this, but it was American and British blood that insured that German did not become the official language of France. That was because Americans and British stood up to injustices when we saw them. This seems to be a lesson that still eludes your nation.

    War may be hell, but it is also necessary at times. I would have thought France would have learned that lesson more than fifty years ago, but it has not.

    French arrogance, indifference, denial, and desire to placate those that can not be placated are far greater threats than those posed by the American military. Perhaps in the coming days France will begin to understand the concept of fighting for a just cause. If not, France can continue its posturing, and become increasingly irrelevant in world affairs.

    As with many Americans, I can trace my heritage back to more than one European nation. In this case, my heritage is Polish and French. I have long admired the Poles, who charged the Nazi tanks on their horses in a hopeless but noble cause, and who created Solidarity at the height of Soviet oppression. I am ashamed that I have any French heritage, since France is a nation without honor.

    I can’t help but wonder if France’s existence is depriving the English, Spanish, and Italians of some valuable extra parking spaces.

  130. Ok, maybe Bush did mess up the diplomatic front, but France’s response of unconditional veto was nothing but extreme. France backed us into a corner and now France will be the loser.
    As for criticism of French society: I don’t criticize the self-interest, that’s natural. I don’t criticize the fact that your views are counter to American views, there’s a reason we are called the NEW world. What I do criticize is the utter hypocrisy on the part of France portraying their Anti-American views as belonging to some higher ideal — multilateralism, peace, etc. France is infamous in Europe for France first, and France always. Your record of supplying Mirage fighters and military equipment to random hoodlums is well-known. All that is fine. Just don’t act like the “pure driven snow” when you disagree with American views. Your actions are just as dirty (many would say dirtier) as American foreign policy, and you have NO room to criticize.
    The Netherlands are socialist ultra-liberals, but at least they are not hypocrites. They subject their own citizens to World Court jursidiction and actually act upon what they say they believe. France can’t even agree to abide by European regulations, much less worldwide ones.

  131. My uncle took 17 bullets from a French made, French supplied Machine Gun in Vietnam. The French have more financial interest in Iraq’s oil fields than any other non-middle eastern country. I recently saw that Parisian police are now wearing rollerblades, helmets, and kneepads, no doubt to help welcome the next invading German army. We tried peace, it didn’t work. I agree with the general consensus, if France is too weak to stand up to aggressors, then get the F*ck out of the way and let the real brave men (and women) through.

  132. i would say that your commentaries are just…stupid.
    you bunch of rednecks keep masturbating on your weapons…
    have a good anthrax!

  133. Guillaume, Did your message have an intelligble point?

    And that wouldn’t by any chance, be Athrax that France helped Iraq create, would it?

    And in reference to one of your ealier posts, it was Americans that won the revolution…not the French.

    Still, I’d rather have an English accent than the French affinity for sucking up to every insane dictator that has ever lived.


    Hearing that Saddam Hussein had rejected U.S. President Bush’s demand for him to leave Iraq, French President Chirac has negotiated an eleventh hour deal with Iraq in order to avoid war.

    According to highly placed sources in France (cheese eating roaches that live on the top of the Eiffel Tower), Chirac has pledged to surrender France immediately. Saddam Hussein is going to relocate along with his sons to France, occupying the former residence of the Ayatollah Khomeni. From there, Saddam will be given full access to France’s nuclear arsenal and an ulimited supply of wine, cheese, and chocolate.

    France has received assurances from Hussein that all future attacks will be directed at Americans and all English speaking people in Canada.

    A Saddam Victory Parade is scheduled for noon tomorrow in Paris.

  135. Has anyone notices that at almost the exact moment the french Foreign Legion disappeared from view, the Iraqi Republican Guard formed? Coincidence?

  136. Were did you hear this Rick. I would not be suprised if France promised to come to Iraq’s aid in the event of an attack. But wouldn’t that be a joke on Iraq ?

  137. 30 nations on our side, but France knows better, stay home we don’t even need you.


    France is suggesting that if Iraq used chemical weapons, they would come to our aid. I say unless the French plan on inhaling the gas to make sure it is poisonous, just stay home, like you always do.

  139. “MEN OF THE YEAR”

    Baghdad government radio is reporting that French President Chirac, Russian President Putin, and German Chancellor Schroeder have been named Iraq’s “Men of the Year” for 2003.

    Although there are still nine months remaining in 2003, Baghdad radio reported that the government wanted to make the announcement now, before the supremely powerful government of Iraq was eliminated from the face of the Earth.

    According to Iraq, the three will have a sculpture placed in front of Saddam’s main palace. The sculpture will depict the three men doing a rutal circle jerk in homage to a laughing statue of Saddam.

  140. New Hampshire State Motto:

    Live Free or Die

    French National Motto:

    Live Free or Surrender

  141. Only wish you could read your press with a subjective eyes, I do not want to talk about the americans in general but the latest message are just representative of the ignortant part of US. Please americans, help the one at the bottom to see the light .. ! You are media feeded, and you knowledge is mostly based on MTV and CNN ….. !

  142. Mille mercis, président Bush, par Paulo Coelho

    Lundi 17 mars 2003

    (LE MONDE)

    Merci à vous, grand dirigeant. Merci, George W. Bush. Merci de montrer à tous le danger que représente Saddam Hussein. Nombre d’entre nous avaient peut-être oublié qu’il avait utilisé des armes chimiques contre son peuple, contre les Kurdes, contre les Iraniens. Hussein est un dictateur sanguinaire, l’une des expressions les plus manifestes du Mal aujourd’hui.

    Mais j’ai d’autres raisons de vous remercier. Au cours des deux premiers mois de l’année 2003, vous avez su montrer au monde beaucoup de choses importantes, et pour cela vous méritez ma reconnaissance.

    Ainsi, me rappelant un poème que j’ai appris enfant, je veux vous dire merci.

    Merci de montrer à tous que le peuple turc et son Parlement ne se vendent pas, même pour 26 milliards de dollars.

    Merci de révéler au monde le gigantesque abîme qui existe entre les décisions des gouvernants et les désirs du peuple. De faire apparaître clairement que José Maria Aznar comme Tony Blair n’ont aucun respect pour les voix qui les ont élus et n’en tiennent aucun compte. Aznar est capable d’ignorer que 90 % des Espagnols sont opposés à la guerre, et Blair ne fait aucun cas de la plus grande manifestation publique de ces trente dernières années en Angleterre.

    Merci, car votre persévérance a forcé Tony Blair à se rendre au Parlement britannique avec un dossier truqué, rédigé par un étudiant il y a dix ans, et à le présenter comme “des preuves irréfutables recueillies par les services secrets britanniques”.

    Merci d’avoir fait en sorte que Colin Powell s’expose au ridicule en présentant au Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU des photos qui, une semaine plus tard, ont été publiquement contestées par Hans Blix, l’inspecteur responsable du désarmement de l’Irak.

    Merci, car votre position a valu au ministre français des affaires étrangères Dominique de Villepin, prononçant son discours contre la guerre, l’honneur d’être applaudi en séance plénière ­ ce qui, à ma connaissance, n’était arrivé qu’une fois dans l’histoire des Nations unies, à l’occasion d’un discours de Nelson Mandela.

    Merci, car grâce à vos efforts en faveur de la guerre, pour la première fois, les nations arabes ­ en général divisées ­ ont unanimement condamné une invasion, lors de la rencontre du Caire, la dernière semaine de février.

    Merci, car grâce à votre rhétorique affirmant que “l’ONU avait une chance de démontrer son importance”, même les pays les plus réfractaires ont fini par prendre position contre une attaque de l’Irak.

    Merci pour votre politique extérieure qui a conduit le ministre britannique des affaires étrangères, Jack Straw, à déclarer en plein XXIe siècle qu'”une guerre peut avoir des justifications morales” ­ et à perdre ainsi toute sa crédibilité.

    Merci d’essayer de diviser une Europe qui lutte pour son unification ; cet avertissement ne sera pas ignoré.

    Merci d’avoir réussi ce que peu de gens ont réussi en un siècle : rassembler des millions de personnes, sur tous les continents, qui se battent pour la même idée ­ bien que cette idée soit opposée à la vôtre.

    Merci de nous faire de nouveau sentir que nos paroles, même si elles ne sont pas entendues, sont au moins prononcées. Cela nous donnera davantage de force dans l’avenir.

    Merci de nous ignorer, de marginaliser tous ceux qui ont pris position contre votre décision, car l’avenir de la Terre appartient aux exclus.

    Merci parce que, sans vous, nous n’aurions pas connu notre capacité de mobilisation. Peut-être ne servira-t-elle à rien aujourd’hui, mais elle sera certainement utile plus tard.

    A présent que les tambours de la guerre semblent résonner de manière irréversible, je veux faire miens les mots qu’un roi européen adressa autrefois à un envahisseur : “Que pour vous la matinée soit belle, que le soleil brille sur les armures de vos soldats ­ car cet après-midi je vous mettrai en déroute.”

    Merci de nous permettre à tous, armée d’anonymes qui nous promenons dans les rues pour tenter d’arrêter un processus désormais en marche, de découvrir ce qu’est la sensation d’impuissance, d’apprendre à l’affronter et à la transformer.

    Donc, profitez de votre matinée, et de ce qu’elle peut encore vous apporter de gloire.

    Merci, car vous ne nous avez pas écoutés, et ne nous avez pas pris au sérieux. Sachez bien que nous, nous vous écoutons et que nous n’oublierons pas vos propos.

    Merci, grand dirigeant George W. Bush.

    Merci beaucoup.

    Paulo Coelho est écrivain.

    Traduit du portugais (Brésil) par Françoise Marchand Sauvagnargues © Paulo Coelho


    Lettre à Bush par Michael Moore (*) (réalisateur de Bowling For Columbine, documentaire sur la vente libre des armes aux Etats-Unis).

    “Cher George,

    Depuis que tu es Président des Etats-Unis de mauvaises langues prétendent que tu te tournes les pouces. Pourtant, en quelques mois, tu as réussi à:

    1) Réduire de 39 millions de dollars le budget des bibliothèques fédérales.

    2) Réduire de 35 millions de dollars le budget du programme de formation en médecine pédiatrique avancée.

    3) Réduire de 50 % le budget de la recherche sur les énergies renouvelables.

    4) Repousser l’émission du règlement réduisant les niveaux “acceptables” d’arsenic dans l’eau potable.

    5) Réduire de 28 % le budget du programme de recherche pour des véhicules moins polluants et moins consommateurs d’énergie.

    6) Abolir la législation permettant à l’Etat de refuser tout contrat public aux entreprises qui violent les lois fédérales, les lois de protection de l’environnement et les règles de sécurité sur le lieu de travail.

    7) Permettre à la secrétaire de l’Intérieur Gale Norton d’explorer la possibilité d’ouvrir les parcs nationaux à l’exploitation forestière et minière et aux forages pétroliers et gaziers.

    8) Renier ta promesse de campagne d’investir cent millions de dollars par an dans la protection des forêts tropicales.

    9) Réduire de 86 % le programme communautaire d’accès aux soins, qui organisait la coopération des hôpitaux publics, des cliniques privées et autres prestataires pour venir en aide aux malades dépourvus d’assurance médicale.

    10) Réduire à néant une proposition visant à accroître l’accès du public aux informations sur les conséquences potentielles des accidents chimiques industriels.

    11) Réduire de 60 millions de dollars le programme de logements sociaux de la fondation d’aide à l’enfance.

    12) Refuser de signer l’accord de Kyoto sur l’effet de serre, contre la volonté de 178 pays.

    13) Rejeter un accord international ayant pour but l’application du traité de 1972 bannissant les armements microbiologiques.

    14) Réduire de 200 millions de dollars le budget des programmes de formation des travailleurs au chômage.

    15) Réduire de 200 millions de dollars le Fonds pour l’enfance et le développement, un programme qui permet aux familles à bas revenus de faire garder leurs enfants pendant les heures de travail.

    16) Eliminer la couverture des contraceptifs prescrits médicalement pour les fonctionnaires de l’administration fédérale (alors que le Viagra est encore couvert).

    17) Réduire de 700 millions de dollars le budget de réhabilitation des logements sociaux.

    18) Réduire d’un demi-milliard de dollars le budget de l’EPA (Agence de protection de l’environnement).

    19) Abolir les directives concernant les règles d’hygiène et de sécurité sur les lieux de travail.

    20) Renier ta promesse de campagne de réguler les émissions de dioxyde de carbone qui contribuent fortement à l’effet de serre.

    21) Interdire l’attribution d’aide d’origine fédérale aux organisations internationales de planning familial qui fournissent ! des conseils ou des services en matière d’IVG, fussent-elles financées sur fonds propres.

    22) Nommer responsable en matière d’hygiène et de sécurité minières auprès du ministère du Travail un ancien dirigeant d’une entreprise minière, Dan Laurier.

    23) Nommer sous-secrétaire au ministère de l’Intérieur Lynn Scarlett, un fonctionnaire qui ne croit pas à l’effet de serre et qui s’oppose à l’introduction de règles plus contraignantes contre la pollution atmosphérique.

    24) Approuver le projet controversé du ministre de l’Intérieur Gale Norton, qui consiste à mettre aux enchères des fonds marins proches de la côte est de la Floride aux fins d’exploitation pétrolière et gazière.

    25) Prévoir l’autorisation de forages pétroliers dans une aire protégée du Montana, la Lewis and Clark National Forest.

    26) Menacer de fermer le Bureau de lutte contre le sida de la Maison-Blanche.

    27) Décider de ne plus consulter l’Association américaine du barreau en matière de nomination des juges fédéraux.

    28) Refuser toute aide financière aux étudiants condamnés pour des délits de toxicomanie mineurs (alors que les personnes condamnées pour assassinat ont toujours droit à ces aides).

    29) Dégager seulement 3 % du montant défini par les avocats du département de la Justice pour le budget alloué aux poursuites de l’administration contre l’industrie du tabac.

    30) Faire passer ton projet de baisse d’impôts qui profite, pour 43 %, au 1 % des Américains les plus fortunés.

    31) Signer un décret qui rend beaucoup plus difficile aux Américains disposant de revenus faibles ou moyens de se déclarer en faillite personnelle, même quand ils font face à des dépenses médicales exceptionnelles.

    32) Nommer directeur du personnel de la Maison-Blanche Kay Cole James, une adversaire de la discrimination positive en faveur des minorités.

    33) Réduire de 15,7 millions de dollars le budget du programme contre la maltraitance des mineurs.

    34) Proposer l’élimination du programme Lire, c’est fondamental, qui permettait de distribuer gratuitement des livres aux enfants de familles pauvres.

    35) Stimuler le développement d’armements ” micronucléaires ” destinés à atteindre des cibles souterraines, et ce en violation du traité d’interdiction complète des essais nucléaires.

    36) Essayer d’éliminer une législation protégeant 24 millions d’hectares de forêts contre toute forme d’exploitation forestière et contre la construction de routes.

    37) Nommer responsable du contrôle des armements et des questions de sécurité internationale John Bolton, adversaire des traités de non-prolifération et hostile à l’ONU.

    38) Nommer une dirigeante de Monsanto, Linda Fisher, comme administratrice adjointe de l’Agence de protection de l’environnement.

    39) Nommer à un poste de juge fédéral Michael McConnell, dont on connaît bien l’opposition à la séparation de l’Eglise et de l’Etat.

    40) Nommer à un poste de juge fédéral Terrence Boyle, adversaire des droits civiques.

    41) Eliminer la date butoir de 2004 accordée aux constructeurs d’automobiles pour développer des prototypes de véhicules plus économes en carburant.

    42) Nommer à la tête du programme gouvernemental de lutte contre la drogue John Walters, adversaires du traitement des toxicomanes incarcérés.

    43) Nommer secrétaire adjoint à l’intérieur J. Steven Giles, bien contenu pour son travail au service des lobbies du charbon et du pétrole.

    44) Nommer responsable pour l’eau et la recherche scientifique auprès du ministère de l’Intérieur Bennett Raley, adversaire de la législation en faveur de la protection des espèces menacées.

    45) Faire pression pour bloquer les poursuites engagées contre le Japon par les femmes asiatiques ayant servi d’esclaves sexuelles aux troupes japonaises pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

    46) Nommer conseiller juridique de la Maison-Blanche Ted Olson, ton principal avocat dans la controverse juridique sur la légalité du scrutin en Floride.

    47) Proposer d’accélérer la procédure d’autorisation de la construction de raffineries, de barrages et de centrales nucléaires, y compris en affaiblissant les critères de protection de l’environnement.

    48) Proposer la vente de zones de forage gazier et pétrolier dans les aires protégées de l’Alaska.

    Et maintenant, tu veux te lancer dans une guerre dont tu ne mesures pas les conséquences à venir.

    Je crois, cher George, que la France devrait faire voter par l’ONU l’envoi de casques bleus aux USA car, visiblement, tu es en train de faire ce qu’aucun de tes prédécesseurs n’avait osé faire à ton peuple…


    Alors cesse de faire joujou avec tes soldats et de traiter Saddam Hussein comme un ennemi car visiblement, tu lui ressembles. Allez, George, rentre chez toi et arrête de faire peur à mon fils avec tes bruits de bottes.”

  143. it is a good thing that our country puts the defense of our nation in the competent hands of the united states military and not the unrealistic dreamers of third world countries.who,by the way no doubt have hidden agendas.america is not perfect,but from what i see,we are the best thing the boycott on french goods.they will be fine,they can always fall back on their allies the north koreans,iranians and libyans.oh yeah, how long before their mess in the ivory coast calls for american attention?

  144. Helloooo,

    as far as wut countries suck I shall name them all and why…

    France>stupid mother Foockin pansies!!!

    Germany>wut happened to the nazis the only good thing about Germany!! HA HA HA

    America>I !@##!!! SWEAR EVERY ONE IN AMERICA IS SOO FAT!!! get up and exercise!! and the fat @$$’s who don’t want to go to war, if America just sat there “WHEN” Iraq bombs the us those @#!! would be the first ones to stand and say lets go get them “bastards!!”


    Iraq>Suddam looks like Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Mennis the movie

    China>to many face lifts is wut they look like, they could give that Micheal Jackson a few Fudgen tips!!

    Japan>still bitter about that 100000 year old war

    every things suck!!!!

  145. Several people have commented about the Brave vets that died freeing France, and I agree that they were hero’s. But what about the brave who are about to die in the name of freedom, that France itself will enjoy. Once again we will be protecting them too.

  146. From a NON American newspaper….kind of puts things in perspective. France sucks!

    “France pretends to great-power status but hasn’t had it in 50 years,” wrote Charles Krauthammer, the Post’s nationally-syndicated neo-conservative-in-chief, whose views generally reflect those of the Pentagon hawks led by deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

    “It was given its permanent seat on the Security Council to preserve the fiction that heroic France was part of the great anti-Nazi alliance rather than a country that surrendered and collaborated,” Krauthammer noted in a column that called for Washington not only to create a new UN Security Council that would marginalize the French, but also to bar Paris from any role in a post-war Iraq.

    “We need to demonstrate that there is a price to be paid for undermining the United States on a matter of supreme national interest,” declared the columnist in a typical assertion of anti-Gallic self-righteousness.

    The themes of lost glory and Nazi collaboration, which actually began last spring when US commentators began accusing Paris of anti-Semitism due to mainly Muslim attacks on Jewish targets in France and President Jacques Chirac’s criticism of the reoccupation of the West Bank by Israeli defense forces – have become a staple of the right, as has the theme of French hypocrisy, another favorite topic of the Francophobes.

    “Before we move on to the war, let’s pause to honor the grandeur of French hypocrisy on the ‘unilateral’ use of military force,” the Journal urged in an editorial entitled “Those Unilateral French”.

    “The French, after all, don’t worry much about international opinion when they want to dispatch their own troops to quell violence in one of their colonies,” another Journal editorial noted about France’s intervention in Cote d’Ivoire (in part to evacuate stranded US citizens). “Or when they want to sink a Greenpeace ship, as [former president] Francois Mitterand did in the early 1980s.” Ouch.

    Needless to say, Chirac’s visit last week to Algeria was treated as a timely opportunity for the US press to revisit French brutality in its colonial past.

    Popular culture has also embraced the latest fad with gusto, and not just with respect to everyday items like French fries. “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” was a little mysterious when first voiced on “The Simpsons” cartoon show on the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox TV network, but is now an universally understood moniker for you know who.

    None of this is particularly new, and many of the same themes were voiced during the reign of former president Charles de Gaulle, especially after he withdrew France form the military arm of NATO and shut down US bases on French territory.

    Both moves, as well as his annoying but ultimately wise advice to US presidents in the 1960s to withdraw from Indochina, infuriated policymakers in Washington who considered it the height of arrogance, cynicism, impudence and impertinence, coming from what was even then called in the US press a fading colonial power.

    The notion of decadence, cynicism and arrogance as typically French dates back to the US’s own birth, despite France’s role as midwife. “On the whole, the French appear in no favorable light,” found a 1964 study of the worldview conveyed in US grammar school texts during the 19th century.

    “Where sobriety [in the texts] is admired, the French are gay; where stability is admired, the French are fickle; where Protestantism is admired, the French are Catholic; where religion is a prime virtue, the French are infidels,” said the study. “Their accomplishments in the arts, the intellectual life, and in military exploits are great [a reference to Napoleon’s achievements], but devoid of moral meaning,” it concluded.

  147. Ey, I´m german and going to visit the USA this summer! I hope I´m allowed to!

  148. Ey, I´m german and going to visit the USA this summer! I hope I´m allowed to!
    Please treat me well!

  149. Just Joe American and Rick!!! I agree. France totally sucks!! I will not even go see the Degas Exhibit in Phila since it is sponsored by a stinking lowly French Co.

  150. commentSubject: Leave It To the Marines

    From a US Marine in Bosnia: Note the
    signature, but read it last.

    A funny thing happened to me yesterday at Camp
    Bondsteel (Bosnia): A French
    officer walked up to me in the PX, and told me
    he thought we (Americans)
    were a
    bunch of cowboys and were going to provoke a
    war. He said if such a thing
    happens, we wouldn’t be able to count on the
    support of France.

    I told him that it didn’t surprise me. Since we
    had come to France’s rescue
    World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and the
    Cold War, their ingratitude and
    jealousy was due to surface at some point in
    the near future anyway. That is
    France is a third-rate military power with a
    socialist economy and a bunch
    sissies for soldiers.

    I additionally told him that America, being a
    nation of deeds and action,
    words, would do whatever it had to do, and
    France’s support was only for
    anyway. Just like in ALL NATO exercises, the US
    would shoulder 85% of the
    burden, as evidenced by the fact that the
    French officer was shopping in the
    American PX, and not the other way around.
    He began to get belligerent at that point, and
    I told him if he would like
    to, I
    would meet him outside in front of the Burger
    King and beat his ass in front
    the entire Multi-National Brigade East, thus
    demonstrating that even the
    smallest American had more fight in him than
    the average Frenchman.
    He called me a barbarian cowboy and walked away
    in a huff.

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?

    Scroll down

    Mary Beth Johnson
    LtCol, USMC

  151. For all of you who like ‘poking’ fun at the French leadership?
    Here is the site for you!

  152. I am sorry for the broken URL above.
    Please try again.
    For all of you who enjoy the lack of French leadership?
    Here is the site for you:

  153. War has only cured, Communism, Fascism, Naziism and Imperialism.
    Communism only killed 60 million people, let’s try it again.
    Saadam ONLY KILLS his own people, why should we care? Right?
    If Churchill would’ve been listened to in 1938 about a preemptive strike on Germany, 55 million people wouldn’t have been killed.
    Europeans hate us because we have become the most powerful country the world has ever seen. In only a couple hundred years mind you. They have wine older than that. What would they do without our tech., movies, music etc.?
    They hate us and want us to fail. They should be very careful what they ask for.

  154. why did you always refer to ww2, it s boring did we french always refer to the support of france in usa independance.
    Don’t be fooled any of us we helped you because in this time english were our enemies, in ww2 america help us because germany sunk american commercial ships.
    I think that humanity have to finish with this litlle jealous interest.
    Why did bush is interested in irak, if it is not for petrol for what? for massive destruction weapon.
    I read the article which said that irak doesn t have any usa armement, And i am sure about it too, not because of politic relationship of usa-irak since war gulf 1 was broken.
    Media in america is just propaganda for the governement who held the power.
    Let me remmenber you that during war gulf 1 Irakian tanks had france, russian armement but there too some from GREAT BRITAIN and the great USA too.
    To tell you more:
    the M110 USA
    the M109 USA
    the M107 USA
    Of course since wargulf 1 usa didnt sell anymore weapon to irak, who sell weapon to an enemy, or someone we hate.
    Let me tell you, it s just because in this time the cia thinked that saddam just will be a pretty dog, who will do whatever they want, bad try , Saddam used them for his owns interests.
    A lecon of history, about Ben Laden, during cold war CIA were looking for communist opposant, so theey find the country of Afghanistan oppressed by russina governement, they think it was a lucky chance to recruit and form people of this country to civil war’THAT WE CALLED TERRORISM TODAY) against the russian. So Ben Laden was HIRED by AMERICAN FUNDS of the CIA.
    Bad luck one time allies one time enemies, now Ben Laden use his experience against russiaan now against america.

    Some people in france are american hater, just like in usa some people are france hater, I condamn these reactions because hate conduct to misunderstanding, and to war sometime.

    I said it again media is something to take with a lot of care because thy are subjective.

    The only things that we have to trust in his good will, not interest of some big firms, you talked about imperialism in france we talk about american imperialism(COCA COLA, MC DONALD, MICROSOFT,and some more…).
    The only thing I hate is this way of thinking you have, believing that you are the only one on earth, everyone do mistakes and you are doing one, not the first not the last I think.
    If you really want to “FREEDOM IRAK” did you really think that it is with launching bombs on this country.
    It didnt work in 92.

    War is not a game, death not an issue.

  155. Only 2 percent I agree, don’t you think that it will change afterwar, “freedom irak”
    Us always think like student in hi-school showing their dick, comparing it and declare the winner just after, don’t you believe that when you have passed 20 years old this game became ridiculous, you have a little aircraft carrier i have a big one, how stupid.
    Don’t be fooled they are in games otherthings than a security problem.
    Stop just watching Cnn and look out for history books.
    Americans really thinks that they have saved europe from russian oppression, I think I prefer lenine and marxx ideas instead of bush ones. these men thinked of the well being of their people not only to their interests.
    I am not convinced like you that communist ideas are as bad as you say, or as it will be learned to you at school, is equality a things very bad, the communist problem was that Staline only pretend to have lenine ideas, in fact he was just a despot and tyran.
    For me the communisn of lenine and marxx was not the one of staline, and always that there are people like staline, saddam, and bush in command there will these ideas will just remain a dream.

  156. Feyd, What nationality are you anyway? If this thing was about oil we would just take over Kuwait and call it a day. Only 2% of our oil that comes from the WORLD POOL came from Iraq WHEN we we trading food for oil with them. Venezuala sells us much more of our oil but none of our ships or forces were off that coast when the revolt and strike happened down there last month. Also Bush is the one who is pushing for our cars to run hydrogen or other alternative fuels so we can tell the middle east to drink their oil. It will happen in my lifetime and then see how pissed off the arabs will be at us. They love our money but hate us.

    France now thinks they can just hop on board now that the war is going so well. They think they can profit from the rebuiding of Iraq. I say screw em. Let them eat cake. They made their bed, they can sleep in it. The UK and the US are always the ones to have the balls to defend themselves and the world. What would have France done if we would’ve let the Soviets run over them like the Germans did? They’d be drinking vodka instead of wine for sure.

    They can’nt even build a good aircraft carrier. The DeGaul has such small engines it can’t hardly move and the flightdeck is too short for most of their planes to take off of. Pathetic.

    Our forces and the UKs don’t back down from a fight and the French know it. Napolean has been rolling over in his grave for 100 years now thinking about what pathetic weaklings his people have become.

    I say we bring ALL of our boys that died over there liberating their sorry asses HOME to Arlington where they belong. They problably water the flowers on their graves by pissing on them anyway.

  157. Can anyone in the U.S. send a fllet of tugs over and drag us away from France. The smell & the yellow colour we can see across the channel is making us feel ill. Hoever many die in the next few weeks it will still be less than Saddam kills each year. Good luck to all the allied troops.

  158. Shame on you feyd. your history books were written by communists.

  159. no shame on you I think medieval age has to finish, men have no longer to slave other men.
    Men doesn t have to fortify themselves in high security residential area, protecting themselves for their own compatriots living in suburbs.

  160. I now see how poor are minds of some people i said little and you only understand a matter of size, let me explain and reflect instead of you, when i say so maybe i say that is to show for having the biggest army, having the best weapon, having the elite infantry.
    That just an illustration, but maybe you didn’t have seen any of them before, go back to school.
    I didn’t forget what was about coldwar your interest again urss interest, it was like some thieves sharing the plunder they have just done.
    Communism was a big shit if you refer to staline governement, words are just words, that’s not because you have read that urss was a republic that it was, staline was a despot, do i have to said things twice to made myself clear, you are blind you only see what you want to see, read my comments one more time and you will see that i don’t hide my nationality.

  161. Feyd, Still did’nt say where you’re from? Embarrassed? You write like you never went to school. If you live in the US it must be in San Fransisco or Madison, WI. If you are in the US get on the next plane to Cuba or China and see how much fun it is to express your view there. I’m from the Heartland of the US and damn proud of it. Communism in the USSR only killed 60 million people durng it’s short reign, I suppose you think it should be tried again. Ask the people in the old eastern block countries if they want to go back to Commy rule. They’ll probably shoot you for asking.

    As far as watching CNN…I call it the Communist News Network or the Clinton News Network. I watch FOX NEWS and get the REAL story.

    I did’nt say anything about a LITTLE aircraft carrier, just a worthless one. I’d rather have a LITTLE one that WORKS than one that did’nt

    We DID save Europe from the USSR, or did you forget what the Cold War was about? Capitalism will alway rule because we’ll always have the money to pay for elite weaponry to protect us. That’s what some of our taxes go for and I’m glad to pay it. I suppose you’d rather have a government do everything for you; tell you what to think, what to say, wear, how many children you can have, eliminate your right to protest, bear arms, profit from hard work. I’m sure your answer is yes and that’s why you will alway fail.

  162. Mark from the UK, We’d love to bring you over here but then who would protect France? 6 US and 6 UK killed so far. I wish the French would have sold Iraq “surrender secrets” instead of nuke technology. Can’t wait to see all the “made in France” decal on the WMDs. God bless the US and God Save the Queen, blood brothers forever.

  163. Feyd, ATTEMPTED to read your posts, again, they’re hard to make out, I did’nt learn “whatever” language you’re speaking so that makes ME stupid I guess? It’s very simple Feyd. Just spell it out, in English, where you’re from. You can do it. Come on, try…Please, I’m asking nicely…

    Oh, I see, Lennon DID’NT want a government that controlled the population through fear and control?????

    I’m going to watch the allied forces kick Iraqs ass, drink a beer, eat a burger, read my Playboy, and clean my guns, because, “I CAN”. You are such a waste of my valuable democratic-capitalist time. By the way, it’s spelled I-R-A-Q, look at a map, simpleton.

  164. The French only understand on thing, capitulate. They are useless as an army and they are useless as diplomats. When the newly free people of Iraq are dancing in the streets and thanking the poeple who have delivered their freedom, maybe France will reflect on how they felt when we freed their sorry assess from a madman dictator. Freedom costs money and lives and only the truely great are willing to lay down the sacrifices to acheive this God given right.

  165. ich, your a total idiot, and a Nazi, and for you French pannywaists, you guys looked the other way while they hauled off all the jews in WWII, with the vichey government. Plus you assholes sucked us in Vietnam, I always knew you french are a bunch of whores, but you goddamn krauts, we save you from the russians for 50 years, plus let you sell all your overrated junk over here, like beemers and lieca cameras and this is the thanks the great USA gets? Go fuck yourself, you bunch of Nazi Krauts,

  166. Guillaume;
    You are a Dumbass
    In french that’s La Dumbass

    None of this seems to matter now that the Coalition of the willing, now 40 corrageious nation strong is rolling to Bagdad.
    Lets all focus on ethe important things right now,

    Ensuring our troops come home safe,
    Killing saddam,
    Freeing Iraq,

    and fucking over the french!

  167. Hookset.
    On the radio this morning was a French guy saying Britain had ruined any chance of a Europe wide defence policy. Well GOOD!
    This is a true story. My brother was asked to take a couple of French men who were visiting his company on a quick tour of London. After looking around they said London was Ok but they said the buildings were too much of a mix between new and old, not like Paris. He was pissed off about this & said,” I don’t know if you remember, but there was a little thing called the 2nd world war. During which German planes took off from France to bomb London nearly every night. That’s why there is so much of a mix. If we gave up as soon as you lot did may be we would have a few more older buildings.”
    Did not go down too well.
    France think Europe is run for their benefit, when they do not get their own way they stamp their feet.
    Maybe France can still make some money by selling white flags.
    So glad you fellas over the pond speak the same language as we do in more ways than one.

  168. Mark in the UK,
    You’re right on all points. The French now have a socialist government under Jacques Iraq. I just can’t understand why many Brits hate us too. Our government and 90% the people of the US would do anything to defend Britian because you’re the only ones that won’t stab us in the back. The other 10% live in San Fran and Madison, WI; the far left socialist wings of the US.

    My Grandfather fought with yours in WWI and my Dad fought with yours in WWII and they were both injured fighting for those ungrateful pukes in France.

    A nationwide boycott in the US is being started against the French, their products, companies and any travel to France. We’ll hit ’em where it hurts, in the pocketbook. They WILL pay this time.

    As far as the Frenchy talking down about your buildings he obviuosly DID forget that you were getting bombs nightly in WWII as you were defending your island.

    I just love the news reel of the Germans marching into France and the men standing on the street corner crying their eyes out. Throw your arm up and kiss ass, that’s thier motto.

    No country or group will threaten the UK or the US without paying a heavy price again.

  169. Mark don’t be afraid you will have your piece of the irakian cake.
    Don’t worry allies troops have already protected oil ressources of the south of Irak.

  170. maybe a poor miserable bretzel could have done great thing, because small things can do great ones, a bretzel could stop a war, i thinked about offering some stupid biscuits to a stupid wary president.

  171. Thanks Mark, It’s good to have real friends who stick together through thick and thin. Your soldiers will not be forgetten, and neither will your friendship. America is proud of you.

  172. Germans rule. Frenchman rule. Gypsies rule.

    1,400,000 Frenchman valiantly defended France in World War I. That’s more than all American war deaths combined.

    I’m American by the way. And America is a fine country.

  173. “1,400,000 Frenchman valiantly defended France in World War I”

    Typing Error- Excuse me, 1,400,000 Frenchman valiantly died defending France.

  174. see this page for see how we are the best
    and other are just scums.

    usa is great and bush is our leader
    have a lot of fun on this website, I found it great.

  175. Topic: “The Americans” by Gordon Sinclair
    The United States dollar took another pounding on German, French and British exchanges this morning, hitting the lowest point ever known in West Germany. It has declined there by 41% since 1971 and this Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the least-appreciated people in all the earth.
    As long as sixty years ago, when I first started to read newspapers, I read of floods on the Yellow River and the Yangtze. Who rushed in with men and money to help? The Americans did.
    They have helped control floods on the Nile, the Amazon, the Ganges and the Niger. Today, the rich bottom land of the Misssissippi is under water and no foreign land has sent a dollar to help. Germany, Japan and, to a lesser extent, Britain and Italy, were lifted out of the debris of war by the Americans who poured in billions of dollars and forgave other billions in debts. None of those countries is today paying even the interest on its remaining debts to the United States.
    When the france was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americans who propped it up and their reward was to be insulted and swindled on the streets of Paris. I was there. I saw it.
    When distant cities are hit by earthquakes, it is the United States that hurries into help… Managua Nicaragua is one of the most recent examples. So far this spring, 59 American communities have been flattened by tornadoes. Nobody has helped.
    The Marshall Plan .. the Truman Policy .. all pumped billions upon billions of dollars into discouraged countries. Now, newspapers in those countries are writing about the decadent war-mongering Americans.
    I’d like to see one of those countries that is gloating over the erosion of the United States dollar build its own airplanes.
    Come on… let’s hear it! Does any other country in the world have a plane to equal the Boeing Jumbo Jet, the Lockheed Tristar or the Douglas 107? If so, why don’t they fly them? Why do all international lines except Russia fly American planes? Why does no other land on earth even consider putting a man or women on the moon?
    You talk about Japanese technocracy and you get radios. You talk about German technocracy and you get automobiles. You talk about American technocracy and you find men on the moon, not once, but several times … and safely home again. You talk about scandals and the Americans put theirs right in the store window for everyone to look at. Even the draft dodgers are not pursued and hounded. They are here on our streets, most of them … unless they are breaking Canadian laws .. are getting American dollars from Ma and Pa at home to spend here.
    When the Americans get out of this bind … as they will… who could blame them if they said ‘the hell with the rest of the world’. Let someone else buy the Israel bonds, Let someone else build or repair foreign dams or design foreign buildings that won’t shake apart in earthquakes.
    When the railways of France, Germany and India were breaking down through age, it was the Americans who rebuilt them. When the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central went broke, nobody loaned them an old caboose. Both are still broke. I can name to you 5,000 times when the Americans raced to the help of other people in trouble.
    Can you name me even one time when someone else raced to the Americans in trouble? I don’t think there was outside help even during the San Francisco earthquake.
    Our neighbours have faced it alone and I am one Canadian who is damned tired of hearing them kicked around. They will come out of this thing with their flag high. And when they do, they are entitled to thumb their nose at the lands that are gloating over their present troubles.
    I hope Canada is not one of these. But there are many smug, self-righteous Canadians. And finally, the American Red Cross was told at its 48th Annual meeting in New Orleans this morning that it was broke.
    This year’s disasters .. with the year less than half-over… has taken it all and nobody…but nobody… has helped.

    CANADA, H9R 4T2

  176. People don’t like us because we are a sleeping snake… one day we will collect on EVERY SINGLE FAVOR we have don’t for other countries.

    This isn’t about Oil, only someone with a small mind and NO TV can see that. We already proved he is a LIAR. He said he had NO scuds (sp?) Well, how did one get shot at the troops??? PS. the UN inspectors never found any…so, where was he hidding it??? Maybe his back seat…next to his rich dad poor dad book. Come on, he is a careless killer..he grinds people up for shits and giggles.

  177. OK the Russians were selling them Jamming equipment. It’s just a matter of time until we find out what illegal ordinance the French were selling them. Truth be known.

  178. A question to all of you americans who wrote things against the french… Don’t you see that the all world was against this war to solve the problem ? Isn’t it enough for you to stop thinking your always right and to consider others ? If you do then it’s call Nation dictatorship and for your information you haven’t been like this in the past, you have been building the UN ! And now you discredit it because you own tool as said no to your short term proposition or vision. Think about it and watch other tv, the all WORLD, Spain, Italy, Korea, Japan, Greece, Algeria, RUssia; Japan, Philippines, Argentina, Brasil, France EVERYWHERE IN THIS WORLD EVERY ONE STAND UPS AND SAY THAT THE SOLUTION YOU CHOOSE WASN’T GOOD FOR OUR SOCIETY. Don’t you think that ur government could have been giving credit to countries who have thousands years of politics experience ? We know that what you’ve done is going to make our children and especially yourds pay !! I’m sorry for yours and I’m sorry for ours. From God bless AMERICA it’s going to be ” And god blame the world” ! PEACE AND LOVE MORE THAN EVER, but this again was coming from you… I wish you study less business and more history. To learn from the past !!!!

  179. It’s amazing that the French dare to even exist in the new world. You would think that after the three times that America has saved their worthless inferior asses that they would have at least some loyalty. Shame on us for ever considering these cocksuckers allies. I’d frankly prefer to reverse our engagement on Iraq, and turn north towards Paris and show these French pussies a thing or two. If your Frence, and you’re reading this . . . every one of you limp-dick homos can go fuck yourselves. Vote with your wallet for now . . . all Frence so called “premium” brands must die a painful death. Boycott all French products immediately!

    France . . . you fucks are the ultimate losers. You’re taking it up theb ass from Saddam.

  180. ROM, We never like to get in the middle of anything..however, the majority of the countries out there can’t defend themselves, and they are so poor they can’t by arms. So we get to play the “world police” role. YOU need to learn from the past! I wish the bodies of my uncle and my grandfather where not buried on the shore of a foreign country… I wish I could have them here to walk me down the isle…but they can’t. They are 6 feet under in France because of the French’s theory of ignore the problem, and maybe it will go away. Love and Peace???? Never going to happen. Maybe if someone takes out the people you love who where going about there day, going to work, and doing their job. Maybe then you will understand why you can’t close your eyes and wish all the monsters under the bed to go away!



    A mouse looked through a crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife opening a package; what food might it contain?


    He was aghast to discover that it was a mouse trap!


    Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning, “There is a mouse trap in the house, there is a mouse trap in the house.”


    The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, “Mr. Mouse, I can tell you this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me; I cannot be bothered by it.”


    The mouse turned to the pig and told him, “There is a mouse trap in the house.”


    “I am so very sorry Mr. Mouse,” sympathized the pig, “but there is nothing I can do about it but pray; be assured that you are in my prayers.”


    The mouse turned to the cow, who replied, “Like wow, Mr. Mouse, a mouse trap; am I in grave danger, Duh?”


    So the mouse returned to the house , head down and dejected to face the farmer’s mouse trap alone.


    That very night a sound was heard throughout the house, like the sound of a mouse trap catching its prey. The farmer’s wife rushed to see what was caught.


    In the darkness, she did not see that it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.


    The snake bit the farmer’s wife.


    The farmer rushed her to the hospital.


    She returned home with a fever. Now everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup’s main ingredient.


    His wife’s sickness continued so that friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.


    The farmer’s wife did not get well, in fact, she died, and so many people came for her funeral the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide meat for all of them to eat.


    So the next time you hear that someone is facing a problem and think that it does not concern you, remember that when the least of us is threatened, we are all at risk.


    And so it may be with Germany, France and Belgium one day…




    A mouse looked through a crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife opening a package; what food might it contain?


    He was aghast to discover that it was a mouse trap!


    Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning, “There is a mouse trap in the house, there is a mouse trap in the house.”


    The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, “Mr. Mouse, I can tell you this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me; I cannot be bothered by it.”


    The mouse turned to the pig and told him, “There is a mouse trap in the house.”


    “I am so very sorry Mr. Mouse,” sympathized the pig, “but there is nothing I can do about it but pray; be assured that you are in my prayers.”


    The mouse turned to the cow, who replied, “Like wow, Mr. Mouse, a mouse trap; am I in grave danger, Duh?”


    So the mouse returned to the house , head down and dejected to face the farmer’s mouse trap alone.


    That very night a sound was heard throughout the house, like the sound of a mouse trap catching its prey. The farmer’s wife rushed to see what was caught.


    In the darkness, she did not see that it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.


    The snake bit the farmer’s wife.


    The farmer rushed her to the hospital.


    She returned home with a fever. Now everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup’s main ingredient.


    His wife’s sickness continued so that friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.


    The farmer’s wife did not get well, in fact, she died, and so many people came for her funeral the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide meat for all of them to eat.


    So the next time you hear that someone is facing a problem and think that it does not concern you, remember that when the least of us is threatened, we are all at risk.


    And so it may be with Germany, France and Belgium one day…


  183. All that I can say is that France really sucks a lot of cock, and the reason that they are not supporting us is that they don’t want Saddam out of power. This is because of the extreme corruption in the French gov’t. They trade weapons for oil. Therefore Frenchies can eat some snails or lose a war, because thats all that their good for.

  184. All that i can say (remind me something) is that france sell weapon to irak, the are very bad people.
    Oh I forget the americans sell weapon too to saddam before the first gul war.
    remenber tanks m110, m109,m107.
    and great britain sell chieftain tank.
    How stupid to criticize people and doing exactly the same thing.
    And do you really think that biological weapon were made by irakian scientists, remenber that saddam used to be an ally of the america in the begining of his reign, he just become an enemy since gulf war 1.

  185. I don’t think arabian people looks like indians. a cheeroke ,or an apache seems like an irakian?
    Anyway you do exactly the same thing to these people by freeing them of their mortal coil.

  186. So america govt is not only intersted in oil. So they are there to freedom its people.
    At this point the only thing that us army give freedom and secured is oil in the south of irak near Basura.

  187. you can hate france or whatever countries who do not see things like you.
    But extremism is the only thing that poor minded people understand.

  188. American people seems to have a very sort memory, especially for stupid thins they have done.
    let me tell you a secret CIA IS AN AMERICAN AGENCY.
    Seems like an history about an irakian leader called Saddam Hussein.

  189. Excuse me people but this page contins an awful lot of bullshits written by uncultivated idiots.
    Standing agains’t war doesn’t mean supporting Iraq (but for you “”full time camp david holiday president “” it is).
    You americans don’t now shits. Stop watching CNN and FoxNews, it hurts the brain. Politics has nothing to do with people but you Americans really love cliché !! Your informations sources are governement rated and oriented informations. Your journalists aren’t neutral they are trying to do business.It is all war this war that.
    You don’t now France, you don’t know Europe ! Most of your childs can’t even tell where Iraq is !
    Before spreading hate, try first to forge your OWN opinion.

  190. The facts :

    -France DOES NOT sell weapons to Iraq.
    -France DOES NOT want to protect Hussein but his population
    – EUROPE DOES NOT want to stop US interests.
    – EUROPEAN DOES NOT call the Americans “Big fat MC Donald eater” (but Americans love to call frenchies : smelly-cheese eater ahahaha very funny)
    – EUROPE (and not only France) DOES NOT want to carpet bomb childs for oil.
    – IN EUROPE : voting is mandatory. So we are sure to avoid the election of a stupid idiot.

    In fact as a european, there is one thing that I hate : MINDLESS PEOPLE LIVING IN FRONT OF THERE TV AND EATING ALL THE SHITS SAID BY FOX NEWS !

  191. Hey Belgiam Guy: Your Socialists Facts are screwed up. Here’s why….

    -France DID sell technology to Iraq. What was that nuke plant that Isreal took out several years ago?

    -Jaques Iraq has been in bed with Sadaam since the early 70s. France is interested in the people of Iraq? Bullshit!
    What about their oil deals with Iraq. They only stood up against us and the UN because they KNOW that we’ll find made in France on a ton of stuff in there. Already found MADE in Russia on GPS jamming gear. Another “so called” freind of ours shitting on us. Yeh, I know we worked with the bastard but we just hated Iran more than him at the time and our twin towers were still standing then.

    -No, all of Europe does’nt want to stop US interests, just the pussy countries like yours, France, Germany, & Russia China keeps their god damn mouth shut, because without the trade with the US they’d be eating dirt. Funny how the country that we saved two BIG times, the one we helped defeat in 2 World wars and the one that we defeated in the cold war are the biggest mouths against us…Sounds like they’re jealous, pissed off or something….get over it.

    – I don’t even like McDonalds but it seems alot of europeans do.

    – Carpet bombing? You simpleton; we’ve LEFT the lights on in Baghdad, dumbass. If we were carpet bombing they would’ve been the first things to be hit. You don’t know what carpet bombing is since you have no military and rely on the pussy Frenchies to defend you. Good luck in any war without us defending your ass. We’ve left the infrastructure in place so we don’t have to REBUILD it like we did europe after WWII. Oh, you haven’t heard of the Berlin airlift or the liberation and rebuilding of France? We get big a “Fuck You America” from the people of those two countries.

    – Your Voting is MANDETORY??? What the hell? That sounds like the way the Iraqis vote. Sadaam got 100% of the vote in the last “election” I wonder how that works? Oh I know, vote for me, or I put you and your family in a shredder for laughs. You hate Bush because he has the BALLS to say what he means and does what he says unlike our last “Pussy Puke for a President.” Left wing europe is happy if we just shut the fuck up and just make movies over here. You can have Hollywood if you want…really take it. I’d rather read a good book.

    – You hate FOX NEWS because finally the OTHER side is being told. NOT just the liberal left like we’ve been spoon fed for 40 years.

    All of the Amercan people that stand behind our troops and our country know that Belgiam is JUST LIKE FRANCE but with waffles.

    -Remember, you need US. We can live without you. Many other counties appreciate the good work that we do all over the world. 45 are with us in this latest effort and we WILL remember them. We also WILL remember the ones that have shit on us, or should I say GW Bush and the people will.

  192. Hookset you are right on! Belgian guy,name, lover you guys are living in a dream world. Americans really don’t care what the French think. But thanks though, their betrayal has strenghtened our resolve. American might deos not need French support. But we always knew they would cozie up to the communists and the terrorists rather than stick by the ones who have kept them free. Give me liberty or give me death. We still mean it.

  193. I have yet to hear any cogent arguments against the war in Iraq. Evryone is walking around with their “No Blood For Oil” signs and think that America just wants the “Big Contract” to rebuild Iraq. These people need to remove their swollen heads from their tight assess and read some facts about the horrific crimes comitted by Saddams regime. Also, the fact that the Germans are boycotting American products is a freaking joke. Perhaps they are just as happy to see another dictator that is intent on removing the jews from the face of the earth. WAKE UP!!!

  194. Speaking of the big contract. Here is the latest news from the frogs.

    PARIS – Worried it could be shut out of business deals in postwar Iraq (news – web sites), France is drawing up plans to win French companies access to lucrative oil and reconstruction contracts, officials said Tuesday.

  195. I was just wondering how all of you frenchies, and frenchie sympathysers found this website. Did you searce for france sucks, just to start an arguement, or just randomly stumble upon it. I can tell you I found it, because I hate France and all the people who live in it.



  198. Many Frenchmen keep mentioning their aide in the Revolutionary war, and of course the highly esteemed, and valorous Lafayette. I would like to set the record straight on this for both sides concerned. I clipped this short but excellent description of the man. It should be noted however we did not really get help from the French Government until after Saratoga, and trend that we just might win. Lafayette however felt more passionate.

    “There is no doubt that the Marquis de Lafayette loved the thirteen American states. It should be remembered by all Americans that, without this young man’s help, America would be an entirely different country. As an example, he wrote his wife in April of 1777:

    “The happiness of America is intimately connected with the happiness of all mankind; she is destined to become the safe and venerable asylum of virtue, of honesty, of tolerance, and quality and of peaceful liberty.”

    Later he wrote to Henry Laurens, then President of Congress:

    “The moment I heard of America I loved her; the moment I knew she was fighting for freedom I burnt with a desire of bleeding for her; and the moment I shall be able to serve her, at any time, or in any part of the world, will be the happiest of my life.”

    At the time the Marquis was about 19 years old. He wanted passionately to help and be a member of the American Army. So, with the recommendation of Silas Deane, then serving as an Envoy to France, to grant Lafayette a commision in the “Army of the United States,” Layfayette set out to find the American Army.

    If you take a look at The Arms of La Fayette you will see the words, “Cur Non?” For all of you having trouble with the Latin, this phrase means, “why not?” This signified Lafayette’s attitude when people would ask why he would choose to leave the safety of France and the luxury of his birthright.”

    That was the man Lafayette was, He was cut from the same stuff as Charles Martel “The Hammer” Who fought the hordes of 400,000 Muslims from Spain who wished to destroy French culture. Lafayette, and Martel have nothing but my highest esteem. They both knew it is better to die on your feet, then live on your knees. Something not very alive today in a government of France that prostitutes itself by supplying weapons to the worst countries of the world while shouting “peace” when those customers are threatened.

    I Do hate the French Government and do not see anything usefully done by any of the 100’s of governments they have had and that have failed because of their disunity over the last 100 years. Chirac couldn’t even go to a Cite…a French Slum this year without being fire bombed by his own people. People never even held accountable for that. Can you imagine that happening to an American president in the United States? Even in our worst areas? For those Frenchmen who keep speaking to us of Lafayette, I’m heartened you remember such a valiant Frenchman…..why don’t you consider living up to him? Why not stand with those who oppose the evil of the oppressive regime? Why not stand up to the spiraling crime in France that your Government will not stop out of liberal victimization views. Why not stand up to the masses who cry out for “peace” at one hand but then look the other way when your government brings misery by selling arms to unstable regions? Why not see if there is any Lafayette, or Charles Martel in you? “Cur Non?”

  199. It is impossible to speak with you guys … You are never wrong aren’t you ?? “We got the big army so we are the shit and you shut up !!” Very nice … Indeed America saved us from the nazis but who are the nazi style country now ?? I’m not talking to you anymore. You are just a bunch of stubborn people.

  200. Oh one last things: I’m not socialist (or in your language a fucking red-oh-comunist scum).
    I have some NY friends and they don’t spread hate like you do. The WW2 veterans who come in my country to see the americans cemetery are very proud of what we have done with it.

    We still have Sherman tanks exposed on specific place to remind people what US did for us.

    I’ve met a few veterans who survived war and are installed in Belgium and they are very proud of it.


    Have a nice day anyway and farewell.
    (A very disapointed guy)

  201. Hey hey it is me again. In fact, I enjoy “discussing” with you guys.

    I was thinking … indeed we do have a very small army (a shitly one maybe, but it is still called an army). What could we do to help our glorious friends from the US…. let me think (we don’t have a lot of materials).

    Yes !! I’ll ask my governement to send you every wheelbarrows that we have to help you collect the remains of those fucking under world musli.. oh … colateral damages victims (poor guys … they where born in the wrong place ….oh sad…anyway).

    So you see ? Your shitly allies are still usefull, arent they ? 🙂

    Alll hail the mighty George W.Bush
    God Bless America.

    DISCLAIMER : I’m not serious anymore, it is just for fun.

  202. Anyone who is defensive of what Frace and Germany are doing are the most ignorant, absent minded, dim-wits I have ever heard from! France and Germany don’t want to make waves and are angry at America because all of the low-down, sneaky, ass-humping secrets will be exposed. You know France and Germany supply Iraq and the Middle East with materials to create weapons of mass destruction and other deadly devices. Thanks Krauts, thanks Queer Frogs! I agree with a previous reply….when we are done wiping out the Middle East, lets wipe out a couple of other worthless places. I would love to see some dead French and German babies in their bloody streets. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Die all of you Fucks!

  203. Why is the publicity so low covering the idiot soldier who killed a fellow soldier. Please explain why in the hell the US Military allowed a fucking Muslim into the military in the first place? Duhhhhh!

  204. AH AH AH !! Found you Patriot !!!
    You are Bill O’Reilly under your pseudo.

    Well you have revealed the TERRIBLE SECRET of Europe. But in fact, GWB your mighty President, asked us (us ? I’m not concerned by that crap !! Leave me alone !!) to sell some weapon to Iraq, so it shall make a very good reason to attack it for oil.

    We bow before our master, the whole mighty powerfull American amry (before, it was Hitler legions but now, we have a new master).

    God Bless America !

    DISCLAIMER: It is for fun.

  205. Oh No, France and Germany want to boycott American companies. My fellow Americans, please, at all cost, do not travel to Germany or France. Tourism is the ultimate money maker for these pathetic countries and would it not be funny if we could deeply cut into their profits. America has supported these countries for so long and look how they repay us. Please, don’t purchase anything imported from these awful, worthless countries and pray for their quick demise. Thanks and GO AMERICA we are #1 and always will be!!

  206. What do you get when you throw French and German babies in an incinerator? A much better world!

  207. Martin is right, a master never visit his servant place after all.

    By the way, we still have a few places for your Nuclear waste (we use them to glow during the night).

    God Bless America !!

    DISCLAIMER : What the hell …

  208. I think we should allow Sadam to rule over France. The French seem to love him, right? Hey France….Eat Shit and Die you Pukes!

  209. Joe — well no. Because this could mean troubles for us.
    For your information, Belgium has designed and produced the advanced guns and are selling them to USA (P90, Five-Seven, FN200 yep ! It is made in Belgium). So, we don’t want Saddam to have them.

    God Bless America and all the Redneck_Fox_News_Propaganda_eaters !!

    DISCLAIMER : It is for fun.

  210. Hi, I am Jaques, I am from France. In my spare time I enjoy taking it up the ass, drinking Perrier, and driving down the road using Iraqi provided gasoline on streets paved with money aquired through “dirty bomb” ingredient sales to Iraq. Oui Oui

  211. Sorry to bother you again mighty masters but how many INONCENT CHILDREN HAVE YOU BURNED TODAY ???

    In fact, I’m no Belgian, I’m a TRUE AMERICAN !!





  213. As long as they are French, German, or Middle Eastern children, I say kill them, they grow up to be Sadams!

  214. Germany and France want to boycott the US???? Fucking GREAT!! Now we can pull out ALL of our forces protecting their asses from brutal dictators and communism. Let’em foot their own fucking bill for once. I’m so sick of the left wing european pukes that are absolutely nothing but jealous of what the US has become; The RICHEST, MOST POWERFUL, DIVERSE, TOLERANT, BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ON THE PLANET.

    I’m proud of my country and my President. How many French can say that. I have a good friend that owns a Chrysler dealership and he is really fucking nervous that the owner of his company, Dymler-Benz is a German company. I told him that he should be.

    Hey all you European, USA haters, let me ask you some questions….
    1 Is the USA the richest country?
    2 Is the USA the ONLY superpower?
    3 Is the USA the most generous in aid to the needy countries?
    4 Did we help save europe from the Kaiser and Hilter?
    5 Do you watch any of our movies?
    6 Do you listen to any of ou music?
    7 Do you use any US made microchips?
    8 Do you like trading goods with the US?
    9 Do like US tourism dollars?
    10 Do you HATE the USA?

    If you answered yes to only #10, you are a fucking liar, get off this forum you euro-trash faggots!!!

  215. We must spare the Belgians. We need someone to clean up all the blood and guts first…Then kill them.

  216. Right on Hookset. Lets eliminate all Military bases in France. Mak’em sweat!

  217. No in fact, Hookset is right but he also forgot that :

    – USA is number one in pollution
    – USA has the biggest gap between its rich and poor people
    – USA has the dumbiest President of all
    – USA likes to tell the other what to do
    – USA doens’t give a shit about the rest of the world.

  218. Yeah, America hates everyone…that is why we dish out trillions of dollars in aid to nearly every country. Yeah, we just don’t give a darn.

  219. Hey France, If a landmark, say the Eiffel Tower was destroyed by a hostile country and America just shrugged its shoulders and said “War is Bad” what the hell would you think?

  220. What would it hurt if we nuked the entire Middle East. Would it be great loss….I think not….Problem solved……

  221. Salut le mec de la belgique

    je t’ecris en francais pour emmerder ces batards d’americains patriotes.
    J’ai trouvé ce site par hasard, au debut j ai commis l’erreur de croire que tous les americains leur ressemblaient mais ils sont juste ce qu il ya de pire en amerique. Ce sont ces batards de cowboys qui defendent les armes a feu aux usa. Reconnait que pour defendre un tel point de vue avec ce qui se passe dans leur pays il faut etre particulierement bornés et stupides. Heureusement ce n’est la que l’echantillon des plus con d’entre eux.
    Tu leur ecris avec des arguments et il t insulte ou ne te repondes pas. Et deux jours plus tard tu retrouves les memes arguments stupides de la veille.
    Tiens comme la critique sur les armes vendus en irak, batards de ricains ils ont fait la meme chose avant la 1ere guerre du golf. les tanks m110, m107,etm109, et le tank britannique chieftain. Bien sur qu ils ont arretés d en vendre, ils n attendaient q une chose c est d y retourner depuis 91-92.
    Tu prefere eviter la guerre parce que des moyens pacifiques sont mis en place et tout de suite dans leur tete tu est pour ce batard de despote de saddam.
    J ai vu aux infos(CNN, FOX, et les medias francais), qu ils avaient securisé les puits de petrole pres de basura, ville ds laquelle ils n ont pas osée rentré de peur de confondre civils et milice.
    Et apres ca ils osent pretendre que ce n est pas pour le petrole, ce sur quoi ils ont raison ils veulent aussi buter saddam(bon pas grave) mais pour mettre un sympathisant americain, comme pour la mise au pouvoir de saddam, sauf qu il s est bien foutu de leur geule et qu il s est approprié le pouvoir sans leur rendre de compte.
    Comme ben laden l enemi numero 1 des usa qui n est autre que le chien enragé de la CIA entrainé a la guerre urbaine contre les russes.
    Apres ca ils pretendent etre sans reproches, putains d hypocrites, c ca le gros problemes des usa a force d etre trop “freedom” ils font n importe quoi.
    Enfin peut etre qu ils se rebeleront un jour contre l institutionalisation du gouvernement secret et tout-puissant.
    Je preferais les histoires de clinton c etait au moins un peu marrant.
    allez salut

    post scriptum: sorry to write in french i forget that you highly civilized people speack only one language. Because culture is restricted to american products.
    Bunch of lazy guys

  222. Someone made the comment of American being highest in pollution. What facts can you base this on? I have visited countries such as India and all I can say is “YIKES” if we are number one we sure have a great way of hiding it!!

  223. I wait insults from you because they are the only things you can express

  224. Hi long time no see
    There are lacks of ideas once again, always the same things
    -a fucking american patriotism
    -some stupids guys doing bad word-play
    -a bunch of cowards hiding behind their money just like the war in vietnam
    -lots of pig feeding farmers watching CNN and Fox
    -Two fucking medias choosing informations which is good to be given
    -A fucking country who pretend to be unified, but in fact is as divided than tribes of first age of time

    Sorry to be so rude with you, maybe I stay too long on this forum, using your vocabulary, with no thinked things.

    Finnally you thinked muslims were just animals, but to push your reflection you are like them just fucking extremist were there is just black and white.
    People ruled by religion, like your friends the english who have keep an useless queen just good for waste their taxes.
    The muslims do the same things, they called it the Jihad, for you I will call it a crusade.
    God bless america, and forget who trained Ben laden

  225. Hey Mac we didn`t start first world war.. look in your history books! ( If you´re able to read…) Yes it was Germany who
    elected Hitler and this is the darkest part of our past… But there were thousands
    of peoples that didn´t serve them:
    even in the highest military ranks
    ( just look for a guy called

    Now you blame us ( and this is your right! ) for the KZs but look at Guantanamo Bay whats that?????????

  226. Rambo you are an uneducated child and Bush the president evil you are incredibly stupid. Like we would take time to learn your useless language. You are irrelevant. How dare you ? Your own ancestors would as ashamed of you as we are.

  227. Hang your head in shame. You will never be me. You will never again have a voice.

  228. No country in history has ever conducted a war like this, no army has ever invaded another country and taken loses of their own troops rather than kill innocent civilians. Just to have them turn around and repeatably shoot our men from the rear, or capture and kill cooks and bookworms. We are the protectors of the innocent. Heres an American phase for you Rambo: PUSSY IS AS PUSSY DOES. Thanks Forrest

  229. Watch out Frenchie we will send Jerry Lewis over there to kick your ass.
    Or maybe Gommer Pyle.

  230. That’s right Belgian Guy, you know who’s your daddy now. Now get on your knees and suck the Masters cock.

  231. Hey all of you America hating French. Take a moment to look at your computer and find the “Intel Inside” sticker. Ha, we got you by the balls and you’re too stupid to admit it. The very computer you are using to ramble on, bitch, and moan is surely powered by good ol’ American pride… shit!

  232. Where are you from “president Evil”?? If where you’re from is invaded by a brutal dictator, would you want the U.S. to save you. If you say no you’re a LIAR. All you left wing euros talk a big game until your own ass is on the line. We HATE you Americans, We HATE you Americans! Oh look the Germans! We LOVE you Americans, We LOVE you Americans.

    Hey Rambo, where the hell do you live that you can say the U.S. is the largest polluter? Have you been ANYWHERE else. We have gap between rich and poor because the harder you work the more money you get; it’s called capitalism. Why don’t you try communism, I think that’s more your speed. Noone has anything except fo the government in that system. You must be a pissed off employee. Have you EVER worked for a POOR man? Think about it …
    I think you deep down wish you could live in the U.S. If you DO live in the U.S. get on the next plane to one of those great communist countries that are doing so well.

    What would you like the U.S. to do in the world? Stop trading? Stop defending ourselves? Oh, I know, you’d like every one of us to fucking die…
    Dumbest President? I call him the one with the biggest balls, and means what he says.
    Don’t care about the rest of the world? What the fuck are our guys fighting for in Iraq, their health? Don’t say oil, that’s just is toooooo simple and I know you’re not a simpleton, right? We didn’t care about europe in the 1st and 2nd world was either right?

    The world and Nevil Chamberlain did’nt listen to what Churchill told them to do in 1938; Make a preemtive strike on Germany. I guess some countries should listen to others sometimes right? Be a pacafist and die. The French know how that song goes.

    The anti war pukes in the U.S. are either. Anti-American, Anti-Bush or Anti Capitalism. Which are you?

    You don’t have the same notions of superiority…THAT IS EXACTLY WHY YOU WILL ALWAYS BE NEEDING US.

  233. Hey France, we’re gonna go to you and kick your lily livered queer asses!

    OK, now be honest
    How many of you frogs just shit yourself?

    Bunch of PUSSIES! Do the world a favor, fall on a sword…Thanks!!

  234. Aside from all of the mud-slinging and the name calling, you have to admit, who would not be jealous of a country so rich in natural resources, diversity, and a work ethic like no where else. Let us all hold our heads high and salute the Red White and Blue. Don’t let a few “green with envy” countries try to throw you. God Bless the USA and I really mean it.

  235. Wow, someone actually made a statement without using the word “Pussies” REFRESHING

  236. Don’t forget to mention that the French and Germans love horsemeat…if that ain’t enough to make you wretch….they just ate Trigger……poor Trigger.

  237. They have no sword to fall on, they gave them away to they’re friends in Sadaams pathetic army.

    So he has NO WMDs? That’s why he’s ready to use them ouside his own capital. I hope the wind blows it back on them, dumb asses…The lefty euros will then blame US for it right? I wish they would finally figure it out…Sadaam has killed more muslims than anyone yet WE are the bad guys. We’re fucked no matter what we do.

    Oh and by the way; France is always there when THEY need us. If we are ever invaded, god forbid, would France help us? Hell no! And if they said they would they’d be lying.

  238. I am sure an English speaking person set up this forum. Please leave the French out of it….Are we supposed to be impressed that you can speak French? Your from France for crying out loud……Duhhhhhh……Oooooh they are using French to control our minds…..Does FUCK OFF FROGS translate easily?

  239. Maybe the Germans would build us a device to re-route Iraqi missiles back to France. I would vote yes on a tax hike just to pay the Krauts….They too are good at sneaking around everyone’s backs. If Germany won’t, Russia will. What I am trying to say is
    Dear Santa

    All I want for Christmas is mass destruction of France.

    Your Pal

  240. Do they have running water in France? Oh wait, everything runs in France….
    The other way.

  241. I am sick of hearing “Americans Are Fat” from the stinking French. Sorry if we have enough to eat…an abundance if you will. Go drink a Perrier and choke on it you scrawny, yellow, pussy, pansy, run-the-other-way, traitor bastards.

  242. Let’s capture French foreign exchange students and make them our slaves. Now that would be great! Pierre, rub my feet bitch. Oh yeah…thats the stuff.

  243. A person from Finland wrote this.More things to hate about the French….It would be easier to count the people who like France rather than counting the ones who hate France. Tee-Hee

    Nuclear bombing of Mururoa
    Prohibiting crypting in the net and elsewhere
    Their “cars” freeze in cold climate! Doors won’t open, battery freezes, heating systems suck, etc. They don’t know anything about winter!
    Their “food” causes diarrhoea (diarrhea for you stupid yanks and your perverse “english”!)
    Their wine, which is like stagnant sewer water. They export that piss and ask a high price of it!
    Their “language”, that they think is so great that no other languages should be used anywhere! I hope they forbid french language in Finland.
    Their “music” is just AWFUL!
    Their stupid TV channels which defile the cables even here in Finland!
    Stupid soft porno on their TV
    They don’t wash their teeth – they expend the lowest amount of toothbrushes per person in Europe!
    Slimy french gigolos, only greek and spanish ones are even MORE repulsive!
    For some reason they take great pride in the meaningless massacre they call “le grande revolution”.

  244. Hey everyone, how are you feeling today
    I get up this morning and i heard some bombs exploding from irak, it was fun.
    Damned russian who sell weapons to irak, we the great american never do something like that, never gived any weapons outside our country, we prefer keeping ou great weapons to destroy ourself.

  245. Hi again
    i have just noticed that we the americans are just a bunch of fat men.
    And if the french stink, we stink probably 4 times more because we are just fat pigs, unable to run more than 100 meters.

  246. What can i say today, maybe the same stupid things that i said yesterday.
    Anyone did understand the french, of course not, we are not interested in speacking french, we are not interesting in speacking other languages, like spanish(no need to talk with latin bitch), german, russian (harg communist=evil=bad=enemy of god)
    Our language is enough no need to use our brain, no need to learn, it s just too difficult. We prefer learning how to shoot neighoors, instead of bad russian, we trained shooting ourself.

  247. Why is it that all of the Frenchies responding tend to spew & run? Because of their genetic and national coward tendencies. No Frenchman ever did anything to save an American. There are 60,000 American soldiers resting in graves inside France’s borders, a testimony to the ultimate sacrifice Americans make for others. To Guillaume (French for spineless) and the other people speaking French – You are on an American blog. Have the courtesy, respect and intelligence to speak English here. Should I visit a French blog, I will have the decency to speak French and not English. That, however, will not happen as I chose to learn Thai, Japanese and Spanish instead. French is such a VULGAR sounding language, not unlike their odiferous people.

  248. The only reason France opposes this war, alongside their new ‘friends’ Germany and Russia (have the French no sense of history?) is due to their MASSIVE Iraqi investments in Nuclear power plants and petroleum interests. Were the French governement as interested in human rights as they are profits, they would clearly see the atrocities affected by Hussein and his evil regime. It is arguable that America should or should not have taken the first shot, but given Hussein’s atrocious history and complete lack of regard for human life, it should be abundantly clear to any intelligent and objective individual that this man operates on a scale equal to or worse than Milosovic, Hitler, Pol Pot and the like. Remember Hitler, Frenchie? Take your pompous and abundantly coward like attitude and go home to your gay lover. We don’t want you, we don’t need you. Like your useless poodle, all I hear is yap yap yap. Let us control the world and you will continue to have the right to speak your insignificant mind. In the future, should you decide to use English on an American medium, such as this one, try to display enough intelligence to recognize the fact that you don’t speak German as a direct result of what you call American arrogance. Wake up.

  249. To all of you low-life, whining, bitching, and moaning fuck-sticks out there….KISS MY ASS! The very damn computer you are typing on was surely made in the US or of at least some critical US made or developed components. If you are so fucking anti-US, open your damn window (or pull back the plastic bag from the hole in your wall) and throw your computer, or should I say, OUR computer, out the window! The USA is the leader in every field. Without US products other shitty countries would be crouched in a dusty hole in the middle of their fucked countries wishing they could get a US handout. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! The US is the BEST country on Earth…Remember…Imitation is the best form of flattery…..I am truely flattered… go and wipe shit on yourself!

  250. Hey “Ben Laden” learn to spell idiot….it’s Bin Laden…….You must be French, Huh….Dim witted fuck frog.

  251. I hear the Germans still have “Jew Ovens” Lets change them to “French Ovens” Better put a clothespin on your nose, I hear that pussy smells really bad when it burns.

  252. Hah…..Stupid Americans… allow the next-in-line leader of Iraq to live in your countr for the past 7 years…… are smart. I hope you trained him well….and don’t forget about the muslim you allowed in your army who blew up fellow soldiers….good screening ya wanks.

  253. We you Americans picking on us? We are lovers not fighters. I would rather be doing some young guy than defending myself. You fight for me I might break a nail. We have always had a long history of fighting for our interests, like cheese, wine, fashion trends. We even fight among ourselves about who will invade us next, I’m voting for Russia, they are so cute. Don’t get me wrong I’m a real man, just a common French fag.

  254. Miguel, You ignorant slut. If Americans are so stupid then why are we the technologial, industrial and innovative leaders of the free world? And you would be from what country? Your national pride is obvious.

    What next in line leader are you talking about? Apparently the cavity in your ass where your head rests is also a wellspring of information denied to the rest of us.

    As to the muslim remark, well – it was yet another fanatic muslim caught in an act of insanity, but check it out – That won’t cause the US of A to start discriminating because of one bad seed based on race or religion. You just gotta love this country!!!

    Land of the free, home of the brave.
    Love it or leave it.

    Oh, and by the way you little snot nosed punk – don’t tread on us – ever. Whoever you are. Because we will kick your ass. You should be scared because we are right and we have the might. HAHAHAHA…..

  255. We will fuck the French in the end. Pussy motherfuckers, you will pay don’t think it won’t happen. Just wait till you need our help, who do you think will come to assist you next time? USA I don’t think so. You have better learn some other languages. You will need to learn how to kiss up to your new rulers. Whats the Russian word for ” here take all my possessions and make me your bitch”

  256. Some day France will be invaded again. History cannot be changed and niether can the future. We will never again shed the blood of our youth for your ungrateful freedom. Like a dumb dog you bite the hand that feeds you. What makes our country so great ? We stick together, and you are not one of us. In fact you are not me, you will never be me. Yellow streaks down your backs. France is up for grabs, who will it be your new master. This time get used to it. You have proven we don’t need you for shit. How does it feel to have the blood of inocent Iraqi’s on your hands. If you had helped it would be over by now and they would not be hungry. Happy with yourself?

  257. I just spell it how it is spell in my country, guess on which country i speack.
    For speacking about knowing I heard that 40 percent of americans DON’T KNOW WHERE IS CANADA, hahhaha you are just fat pigs, even us in europe we know better world map than you. With such a result I better not thinked about how many people knows where IRAK is.

    Leave your head from your arse, how dare you speaking technological and biological sciences, bastards.

  258. please answer me, where is CANADA?

    Hahahah, assholes.
    Criticize but you are worse than the one you criticized, un-educated and savage people.

  259. Just facts:

    Saddam Hussein was helped to take the lead of Irak by the US governement

    Ben Laden Was trained to face russian governement during coldwar by Central Intelligence Agency.

    His honorable training was in urban and civil war, so in terrorism.

    America has secured area where there is oil until now, they didn’t enter in towns for now.

    Bush wants to revenge his father defeat against putting down Saddam governement.

    CNN and Fox only show image of fraternity but don’t talk too much about the lack of water, lack of food, and about the disease caused by the war in Irak.

    How dare americans giving lessons about things they are responsable.

  260. Oh right, we haven’t heard about the lack of food and drinkable water. What the hell are you smokin’. Why the hell do you think we have convoys of trucks waiting to get into Iraq for humanitarian aid? We are all aware that Saddam has starved his people, but if it were up to you, these people would continue to starve and die, because they aren’t a direct threat to Europe. Who are the self rightous pigs? The lefty pussies that want to stand by and act like everything is peachy in the Middle East.

  261. **********************************************************************STOP FIGHTING AND READ THIS PLEAAAAAASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ******************

    Why are we fighting here people ??? We don’t even now each other and we are struggling for political ideas wich have been imposed by our Presidents.

    YES – America was the number one superpower wic h took care of the nazi and japanese but America is not strong enough to fight the entire world.

    YES – Europe is becoming arrogant because it’s economical strengh is growing stronger with a ‘euro’ higher that ‘dollar’ for the moment


    Major technological advance is no longer the exclusivity of US but EUROPE still need it.

    YES – Pentagone has created a disinformation service to turn the population to agree to make war in Iraq but Chiraq was also doins some nuclear tests a few years ago.

    YES – George W Bush wants to free the Iraquian but is is also for oil and to finish his dad work.

    YES – We tried every diplomatic solutions before war but WE MUST NOT FORGET that a lot a victims are killed during the fights.

    YES – If America wasn’t doing it nobody could but remember that WE IN EUROPE have the terrible war images of burned iraqi people (you governement has decided to hide them from you to avoid a counter-mouvement like what happened with the war of Vietnam).

    YES – USA armed Hussein and Ben LAden but so EUROPE.

    So we ALL are rights and wrong !! Lets be BALANCED people !!!!!!

    PLEASE !!! Don’t buy the crap from our respective governement.


  262. OH BY THE WAY : I’m trying to speak with you with words and ideas but all I have is “you sucks pussy fucking shit @#!!!” I CONGRATULATE YOU ALL !! The people of the MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IS ONLY GOOD ENOUGH TO INSULT OTHER PEOPLE !!

    A NOT FOR HOOKSET : About pollution it is true, I’m sorry but since the beginning of the Kyoto protocol, EUROPE has take 1% more pollution and the US 17%. You guys are producing more than 25 % of the global pollution (but you are certainly going to bomb a shit like “this because you are cavemen and we are an industrial nation”.

  263. Une dernière note pour la gars qui m’a ecris en français : Merci de ton soutien mais franchement, je crois que nous avons affaire à des gros fermier du middle-west et du Texas. Ils ne sont visiblement pas très éduqué et gobent la propagande des télévisions. On perd notre temps ici, ce sont des animaux.


    Hookset (it is aaaaalways you).

    I have never said that I don’t like the US so why are you saying so ?? A quick shorcut no ?


    AMERICAN PEOPLE (except army people) DOES NOT KNOW WHAT WAR IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. YO !! One very LAST THING FOR TODAY !!!

    Indeed my computer is a American one (Dell but build in China or something likt that) ANd don’t use that kind of SILLY point with me because I’m a student in computer science.

    THE POINT IS : All our computer are descending for the “VON NEUMAN DESIGN”.


    All our computer are coming from a GERMAN NOT US design (cpu + bus + ram for data).

    So I’ll say it :

    EUROPE STYLE : Sorry but you were wrong

    end of story.
    AND STOP SAY “WE DID THIS AND THAT !!!” (rather that saying America did this and that)


    We are , we are we are …. you are what ?? A bunch of texas-south_carolina_middle_west republicans_pro_war guys. That is what it looks like.

    You are speaking in name of brilliant americans scientist and financial people but are you really that kind of people (the educated one I mean).

    Because we I count the number of : “FUCK SUCK CRAP SMELLY BASTARD MORON ….” written on this site… I’m in doubt that you are the HIGHER EDUCATE type of American (rather just the low life jerks from the south).

    Have a nice day not watching the real images of war.

  266. Hey Belgian,
    Hookset is right on all points…
    Sounds like you’re going to have an anurism because he has you so upset. You poor guy, you think that it’s just Texas cowboys and dumb rednecks that are upset with euro lefties? I have a masters in politcal science and fought in the Desert Storm conflict. I have read many of the posts you have made. You should REALLY should go back to school.

    I know what war is about. I have had relatives died defending european country from another invading european country. Don’t tell we Americans that we should’nt talk about WWII. We have relatives buries over the pond, or did you forget it was American General Patton that was the spearhead for liberating france only after many American and Brit forces were killed on the beaches on D-Day.

    I would like to know where your info on pollution comes from? 25%??? The U.S. spend more on enviromental issues that any other county in the world. The U.S. is the most proactive counry in these issues. I have been to many U.S. cities in the last year and have not seen near the amount of pollution in the air or the ground as I did when I was in Europe last year. Maybe ALL the pollution and trash has been eliminated over there since I was there. I’m sure you’ll let all of us here know, so thanks in advance.

    Who has tortured, rapes and murdered the Iraqi people since 1978? Not the U.S. Are you upset that our men and women are dying and are being executed instead of yours? Now Sadaam is dressing his so called soldiers in U.S. uniforms and executing women and children. He is having his forces ACT like they are surrenduring only to turn and kill U.S. and Brit soldiers. The U.S. does NOT want to conquer the world, we want to have a safe world without war. We did not start ANY of the wars we have been involved in, even this one. This is a continuation of Desert Storm. The UN gave Sadaam 12 years and 17 resolutions. HE chose not to honor ANY of them. He gave the world community the middle finger and the UN said it was OK with them.

    Now the U.S. and 49 other countries have said ENOUGH. Enough deception, murder, rape, torture, terrorism and threats. He PUSHED us too far and YES, WE have the power to take on this task along with 49 other countries. Belgiam and France choose to lay low in this conflict as expected, along with the other countries that now want to gain from the rebuild of Iraq. This, after Allied forces die and spent the THEIR money to liberate yet another county from an evil dictator. Do you really blame almost 80% of the American public, that’s 240 million people by the way, for being upset for the european lefts position and the impodency of the UN?

    I look forward to a calm thoughtful response from such an informed person, such as yourself.

  267. I wish I was enlightened and smart like the Belgian guy. Why is it that you ‘choose’ to believe Iraqi propaganda and not the American media? Just what is it that makes you think they are telling the truth? All of the Arabic media has sided with thier own and are completely biased. There are absolutely no Arab media on our side, we all know what would happen to them if they sided with the USA. They would be shut down or possibly shot. This order would ultimatley come from one of their religious leaders. Now if you and I lived in a society were ideas could get you killed, and one of our religious leaders said that our local TV station was spreading unpatriotic propaganda obout our country during our stuggle for basic human rights. What would you do? Whom would you believe? Basically if you live under any government that can sentence you for a crime of speaking an opposition you need help. If not from the USA than who? Who would come to thier aid? France, I don’t think so. We stand for liberty and we will spread it near and far to all . We cannot rest and enjoy our liberty knowing that others are not free. This is what America is about. So go ahead and listen to the one sided Arab propaganda and believe what you want. Just don’t put the USA down for trying to give this same freedom of choice that you enjoy( curtiously of the USA) to an oppressed people.

  268. Hey Belgian Guy, you say you are a student in computer science, therefore you are naive and do not know all. What OS do you use? I bet Bill Gates (AKA-AMERICAN) does! By the was OS means operating systems or as you would refer to it “Windows” American as apple pie and slammin the French. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  269. For the person who made the comment about only uneducated people participate in this forum, you are soooo wrong. It so happens that I have a PhD in Political Science, that’s right I am a doctor. Are you? You are quick to judge people simply because they use vulgar language. Sometimes you must speak the language of those you criticize. So, here goes…Fuck You!

  270. Hey France, If you are such wonderful people, why are your direct neighbors wishing they could be moved away from you as if you were some communicable disease? I know England can’t stand you and Germany is not your friend? You may be able to slam us Americans, but tell me this, why do the people who are so close to you hate you so much? They must have a good reason. Please enlighten us all.

  271. Just would like to say I was in Paris last week. Not because I wanted to mind you. They are the rudest, most hateful, arrogent, assholes I have ever met, and they didn’t even know I was from France because I was speak the language very well.

    I’m convinced that they will meet their end for THINKING they mean something to the world and the world economy. I’m and educated Amercan also, but I can’t help it, FUUUUUCK FRANCE IN THEIR STUCK UP FUCKING ARROGENT ASSHOLES TILL THEY BLEED OUR RED WHITE AND BLUE.
    Thanks, I needed that…..

  272. I know that all you have to eat over there are cats and horses and snails so do you really have room to talk France? I can speak French too, Oui Oui…….sounds like where pee comes from….Queer language. (and the people too) Here Kitty Kitty Kitty here Kitty.

  273. Hey France, when are you going to surrender to us Americans? I am planning my vacation and only want to go to US territories. So when are we going to take over your country? Of course all of you French would have to leave. Oh yeah, please be sure to march directly into the sea and drown. Thanking you in advance. The American Tourister

  274. For Sale
    Only One necessary
    5 Franks
    Please report to gas er I mean water plant.
    Please sqeeze in and don’t worry- its steam not gas….coughing and wheezing and chest pain? Just take a couple of deep breaths…..Your friend, America

  275. LOVE those last two posts.
    I have a good one……
    You know the world has gone totally fuckin’ nuts when….The most popular rapper is white, the best golfer is black, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, FRANCE is accusing the USA of ARROGANCE and the Germans don’t want to go to war.

    Would’nt be so funny if they all were’nt TRUE!!!!!

  276. The French are evil; while on a recent trip over there, incest weas rampant. French fathers often had sex with their daughters and then bragged about it–drunk on cheap wine. They also all have bad body odor, have no world power, and eat cheese that smells like asshole (aka French perfume).

  277. Dear Hays,
    While it is true most French bugger their own children, I resent the cheese comment.

  278. Hey Hays, you think your trip was bad…on an outing to Paris I sat on a park bench and witnessed a 40 year old getting it on with a girl no older than 7. Wow Frenchies, you are loaded with class. Yuk

  279. Wait, what’s this, its all coming to me know, Yup, I think I hate Belgium as much as I hate France….Thanks Belgiun Guy. Stick your Belgium guns up your Howitzer!

  280. Sorry I am confused, if French are so poor soldiers I can’t understand that Americans are so offended that France doesn’t want to participate – I am Swiss and I know what an army is..

  281. Swissarmy…you mean like a swissarmy knife or watch or something?

    Anyway come on! the French have lost twice to the Italians… good can they be?

    We’re not offended they won’t join, just that they vetoed an allie who is the only reason they even got a seat on the security council. They talk “peace” while supplying countries of teh worst kind with weapons including iraq during BAN period. They have a spiraling crime rate from their misguided liberalism, and teh last time they won an engagement is when? Charles Martel would have hopped on a boat and joined America in the Spirit of Lafayette by now if he were alive. They sold their soulds, and their stability to third world countries, and Chirac gets fire bombed when he visits his lil Parisian slums…….yeah great soldiers, great government, great promoter of peace……who the hell do you think your fooling?

    Enjoy the cold shoulder France….cause it’s all you will see for decades.

  282. One last Time :

    I don’t believe you all jerks have masters or degree (it is impossible to speak like you do). IF YOU WHERE SO EDUCATED like you tell, you should be terrified by the level of bullshits told by your President. Isn’t this site a site about fireamrs anyway (HK is German by the way) ???

    For the last time : EUROPE HATES IRAQ TOO but is is you dummy president who said “those who are not with us are agains’t us”

    In EUROPE, we have a least 7 main independant media to make our choice.

    And finally : My pc is a Dell but I use Linux and certainly not that expensive crap for end-users named Winblows.

    So long guys and remember : YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF and you know it … and that’s the worst.

    I WAS EXPECTING A HIGHER LEVEL OF DISCUSSION WITH YOU (educated ah !! make me laugh !!) but you are just a bunch of stone cold animals.

    Bye bye.

  283. Don’t go Belgiam, we were just starting to have fun with your uninformed, socialistic, communist, jealous, itiotic, euro-trash, smelly, American Hating, cowardly, yellow bellied, useless, weakling, homosexual, needle using, attitude.

    Was it you that said something about the US not being able to fight the entire world. The entire word is not against us just faggot counties like yours. And if they were, just one of our 20 Trident Subs could be parked off your pathetic continent and obliterate every major city in europe. That is, after we towed Britian away from France.

    Why do a lot of european countries HATE France and Germany anyway? Please tell us oh great all knowing Belgiam with alll the anwers for the world.
    Hey all you patriots out there…

  284. If “A Belgium Guy” has kids, or even siblings, you know he is “buggering” them right now to vent his frustrations. Bunch of molesters those Belgiuns.

  285. Thank you for telling us what to be terrified about “student of computer science” Heavy on the student…Do YOU have a degree you mouthy fuck? Linux….yeah, I am sure you never use Windows….Uh-Huh, SURE. Count down to burst vessel in Belgium Guy’s brain 5-4-3-2-1 Party time!

  286. Your computer is a Dell and you are willing to trust it? Dosen’t matter where it is made ding-dong, It is a Dell Dell Dell….American Dell….Ding-Dong. Thanks for supporting America buy purchasing that computer. How many American CDs, movies, and other AMERICAN items do you own? You are a hippocrite, ding-dong AKA Belgium Guy.

  287. Everything we do, we do it for you, Belgian. I am glad we succeeded and drove you away. Now for some insightful discussion among friends.

  288. So, Sadaam is now using car bombers to kill our guys. Gee, I wonder if he has any terrorist connections? Where did that trick come from? I wonder what Jaques Iraq is saying now? I bet he’s pissing his little french panties. Will these euro leftys like the Belgiam prick ever figure it out? Only after we have victory will there be peace. Oh, I guess they won’t, because those cowards have’nt WON a war in 200 years.

    By the way, where are all the Frenchies at on this forum? I guess we overwhelmed them with power….again. We are supposed to be embarassed and ashamed of our power in the world you know.

    Somebody said, we can’t go around taking out all the dictators…We will only take out the ones that matter. Cavemen countries in Africa and other places in the world that have’nt evolved past the damn stone age don’t matter UNLESS they harbor terrorist. Did you here that Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria? Once we lay waste to Sadaam and his cronies, you may be next.

    Fuck with the best, die like the rest…
    Kill ’em all and let Alah sort em out…

  289. Oh and by the way, Belgiam prick. You say you have 7 media outlets over there.
    OOOOOOOH, that’s a lot. What’s a matter, don’t have cable TV over there?

    I have over 200 channels to pick from with ALL of the worlds news channels, even the Commie French channel. Go watch your shitty Belgiam TV stations. Yah, I bet you NEVER watch ANY American TV or movies either….You phony. Get your pals on here and we’ll tear them a new asshole too.

  290. Hey Belgian asshole. It’s about guns anyway???? What the hell are you talking about?

    I buy American…Colt, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Winchester, Springfield, etc. BECAUSE I CAN!!!!! How many gunmakers in Belgiam and France? Oh I know, NONE. Hve fun defending yourselves AGAIN whan the terrorist come knocking like the Nazis did. Hit em with your lip dicks or a broomhandle, yeh that’ll work. Undefended, pacafist idiots.

  291. Hey Belgian asshole. It’s about guns anyway???? What the hell are you talking about?

    I buy American…Colt, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Winchester, Springfield, etc. BECAUSE I CAN!!!!! How many gunmakers in Belgiam and France? Oh I know, NONE. Hve fun defending yourselves AGAIN whan the terrorist come knocking like the Nazis did. Hit em with your lip dicks or a broomhandle, yeh that’ll work. Undefended, pacafist idiots.

  292. The French are nothing but a bunch of
    cum garglers anyways. Chirac has Saddams cock broken off in his ass and
    was lunching on His sons dicks. You french are fucking pathetic spineless queerbate assholes!

  293. Anyone from any country, with just a basic general education. And access to any form of media, all can see what Saddam’s principles are. The idea that they are uninformed and don’t know what he has done and is currently still doing to his own people, is incorrect. They know, they see, but to them it is perfectly reasonable. Suicide bombing is the perfect example.
    People of Europe be warned you can not sit on the fence while you allow the radical minority(USA bashers) to have a loader voice in what your country does. The world is changing and all of the countries are positioning themselves for new world allegiances. This was bound to happen after the fall of the Soviet Union. Most of these Arab countries have ruled themselves for 40 or 50 years and are still developing thier own identity. Like a child they are pushing the older countries to thier breaking point. Now we must paddle them in a public place even though we will be embarassed in the eyes of the world.

  294. *** WHITE FLAG *** WHITE FLAG ***

    Hello my friends 🙂

    Once again I have been heavily insulted and said to told things I HAVE NEVER SAID. BUT some people are starting to talk with calm and I appreciate that (like ‘American Patriot’) Well lets proceed.

    Lets drop the anti-american, anti-european thing because its totally pointless.

    What’s bothering me now is :

    The results of the war shall be :

    – One fucking Saddam Hussein bastard eliminated and that’s one hell of a good point.
    -Democratie reinstalled in Iraq (but for all long ??).

    – Hundreds of civilian killed (that ‘s war I know, it is not simple…)
    – Young American and British soldiers killed far away from home 🙁
    – BILLIONS of dollars spend for the war machine.
    – A HUGE recession int the USA and then in EUROPE (thanks Pals :/)
    – NORTH KOREA (wich is FAR more DANGEROUS than Iraq) continuing to produce Nuclear Weapons 🙁

    Am I right or wrong ??
    Could you give me your point of view on that (for those who shall insult me again, I don’t even read them sorry)

    Have a nice day.
    The Belgian Guy.

    PS: When I said 7 media, It was not channels but independant press agency … and indeed, I like my american Dell (so what is the problem anyway ??)

  295. +++ TO GUNNER AND X: Not in France but in Belgium we have one the most famous armory in the World called the FN (P90, FN2000, five seven ….) But civilian cannot buy them (and don’t call me ‘asshole’ you j..). Such a small country don’t need heavy military strengh like yours but we have a very strong (too strong and present) Police.

    +++TO ALL : Belgium is divided into 3 parts (yeah I know, sounds weird for such a small country)
    -North : Speaking Dutch and totally capitalistic.
    -Center : Bruxelles, French and Dutch and capitalistic too.
    – South : Speaking French and socialistic (aww..)

    For those who DONT know, European institutions and N.A.T.O european base is located in Bruxelles.

  296. I think rather than slamming each other and digging up differences, maybe we should all put our heads and prayers togther and hope that we get through all of this war with the planet in one piece. I agree, we need to be scared shitless of N. Korea. A nuclear bomb in the center of the US would not be pretty.(or anywhere else in the world) I just hope the good Lord carries us through this and fine tunes everyone’s brains enough to just get along. I know, I know, fat chance.

  297. I saw on tv earlier that t-shirts with Chirac and Sadam on them are selling like hotcakes. What in the fuck is up with that? The president of France is a hero in Iraqi’s eyes? Just how much have you helped Iraq France? This is rediculous and Europe hates Iraq…Ya…..right.

  298. Dear Troops

    Please bomb Iraq off of the globe.
    Do not worry about killing women and children. You have no choice for even they carry guns and resort to yellow, dirty, coward tactics like waving the white flag then shooting. Sadly we must kill the entire population of Iraq. This is an awful thing to say but what choice do we have, we can trust no one. An ultimatum should be delivered. Either surrender or accept death. There is just no other way.

  299. The Belgain guy has got it down, If anything good comes out of this war it will only be the removal of that dork Saddam. Oh yea and the “democracy”, but how well is that going in Afgahn?

    Thats right, we totaly didnt even finish the job there before we moved on to our next target. I am an American, im 19 and politcally a mix between green party and republican.

    Why on earth did we not finish setting up Afgahnastan as a good functioning democracy before we start on the next one.

    It would have made a nice selling point to the UN, “hey look how we helped out these poor bastards! We can do the same with the other rag heads!” But noo

    George W. had to finish daddies work, and not even include really good reasons for war. Not to mention he totally screwed all of our European allies and the auzzies, well at least their leaders. Blair, some spanish PM, and Italian leader, along with PM of Australia will probably not be re-elected because of their supporting us.

    Sucks to be them.

    Oh yea and the French arent that bad, they are just a little more anit war than others for good reasons. #1 THEY HAVNT been given a GOOD reason to invade Iraq. Liberate people???? Well how about we just go take over ALL OF AFRICA NEXT….those people live free dont they?

    Bottom line its all bull shit, Bush will not get re-elected, Blair wont, Chiraq will die by chocking on a cock, and Schorder is just plain stupid. Oh and although I dont mind the French (even liked visiting the country) I HATE FRENCH CANADIANS, THEY ALL SUCK, regular canadians rock though…

    Peace im OUT

  300. Hello everyone !!

    I’m glad that a lot of people have stop the fight and are discussing.

    TO X reponses of the day first :

    ++TO ALL : A cliche that I would like you to stop is that PEOPLE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DECISION OF THE POLITICANS !! French population is not against USA or in favor of Iraq !! What kind of bullsh… is that ? Why would they do anyway ??? They where again’t the IDEA OF WAR that’s all.

    ++ TO TOM JONES : Yes and No. France did sold a lot of stuffs in Iraq but it was long time ago (like USA did). We I said that Europe hate Iraq is that the Hussein regime is considered has bloody and not serious. But still, EU officials thought that this regime could have been eliminated without a war.

    ++ TO JOE : …

    Now I’m continue with Radcliffe and DangerDavis :
    N_Korea is one hell of a dangerous country to compared with Iraq. And we are talking about Nuclear missiles 🙁

    The problem with N_Korea is that the entire population has been raised under a heavy propaganda and they will do anything to protect ‘The great leader’.

    We are far from iraqian who (mainly) wants the eradication of hussein and his regime. Political and military strengh is MINIMAL to compare with the NK one.

    I first started to write you because I was concerned about the damages that both (USA and EUROPE) medias have done to our point of view of each other. And now that the war machine is one, I’m afraid we are all in one big mess 🙁

    Have a nice day.
    The belgian guy.

  301. Belgiam Guy… You know that it’s OUR blood and money that is being spent over there. I can’t believe you talk like it’s your asses on the line!

    Yeh, civilians are being killed. By our forces unitentionally and by Sadaam and his henchmen intentionally. What do you think of Sadaam now that he’s using terrorist tactics and it has been confirmed that Al Quida is fighting for him now along with the other terrorist group Islamic Jihaad?

    Our recession was started by a thing called 9-11, maybe you heard of it. Over 3000 lives lost on AMERICAN SOIL! How soon everyone forgot.

    Oh , and about Korea. We’ll get to them in due time. Kim jon Il is watching the ass kicking going on really close. Let’s see, Korea HAS nukes. Do you think that France, Germany, Belgiam, Russia or China have spoke up or will DO ANYTHING but stand in our way on that one too? You’ll be saying. “Don’t Hurt the little Korean kids that will be lobbing grenades at your soldiers” BOO HOO, BOO HOO….Yeh, we will hafta go that one without you pacafist, left wing, tree hugging winps again.

  302. That’s right Belgiam does have a few armories…Why can’t any civilians have a gun? And don’t say your crime has been eliminated because of it either, we both know better. The FIRST thing Hitler did was DISARM the civilian populous. After that, he disarmed their MINDS. We here in the US like to think for ourselves and if it comes to it, we will defend ourselves with our own weapons. The left wing socialist anti-gunners in San Fran. ,Madison and elsewhere will be on their own.

  303. Tell me Belgian Guy…

    How would have you taken care of Sadaam WITHOUT war? Oh, I know, he’s such a loving, caring person that he’d just say, “Ok, if France, Germany and Belgiam want me to show you my WMDs, torture chambers, rape rooms, human shredding machines, acid baths and all the tongues I have pinned to my wall I WILL, just because I love htose countries.” Bullshit! We called his bluff, and the UNs this time. Both are useless to the world, the same as the League of Nations and Hitler were.

    Let’s all just give Sadaam and all the other terrorists a big French ass kiss and he’ll go away, RIGHT? The left wing euro trash countries are fuckin’ scared. Scared we’ll win the war and topple Sadaam. They want to see us fail, as does the Democratic Party in the US. What do any of them have to gain if GW Bush and his cabinet succeed in their efforts? NOTHING. That’s why the euro left and the Dems hate Bush. The Democrats WANT this war to fail. They don’t give ashit about any of our soldiers. The DO care about their political gain. It would’ve been easy for Bush to take Frances attitude and say, “Oh well, Sadaam says fuck you to the UN and the US,17 times, that’s OK with me, let’s leave him alone and he won’t be a problem.” It takes courage, a heavy heart and a pair of big balls to send people to war. I don’t expect anyone in France or Belgiam to understand that though…..with their record on defense in the last 100 years.

  304. France is a nation of losers
    what other nation fights w/its feet and fucks w/mouth .
    circa 1943

  305. List of the coutries bombed by the US since WW2:

    China: 1945-46
    Korea: 1950-53
    China: 1950-53
    Guatemala: 1954
    Indonesia: 1958
    Cuba: 1959-60
    Guatemala: 1960
    Congo: 1964
    Peru: 1965
    Laos: 1964-73
    Vietnam: 1961-73
    Cambodge: 1969-70
    Guatemala: 1967-69
    Grenada: 1983
    Libya: 1986
    El Salvador: 1980s
    Nicaragua: 1980s
    Panama: 1989
    Iraq: 1991-99
    Sudan: 1998
    Afghanistan: 1998
    Yugoslavia: 1999

    Question: how many countries of this list have turned in to
    democracies respecting human rights?


    Choose only one:

    1). Zero
    2). None
    3). 0


  306. Yup !!

    ++TO X : Obviously you don’t understand what I xas saying… nevermind. I’m just defending my european point of view agains’t some American (like you) who decided that the were 100 % True, end of the story.

    The only thing that EU wanted is a U.N mandat for the war. But all your officials came with NO hard evidences at that time, that’ all.

    ++ TO HOOKSET : EU doens’t said that it has another solution than war. But this ‘Bush-go-to-war-and-fuck-the-rest’ wasn’t well perceived.

    I’m sorry that your Democrates want you to lose the war (this is stupid). But you can’t denied that Bush and Rumsfelds ruched everything.

    Saddam did fucked up the U.N but … WHO LEFTED HIM AT HIS PLACE TEN YEARS AGO ??
    Bush father did.

    ++ TO GUNNER : Hitler has been in the power of Germany THANKS TO ‘normal simple’ people (people who followed him blind … remind me of someone …). ALL GERMAN INTELLECTUALS AND EDUCATED who tried to stop him where executed like jewish …. think of it.

    And FN is not selling wepons to civilian because there are not supposed to own war materials.

    ++ TO X : Spetempber 11 was horrible. At that time, EU would have followed USA not matter what. BUT (!!!) since your governement considered us as lower class countries who doens’t have to say a word, the sympathy towards USA has been used (by Bush) as Jimmy Carter told you.

    So America still needs his allies for logisitics, Airfields and aerial paths, don’t forget that.

    AND FOR YOU INFORMATIONS : Korean kids are WASHED-BRAINS that struggle to eat and survive. They don’t have choices.


    See ya.

  307. I may just be a kitty-cat but, I will sink my claws into any ol’ Iraqi

  308. Yeh Belgiam Guy, Bush Sr. DID fuck up when he did’nt take care of Sadaam in 1991. But let’s see… the UN mandate then was to take him out of Kuwait, NOT out of Baghdad. If we would have gone to Baghdad you know that the UN, YOU and your lefty buddies would be saying the same damb thing your saying now. THOSE FUCKING AMERICANS, JUST WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. You would’ve been OK with us taking him out THEN but NOT now. You phony.

    We know that you left wing euros were laughing just like the PLO when the towers came down. DON”T LIE! Leftys in the US think BUSH and the CIA did it. What a joke.

    If the US thought your countries were lower class we would have told the UN to go fuck themselves back in 1992 when Sadaam gave the finger to Clinton AND the UN…that is you, you know. How many chances do we give him? You still won’t answer that.

    The smart Germans in WWII got shot because they could’nt DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST A BUTAL DICTATOR! SOUND FAMILIAR??? So, know we’re NAZIS to Huh?? You wonder why we hate your type…

    You did’nt say ANYTHING about if you’d be with us when WE have to go it ALONE AGAIN in Korea? Guess we know what that answer is. My brother saw kids in Vietnam put grenades in bowls of potatoes and give them to our guys as gifts…then they were blown up. After that, anyone who looked sideways at our guys got shot. You can’t understand any of these things because you’d rather take the pacafist route and let us do the dirty work so you can badmouth us any way you can. Why do you REALLY HATE us? Envy? Power? What?

    And what about Sadaams tactics now? Still think we should’ve left him alone? Our guys had to take out women and children that would’nt stop at a checkpoint yesterday. I wonder why the guys are nervous when terrorist tactics are being used now. ANYBODY that does’nt play by the rules WILL be killed, period. WE are not fucking around this time like Clinton and Carter did with the arabs.

  309. The euro left is only happy when their is a Democrat in office. Clinton, Carter…let’s see, it was a republican, I think his name was, let’s see…Reagan that put an end to the Soviet threat, only after we spent them into the ground on defense. I’m sure they think THAT was wrong too…

    Let’s see when we got into WW1, WW2, Korea, AND Vietnam….Democrats were in office. Don’t go there with the, Republicans are war mongers either.

  310. Frenchy, you forgot that we dropped bombs on France too. But that was to liberate YOUR country. Too bad you chose socialism over democracy. I hope it works out as well for you as it did the Soviets. Over 78% of the US is with Bush on the war. That’s roughly 240 million people. Sounds like a pretty loud voice over hear that hates france. Thanks for all you help in last 100 years you cowards.

  311. Just found this on teletext

    One of the biggest British World War
    One cemeteries in northern France has
    been defaced with graffiti condemning
    the US-British invasion of Iraq.

    The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    said a gardener at the site in Etaples
    found the graffiti on Thursday.

    The vandals daubed a swastika and the
    words “Death to the Yankees” on the
    cemetery’s main monument, an obelisk.

    The graffiti have now been removed and
    a criminal investigation has begun.

    Nice country that France eh?

  312. Mark in the UK, Good to see a post from you again.

    That last post pretty much says it all, right Belgiam Guy and Frenchy? Swastikas? Defacing your liberators memorials? Shame, Shame, Shame…
    Well we and the UK know that spray paint is probably your greatest weapon next to your charm and uncomprimising wit.

    Have fun fighting your battles without us in the future. My state rep. and senator are pushing for a bill to make France and the other yellow countries pay for some of the rebuild of Iraq if they want any credibility or any part of the profits that come from our troops blood liberating the peoople of Iraq.

  313. Let’s bring ALL of our soldiers HOME to Arlington cemetary that are squerming in their graves in France. That way the French won’t have to pay any precious francs to maintain the grounds.

    The French jokes in the US are just rampant and RABID…they’re good for a laugh, that’s it. Even Leno, and Letterman are having fun at their expence.

    France is ALWAYS there when THEY need US…….

  314. Hey Frenchy, Love your list…
    Howmany of those countries have fucked with us since we bombed them…Let’s see, Afghanastan, it was’nt even a country, we bombed them back into a worse stone age than they were in. So much for the Taliban, maybe they all moved to France?

    The rest of the list knows better than to poke us with a stick. They know we’ll shove it up their ass with GW in office, and yes that means Korea too…goddamn saber rattling pussies. They’re next, and we know that you’ll stand in the way. We’ll just have to save you again without any endrocement or help, like we need it anyway. We shit bombs bigger than France….

  315. Jessica Lynch…A 19 year old girl who wanted to dserve her country.
    Captured by Iraqis
    Raped, tortured, legs broke, arm broke and shot.
    Seals, Rangers, Marines, Para-rescue…
    She is now safe.
    One brave Iraqi gave a note to a marine.
    The marine gave it to his supierior.
    The rest is history.

    So this is about OIL? You European Sadaam lovers should have to talk to this girl and hear about what a great and noble army Sadaam has. I wonder where they get the orders to do what they do?

    The US is a humanitarian country that wants to do good in the world. Do you see the people in the streets hugging the soldiers? Probably not, you only watch Al Jazeara TV and the others that want the US to fail. Yes, Civilians have been killed, that’s war, it is going to happen. Who has killed more civilians in this war, Saddaam or the forces of good?

    What do the protesters thnk of Jessica Lynch? They would probably break her other arm just for holding a gun to defend herself against her rapists and torturers.

    You pacafist, pansy, pukes need to wake up to the world we live in after 9-11.

  316. For many,many Americans the world has changed since 9-11 and it will never be the same.
    Thanks Belgian guy, I too would like some resonable debate.
    But know this: if they have hurt(molested) any of our women. We will not be able to control some of our soldiers. We will take revenge on this kind of brutal,barbaric behavior.
    Surely some of the information that has come to light in recent days has turned your head around a little. Missiles have been found, Chemical agents have been found(same type as found on your subway) and now tortured Iraqi’s are coming forward with tales of forced servitude in suicidal attacks.
    The maturity our our nations is the issue here. We cannot stand by a allow this monster to keep operating this machine of death and dispare. It is our responsbility as a world power and a advocate of free will.
    Here is what I feel can come of this action:
    1. Free Iraqi people
    2. End of current threat
    3.Uncover connections to and routes of information for terrorist groups.
    4. Put several nations on notice, Syria, Iran. Korea.
    You see we cannot allow terrorism to come to our shores. We have been complacent to terror in foriegn lands and although we hated it we did not have to live with it. Everything has changed. If you are suprised about this, just wait. This is not the last action we will take on these terrorists. If you threaten someone don’t be so suprised when they come to kill you. Terrorism has also changed, if they (other countries) march in thier streets chanting Death To America we will consider this a direct threat. These people need to wake up and realise that we will protect our own interests and not be bullied. Sometimes I can’t understand why some of these groups can operate freely in these countries without calling attention to themselves, but then again they do and nobody cares. If any group of any kind would publicly denounce and threaten another people in my country we would arrest them and put them in jail. These little Arab countryies think they can let thier people run around and terrorize us and they can sit back and say “sorry bout that” they are mistaken. You will see the new resolve of our people.

  317. Ya all a bunch of bloody wanks. We French know more than you ever will on manipulating other countries in order to get our way….Damn Yanks! Ha Try to stop us you pigs

  318. You bastards! We are you, and you can’t stand it. We are the French, British, Germans, Polls, Italians, Chinese, Russians, and any other nationality you can name. The only difference in the French-Germans-Russians-Chinese, is the fact that we left your pissy little countries to create something greater. We got tired of your oppression, your socialisim, and your smart assed little attitudes. We came to America to be free of people like you. So if you want to see what an American looks like, look in the mirror. It might scare the hell out of you.

  319. If i read some of the threads above, about hating other countries, blind UBER patriotism, i become afraid. Some are just stupid, some are fascistic. Others just make me glad that some of us understand that we are living in a multicultural world, all together and do not blow in the :

    “USA, USA über alles, über alles in der Welt!”


  320. Like an american student said on TV:

    Ah, Vietnam… the war where you Germans fought with us Americans against the nazis right?

    All you stupid and ignorant americans buy this:

    Try to look over you deep dish…

    You are to stupid to inform yourself about waht is happening in the world you just belive what your fucking cowboy president is telling you…

    You think there is only you in the world but you are right… Compare Europe to the USA and you`ll wonder…

  321. Colin Powell said it best, “All we have ever asked in return from countries we helped liberate is a place to bury our dead soldiers.” What has France given us besides an ugly statue of a man dressed as a woman? I’ll say it again, would France EVER defend the UK or the US for ANY reason unless they get a big payback in return? I think we all know the answer to that one…

    Oh, and by the way, The US pays for the upkeep of the graves of our soldiers on foriegn soil.

  322. I have been to France a number of times.
    The people I have met were very nice.
    It’s always the small few that bark the most.
    You get rid of the socialist pigs there, then you’ll have a great country again.
    It’s the government that needs to be removed.
    One day the people of France will get tired of their own oppression and dump their antiquated socialist doctrine.
    BTW, We make much better wines than France.
    Their best wine is: ” stay out of Iraq, America; we don’t want you to see what we have been selling the Iraq”.

  323. The US does’nt give a shit if other countries LOVE us. All we want is RESPECT for trying to make a difference in the world.

    I see the German leader said that he’s hoping we get Sadaam out now. What a backstabbing pussy.

    Let’s see France….80 nations giving us support in one way or another. Looks like your socialist president really fucked up this time. How’s that island feel you’re living on?

    Al you euro leftist calling Bush a Cowboy make me laugh. I remember the US played “Cowboys and Indians” once. We’re playing “Cowboys and Terrorists” now. Don’t make us play “Cowboys and Frenchies.” The Cowboy alway gets the girl and wins the day in the end.

  324. The only good French grew from turds from the American soldiers that took mighty dumps on france after they liberated that pathetic race from the Nazis. Too bad those troops used condoms they could have done wonders to the gene pool!

  325. Two of the only things that come from france that are worth a fuck,cheese and wine. Two things when consumed make you fat and stupid!Need I say more?

  326. Yes, we may be narrower in diversity but, as I see it, we have far less crime in our country as opposed to your country with its ever increasing black and latino population. You will see America, when you allow other races into your country, free to breed without relent, you will inevitily screw yourself. Your so-called “welfare”system will be your ultimate demise. We French would rather not be included in a smelly melting pot of losers but, remain refined as always. Go kiss your Mexican and Latino neighbors for they will take over your country and create one big smelly brown race. I’ll remain white, safe, and proud thank you. Mind you, I am not trying to be racist but, from what I see of your country, it is going to Hell in a hand-basket and you are all to stupid to realize it. American The Red Brown and Blue. Piss off

  327. Bomb a country to pieces then go back and rebuild it better than ever, American, have you no brain? I agree with the fact that welfare will kill you. You are dolling out billions and billions of your people’s money. This is not free…you cannot spend everyone’s money. BUSH=HITLER……Your country WILL soon lay in ruins. YOU deserve everything you get and a few more for me. U
    A downward spiral.

  328. this is to all u assholes who think this war is unjust.

    is saddam hussian making biological weapons just… saddam using them on his own people just….is saddam shooting scuds at israil just…is saddam trying to trick weopon inspectors(is if they would work anyway)just….are deformed babys being born in areas where chemical and biological weapons ,that saddam fired, just…is saddam hussain supporting terrorism just…was 9/11 just…

    I think u idiots need to get ur self-centered acts togather and realise that saddam hussian is not a “good-guy”. YOu people dont give a shit about world affires, but keeping ur fatasses full of food while others starve. its a bunch a bull shit if u ask me.

    France….ur just a bunch of selfish pussies.

    Have a nice day.

  329. I would like to know how many of you out there have actually been to France and got to know France? How many of you are just shooting your mouth off because you are a big, fat, bald, ugly, loser who sits in front of the boob tube, picks his nose, scatches his butt, and misconstrues all that he sees? You call yourself “proud of the diversity in America” I think you are all uneducated, simple-minded, easily coersed boobs.

  330. Once again, the French prevail, we will continue to manipulate, twist, and contort in order to acheive power. You on the other hand will spend billions of dollars, lose many lives, take many lives, and still just be chasing your tails. I will be content watching you morons and taking comfort in the fact that no fellow French soldiers will be involved in such an atrocity.

  331. Enjoy massive tax hikes for no return!!! A-Assholes M-Maggots E-Enemy R-Ridiculous I-Ignorant C-Cocky A-Did I say Assholes?

  332. Reply to LF

    I would like to know how many of you out there have actually been to France and got to know France?
    I went to France, normandy was nice, Paris sucked. I went there thinking most of the things people say about French are just ignorant stereotypes, I left thinking they were well informed steotypes. i was treated very badly, i was not obnoxious, and have never had that sort of treatment anywhere i have been including the middle east.

    How many of you are just shooting your mouth off because you are a big, fat, bald, ugly, loser who sits in front of the boob tube, picks his nose, scatches his butt, and misconstrues all that he sees?
    I’m big 6’5″ it’s the genes…
    I have gotten a lil fat office work does that to you…..=(
    Bald is beautiful, and come to think of it name one bald dictator….bald people are good people….I shaved most my hair off…
    My fiance does not think me ugly, and hers is the only opinion that counts with me.
    I’m not a loser, i usally win most games i play when I do play games…..but I don’t play silly things like tic/tac/to, the lottery, poker in vegas, or any game that requires me to trust a frenchman.
    I sit in front of my monito at work a lot I sort of have to..but not much TV I rather read, or gte excercise when i get home…..though I am here hmmmm
    Yes I admit it I have picked my nose before but not publicly and i use a kleenex tissue…I think most people have found it essential at some point….
    I probably have picked my butt some while lounging on my own..once again if ya got an itch no one is around scratch it, be honest about it, i know you do to. Or if you don’t that might explain the huge anal retentive stance you have…maybe you need to unblock that thing or something.
    I think you believe that anyone who has a different opinion from you, is someone who misconstrues all that he sees. I actually majored in International Studies, wrote several papers on the middle east and probably know more about teh region then your average pastry head.
    You call yourself “proud of the diversity in America” I think you are all uneducated, simple-minded, easily coersed boobs.
    America leads the way in higher education….we have the best university system in the world bar none, heck even all teh terrorists come here to get a degree……there seems to be a bad myth going around Europe that AMerica supports the war because we are mislead by the media, in fact I’d say the Media is maybe biased because they know 80% of Americans support the war, and you don’t piss off your viewers……

    I’d say not many of us like french either…probably those of us who have spent time there…like france less.

  333. I am not sure if I am against the war or for the war. I am definatley for OUR troops. I support OUR country. I am not sure if this war is about oil, liberation, or WMD. OUR President at first said it was about WMD. Then all of a sudden the campaign is now called “iraqi freedom.” Do I think We should have this war if it is about weapons of mass destruction, yes I do. If it is about oil i dont think we should although the oil prices are high here and I drive a gas guzzling V8. And when my car pollutes I hope the wind will blow it over to that so called country france. I do think sadaam should be out of power and if that is the case then we should have war. But that is along the same lines of liberation and I dont want to pay for liberation.

    I dont care about the iraqi people. They dont care about us. What this war has proved to me is that the only people that care about us is the US. After 9-11 did any country offer to help us in any way……no. We got a few countries saying they were sorry for what happenned. That is all we should do for others countries when shit happens to them. “Were sorry” “We will help you if you have oil”

    There are many countries out there that are our so called allies but you really arent. And for that matter we really dont need you. france is not an ally, they run from everything. What is germany? I dont consider russia an ally, we have better relations with them but that is all.
    What the world will soon realize is that without out us you are nothing. Our country will start supporting you less and less, politically and financially. I hope we do that. The worlds economy is dependent upon our economy. Congress was talking today about helping other countries less. We give more to the world then any other country out there. Now it is time to change. I was reading in the paper that one American company just cancelled a contract with a french company and gave it to another american company. We should of been doing that this whole time. Let the french live like the filth they are.

    I am still stuck on france. These people must have the smallest set of balls known to mankind. They speak from both sides of there mouths. What are they women. You dont know what they mean. The french like to see us fail but we dont fail. America likes to see you fail and you do. How great. I cant wait to see you in a war again and we just leave you hanging. You know why the french dont want this war is becasue part of their economy is dependent on iraqi purchases. How confident that must make you feel as an investor in the french market knowing that they are dependent upon iraq. What stupid people they are. What do you get when a french man and a french women have a baby? Another fucking insignificant spec to a world society. If it is a boy it will have no balls.

    As far a terriorist groups saying that there are going to be more terriorist attacks on America. Ok I am not going to lose anymore sleep over it. Gee it is really hard to spot middle eastern people.

    As far as people saying that americans are ignorrant. Well that is because we are the best. And why are we the best it is becasue we put hard work into all that we do. frenchmen pay attention. Yes I said hard work. We have the greatest government and most opportunities available. Why do so many people come to our country? For that reason alone. I am so sick and tired of all these freakin people coming to our country and taking up space. Besides you dont like America remember. So stay the fuck out.

    I take it france and hoot are lovers. that is just my impression. Hey jd so you think france has power. The power of stupidity, then you are right. And yes none of you soldiers will be killed cause you government has no balls. Even if you were in war none of your soldiers would be killed. They would either run or should I say skip like faggots away from the battle or become a pow. So you dont have to worry. We wouldnt want your soldiers(so thats what you call them) with us in iraq. They would just be sitting around in the trenches saying to themselves it is not a good time to go it is just to dangerous. The other side might fight back. That is a big fear for the french. Yes jd our taxes will go up by an estimated 300 dollars per citizen. Oh no. If I know that that money is spent on the war and that in turn means we will be selling you iraqi oil at a higher premium then it will be so worth it. But if it just pisses off the french people that we are in a war then it will be the best money i have ever spent.

    As far as people thinking that america will fall as an empire. You guys are so stupid. If we fall so does the world. Think about it. Financially we wont fall. So i guess that means militarily you will take us out. Was that a french man who said that. if so i laugh harder. if someone tries to take us out it will be an all out nuclear war. so i dont see that happenning.

    I dont think i will ever visit france. What to see some stupid fucking tower that servers no purpose. What a joke of a country.
    What does JD stand for
    J just
    D dumb
    how could you honestly respect his opinion on anything, he is a french men
    his opinion will change tomorrow when he realizes that france will need our help or when he gets that nut sack off his chin.
    Hey jd america doesnt chase its tail, the french are the only ones that do that.

    So the french think they have a say in what happens to iraq after the war. The answer is you will have no say. It has been said by our government (which means what we say goes) that the US and GB will take the lead role and the Un will be second. and since you are part of the un you can have you say there although we wont listen to you there either. I like how when the french protested to the war we just ignored and did it anyway. That is how insignificant you are as a country. What would you do to us anyways say ”dont do that” but in a firm voice. great manipulation of power france, you really showed us. I would like to use your flag as toliet paper but I just dont think it is worthy of my ass.

    I just have to say USA rules. France sucks and I am out. Godbless all those that really do care about the US.

  334. Yes, the welfare system in the US is completely out of control. Let’s see, hmmm, it was a Democrat, Roosavelt that put it in place and it has been the Dems that have turned it into a “long term right” in this country instead of a “short term privilage”. Bush needs to fence off Mexico to keep the bastards from infecting the US any further. He won’t because they will be voting for him in 2004. So much for national security. The Pres of Mexico shits on the US the same as France. Why should we pander to either of them anymore?

    To All you anti US and WAR pacafists-

    We have around 50 US soldiers killed so far. Less than a high school football team.
    We own the skys over Iraq.
    We own the airport in Baghdad.
    We’ve killed an estimated 50,000 of their military.
    No missles have hit Isreal.
    No humanitarian crisis so far.
    The few wells set on fire are’nt burning anymore.
    Iraqs military is almost destroyed.
    Saddam is on the run with no way out.
    Saddam is resorting to pregnant women driving car bombs.
    He is calling for more terrorists to help him.
    He assasinates our prisoners.
    He laughs at the UN AND FRANCE!
    He WILL pay with his LIFE! Count on it.

    OUT OF HERE…..

    Why do the French love him so much?
    Now the germans are coming over to our side AFTER we do the dirty work. The French will too, believe me, they will. Isay we let them both ROT. They want the US to. Fuck ’em both.
    I HAVE been to France. It’s miserable because it’s full of aloof french pricks who need to take a bath more often. And they’re miserable because they live in France and smell. FRANCE WANTS THE US AND UK TO FAIL. PERIOD. THEY HATE AMERICANS AND OUR GOVERNMENT. THEY ARE FULL OF ENVY, WINE AND LACK ANY MORALS OR COURAGE. THEY PISS ON OUR SOLDIERS GRAVES AND SPIT ON OUR TOURISTS. YOU FUCKING WONDER WHY WE ARE ANGRY?????????

  335. It’s very sickening when Countrys like France and Germany will stick up for a leader tortures his own people. It tells alot about the French and Germans. I am no longer going to purchase products from France and I strongly suggest everyone else follows. When you buy something look at the label if it says “MADE IN FRANCE” DO NOT BUY IT!
    Do not support a country who supports a murdering dictator like Huusein. Hurt France financially and watch them come begging the USA for respect.
    GO USA!!!

  336. correction on paragraph 6

    As far as people saying that americans are arrogant

    some of us are ignorant-the ones that moved here from europe

    fuck i was tired

  337. You know what is such a JOKE. Those Frenchie bastard over at the UN bitching that it should be a UN decision on what type of government the Iraqi’s will be under after this is all over with.

    I am sorry. But where the HELL do they get off spewing this out of their asses. The Americans and the Brititsh are over there dying to liberate this country without the support from anyone but themselves, and now the French want the UN to determine whats going to happen in the aftermath. We two countries went into this alone, we’re going to make the decision on what type of government should be in Iraq.

    I strongly diagree with the whole principal of a UN Its nothing but bullshit that we Americans are housing and paying for. Just rip the damn thing outta here and ship it over to France and Chiraqu can play with it. It does no good. It doesnt prevent conflict. It just breeds it.

  338. Well well now, Look at what we have found.
    Chemical weapons cashes hidden underground.
    All you snot nosed Euro countries that would not help us, have egg on your socialist faces.
    You sicken me.
    America has the better way of life.
    You are all nothing more than scabs / leeches.
    Crawl back into your holes and hide.
    God is alive and well.
    Why? you ask?
    Because he has chosen the United States of America as his arm of justice.
    He has blessed this land and it’s people.
    We are not perfect but, you are worthless.

  339. Heard on the radio that some major company contracts will be severed with France. It makes me sick that we Americans have had a 300 million dollar a year contract, along with the VFW, for import of marble from France to make headstones for the military. Thank goodness this is coming to an end….I am sure our fallen soldiers look up and try to spit on that little chunk of expensive French marble.

  340. The desecration of the British War cemetery in France.
    A swastika was among the slogans daubed in red paint on the memorial at the cemetery of 11,000 allied soldiers, including 465 Australians, most of whom died on the western front during World War I.
    Written in French, the graffiti read: “Dig up your rubbish. It’s fouling our soil.” (This brought tears to my eyes as my parents had uncles killed in france in WW1.)
    “Roastbeefs go home. Saddam will win and spill your blood.” Roastbeefs is French derogatory slang for the English.
    “Death to the yankees.”
    “Bush, Blair to the TPI.” – the French abbreviation for the International Court of Justice.
    Recent polls showed that 90 per cent of French people were against the war while a third wanted an Iraq victory.

    Also in France, street protests against American and British military action in Iraq have escalated into attacks by Muslim youths on Jewish demonstrators, sparking fears of a new wave of anti-Semitism across France.

    We have our own problems back in the UK . Abu Hamza , An extreme Muslim cleric, who said after the September 11 attacks on New York that “many people will be happy, jumping up and down at this moment”, now claims that he does not hold Egyptian citizenship, meaning that attempts to remove his British passport would leave him stateless. He now wants to claim legal Aid which will allow him to stay in our country while he fights his case. On wellfare of course. All be over soon, I hope Bush is not persuaded by Blair (who like too many people here, are way too Politically correct for their own countries good ) to let the UN in too early.

    Also a statement from Iraq’s minister of information “It is a nice day there are no foreign troops in Iraq, the moon is made of cheese, the sun is powered by a hamster & that is not a U.S. tank it’s a golf buggy.

  341. Where are all the French cowards on this page NOW! Running to their communists mommies, crying there eyes out. Let’s see, hmmm, Baghdad has fallen and the population is uprising as we speak againstt Saddam. The Brits have the south secure and the people are pissing on Saddam monuments down there. So much for all the muslim countries in the region having a Jihaad so far. No attacks on Isreal. No humanitarian crisis. What there is, are about 150,000 dead Iraqi soldiers to our 100. Can you say “Don’t FUCK with the US and the UK,” France, Germany, Russia, Korea and the rest of the terrorist sponsoring states.

    The Democrats in the US are scrambling to find a way to make these victories look like a BAD thing. This shows that they are in the same reality as Saddams Info minister.

    Mark From the UK-
    What’s your view on Blair wanting the UN to play a major roll in Iraqi affairs. I think that the UN is as useless as the League of Nations was. Only half of the countries that are members are even DEMOCRACIES!! How the hell can they build one in Iraq. The US and the UK have the most successful democracies on the planet. We both should be in charge and only give the pathetic UN power over humanitarian issues. I hope Bush can convince Blair of this today. I truly respect Blair for stnding for what is RIGHT and NOT following his left wing party. He has acted truly Churchillian through this entire affair. He is to be commended. I’m sure it is going to be his demise though, in the next election.

  342. comment

    Sorry for the delay.

    The problem with Blair is that he was trying to integrate the UK with Europe, we were meant to have a common currency now, the Euro. Polls in the UK showed no one wanted the Euro, but we were going to get it anyway. I think he is now caught between EU/UN & the U.S. Europe (EU) is run by Germany & France for their benefit. Most of Europe hates the UK, even though we are one of the few countries that pay in more than we take out. We get nothing from it; our trade has not increased since we joined. I think we do more trade with the US than Europe. I know it’s not P.C. but I think it should a case of ” to the victors go the spOILS”. Just kidding. The country will need putting right & I think the U.S. & to a smaller degree the UK should be awarded the contracts. The UN can come in & referee the election in a couple of years.

    I was proud of Blair when he went to see Bush after 9/11 & I was proud of him when he committed troops. All I hope is that he can keep his ball hanging low & does not let the EU/Nato shrivel them up.

    We need a good relationship with the US. You are like us but with more pride in your country. Over here you get accused of being racist for flying the Union Jack or the cross of St George. We celebrate St Patrick’s day, which is fine, but not St George’s day. We have buns with crosses on them at Easter, called hot cross buns; all the supermarkets sell them. A London authority has banned them from schools in case it upsets the Muslim children. The local Muslims said they had no problem with it, but the stupid loony left council said NO. Blackboards in schools are now called chalkboards in case it upsets any black person (though 99.9% would laugh at the idea of being upset by the word).
    Blair is a product of this political system.

    I have just seen the troops in Basra being cheered & welcomed by the people as they rip up pictures of Saddam. This makes me sure this was a worthwhile war. The ordinary Muslim people are alright it’s just the outspoken nutters that give them a bad name. You French show that on your news not just the poor sods that are caught in the cross fire.

  343. All of America is very proud of Tony Blair and the freindship he has shown towards us. The British people will reap the benifits of this action for years to come. Screw the Euro, become 53th state and change history forever. Long live the Queen.

  344. Personally I’m pissed if Saddam died by the bomb…..I agree with Col Hackworth…it would have been far better to see his people mob him and string him up like a dead fish. (he mentioned the hanging…I just like the fish thing). In any case Ding Dong the witch is dead…..probably…..

  345. I really do hope the American people don’t go soft on France…..or forget her betrayel. I will never forget this. Don’t get me wrong I like some people in France….very few…but especialy some people in Normandy area are good people. I personally will always remember certain Frenchmen who accomplished great things like Charles Martel “The Hammer”, who saved western civilization from islam…to bad Chirac sells out to them after one fire bomb. (Granted you have to go way back in time to find useful frenchmen) However the day we do anything to help France until we get a formal apology should be the day hell freezes over and gets an NHL team.

  346. I agree about Saddam. He deserves the same treatment by the people that Musolini got. Hang him upside down naked and let the people gut him, beat him with clubs until there is nothing left. I’m sure that Jaques Iraq is crying his eyes out that his beloved friend is probably nothing but ash.

    I looks like the US and UK are going to be in the drivers seat after this is over. The UN will be in th back seat. The French and Germans want to eat the desert without helping to cook the meal. They should have to rebuild the buildings in Iraq as a down payment to the US for rebuiding their countries after WWII. Maybe then they’ll be earning what little trust we had in them back.

    Mark in UK- I had no idea that the leftist attitude was so high in Britian. “Chalkboard?” Conservatism is taking hold in the US because we have a president with morals and convictions he does’nt back down from. People respect him, unlike Clinton. The far left in the US is on the run because the war is going well, the market and the dollar are coming back and gas prices are going down. They’re now saying that “Saddam is more moral than Bush because he did’nt use WMDs in the war.” WHAT???? As you see, they HATE Bush more than Saddam. The Democratic Party in the US is in HUGE trouble, every time one of them opens their mouth, they put their foot in it. We did’nt nuke the whole damn county either, but we could have. Don’t want those big bad French mad at us you know.

    I’m from the midwest US and people around here will NEVER forget what the French have done to block us. We WILL remember what the GOOD Brits and Blair did to help. And for that, Britian WILL reap the benefits….

  347. For the record I am a Democrat, and I do support Bush in regards to the military action in Iraq. I am from the South East and am a conservative Democrat, but just the same I wouldn’t say that the neo wanna be hippie “me” generation represents the Democratic party, any more then I would say the KKK represent the Republicans. Extremists are just that. I happen to know many Democrats who support president Bush’s foriegn policy. Here in Tennessee I would say 95 percent of the population suppports the action in Iraq, it goes way beyond any sort national politics. I also do agree that Bush is a man of higher morals then maybe many of us gave him credit for during the election. I admit I had doubts considering his record during Vietnam, but I truly do see a statesman in him now. I don’t think this is a Democrat vs Republican issue. It’s an American vs Religious\Socialist Extremist issue…..and I am an American. While I don’t think it is unpatriotic to speak out against your president even in times of war. I do think comments like “Saddam is more moral” or “Chirac is a better man” etc, shows both a complete ignorance of the people in question and their history in politics, and an unpatriotic view that borders on traiterous. You may disagree with your leadership during a time of war, but you do not support the enemy, or help their propoganda. I think we have too many people who have forgotten what sacrifice, responsibility, and morality is. In some ways this back lash of the extremist left, shows that too many kids have been educated beyond their intelligence. We need to really think about where we went wrong in the school system that anyone at all in this country would think it is okay to speak in favor of an enemy in time of war. I still remember when the pledge of allegiance, and patriotism was not only accepted in the classroom setting but was deemed as a requirement.

  348. The Democratic leadership IS completely out of control. Daschle, “The President Has Failed Miserably in this matter.” Kerry, “We need a REGIME change in Washington.” Where is Hillary? Teddy Kennedy? They’re are smart enough to wait til the war is over and say, “We were with you all the way GW, ataboy!” You watch, they’ll be on the bandwagon if he does well and will be stabbing him in the back if he does’nt. Pillosi, Well, she’s the leader of the Dems and pretty much speaks for herself, I’ll say no more about her, but…. The rest of the candidates are like the 3 stooges running into each other and poking each other in the eye. Face it, Cheney, Powell, Ridge, Rice etc. are probably the most competant group ever put together in our lifetime. The Dem leadership, NOT grass roots Dems WANT the President and his people to FAIL and want the war and the economy to go poorly. They have NOTHING to gain if it goes well and they will continue to fade into more of a extreme left wing, socialist party. If you grass root Dems don’t start voting for more moderates, the slide for your party will be a fatal one. We need two parties to keep balance but the Dems are trying to figure out how to shoot GW down; it is’nt gonna work unless he FAILS, period. They need to concentrate on their own problems like, a failed welfare program, union control of their party and an out of touch left wing, San Fran leadership.

  349. As a right wing Democrat I agree with you hookset and I also like the points made by American freaknic. Things/times have changed and will never be the same. Lets roll into Syria next and watch France start squirming again.

  350. To all of you anti war Americans, French, and any others, I hope you are taking a hard look at the misery being uncovered by British and American forces. We, as Americans, need to thank our lucky stars that we live in a nation where one can openly express his or her views without the brutal reprocussion of torture. We should all drop to our knees and thank the Almighty that we don’t always have to look over our shoulders or wonder who is listening to us. The American and British forces are uncovering horrific sights of torture and abuse that no human being should ever be exposed to. If you are truly against what American and Brittish forces are doing, then I belive you need to re-think your morals and possibly pack your bags. I think a night or two in an Iraqi prison just might change your mind. God Bless This Wonderful country!!!!

  351. Dear Anti-war individual,

    I will take your families, lock them up, and use dental drills on there teeth, electrodes to shock them with, then hang them by their toenails. Obviously you support this kind of behavior by not defending human morals. Thank you for supporting terrorism, torture, and abuse.
    Your Pal

  352. We have a lot of economic migrants in this country claiming to be asylum seekers. 90% of them get here via the channel tunnel. What did the French do, they set up a refugee camp a few miles from the entrance. They laid on busses to take them to the tunnel every night hopping they would make it though the tunnel hiding in trucks. What was strange was the amount of people that have travelled 1000’s of miles did not want to stay in France wanted to reach the UK. Asylum seekers should stay in the first safe country they arrive in. Seeing some of the posting here I realise how racist some of the French are.
    A couple of years ago I was returning from a training session in Florida. A newly married couple next to me on the plane asked if I could recommend places to visit. I suggested several places and that they might want to visit France as it was just a couple of hours on a train. They said that they heard the French hated Americans. I told them I thought it was just the English they hated. Not the Scottish, Irish, or Welsh. (We are together known as British). I have had many trips to France on business and the Parisians are the worst of all even most ordinary French don’t like them. They think the Universe is centred on Paris. Chirac said, “Paris would not accept the US running Iraq” well what you gonna do?

    All the bleeding hearts are turning up now saying lets put an end to the slaughter. Ask them if they agreed with war they would say no. Ask them if they agreed with Saddam killing his own people they would say no but there must be another way. One man told me he had protested against the gassing of the Kurds, in London . Well that does a lot of good, I sure Saddam would think again after that.
    Iraq’s embassy in London was attacked by exiles. near where I work in London they were on the streets cheering waving Iraq, US, & British flags. The scenes in Bagdad today say it all. These are the same people misguided Muslims were saying should be left alone as they loved Saddam. Not love feared.
    We have done a good thing.

  353. The people are dancing in the streets, freedom reigns. Noew here come the French wanting the spoils of war. How dare you ? You were happy to let these people live under the most oppressive tyrant in history. Now come begging for money you piteously pathetic bunch of weasels. Shame on you and your people.

  354. If we do find Saddam alive, we should put him in charge of the French, Germans and Russians, since they seem to be his biggest supporters. Yes, innocent people died, but that is the heavy price of freedom. Not to mention, Saddam would have killed 10 times that many of his own people in the next few years.

  355. JD, You are obviously a very self abosorbed person who cares about nothing more than what happens in your own back yard. That’s the same attitude that helped Germany (your good freinds) roll over you in WW2 with little effort. The French are pissed because America does what it wants and you can’t do a damn thing about it. Just keep on making our croissants like good little frogs.

  356. Hookset while I don’t agree with all you had to say about Dems hookset, I do agree that Democratic party is really lacking leadership….and I have a better idea on how to send em the message I am most likely going to be voting Republican for national elections and stay Democrat locally….maybe they’ll see then.

  357. Ya know while I know it’s the “party” line that Turkey is our allies……but I can’t help but notice they mostly demonstrated against us. They really have not supported us in this war at all and may have cost us lives. They won’t even acknowledge the Armenian genocide of 1915 to 1923. Where 1.5 million Armenians living in the eastern Anatolia region of present-day Turkey were massacred or perished in forced death marches ordered by the nationalist Turkish regime of the declining Ottoman Empire. Now I know the current regime in Turkey isn’t responsible for what happened then, but they won’t even admit it happened. Ya know I personally think the Kurds 1) have stuck by us in all of this, and made great allies. 2) under the free kurdish controlled area they have shown they can function quite well as a democratic nation. Why shouldn’t they be able to control their ancestral capital? Why shouldn’t they have the oil that is on their historic lands? If the Turkish troops cross the line let em try, we won’t invade turkey but we can help defend the Kurds rights……….I personally like em better then the turks anyway. Turkey…it’s what’s for Dinner.

  358. “Intellectually, multiculturalism is indefensible. It is embarrassingly inconsistent. It is refuted and undermined by its own argument. Politically, multiculturalism is dangerous. Multiculturalism represents nothing less than the political suicide of the West, and in particular the crown jewel of the West, the United States of America. Multiculturalism attempts to undermine the good principles upon which America is built, and it is corrosive of the patriotic spirit that fills the hearts of free men and women. Though it operates much more subtly, multiculturalism is no less a threat to our free institutions than the terrorists who attack our cities with airplanes. It is the test of the American people whether they have the intelligence to identify multiculturalism for the mistake it is, and the resolve to ensure that it does not triumph over this, the last best hope of mankind.” In other words….Enjoy the influx of Mexicans and Blacks and other foreigners into your country for you won’t have a country for long….THEY WILL BREAK YOU!!!

  359. What are you wanna be klan? A bitter Iraqi? A bitter European? Hey news flash ethnocentric boy….the boys in uniform that are BREAKING Saddam’s Regime? They’re multicultural! Mexican, African, European, Arabic, Asian, and even Native Americans are all wearing the desert camo and stars and stripes on their sleaves. The fight together, work together, sometimes argue together, bleed together, but always watch each other’s back. This is the reason why we know we are right. Ethnocentricity is the key cause for war crimes. This is the ugliness that comes of feeling one race is superior over another. Our multiculturalism doesn’t make us weak it makes usthe strongest nation in the world! I see men and women of all ethnic backgrounds working together as a finely tuned machine to BREAK a evil barbaric tribal regime.

    Multiculturalism is why we don’t listen to the crap from countries claiming we’re ignorant of foriegn events…..we have a better understanding of foriegn culture, because we are a melting pot of foriegn culture. What are you really afraid of? Afraid that if you have to be judged not on your race, religion, or economic status but on who you are…. you might not measure up so some of those Black and Mexican Americans……maybe you SHOULD fear that……because I already see hwo you stack up…..and it’s not very high……your small mind pretty much answers the question.

    The Red White and Blue have survived slavery, genocide of Native Americans, teh concentration camps of the Japanese americans in World War 2……we have made many mistakes as a nation, and yet we continued to hold to the dream of “All men are created equal” and we have continuely out paced any other nation on earth towards that dream. We will continue to do so, and that dream will not be smeared by the likes of your pathetic insecurity.

    God bless America…..

  360. Trust me, time will tell. Your welfare system is taxed as it is. You WILL become more hateful as time goes on and your taxes get higher and higher in order to support the inferior of your country. Don’t get angry, just accept the inevitable. Open your eyes and see the cancer that is destroying America.

  361. It really angers me when I see the blindness that America has developed. I assure you that OUR forefathers would be appauled at what is happening to this country. Sure, lets pay some reparations, I’m willing to fork over my hard earned money to people with no inkling of what slavery was like. They are using slavery as a means of getting some free money, nothing else. This is just one example of the udder stupidity being allowed in this country. Why must so many people walk on eggshells around the more “diverse” populations. We can have Black student unions, Black television channels, black this, black that, why not a white union, a white tv channel? A black can make fun of a white on tv by calling him “whitey” or “cracker”. Why can’t we watch an episode of friends where the word “Nigger” is thrown around?
    Why can’t everyone be treated equal. Do not come back with some assinine answer because there is no way of side-stepping this issue. I am not trying to pick on just one race, I am merely making an example. This is the truth and you know it! There is no equality.

  362. By the way, I am not a wannabe Klan member, European, or foreigner. I am a red-blooded America who wants to preserve the original concept of America.

  363. This post is called ‘France Sucks” not blacks you dumb ass. Why in the hell are you bringing this up here, go to a KKK site. They want to hear from you. By the way what century are you living in?

  364. No shit, go to the “I hope American Burns in Hell Page.”

    Frnace, Germany, and Russia are having their own little UN meating today. Is’nt it funny they want the UN to play the big role now in Iraq but choose to have a closed door meeting away from the rest of the UN. They’re such phoney pukes. You watch…Those three asshole countries will use the UN as a Trojan Horse to ride into Iraq and then jump out and say, “Give us our oil deals NOW you fucking FREE Iraqi bastards!”

    The US and UK do the work and they want their oil deals? Fuck them. The government they made their little dirty deals with does’nt exist anymore. NOone owes them ANYTHING. Especially the Iraqi people. They had NO control over Saddam while he was buying arms from Russia, nuke plants from France and bunkers built for him by the Germans. Who are the USAs REAL ENEMYS? Surely it’s terrorist countries like Syria, Iran etc. but we can’t deny that those wanna-be super powers are a very SILENT threat to the USA.

    By the way, the Mexican border IS out of fucking control. GW is’nt gonna do a damn thing about it either because of the latino vote. I say we militarize the border and shoot a few of the males Mex’s trying to cross the Rio Grande. I gaurantee it would slow the flow down in a hurry.

  365. WOW, some people sure get all worked up over an anonymous thread. So easily pissed off….mission accomplished. Interesting that we can spend billions of dollars in a far away country, but cannot successfully patrol our borders….DUHHHHHH! Yes, those immigrants do bring much helpful talent to our great nation like robbing banks and stealing cars. Why aren’t more people concerned with our own front yard? I know this is a site about France but if you hate France so much, shut up about France and boycott there products and services. Bringing them up every five seconds is only egging them on. KooKoo KooKoo Ding Ding Ding.

  366. Oh, by the way Angry American, do you really think shooting the Mexicans would be a valid resoulution? If this country was as strong as all of you think it is, this problem would have been nipped in the bud long ago. Stop worrying about France and worry about our sorry asses.

  367. MSN has a much better sight than this pile of losers plus you have to identify yourself……Later Pukes….


  369. I APPOLOGIZE PATRIOT I AM SURE YOU CANNOT FIND JEANS TO FIT YOU, I MEAN SWEAT PANTS.. Whew, glad to clarify..It’s all in good fun, right.

  370. Hey “Told You So”, You sound like every skin head, wanna be Nazi, moron that I saw on HBO’s America Undercover. Oh yeah, that was a group of people with a real handle on how society functions. The only thing that will change in our future of having a diverse society is eventually racist like yourself will die and your paranoid beliefs will die with you. Not soon enough for me though.

  371. Such a child……………………………..and your point was?

  372. What do you mean Wanna Be…Fuck face. I hope a nigger mugs your fucking ass and rapes your family.

  373. Come on people, lets just focus on the French here. Funnel your dislike on the French…..PLEASE!

  374. I apologize for my comments. I went to far and do not mean what I said. I believe that all of the turmoil in the world has me a little crazy. Once again, sorry….!

  375. Jack…just a bunch of the local escapees from a Jerry Springer Show looking for attention. they just want to divide people, i’m not buying what they’re selling. Most Americans are united. The US military is proof positive of what can be accomplished with diversity. As for the childish racist comments, they should go to some country like France where racism is accepted where they shut immigrants into their filthy “Cite” slums, and then have the nerve to talk about the rights of those people to us when we try and fix their countries. not to meant the anti-semetic groups there. Personally if I had my way I’d take the lazy people who blame their failure on ethnic, religious, etc groups….send em off to other countries and bring us the hard working people who would love to live in America. A loud obnoxious few extremeist whether “me me victimized me generation leftest wannabe hippies”, or the “insecure, needle dicked, lazy, racist, spoiled, extrem rightwing, small minded, wannabe Redneck klan members” these few extremist on both sides are very loud….but like the demonstrators..they don’t represent the will of our people…..let em rant…….but in the end all they can do is whine.

  376. France, Germany and Russia all alligned against us? This is a kick in the face and it will not be forgotten. France would like this to be World War 3. These losers will think twice when the Chinese come marching in. Time for a change.

  377. Die white man. I’ll take my lips and beat you to death. Honkie motherfucker.

  378. i dont see why the french are anti-american all usa has done was rescue france never opposed it

  379. and another thing, third world wars started when britian and france put a “new isreal” now usa and britian are gonna put kurdastian i guess some bastards do make the same mistakes twice

  380. First of all Isreal has been America’s only ally in the Middle East. If you really think Islamic Fundementalist would be friends with western culture if Isreal was not created you are completely ignorant of history. I can’t say Isreal is a bad thing, I certainly don’t see Isreali’s blowing up children’s school busses. Second of all on the creation of Isreal local Palestinians were displaced and that is the source of the troubles, and i do think palestinians should have their own state, just not if it means teh destruction of Isreal.

    The kurd’s are not displacing anyone…they live there already. They function well already, and are an honerbale people in their OWN historical lands. Maybe Turkey is just mad they can’t kill off kurds Holocaust style like they did the millions of Armenians they slaughtered, and still do not admit to. (look it up) At least the Germans do not deny the Jewish holocaust, and show regret.

  381. isrealis shot off reporters and human shields of palestine, mostly sniper style (look that up)

  382. Hello boys !! It has been a long time .


    Now more seriously : A interview of a lot of ex CIA executive has been broadcasted on Television.
    THOSE GUYS (not me) told that President Bush is a ignorant idiot who is CLEARLY INFLUENCED by EXTREMIST (Nazy style) people.


    While your silly President was in holidays (5weeks !! Yeaaa talk about a hard worker) … GERMAN CHANCELLOR SHROEDER CALLED BUSH TO SAY : “What are you doing ???? We have been sending a lot of messages about a possible terrorist attack on your territory and we dont have feedbacks from you !!”

    The Bush family specifically told the CIA NOT TO INVESTIGATE IN ARABI about BEN LADEN FAMILY because they where supposed to be friends and HOWN A HUGE CAPITAL IN AMERICAN DEFENCE INDUSTRY.



  383. Yea, It’s been a long time, Belgian Guy…

    Were you gone because we liberated ANOTHER country from a dictitorial regime while you were gone and you were upset about it? It;s pretty easy to shoot your mouth off when NONE of YOUR people are in harms way.
    Are you upset about the children in prisons being freed?
    Are you upset about the rape rooms and torture chamber we’ve found?
    I’m sure you HATE that no attacks hve come on Isreal. No Chem weapons were used because our Special Ops found and took out their ability to launch them. You DO hate the U.S., fucking admit it. We just liberated a country in a matter of 3 weeks without any HUGE problems AND with minimal loss of life when you consider the scale of the operation.

    The rest of the world is fucking scared and jealous. Only a very SMALL portion of our military might was used do do this also. If Syria and the rest of the other scum, terrorist nations want a piece of us, they’ll get theirs too. Fuck with the best, die like the rest. You’ll never learn.

    I bet you wish we would’nt have done anything to fight terrorism. Then the US might fall, right? What the fuck media do YOU watch, Al Jazera? A President is office for 9 months and HE bombed the TOWERS? You are truly anti amercan, anti Bush, AND anti capitalism.

    So BUSH is a NAZI???? Since when do NAZIS defend JEWS???? HELLO??? Isreal is full of JEWS you idiot.

    So BUSH is an IDIOT?????? Looks like this “idiot” has the worlds attention like no other since Reagan. Remember the WALL coming down? I bet THAT was a bad thing too, huh? If Clinton would’ve been doing this, would you be so pissed off at the US?

    This “idiot” just put together a group of people who lead the quickest, most one sided victory in the history of warfare. This “idiot” is the President of the United State of America, the most powerful man on the planet. Who the fuck are YOU? Give me a President that “walks his talk” anyday. The last one was shoving cigars up an interns pussy in the oval office while Bin Laden was putting the 911 attack together.

    Oh, and by the way, France has lost 300,000 tourists from the U.S. in just 2 months. ie the “New York Post” I know that does’nt mattter to you because you hate American tourists anyway. Have FUN with your increasing taxes due to your loss of AMERICAN dollars. Everyone is going to England, Spain, Australia….this is SO funny.

    I hope you enjoy feeding all that shitty cheese to German tourists. France is so freindly with the Germans now…I hope they look over their shoulders and see them marching back into Paris. Beleive me, Bush will say, “Fuck the French this time!”

    Glad to see you’re back. I’ve missed being abused by your communist, pacifist, left wing, terrorist loving, america hating, Bush hating, twisted views. This is SO fun!

  384. Belgian guy, explain one thing to me: we have found rockets that were made in France with a manufactures date of 2001 in Iraq. Clearly this is in violation of the U.N. weapons ban in which your country voted for and signed. How can you claim to be angry at the USA when your country sold weapons that you agreed to ban? How can we count on you to tell the truth? Your president is a liar, and you are allowing him to make a fool out of you in the eyes of the world.

  385. I’ve looked all over the net and it seems like the French have stopped making excuses for thier actions. Now we hear of artillary shells that were found in Iraq that were made in Russia and dated 2000. What a big suprise. Now Chiac is kissing up to Bush because he knows we will cut off the oil. Sad two faced liars.
    You see we know that 911 will happen again, we are almost certain. But what will you do to prevent it, sell them more weapons? Abu Abbas was alive and well in Iraq. Who else were they hiding with Frances help?

  386. Hello guys !!

    Hookset come ooone !!! You are not serious (and for your information my father leads the european section of a mojor american society).

    American Patriot : I DONT CARE ABOUT FRENCH !! They do what they want, it is not my problem.

    I’m sorry but BUSH is an IDIOT !! I cant understand diplomacy efforts and complicated aspect of the world problems. Bush is not a nazi but people around him act very much like nazis (protecting the jews … yeaa right).

    AND STOP MAKING REFERENCES WITH WW2 damned !! THis is too easy.

    RAAAAA you have so simple points of view it is scary… AND AMERICAN PAtriot, don’t talk about UN violation, US has no mandat to fight in Iraq right now …

    MORE SERIOUSLY : Yesterday, I was speaking about 0911 !!!

    Your governement knew EVERYTHING !!! EVERYTHING !!! CIA EXECUTIVES who tried to alert the congress where wiped out by judge !!!

    It is all about that major weapons dealing ( I cant remember the company name).

    raaa WHO CARES ANYWAY … not you guys..


    Have a nice day people.


    I you where more informed (American Patriot listen to me) you would know that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to imagine that France are trying to protect Arabian terrorists (has said on the major shit for jerks known has Fox News). You now why ?? (Obvioulsy not) Because France suffered major arabian terrorist attack during the 90th (OOH REALLY ??? YES !!) They have a lot of problems with terrorist from Algeria. And the french counter-terrorist section is a very good one. IT IS THEM WHO TRIED TO WARN YOU GOVERNEMENT (while you silly President was trying to wipe CIA executives).


    See ya folks 🙂

  388. Hey waffle boy.

    You have NO informed argument on ANYTHING you spew.

    You HATE and are JEALOUS of the U.S.
    You won’t admit that France and your pathetic country have NOTHING to say in the world anymore. What about all the shit we’re finding with the “Axis of Weasal’s” name on it? France is sure backpedaling now are’nt they. Sucks to be WRONG does’nt it? Chirac is LUCKY, GW even took his call the other day. I heard GW spanked him roundly.

    Bush is the worst President in history???? You are such an uninformed simpleton. What about Carter, Clinton? I could go on and on. Bush has a 74% approval rating on his job performance. I guess myself and 245 million other Americans are just stupid “NAZIs” following Bush, huh.

    Oh, I know, your little country has NEVER made any mistakes or had any leaders you did’nt like. That goes for France too I suppose.

    You still don’t say ANYTHING about us LIBERATING a country from an evil dictator. You must have missed the statue of Saddam coming down and the people rejoicing and riding it’s head down the street. Oh, I forgot you watch Al Jazera, sorry.

    You’re pissed off because your nation would need US if you ever needed bailed out of a jam. Admit it, who would save your poor little, tiny, pathetic country? HMMM. I wonder.

    Your daddy does what?????? If he’s in the U.S., I’m sure he’s leading those sorry ass, anti-war marches. Is he a U.S. citizen? If not, invite him home for a waffle sandwich.

    Go join Castro and all those other flurishing communist countries if you think the U.S. is the “Great Satan.”

    Our MANDATE for kicking Saddams ass out is 911 and Terrorism. I don’t see Belgiam sending any forces or intel to oust any terrorists. Oh, I forgot, you have no military or intel, sorry.

    When will you just forget about the worthless UN. It is a debating club filled with a bunch of communist and dictictorial countries, France, Syria, etc.. How can they help us build a democracy in Iraq when half of them are’nt democracies themselves?

    Don’t say we can’t build a democracy there either. What about Japan and Germany? I suppose you think we had nothing to do with building those two DEMOCRACIES. They I go again bringing up WWII. I know you’d just like to forget that ever happened, right?

  389. Belgian follows France to hell without looking were they are going. The French may do what they want but you will follow. Yes the USA had no mandate but needs none to protect herself. And we never signed anything saying we would not destroy any country who threatens us. France signed the resolution prohibiting weapons sales to Iraq and then smiled as they sold them out the back door, clearly liars.
    And now that the dust has settled it’s so easy for your countries to say we told you so, despiration.
    Lets just think for a moment, how many Dictators have fled to France when thier countries have fallen? France anti -terrorist units? They should be the best in the world since they were problably trained by terrorists. Why would Algeian terrorists target France? Maybe because France raped them for years.
    Belgian guy France is your problem and mine too, we have to live thier actions but don’t have to like it. If our country would have known about 9-1-01 before hand then we would have acted, we are not France.
    It seems that France is now feeling the effects of stabbing the USA in the back, I hear thier wine sales are down, 1.8 billion dollars per year in sales that they will not see again very soon.
    Start liking wine Belgian guy, the price is bound to come down.
    It all boils down to one thing, the USA does not need you or France to defend itself. We have stood alone before and will do it again. We are the world superpower and you are nothing. Invalid.

  390. Look at what they have allowed to happen to the WWII memorial in France. It’s a disgrace, and would never happen in America(look at the statue of liberty).
    America has never been occupied by another country and never will, if it is you better start worrying. By then you will be able to speak Chinese.
    Heres a question for you Belgian guy, how many French or Belgians died on 9-1-01 at the twin towers? I’ll bet you don’t have a clue.

  391. Belgian-

    If a country is our friend they have nothing to worry about.
    If you attack us, our friends or harbor terrorists, you’re our enemy and thus…SCREWED.
    We do’nt care if other counties love us but we do want respect.

    France, Belgiam, Germany, and Russia are now considered “unfriendly” to the US by most US grass roots citizens.

    If you hate us so much please, please, please don’t watch any of our movies, TV programs, drink any Coca-Cola, use Microsoft, Gateway, Dell, go to McDs, listen to ANY of our music or use ANY of our products.

    Also don’t watch any of the games WE invented- Baseball, Basketball, or AMERICAN football. Your sissy “football” or as WE call “soccer” has infected this country with bratty kids and worse parents. Could it possibly be the elitest Euro attitude crossing over…? HMMM, I wonder?

    France is the most back stabbing, cowardly, arrogant country on the planet. Whatever they say YOU follow. Don’t tell us WE follow blindly, most of us have access to over 250 channels and get BOTH sides of the story. Quit watching your left wing, liberal communist state run channels for one day and watch Fox or even the Leftist CNN to get some of the other side. Yeh, like you’ll do that….HAh!

    74% of the people in the US are laughing their asses off at people like you…. Defenders of communism, terrorists and especially Saddam Hussain.

    I won’t even comment on your views of Bush…you’re truly the idiot, you’ve made that very clear to us. Right, Patriots out there?

  392. Yup !!

    I’m tired today so … no long writing.
    I’m not pissed off , just terrified by your ‘we go to war and fuck the rest and god bless America for the love of FastFood franchies — attitude’.

    I can’t believe your are beliveing the bullshits that you are saying.

    So Bush is a great President ??? Let see how is gonna back up the Amercan Economy ! He is sooo talented.

    American Patriot : About the memorial, I agree but is has been done bye a minority of extrimists. About 911, I cant remember exactly but not a lot :/

    Angry American : Your conceptions of World Diplomacy is has simple and narrow-minded has the one of your beloved President. And I play field-hockey, not soccer ( brrr).

    DEFENDERS OF TERRORISM .. yeaaa right that must be it.

    …. how has I said, I’m tired anyway….

    You are sooo booooring these days guys…

    Have a nice day.

  393. OOPS : I’m so tired that I have made a lot of writing errors … nevermind.

  394. ARGH I FORGOT !!!!!

    Yesterday, I was speaking about the fact that you governement did nothing to prevent the terrirism attack of 911 but knew everything about it….


    I’ll check it tomorrow.

  395. They knew what information, they we were going to be attacked or they knew that they were going to attack the towers or what? We are under a constant state of attack and the towers had been attacked once prior to 9-11. What do you think we could have done, sealed our boarders? We are attacked on a daily basis, both physically and verbally. I have friends in the military that say that they kill ragheads almost every day trying to infiltrate our bases and none of this gets on FOX. So what did they know and why didn’t your great president make some sort of announcment. Instead he allowed thousands to be killed including people from your country?
    What you say could be true, but I just don’t think George Bush would have been hesitant to forcably stop any attack. hell we can’t hardly hold him back now. And don’t give me that bullshit line about how he was going to make money out of it. they have been saying that since Kennedy was in office.
    I respect your opinions Belgian guy but what should America do? Lay down and let the terrorists take us without firing a shot? This will never happen, we have something called self determination and will never just lay down and let any people take away our freedom. We are so proud of our freedom that we want everyone to have the right to enjoy it. We do think we have so many Belgians and French citizens in our country? Your ancesters who loved freedom came over here years ago leaving your country full of the weak hearted and cowardly. That is why your in the situation you are now and why we are strong. The arabs only understand one thing , POWER. They laugh at your weakness and are happy that you will not fight back. It’s called appeasement, and it will only get you invaded and taken over by someone stronger. It’s in your history.

  396. American Patriot : Yeaa I agree, Bush couldn’t stop the country from living but he DID forbid the CIA to investigate in Arabi saoudi and about some strange people who justed wanted to fly straight and turn left and right… weird.

    I understand that America want to respond to terrorist attacks BUT it has choosed wrong target.
    Because REAL terrorist threats ARE NOT IN IRAQ (except some minor AQ founded in every arabian country).

    REAL TERRORIST THREATS COME FROM ARABI SAOUDI (+Pakistan + yemen and so..). And America doesn’t want to attack their because there is too many economical interests there (simple). Having Iraq in the hand is the best way to bring pressure to the region without too much dangers.

    ALL THAT EUROPES wanted about Iraq was SOME PROOFS !! Where are the so called weapons of mass destruction (somewhere maybe by certainly not in Iraq) ??

    I don’t really like arabian (just like most europeans do) and I’m not very proud of it but I just cant stand them…indeed they just understand power but so what ?

    What with all the crap about my ancesters ?? Come on 🙂 seriously, this is ridiculous… arabian invasion ….

    AND ONE LAST THING !! As a belgian living in a 250 miles long country, I’m more free that you ever will. Why ? Because we don’t bother anyone (simple). I certainly would not be an American or a french now.

    So indeed your peace and feedom have a price… but Europe don’t want to get involved without serious proofs. That’s all.
    If only Colin Powell had serious stuffs to show about Iraq …

    By the way :
    Where are you from ?
    Which state ?

    Have a nice day folks.

    THE PRECEDENT POST WAS FROM ME (the Belgian guy)

    Not insults from Hookset today ??

  398. You are a renaissance man, who are you really? I thought you wanted a serious discussion? Kiss Americ’a ass (Mexico).

  399. I’m serious. But what I see here is people who were born and educated to believe that they are always right and that power means everything… kind of simple.

  400. Ok here it is; I was born in Chicago in 1959 and grew up with the Viet Nam war on the TV at dinner every night. I was raised very patriotic and was told the war protesters were unamerican. I watched as the country lost hope of victory mostly though lack of will. Today I still feel that the war (VN) was just and nessesary. I am now a father and do not want my kids afraid to visit the city, or gather in large groups. We cannot afford to let these terrorists change our way of life. WWII changed our way of thinking, if we had not been attacked by suprise we would have kept our isonalationist views and never entered the war. Now we have been attacked once again with our backs turned and Leftist Europe should be happy that we haven’t taken this war further than we did. If it happens again soon you will see a wolrd of shit, this war in Iraq has showed us that we don’t have to take it anymore. Don’t mess with Texas.

  401. Ok then. That is your point of view, it is valid and I respect it.

    Now my turn : I’m was born in Belgium in 1978 and don’t have enough lived to understand possible threats that could wound my future childs. I was raised in the idea that war has to be avoided at all costs because I live on a continent that has lost millions of people in less than a century.
    But with the globalisation effect and the rise of new nationalism I want to be sure that war does not serve economical and political interests more than democracy. I was very happy to see the marines get ride of those nasty Talibans (very very happy). That war was the best example of necessary violence to bring back freedom. But I think that Iraq is the opposite and a lot of Europeans thing the same.

    I came to this forum because I was terribly angry about the facts that US considers EU has traitors. This was silly, stupid and unconsidered to thing that because a nation say no for a war it should be considered has a diplomatic agression.

    Everybody can have its own opinion but for christ sake people have TO DO THEIR own, not the one spreaded by televisions and governement. This is a typical EU reactions : not believing both of them.

    Your TV say this, our tv say that, Bush say this, Chirac say that (I hate both of them by the way). No no no !! I want my own opinion to be known !! Chirac, Shroeder, Blair, Verhofstad opinions and decisions are not mine or any of the majority of Europeans ! And to see civilians people hating each other and beginning to boycot products and culture is the better example for stupidity, narrow minds reactions and mass manipulation !!

    I came here to say that !! I’m against war, I dont like Bush but that DOES NOT MEANS that I’m again America’s culture and people. End of story.

    Have a nice day American Patriot.

  402. So did your parants ever tell you about the NAZI’s Belgian guy?

  403. You REALLY want to know why Americans are picking to boycott France and not other countries? You sure you want to know? YOu really think you can handle the answers? Here is a start. For the record my heritege as an American is German, Irish, Scottish, English, Native American, and even a bit of French. I also admit teh following is a broad generalization of French behavior but it is a generalization that holds truth and representing the majority.

    First if you think you can start an American boycott be my guest, as we both no that doesn’t stand a ice cube’s chance in hell. first you’d have to replace the NYSE, find a currency more stable then the Dollar, learn to have a work ethic that does not mean vacationing half the year, work with neighboring countries rather then bickering over trade among nations the size of our states, get a common fiscal policy in the EU….(as if) etc etc etc. Honor your trade agreements instead of breaking them everytime your farmers throw fruit in teh street. etc etc

    The only country that could successfully pull off a Boycott might be China…..and that would be as if not more painful for them as us. For that matter public saber rattling aside between our governments the Chinese-American economies are connected at the hip.We work quite well together with out all teh whining in Europe.

    Lastly many countries disagreed with ours and yet we are not boycotting them…..not even Germany is getting boycotted like France….(though I personally am boycotting them) maybe you should ask yourself, and truly think on it..why America is particularly pissed at France.

    1) You used a seat in NATO for a veto against us in a time of war, not voting for the measure is one thing but a VETO is a toss of the gauntlet did you really think that would be forgotten so soon? Did you think at all? Are you that daft? Do you not remember that in the early stages it was argued that France as a recently conquered power just freed was really not a super power at all and had no right to the security council…..and yet Americans pushed that the French be allowed on. being backstabbed by a “friend” is much more painful and venomous then an enemy.

    2) You like Russia…sold weapons to Iraq including even chemical sprayers for jet fighters (that can only have one purpose) during the Ban on Iraq weapon sales…that is post 1991..all the while trying to preach peace and containment while you helped behind the scenes promote his regime? And for what? For OIL CONTRACTS. You accuse of blood for OIL, and yet by every figure America will lose much much much more then we will ever gain from any oil especially as we have sworn all profits will go to Iraqi people, and we will STILL have to supplement their country with funds, pay for our military, aide, and maybe their lives mean nothing to you but sacrificed and risked our sons and daughters. Yet the real blood for oil deal was the French, and Russians selling arms under during the BAN period to a regime that was torturing it’s own people, and has killed millions of it’s own people…..for what….for your filthy oil contracts…..blood for oil indeed. Iraqi’s blood for French and Russian oil contracts.

    3) you of all people should remember what it was like to be under such a regime. i know you hate for us to bring up World War 2, and basically roll your eyes. But no we can;t forget that…you see Americans originally never wanted to be in the war in Europe…we were sick of Europe’s petty wars, and yet we came and we lost two generations for your country…..and yet all you can remind of us is Lafayette? Yes I respect him and he is a hero in our country..but to some how think that balances what we did for you in world war 2 is absurd…..Lafayette would roll in his grave…and no sooner then we liberated your country you treated us like swine…there are many stories from our grandparents on your poor treatment of Americans following the war, certainly didn’t appreciate us like the Italians..or for that matter even teh Germans who we were fighting! you won’t even maintain the graves of our brave soldiers that were slaughtered on your beaches…..we write a check for that each year…they died like pigs for the slaughter mowed down by machine gun fire..and you can’t even mow the grass on their graves.

    4) The cold war….througout Europe countries were crushed under the Soviet Union, while you ate wine and fresh bread, and had a booming economy that we helped rebuild….eastern countries were under repressive regimes, starving, being brutalized, and suffering…..and did you join with the countries that had so recently liberated you? No you quit NATO and left us high and dry even when we originally based it on your soil. Only to come back after the cold war was over….and what has been you first major contribution to NATO since coming back? Blocking us from using t to protect Turkey in case it might be attacked in the war on Iraq….a whiney child is not needed in a military alliance….if you want to throw tantrums do it outside our security decisions… lives are at stake….god you should be ashamed…..why you are even a member in NATO i do not have a clue you did not even have the stomach to help stop the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia….even when many of your brave soldiers wanted to.

    5) You point your finger at us trying to say how wrong we are to support Israel, and how we’re apart of some Jewish conspiracy. What have Jews done to you? As I recall it was the French government who without being asked by the Nazi’s who volunteered to send them their Jews to be slaughtered. You still consistently print Jewish hatred literature that would even offend the reformed Germans. You pretend it is because of Israel and the poor Palestinians…which I do myself feel for their plight. However I also see how you treat Muslims in your country they can live in your slums, and work for your crumbs but do you allow them to become French Citizens….a trip to your Cite’s shows how you really treat the Muslims in your country……where as here they can become as successful as they are willing to work for, and become citizens. Your Hypocrisy shows no shame.

    6) You never ever as a country admit any mistakes. You never as a country show gratitude. You never as a country act on your words….and you dare to keep calling us Arrogant…..look at yourselves.

    7) You really do have rude shop owners, I have never seen people treated as badly in American stores, as I have seen not just Americans but all sorts of nationalities treated in Paris. While I can’t really say this is a major issue..i doubt many who visit Paris except the rich elite would disagree. I will give you Normandy….if only I could have the people of Normandy replace the Parisians.

    8)You try and point out that America has supported many repressive regimes and talk about how horrible we are for this. And it is true we have in the past, because we were more concerned about the threat of communism. Considering how poor the nations of the old communists regime turned out to be I think this was a valid threat. Yet when we see the barbarism of people we support, or realizes we have a supported a wrongful regime, we withdraw support from them…over the last 10 yrs especially we have completely revaluated who we support. But when we stop supporting the brutal dictators say in Africa who practice genocide…they still buy weapons…what is the most consistent country to fill those orders when we leave? France…..

    9) You whine louder then all of the rest of the world. whether it’s trade tariffs or throwing fruit at Disney or McDonalds, you can’t just compete with other have to whine about it and make excuses you whine about the US, you whine about Germany’s power in the EU, you Whine about you not realize you whine much more then any other country in Europe or the world? That’s not just an American opinion…even Asian countries have noticed….no one likes a whiner…..learn to compete take responsibility for your economy, and stop blaming others. You sound like a teenager nation state. “We didn’t ask to be liberated” sniff.

    10) Your court system is a joke, you would rather set convicted killers free, then support your police. We are a nation based on the “rule of law” Your court system represents our worst fears on the over “victimization” of criminals to the detriment of the people they terrorize. Even your eldery are aghast at your current spiraling crime. Yes we have crime here, but at least we punish the criminals if we can bloody catch them. On what moral authority can you tell anyone how to run a country when your own government can’t even govern it’s own people?

    I could probably rant longer but I really am tired and have made enough typos and gramatical errors for teh night….i have to work in teh morning…..but while I’m sure you’ll think of some witty retort….when you consider the ill effects on yoru economy your whining has cost you….contemplate some of these factors before you shoot your mouths off again. The truth of teh matter we hear you guys whine, but we never see you guys actually go out in the world and do one damn thing to make it a better place. you critique our actions at every turn. When was the last time France did one damn thing to help someone other then France? Put up or shut up.

  404. American Freaknic, you are my hero …. thank you for opening my eyes…..

    I don’t have time to counter-explain my opinions on all of that today. But quickly :

    1) If you don’t agree with international rights then why don’t you just leave it ??

    2) I’m not concerned about Russia.

    3) Sorry for have been invaded by the Nazys, US had to fight, you were next on the line.

    4) Cold war was the result of the separation made by Roosvelt and Staline… not my problem.

    5) I have never talked about Israel (???).

    6) The most beautiful and well maintained WW2 memorials for the GI is at Bastogne … in my country by the way. Just ask WW2 veterans who come to see it, they will tell you.

    7) woo woo PAris ??? I’m NOT FRENCH ! And the quick shorcut of saying Belgium is like French is totally wrong.

    About Africa : France cannot produce enough weapons to fullfill the African continent like you or the Russian do… I’m sorry.

    8) You forgot 8

    9) I live in a 250 miles long country, so I can hardly see how my economy wouldn’t depend on the errors of the other …

    10) Maybe you got a point, but we don’t have kids daily shoted in streets because weapons are in free sales….

    Have a nice day folks.

  405. Just to be sure :



    see ya 🙂

  406. I still don’t get it Belgian guy, do you mean that we shouldn’t have removed Saddam? We shouldn’t have taken away his ability to kill inocent civilians in torture chambers, gas large groups of his own people and others, and seek weapons of mass destruction, all with profits from “Oil for food” sales. Would you deny these people the right to speak as you do? Would you prefer that we just sat back and hoped it would not effect us? World history shows how precious freedom is, yes? Answer me! What should we have done, nothing?

  407. Waffle Boy, ah, hmmm, well… ah, screw trying to argue with you’re communist views….I’m gonna go eat a burger, drink a coke, watch some porn, shoot my guns at targets of Saddam and Osama and kiss the Amercan Flag, Because WE will always be FREE.

    That’s right, anyone who screws with us get’s a boot up their ass, you can count on that.

    You still don’t say anything about the FREED Iraqis…Why not? HMMMM?

  408. ::American Freaknic, you are my hero …. thank you for opening my eyes…..

    Don’t Mention it…..God Knows Belgium has no heroes of it’s own.

    ::I don’t have time to counter-explain my opinions on all of that today. But quickly :

    Translation: “I really can’t say much on the subject as I mainly just hang out at raves in Europe, trying to feel superior with my fellow neo hippie candy ravers Whining about America, and have no idea what I am talking about.

    ::1) If you don’t agree with international rights then why don’t you just leave it ??

    One because why would we leave the UN when it’s on OUR soil….and we built the damn thing, and we’re the ONLY country to ever enforce any of decision as Europe was to impotent to even do anything in Kosovo which is it’s own back yard? Western Europe is not the UN, and more then a few countries there especially the newly freed eastern block happen to like us.

    ::2) I’m not concerned about Russia.

    I’m not concerned about belgium….neither is Russia or anyone else except the few who take the EU seriously. Maybe if you guys actually get a common fiscal policy, politics, military we’ll pay attention. I think you would have been concerned about Russia..had we not been in World War 2 and you’d have been under Stalin’s control.

    ::3) Sorry for have been invaded by the Nazys, US had to fight, you were next
    ::on the line.

    Next? You really think The nazi’s would have come to America…..your not real good with Geography or the history of fire arms amongst civilians in this country are you? For that matter as we know now Russia would have kicked Hitler’s ass probably on their own given time..and then you’d have all been communist..which I suspect is what France wanted anyway.

    ::4) Cold war was the result of the separation made by Roosvelt and Staline…
    ::not my problem.

    Hmmm Yeah so I guess you didn’t notice that while you benefited from a free market economy, education, and a bright future and a economy that America helped rebuild….your cousins in eastern Europe were starving…yup I guess it wasn’t your problem…luckily we made it our problem for you. Ya know that statement really does sum up the lack of gratefulness, that pisses Americans off you benefited off our blood, and yet only your granparents remember to thank us. We should have just let Stalin roll in..and butcher western Europeans like he did eastern. ….oh that’s right I forgot America And Britain had a conscience.

    ::5) I have never talked about Israel (???).

    Might surprise you but this discussion is not about YOU….you are not the topic neither do I really care about you. This is a topic on France…..and you’re only here because Belgium plays follow the leader in the EU. Israel is constant topic with France…and as I was discussing France and not you a brought it up…….pay attention.

    ::6) The most beautiful and well maintained WW2 memorials for the GI is at
    ::Bastogne … in my country by the way. Just ask WW2 veterans who come to see
    ::it, they will tell you.

    Once again I was talking about France not you….are most Belgians this self centered, you did see the topic head right? As for those memorials I’m glad to see they are maintained by Belgians, and that some Belgians did consider the cold war their problem…..much more so then they’re spoiled kids.

    ::7) woo woo PAris ??? I’m NOT FRENCH ! And the quick shorcut of saying Belgium ::is like French is totally wrong.

    What part of the Topic not including Belgium don’t you understand? you do speak English right? Topic is on France……I don’t remember even addressing you.

    ::About Africa : France cannot produce enough weapons to fullfill the African
    ::continent like you or the Russian do… I’m sorry.

    I’ll give you Russia, however take a closer look at which countries America currently supports in Africa, and which we do not. It’s not about selling weapons it’s who we sell weapons too. I was pointing out that pretty much wherever other countries have pulled their support because of the disgusting tribalistic genocide France says Oui we shall sell you weapons! They care not who they sell to or what their record is that was my attention.

    :: You forgot 8

    i didn’t for get 8…..if you put a 8 and ) you get 8)

    ::9) I live in a 250 miles long country, so I can hardly see how my economy wouldn’t
    ::depend on the errors of the other …

    Once again I didn’t even acknowledge your country I was speaking of France…..also the point is not about worrying about other’s mistakes it’s about throwing tantrums everytime another out competes with you and acting like sore losers instead of just competing I don’t see the germs bitching and moaning every time a new Lexus rolls out.

    ::10) Maybe you got a point, but we don’t have kids daily shoted in streets because
    ::weapons are in free sales….

    I rather take that risk with my kids, and have them grow up in a country where people still stand up for what they believe and go out and change things, instead of cowering on the sidelines and critiquing others. We Americans happen to recognize we all die sometime, but to live you must take risks.

    You ever hear that American song? “Your so vain… think this song is about you don’t you? don’t you?”

    I think maybe Europeans might not worry so much about what Americans think about them if they realized really how little we think about them at all.

  409. Hé don’t forget that was the so called reason why America and UK go in Irak

  410. Yhea c’est nous les ricains, et on va partir freedom irak.
    Pour ca une seule solution on bommbarde tous le monde comme ca au moins apres céest plus calme.

    J’encule les ricains, yhea.
    translation: i fuck you bunch of pigs

  411. Great points Freaknic! They hate it when you argue with purpose and not stupidity.

    What agout the 100 children rescued from the Iraqi prison for not joining the Baath party? HMMMM?

    What about the Iraqis dragging Saddams statue down the street hitting with shoes? HMMMM?

    What about our POWs that were shot in the head? HMMMM?

    What about the terrorist style bombings at checkpoints? HMMMM?

    You simple bastards think and hope we won’t gonna find WMDs. Let’s see; what about the Syria connection? While we were kissing the UNs ass they were moving stuff to other terrorist nations and groups. We’ll find it, too bad for you, I guess.

    This IS a page about and for FRANCE HATERS!!!!! Keep to the subject you euro lefties.

    As I said before; France is trying to use the UN as a Trojan Horse to get back into Iraq and get THEIR oil deal done! If we let them they’ll cry victory WITHOUT shedding any blood for the liberation of the Iraqi people and the oil. Again, WE fight THEIR battles for them. They are truly cowardly spineless scum. Colin Powell said it yesterday when he was asked “Should France pay a price for obsructing the enforcement UN resolution 1441?” He said simply “YES.”

    FRANCE IS FUCKED AS LONG AS THIS PRESIDENT IS IN OFFICE, too bad for the poor pitiful leftist Euros and the French.

    What is Frances GNP anyway? What about Belgiams? I bet both of them combined don’t light a match to just Californias’. They think they are SOOO important to the world. We’ll find out just WHO is important in the next year. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!!!!

  412. I hope the U.S. takes a big healthy SHIT on FRANCE. They deserve whatever they get. God damn pacafist country, riding our coat tails AGAIN. What would the world do with out the U.S.????

    They’d be totally screwed.

    No Velcro, Microsoft, Dell, Gateway, Boeing, Coke, Hollywood Movies, Ford, Chevy, Colt, Smith and Wesson, Winchester, McDonalds, Disney, Football, Baseball, Basketball, NASA technology, General Electric, Mobil, Phillips, Texaco, Con Agra.
    etc., etc., etc….not to mention the U.S. military coming to the aid of WEAK defenceless countries like FRANCE and BELGIAM. Get on your knees and pray NOTHING BAD happens to the U.S. YOU’LL BE SO FUCKED WITHOUT US AND YOU KNOW IT. Stop and see who the REAL enemy is- RADICAL ISLAM! NOT THE U.S.! They attacked us and now we’re taking names and kicking asses and the leftist euros think we have no right to. If we get attacked in ANY way, we WILL fight back unlike FRANCE. They just can’t stand that we beat them on ALL counts: GNP, Military, Morality, Ingenuity, Land Mass, Population, Entertainment, etc.

    FUCK FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  413. To my “walloon” friend, are you also a DHKP/C member? It’s pretty clear that we can bash France better than you can bash the USA. So where do you stand. Belgium has so many political parties I can’t put you in a catagory. Or are you a ‘Fleming”? What about the big pussy Verhofstadt? Whats his excuse for being weak?

  414. This Belgian is so misguided…Yeh, what party does he belong too anyway??? He sure has a big mouth for living in such a small communist country. I suggest he thinks twice and looks at France and Belgiams government before talking trash about GW Bush and Tony Blair.

    So Bush is an idiot?? What does Chirac look like now? I HUGE communist idiot! If they’d drink a litte Jack Danials instead of all that wimpy wine maybe they’d grow a pair of balls. They’ll need them the next time they need us to bail them out of a jam.


  415. I am a homosexual, communist and am so misguided. Thank you for setting me straight. I love the U.S. and GW Bush. Please come to Belgaim and bone me in the butt with your big American penis.

  416. You are very funny. But you speak as though you have no penis. Are you sure your a man? Or are you a big european, hockey playing, chick with a strap on.

  417. Stick to the issues please. Though maybe I was hot headed, I tried to address issues that are real, and what the real reasons are for the current cold shoulder treatment to Europe..and France especially. I hate to think that I inspired juvenile name calling.

  418. The only opinions here seem to be of the “allies” and one lonely Belgian. We have rehashed the subject untill I’m embarassed. He is all we have left and is a reasonable guy. No French seem to have any fight left in them(at least not here). No wonder, they were wrong all along. The belgian guy just likes to discuss the mistakes they have made. Bush is the man, surely he has a new plan for futher adventures. And I’m sure the French will cry some more.Don’t mess with Texas. What say you my Walloon friend?

  419. WOOO SLOW DOWN !!!!!


    “I’m a Homosexual communist … ” wasn’t from the real me American Patriot.

    But since you have decided to break conversation with insults againt : YOU HAVE WON !!

    I quit. I don’t have time and patience to discuss with people who have a HUGE PARADOX.


    And to finish : indeed ONE LONELY BELGIAN (me) was enough to turn you enraged for weeks.

    So long American Patriot, so long the rest of you.
    I ‘ll still continue to speak with friends from America, but stangely, they are all from NY and not from Texas or middel-west or all those dark ages states.
    (Simple people like simples ideas, Bush is good at it)

    Bye bye !! The Belgian Guy (the real one)

  420. One very last thing :

    American Patriot is from Texas and a hard American, but at least, HE (AND ONLY HE) has respect for opinions.

    HE IS not like the rest of you guy who make me quit.


  421. The conclusions : (how doesn’t interest the half of you I know)

    — US —

    – France sucks : Just because Chirac decided something, so France people has to be hatted.
    – When you don’t agree with the American political choices : You are AUTOMATICALY considered by Americans as a communist or a traitor.
    – When America ask for war with no proofs of direct threat, you have to follow them without questions.
    – When America attacks a third world country, it is for Peace and Freedom only (…).
    – Collateral Damages are not to be considered since this is for a good cause.
    – Don’t say that President Bush is an manipulated idiot (even if you heard it from America’s top political and military advisors) because when a guy is President of the USA, he is the shit man !
    – War is cool you damned chain smoking grass hippies !!
    – A man elected by less than 50% of his people is called democracy.
    – Americans don’t go to vote (they don’t have time to …) but are first on the line to critizise eveything.
    – Clinton was fucking his secretary but so what ? He was a cool guy.
    – When something is said on TV or by a governement officials, Americans believe it.
    -Americans think that when you don’t agree with them, they should back every thing that is sold on your territory.
    – Americans are always right because they are Americans (and if you don’t agree, a quick look at the arsenal shall change your mind).
    – For America, you can talk to other country (on the diplomatic side) if you have a lot of weapons to shut the mouth of those you oppose you.

    …Well, if you are not American, fuck you. Americas is the ultimate shit an that is universal.

    — EU —

    – Europe is a pussy (military speaking).
    – Europe is still too much divided.
    – Europeans are selfish communists traitors (anyone who believe this is an TV_eater_idiot).
    – Europe is still a slow moving nation but at least doesn’t kill people on doubiest means.
    – Europe is not clear (just like the USA)
    – Europe is only focused on commercial and financial aspect.
    – France and Germany are the old Europe.
    – The east countries are great because they support US (because they are money less and America pays them to join the cause).
    – The east countries shall have troubles to enter the EU unions if they continue to disagree with ‘the Old EU’ but still wants the money.

    If you are an European, don’t say too loud what you think, because you were not born in America so you are not the shit so you should shut up.

    …. but at least, you can try to say that you follow their way of life but DON’T agree with some ideas…

    End of story… lets get back to the very very enlighted trusty clever topic … France sucks.

  422. If WMD’s are the main cause behind all this…..Why not just jail or kill the people who sell/deal in them ?

  423. I have been to Texas once, I was born in Chicago Il. I have lived in 4 states and I am unlucky enough to live in Mississippi now, where oppession is alive and well. Belgian guy you are like me, you are a Belgian Patriot an I respect that, I do not respect the name calling or name switching. I choose the name ‘American Patriot’ because I really am one. I pray for peace daily and raise my kids to do the same. I will not be back in support of the Belgian guy. I believe in what Bush is trying to do and I support our soldiers 100%. Here are my conclusions:

    Europe is fast loosing it’s voice in world politics.
    Europe has gotten used to passification and this always leads to occupation.
    Europe has stabbed the USA in the back by not supporting us in our time of need.
    Europe has layed the ground work for breaking up the U.N.(a divided UN is not a united nations).
    France not only opposed us but actually tried to block our invasion, this was taking sides literally. So France has lost yet anohter war without firing a shot.
    Europe has allienated 90% of America.

    Pandora’s box has been opened and now we must live and fight for our survival.
    Americans cannot live in a world seperated from Europe and Asia and we do agree with thier views.
    America should realize this is “holy war” that was started by finatical Muslim clerics with a thirst for power. They will fight on the backs of thier children and elderly.
    America this is not going away soon, the worst is yet to come.
    We must be prepared to fight for our way of life.

    How would it be if Baptist preachers all across America told thier people Kill Arabs every time they went to church. What if they told thier people that the arabs were the cause of all thier problems and organized rallies to burn thier flags and chant Death to Arabs. Would we not look at these men and say” something is wrong with this religon?
    I’m sorry Belgian guy, you are a Patriot and you should be proud. Thank you for our discussions. Good luck, you have my E-mail.
    And yes France sucks, they cannot be trusted and are not our allie. You can always tell who your friends are when times are tough, they may not agree with the way you do things, but they know what is right and just and support you for doing what has to be done.
    President Bush is a brave man. This war was not easy for him, you can see it in his eyes when visits the troops. Clinton would have taken the easy way out and simply closed his eyes will they attack us and problably made excuses for thier actions.Clinton was a liar and a cheat, and could not be trusted. Bush followers believe that when something threatens you, you must fight against it. Not just hope it goes away( North Korea). Thank you American soldiers for your bravery and sacrifices. The world has changed and new alliances have been formed. What side would you choose to be on?

  424. Don’t mess with Texas, was for Bush. It was from ‘ saturday night live’. Good luck again Belgian Guy Iraq was your ‘waterloo’. I can see from your geography why you would not oppose France or Germany. I understand why you would blindly follow misguided directions, they have you surrounded. Hold on, we will be right there. Wait a minute, you didn’t support us, too bad. We will be there to help as soon as we can figure out how to make our cars run off of waffles and cheese.

  425. Yes but the U.K. has not fallen into the quagmire that the rest of western europe has. The U.K. has shown that they will not stand by while we fight for freedom. This is why I do not include them in my references to europe. The U.K. has shown itself to be are only true friend. Once again.
    God save the queen!

  426. I dunno about the queen……but God Bless the Prime Minister, and the Brave men and women of the U.K. Military, and intelligence services. Of course I will always tip my hat to the SAS the men who taught us and the world how you deal with terrorists. No the U.K. does not really fit in with whiney liberal mainland Europe.

  427. And by the way I’m not from Texas…..I’m from Tennessee the state who sent boys down to fight and create Texas. (God Bless Sam Houston) =)

  428. The reason why the SAS are so good (and the British military in an urban enviroment) is that they have had plenty of practice against the IRA terrorists. (who were armed, funded, and supported by …guess who ?)

  429. American freaknic, your mom is calling. Time to come in for dinner. You just don’t get it.

  430. Sam Houston was not as great of a man as Davy Crocket. He also was from Tenn. and also died creating Texas. He was one of the last honest politicians of American history, and a great leader of men.

  431. Name: The SAS have had plenty of practice well beyond just the IRA. that’s sort fo a slap in teh face to them to say that’s where tehy got their experience. They have been working with US forces for a long long time all around the world, and I expect them to be working closely for a long time to come. As for the IRA comment yes I know they were funded by Irish Americans mainly, being part Irish myself, I’m not to proud of that….but although I could sympathize with the IRA of say Michael Collins day. I can’t say anyone thought much of what they became.

    American Patriot: No I guess I don’t get you. Or your juvenile attempt at name calling. If you have read my posts we’ve sort of been on the same side. As for the mom thing…..I’m 30. What is your point?

    American Teacher: I am well aware of Davy Crocket and his death at the Alamo, but they were not creating Texas just then….in fact it’s never been really satisfactorily established just what a large band of Tennessee sharp shooters in Mexico were up to… though I suppose history has panned it out. As for which man is greater..that sort of sounds like my dad is better then your dad…..I think both men were great in different ways.

    I mentioned Sam Houston because though I do admire Davy, I admire Sam much more. He was a honest politician, he was a Congressman and a Governor of Tennessee, a decorated soldier, He avenged the Davy..led the charge saying “remember the Alamo”, he founded the country of the Republic of Texas was the Commander in chief of the forces of Texas, elected it’s first President after he won Independence from Mexico, he was it’s first Governor, and later a Texas Senator,, and then when it became a state he was it’s Governer. He was comfortable in Native American attire and was welcomed by the Cherokee nation as an honorary member, or a tux with tails among the east coast gentry, or in a uniform with the army, or in his leather stockings as an explorer that would make Charles Fredrick Lindsey proud. I also respect him for standing up to the Confederacy and saying openly he was against succession from the Union in the Civil war…..this of course cost him his job as governor. I just like to mention him from time to time, to help Texans remember how important Tennesseans are to their history, and why to this day they are such a part of Texas History including many early Texas Rangers…….but this topic is not about Texas Rangers, When I eat dinner with my old mum, or the SAS…’s about the French Boycott….let’s stick to that.

  432. American Freaknic One mans terrorist is another mans friend .? The point that I was trying to make is that the US will give tacit approval to terrorists if it suits their (political) needs, Even if it against their “closest friend and allies”

    I’m well aware that the SAS and the British military have used their skills to
    excellent effect all over the world since the second world war (particularly in Malaya in the 50’s against the communist rebellion)
    The French are looking after their own interests ,which is exactly the same as what the US does…….
    It just does not coincide with US’ agenda for that region .

    The US are going to pull out of Saudi…they need a new country to place their bases….Turkeys under pressure too, about the US bases there… my bets northern Iraq in a new Kurdistan..

  433. American Freaknic One mans terrorist is another mans friend . The point that I was trying to make is that the US will give tacit approval to terrorists if it suits their (political) needs, Even if it against their “closest friend and allies”
    Okay first part i bet child molesters and and rapists have friends too doesn’t mean they don’t suck and should be destroyed. It also says a hell a lot about those who would be friends with em in my book.
    As for us supporting terrorist…well that’s a nifty point to make, but with out actual examples or proof it’s about as good a point as the moon landing was fake… me the proof. What are you talking about? When have we supported terrorists against our allies? Since when did the US Govt support the IRA ever? It’s never happened. Some Irish Americans may have sent money, but i assure you if the US Govt had proof it would prosecute them.
    I’m well aware that the SAS and the British military have used their skills to
    excellent effect all over the world since the second world war (particularly in Malaya in the 50’s against the communist rebellion)
    The French are looking after their own interests ,which is exactly the same as what the US does…….
    It just does not coincide with US’ agenda for that region .
    Name the last time Americans persude their interests at the cost of lives to the allies, the last time we sent weapons to a nation hostile and in constant conflict with our allies. They were sending weapons while we were patrolling the no fly zone…….that’s a bit more underhanded then persuing national interests. Americans also do not sell weapons to just anyone to make a buck…..France does..and that is MY point my friend. EVERY single nation in teh world will persue it’s own interests….but when it does so while supporting war criminals, with no regard for any morality of those it supports it crosses a line.
    The US are going to pull out of Saudi…they need a new country to place their bases….Turkeys under pressure too, about the US bases there… my bets northern Iraq in a new Kurdistan..
    I’m all for pulling out of Saudi being as they gave the largest financial support to Al-Queda and unlike Pakistan have not done much really to prosecute those who raised that money. Besides any nation that has a “royal” family that actually does rule the country beyond figure head sort of goes in my book as none to democratic anyway. Secondly if I had to choose between troops in Turkey, and Kurdistan…of course I’d prefer the Kurds..the Turks don’t want us on their soil….and the Kurds do……The Turks had a choice. They made it. I can’t say I think much of Turkey’s current position, their history of denying the Armenian holocaust. or their hatred of the Kurds, which i suspect they would like to do away with the way they did the Armenians. I think Turkey is a good example of how America is re-evaluating who it wants to be its allies given their records. We needed Turkey during teh cold war, we’ve overlooked far too much, and they have proffitted from our military pocket books for a long time…..then they tried to blackmail us in our time of need for more money… far as i am concerned we shoudl move our troops out. you act as if our troops in their country has been a bad thing they didn’t want…..You do know the millions we spend there right? they wanted us there in the past…..

  434. American Teacher…

    Not to be snippy but, considering you were the one who wrote off Sam Houston and did not seem to know much about him, but had only heard of Davy Crocket, who though i admire doesn’t have quite the history of Mr. Houston in my opinion….and it’s just my opinion perhaps…….I would say I looked it up for you…..I’m well aware of both men’s history in my State……I paid attention in class. Perhaps next week we can go over John Coffee Hays and the Texas Rangers, or the percentage of Tennesseans at the Alamo if ya like.

  435. First of all ‘Name” excellent post! ‘American Freaknic” I’m sorry you are right, but Davy was a very interesting man. Back to france.

  436. “but when it does so while supporting war criminals, with no regard for any morality of those it supports it crosses a line.”
    Iran /Iraq war ring a bell ?It wasn’t just the French thar made a mint out of that one ..
    Afghanistan,when the Russian s were there ( Osma could do no wrong ,by the CIA..what a difference 15 years has made)
    Turkey ,not the first time someone “has bit the hand that fed them” (from the US perspective) ..But from theirs , it wasn’t charity that made you put your listening posts and military bases there , it was a fear of the big bear,You paid top dollar for the privilege, not a real surprise that the price is being haggled over is it, after all its a “free market economy” out there ,isn’t it ? .
    The reason why “Turkey is being re evaluated as an ally ” is that the USSR is no longer the force it once was in the 45~80’s…. The expenditure cannot be justified in relation to level of threat…. The bases were there for reasons of your own security…

    Im probably sounding somewhat anti American…but I’m not ,The few that Ive met in London , I’ve rather enjoyed the company of….
    The worry that Ive got is that since 9/11 your government has changed, there no-longer any checks and balances, UN is ignored ,Geneva war convention, ignored ,over such basic things in a civilised world as internment of “war” prisoners.(Can you imagine the outcry if US soldiers were held in the same way as the Afghan ones)
    If another government pops up on your radar as unsuitable ..what then…Might is right ?
    Your god given right to free the world’s (of what you call) oppressed….
    Of hand I cannot think of one Muslim democracy……Maybe democracy is a christian ideal ,are we right in stating that , vote , or we will sort you out …?
    When our politicians start using the words Moral ,just, or God given right to justify a war ,It does worry me……
    (bleeding liberal heart ?….maybe …I’m just cynical about our governments motives,when our so called “news” gets so manipulated and managed).

    I just wish that I was as confident that other people seem to be about the reasons why we went into Iraq ,(Incidentally the reasons kept changing)

    ( P.S. I’ll remember to put my name on the top in future post’s ,so people know who to swear at….! )

  437. On the original subject …The French politico’s just love manoeuvring, witness the European common market ,(or whatever its called this year) ,and their fun and games in NATO (all the benefits ,without the costs)…..
    They probably do realise now that they did show their position ,to early and too hard, which will hurt them where it hurts (Pockets)… Causing them to backtrack……..They will deny ever taking any stance in 6 months time…

    But why the vehemence just against France, when Germany had the same views.? more BMW and Mercedes sales ?

  438. Tankus is right, there is no way we would give up our luxury vehicles and german beer!! What do the french offer us, the renault and snails (well a lot of products that we really dont even associate with france). However France was acting like the leader for this group of hippies.

    The US has never liked the French, partly due to the way that their culture is (they sometimes come off as rude), and because of their attempts to remain a world power despite their pitiful war history.

    I personally as an American from California understand the Euro view point and the American view point. However the American goal has nothing to do with liberation, that is just a front. Same thing happened in the first gulf war. Why stop Iraq from invading Kuwait? Fight against evil governments? No, it was for oil…duh.

    This situation, Saudi arabia (our oil bitch) no longer seems like someone we want to do business with…whom else has enough oil to satisfy our SUV loving citizens? IRAQ BINGO!!

    BUT WAIT! we cant all of a sudden become friends with Saddam, we have to find a way to get him out of there and create a government that is PRO AMERICAN! Thats the ticket, little do the governments and people realize (or care) is that by setting Iraq up to be our bitch will help the world economy, along with “liberating” a people (who really cares though).

    Destroy Iraq? Bring back imperialism? Sure why not, as long as my gas prices can fall below 2 bucks a gallon again.

    First we gotta look at the objectives for France, and for the US. (Germany has just turned into a bunch of liberals that hate war). France would like to keep Saddam in power, why? In hopes of building a better relationship with them and thus eventually opening up better trade negotiations (leaving the Us with our dick in the wind). They want Iraq for Europe, with the US not involved.
    The US wants to oust saddam and have a pro American govt in Iraq. This will benefit everybody (except saddam and the ruling Baath party.)

    Each country is greedy in a way, however the US way will help pull us out of the slump the world has been in since 9/11.

  439. George W. Bush

    – Crazy Texan with ambitions of world domination?
    -Stupid Texan who seeks revenge for his dear old daddy?

    Why did Bush try so hard to make the world so anti Iraqi? Is Saddam really that much worse than the dozens of other cruel dictators? Is he setting a precident saying that we will go in and violently overthrow any govt that we do not like?

    In my opinion (economics and oil aside) Bush used the wrong reasons for attacking Iraq. #1 we cannot link Iraq to Terrorists. #2 Weapons of mass destruction. #3 Evil dictator that opresses his people.

    Well saddam was complying with UN demands, we got other dictators to deal with, and if the whole terrorist thing is even true! …why havnt we invaded every other Islamic filled country?

    Now lets look at why Europe was against the war.
    #1 they are bleeding heart liberals.
    #2 They are smart enough to see Bush’s true motives.
    #3 Their societies are generally against war (bad history, especially the French)

    Personally I am not completely for one side or the other, however I believe that we should have gone with the majority of what our allies wanted to do, and not go our separate ways.

    Oh and just some other trivia, I saw a poll on a website that stated 65% of americans would not contest bombing France on our way back home….I just find that funny.

  440. Lets all bash America cause nobody is looking. This is not a forum for democrats and leftist Californians to bash our president. Go to France Davis. and tankus 15 yrs did make the difference so did killing 2000 people. Wake up!

  441. I want to start a new conversation start off like this fuck bush and fuck usa. how the hell can you say Syria is hiding Saddam’s Regime stupid hicks eversince Saddam came into power Syrian-Iraqi relations have been tense. Syria is the only Arab country that sided with Iran during the Iran-Iraq war Syria sent 17,000 soldiers with 600 tanks in operation Desert Storm to liberate Kuwait and a reminder when Iraq sent its forces to Golan in 73′ Syria gave orders to the Syrian soldiers to get them out finally they left they didnt help us it was a triple out war from the Syrian point of view so if your really anti-american. Well thats the spirit fuck usa down with bush and shame on blair!

  442. As for the whole France hatred, thinking they have a weak military and calling french kisses the “freedom kiss” and french fries “liberty fries” dont get me started you lost yourself further then hitler himself. the French Air Force/ Navy/ Army its still a strong force and would keep usa at its tips. France doesnt suck usa does. You say Hitler is bad for killing 6 million jews, when you a country that stands for “justice” killed so many Africans. Saying Muslims are all “terroists” what about the KKK damn bastards. the only reason you havent lost many wars is because A; you go against countries that have enough problems, and Nazism Germany destroyed themselves they were to far in russia to re group and send another attack on the allied forces otherwise usa would be speaking germen. france doesnt suck if anything usa sucks. france didnt back away from a war with the Soviet Union that was you again remember.

  443. ONE MORE THING REAL FAST! FUCKING AMERICANS you done so many wrong things in a short time Syria+Egypt didnt want to kill all the Isrealis we just wanted to liberate Palestine! YOU fucking bastards did that in Vietnam raping there women killing there kids LORD destroy USA for whats its worth NOTHING!

  444. Syria who?????? Can you say F_R_A_N_C_E , dumbass syrian idiot.
    What we didn’t offer enough money? Stay home, it made no difference anyway.

  445. #DangerDavis…..3 Their societies are generally against war (bad history, especially the French)
    Might also have something to do with the heart bombed out of it (Europe) , during WW1 and 2 ? ….(our own fault though..!)

    Read an interesting comment from an American general ( I cannot remember who..sorry !), over something I didn’t fully understand before, over the first gulf “war”.
    The British Government were all for going on to Baghdad .. But the US stopped.. I used to think that Bush senior had lost his bottle, due the increasing number of body bags being flown home.

    But (according to this general ) they stopped mainly due to the advice from the Arabic co alition forces. (mainly the Saudi,s). They were concerned that if Saddam was toppled, the Iranian fundamentalists would immediately fill the void , and set up a theocracy ,totally against all western values and ideals…….Saddam could be (relatively) controlled because he needed the west to stay in power,and it formed a buffer state between Iran and Saudi Arabia.(one Arab caring for another ?)…If Iraq went ,the Saudi’s borders would then be infiltrated and the “Royal” family would be next !

    Which is what appears to be happening with the Shea population in southern Iraq.
    Saddam’s gone …but I don’t think that you should be too worried about the French, they are going to be the least of the US’s problems,in the coming years .
    Anyway once the French exports are seriously reduced , and if Chirac remains true to form ,Bush can expect some future major French brown tonguing..

    Chirac will be in jail for corruption ,as soon as he gets kicked out after the next election. The only thing keeping him out ,is that french law does not allow their presidents to go to court.

    American Anti ….. Osma was killing plenty of people before 9/11 , they just happened to be Russian conscripts and other muslims, So I guess that makes it alright then ………

  446. This was orginally posted by this dumbass;
    American Anti
    Syria who?????? Can you say F_R_A_N_C_E , dumbass syrian idiot.
    What we didn’t offer enough money? Stay home, it made no difference anyway.
    May.03.2003 @ 07:19:11
    hell were you going for in this reply?

  447. Hell ya, another dumbass.
    I care very little for all “others’ that he has killed. Only my people matter, everything changed on 9-11.Wake up.

  448. Syria dude, no one cares about syria, Bush is just bitching at them because Bush realizes that now that Iraq is out of the way he either needs to start putting the heat on North Korea or find someone new.

    But north korea will be too much of a hassel so hes gonna start picking on Syria. So just stop bitching and watch how things play out over the next couple of months, most likely everything will blow over.

    Oh and dont be so anti american, it just makes you seem jelous.

  449. Tankus, good point. I remember reading an article on the subject. Basically the reason why Bush sr. didnt finish the job was because that was not what the UN gave us permission to do. The coalition (1st gulf war) was told to remove Iraq from Kuwait and nothing more, had we finished the job, that general could have been very right, Islamic theocracy #2 would have been in place.

    But lets start up a new conversation, one that is sure to piss people off.

    What is the main reason for the worlds problems right now. 3 options

    1. Religion in general does nothing but create problems.
    2. Islam is a hostile religion and its followers seem to be causing our worlds terrorist problems.
    3. or America’s foreign policy is to blame, should we be in everybody’s business, especially when they hate us and our culture?

  450. I personally would like to blame religion. Think about it, what is wrong with the middle east? Well besides poverty, its Islam, and their reaction towards the other religions in the world. Islam like Christianity are dominate religions, usually due to the way their followers attempt to convert everything they see. Neither religion can accept the other and it creates conflict wherever they go.

    If the middle east had no religion issues, we would have nothing but a bunch of poor rag heads that could be profiting over the rest of the world due to their huge oil thing they got going on.

    If they would all turn into rational business men, instead of retarded religious fundalmentalists then terrorism (whose basis in this region is mostly from religion) we probably wouldnt have all of these problems.

    I say FUCK religion, it does nothing but give people something to fight over, why should people hate one another because they worship an imaginary deity that differs from their own. Mohammed was an idiot, Jesus was a cult leader, lets move ON!!!!

  451. No other religion in the world asks it’s followers to sacrifice thier children to commit suicide to further thier cause. No other religion calls for the distruction of another people or denies another race to exsist. Muslum clerics worldwide are doing this every day, we cannot go on acting like this is not happening. Blaming all religion only shows how much you know about the many peace loving religions there are who do not promote violence. This is “holy war’. They have called for it since they killed Bobby Kennedy. Wake up America.

  452. Davis. how much oil do the Palistinians control? The Syrians? The only reason they use Mohammed is to make everyone scared to publicly say they are wrong. It’s called a “front”. Evil is on thier side, who’s side are you on?

  453. First, Palistinians dont even have their own fucking country, second Islam is no worse than Christianity. The only difference is how far the Christian religion has evolved compaired to that of islam.

    Catholic priests used to be some of the most powerful and evil sons of bitches in the world, eventually we were able to turn them into polite child molestors, some day Muslims will “evolve” and put a leash on their terrorist loving shieks or whatever the fuck they are called.

    Crusades, inquisition, etc..etc… these things show how christianity can be just like the fucken Jihad, but what im trying to get at is ….If the rag heads dont have to fight because of Allah, then they would have no real reason. If white people didnt have a holy land to free from rag heads then there wouldnt have been the crusades!

    And Mohammed is no different from our jesus, dont do that you’ll go to hell!!! THe rag heads are just telling their people go kill americans and you’ll go to heaven with virgin pussy!!! I mean come on is it really that much different?

  454. Crusades. inquisition? you can compare then and now? I believe we had witch doctors then too. Were the crusades not led by a king? Thats the problem we should have evolved beyond all that. Isn’t islam just as old as christianity? Maybe it’s the dumbass people who have not evolved.

  455. American Anti ….. Bit like McCarthyism, and the anti communist scare, don’t tell us that your country hasn’t been there too..?

  456. American Anti … your right……a lot of people have not religiously “evolved” on all sides………

  457. Religions don’t start wars, goverments do. Some goverments simply allow these people to commit terrorism and then retreat back to the safety of thier host countries. This is what we will not put up with any longer. Your country is next if youy sit back and act like you don’t know what’s going on. WAKE UP!

  458. One of the points I have been trying to get accross to people is that European civilization (white boys) have “evolved” a little faster than other civilizations, give the rag heads some time and they will eventually catch up.

    It is my firm belief that America’s stance against “terrorism” will only make things worse. Afgahnastan sure, Iraq kinda pushing it, and if we decide to go after any Governments we are in the wrong. By hostily taking over these countries we are giving the terrorist what they need, more popular support from their countrymen. I say get out of Iraq as soon as possible, drop the # of force we have in the persian gulf, and send our boys home.

    Staying out there does nothing but create more and more problems, there is a reason why the Rag heads are singling us out from the rest of white countries, we are always in their business. You dont see rag heads preeching to their followers about how they must kill all the Sweeds. We need to protect our own, meaning if we see a threat out there do small tacticle strikes against it and make sure the homeland is secure. Go back to hunting down terrorists and leave imperialism aside its only gonna make things worse.

    Oh yea and FUCK FRANCE!!!!! and more props to America and its true friends! (Australia and the UK)

  459. It’s quite funny to read the very rich conversations between you, Americans!! You have not the wonderful luck to be born French but do not be so embittered. Fortunately, all the Americans are not like you (those who had the excellent idea to move to France and to learn the French culture and language) and fortunately they are not all so vulgar…

  460. Luck – Hell, I was born, raised, and educated here in the Great State of Texas, USA. Much of ‘your’ ethnocentric views expressed here will be the unraveling of your country. Actions always speak louder than words. I have spent the greater part of an hour reading some interesting postings on this site. One thing rings true – FRANCE SUCKS !!! The absolute best posting on this site sums up how spineless the French people (majority) really are was from old Marine regarding a French army officer and how he simply walked away from the threat of getting his ass kicked by a female U.S. Marine Corp officer. This sums up the French at their best – when the going gets tough, the French simply walk away. Long live Texas , Wille Nelson and GW !!

  461. By the way ‘old Marine’, if you are stilled tuned in to this site you have my utmost respect and appreciation for what you are doing, represent and stand for. Thanks for a job well done !!

  462. France is the only nation with penis envy. Sure, sure, the French helped the “colonials” in the war with Britian. As usual with the French, it was not for altuistic reasons. It was because they hated the British. As Americans, we repaid the debt many times over.

    Hence, France Sucks! The French can kiss my Yankee ass! France is a country full of “wankers!” (Thought you Brits out there would like that!) DeGaulle can rot in hell!

  463. >”As usual with the French, it was not for altuistic reasons”

    So you REALLY do think that US went to Irak for altruistic reasons? Nooo, I just can’t imagine that.

    Of course Saddam is an asshole and deserve a thousand death. But does his people deserve the same?

    Because you are sooo stronger than any country makes you better human beings. Does that allows you to walk on other’s head?
    Do you really think you can be world’s cops and go over International Rights?

    What I can’t bear is your “I do think I’m right so others must be wrong, no need to argue” (c)(tm).

    I don’t think you americans are all like the sum of posts here, I really hope so, otherwise I’m counting the days until world will be either american or be dead.

    ch3 – Belgium

  464. From this site :
    “And no missile launched by any country would ever hit the united states because of our missile defense.”

    Yep, knifes and boeings work better 🙂

  465. “So you REALLY do think that US went to Irak for altruistic reasons? Nooo, I just can’t imagine that.”

    Yes we did go for altruistic reasons, and also because we considered the regime of Saddam to be a legitimate threat to our security and that of the region. Were we presuing our interests in that regard? Yes….I feel no need to apologize for that.I do think however his abuse of his own people is all teh reason we need to justify that action and was an excellent bonus.

    “Of course Saddam is an asshole and deserve a thousand death. But does his people deserve the same?”

    If those people are shooting back at us? damn skippy they deserve to die, this isn’t the playground discussing who threw the first punch.It was a war. If our soldiers come it’s for a major reason, if you shoot at us, be prepared to reap it a thousand fold. We’re not some French panzies, we come packin.

    “Because you are sooo stronger than any country makes you better human beings. Does that allows you to walk on other’s head?”

    We’re not better human beings because we’re stronger. We’re stronger because out nation has attracted better human beings to our shores.

    “Do you really think you can be world’s cops and go over International Rights?”

    We’re not the cops, this wasn’t about arresting someone or holding court. This was abotu a threat to our nation and interests, and us reminding people that we are neither complacent nor waek. We will Defend ourselves, and fight those who threaten our way of life. No apology is needed for that, do not expect one. In general cops do not come in armor or gunships, nor does a military have an obligation to law order. A military’s obligation is only to win and defeat the enemies f it’s nation. We did that.

    “What I can’t bear is your “I do think I’m right so others must be wrong, no need to argue” (c)(tm). ”

    Yeah that sort of sucks, but at least we back it up. Maybe when you can back up your opinions instead of spouting them, we’ll pay attention. Why should we listen to any nation whose only contribution to the world is harsh language?

    “I don’t think you americans are all like the sum of posts here, I really hope so, otherwise I’m counting the days until world will be either american or be dead.”

    An American world would be totally boring who would we have to fight? =)

  466. Si vous pouvez lire ceci vous sucez
    translation = if you can read this you suck
    The only thing evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
    Thanks for doing nothing France!
    Remember Boycott all French Products

  467. Remeber also this :

    – 2 Marines dead a day
    – more than 11.000 crimes a year in the US.
    – 1 dumbiest President of all time.

  468. 1) yup 2 marines a day isn’t worth the 1000’s we got of Saddams puppets. your right time to bring out the big guns. We haven’t even been fighting nasty yet. We can fix the ratio realy simply if you want us to.

    2) 11,000 crimes? That all? I think your wrong that’s probably my city alone. What about our crime rates makes you think we are soft, or not to be feared? Personally I rather have crime in a free society, they no crime under the regime of a butcher.

    3) Yup Chirac is the dumbest son of a bitch I have seen in charge of France in a long time, and really in France that’s truly saying something.

  469. American Freaknic your last post was well said – sums up the way a lot of americans here probably feel. If your ever down in Texas – look me up an I’ll buy you a long neck of your choice

  470. Thanks “American” a Sam Adams would be great….named after a great patriot…..and a damn fin American beer……..=P

  471. Wow I never thought I would quote this guy, we couldn’t be more politically different but he says this well.

    “Joe Lieberman

    Liberty, equality, fraternity! Does the French nation recall that slogan? The current French tolerance of and indifference to the wave of attacks upon French Jews speaks clearly of the decline of the French national character.

    The French have forgotten! Two hundred and some odd years ago the suffering French populace erupted in revolution against tyranny. They cried for and fought for liberty, fraternity, equality for all in every aspect of French society.

    The French have forgotten! But I remember! I still have in my mind the heartbreaking image of the Parisian gentleman from whose eyes the tears fell copiously as he watched the Nazi troops marching triumphantly into Paris. The face of that Frenchman still lives in my mind sixty years later. It is the same as the faces of so many French Jews today. The French have forgotten! But I remember! I remember the ecstasy, the flowers, the kisses with which the French people greeted their American and British liberators from Nazi terror.

    The French have forgotten! They have forgotten the dehumanizing result of terror upon themselves. They have forgotten the shame of Vichy, France. Those who watch with indifference the attacks upon their neighbors sink into degeneracy themselves. The French have forgotten brotherhood and love of others than themselves. They have forgotten equal justice. They have forgotten that a nation without strength of morality and character is a nation already in the lower depths of degradation. So, just as the Swiss were part of the Nazi problem sixty years ago, the French are part of the problem of world terrorism today.

    As the French casually watch their Jewish citizens attacked let them remember how they, the French, acquiesced in cowardice at the rape of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis in 1938, only to suffer under the Nazi heel so soon after. My contempt for present day France is accompanied by great regret. We gave the lives of American boys to save them once. They have forgotten. However, we Americans have not forgotten. All Americans with integrity of character must boycott France. I hope large numbers of you will join me in this.”

  472. Sorry for taking so much space, but this letter sates the truth better then I ever can about iraq, because he is there!

    TRAITORS! (Letter from USMarine in Iraq)
    anti idiotarian ^ | August 03, 2003 | Imperial Sgt. Naviguesser, USMC

    Posted on 08/04/2003 6:55 PM PDT by dennisw


    Grab yourself a cup of coffee, a beer, or whatever floats your boat. I, for one, am pining for a Jim Beam and some crushed ice, but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Take a quick restroom break. This is going to take a while. Be forewarned, it’s a long read, but it isn’t a Bill Whittle piece. Expect digressions, unfinished thoughts, and polysyllabic profanities aplenty. It’s a true challenge for me to begin writing without rambling, blundering around until I find a starting point; keeping myself from constantly digressing is a far tougher chore.

    I’ll make the obvious play and tell you it’s hot. Extremely hot. Spelled S-U-R-F-A-C-E O-F T-H-E M-O-T-H-E-R-F-U-C-K-I-N-G S-U-N H-O-T. There was a recent Fox News headline about a deadly heat wave in Arizona, windshields cracking and falling out, dogs burning the pads of their feet, that sort of shit. At only 117 degrees. Average daily temp here is reported as 117, but that doesn’t take into account actually being in the sun. Hold a thermometer in your hand out in the open for two minutes and watch how quickly the mercury soars toward 130. We’ve spent forty years fighting wars in fetid jungles and searing deserts. Why can’t we invade a nice, cool, temperate country for once? France, anyone?

    Live in a GP tent, minus the luxury of a consistently functional air conditioner, it pushes 140. Human shields should burst into flames at 140, (one can always hope). Come to think of it, that’s a worthy subject for an 8th-grade science project. Anyone care to let their kids give it a shot? I’m sure I can find and chloroform some patchouli-scented lab rats for them to play with. Unfortunately, those tin-pot camel-fucking dictator apologists mysteriously reappeared at home before the shooting started. Worse, I’ve heard that some of those clowns want to return to “watchdog” our troops, who, media smearing campaign aside, are doing a damned fine job in the face of constant supply shortages, literal snail mail, constantly changing homecoming schedules, and asinine second-guessing by armchair generals, smirking reporters, and Democratic presidential hopefuls seeking a coherent, viable ’04 campaign issue.

    Fuck the human shields and the camels they ride in on; Their mates with the ISM as well; It takes a rare, blinkered specimen of humanity to camp out, burn flags, and sing along with Palestinian murderers in Gaza. “Kumbaya, My Lord, Rout the Imperialist Yankee Pigdogs….Loot Their Women and Rape Their Camels…” etc. I’m surprised the ISM hasn’t dedicated a shrine yet to their patron saint, Rachel Corrie, Our Lady of Splattered Roadkill and Pancaked Peaceniks.

    We soldiers and Marines haven’t busted our asses for the last, gee, nearly two years to be second-guessed by some trust-funded, Birkenstock-shod, brain-bereft academic fuckheads who haven’t the foggiest idea of the definition of loyalty, much less hard work or personal hygiene. The Fascist-enablers are blissfully ignorant of who this country’s “best and brightest” really are, and scoff at the mere thought that the “baby-killers”, the “jackbooted thugs”, the “fascists” in torn, dirty desert utilities busting their asses to put Iraq back together, are the ones carrying the torch for our generation.

    The peaceniks are probably beside themselves, wetting their pants, absolutely pissed off that the soldiers and Marines they despise out here are succeeding and, Oh The Horror, enjoying the respect and admiration of a grateful nation. We are up against a culture that has been bred and raised (thank you, public schools) to loathe not only our country and its fighting men, but also the straightforward, clear-cut, unambiguous ideals they stand for. You know, the whole freedom and free enterprise bit that throws today’s modern, fashionable young socialists into bouts of nervous twitching and incoherent screeching on Indymedia.

    It has been argued by some writers that there is an ever-widening gulf between the military and civilians. Those who posit this, and quote it as fact, must either a) live on another fucking planet, or b) live in a major coastal city (which amounts to the same anyway) where attitudes are largely set against us in the first place. In Flyover Country, I have hardly ever felt out of place or distant from the local populace. I happen to believe that the widening gulf that DOES exist is that between the teeming population centers and the rest of the country. Remember seeing the election map from 2000? The coasts out of touch with the heartland?

    Vietnam is behind us; we have risen from the shallow grave the radical Left dumped us in thirty years ago to become the most professional, highly trained, and dedicated warriors ever to raise our banners on foreign soil. We have put up with ton upon metric ton of utter bullshit, and will tolerate more, until our job is done. No “Quagmire”-parroting reporter, no arrogant Berkeley-(in)bred activist, no Ba’athist holdout can stop us.

    Much has been made of several 3rd ID soldiers on record complaining about the hardships here. Reporters have failed to grasp that men in uniform ALWAYS complain. Shitty food, no beer, families 7000 miles away, no air conditioners, that sort of thing. You want sour grapes, we have vats full of them. We bitch a lot, but we clench our jaws and do the damn job; it isn’t a warning sign that our morale is tanking and that the sky is falling over the “quagmire” we’ve “blundered” into. We don’t need, much less want, your feigned sympathy, you camera-toting, blow-dried, manicured pricks. Don’t you have car chases and Qwik-E-Mart holdups to cover?

    Sympathy with our plight would be welcome if it didn’t reek of a political agenda. I’ve seen solicitude for our plight and us when, and only when, the media and the Donks think they have our Commander-in-Chief by the balls. We “bog down” to rest and refuel within sight of Baghdad; the howling Moonbats squeal in delight at a perceived golden opportunity to bend us over the barrel. A week later, Saddam’s most prominent statue is torn down and dragged through the streets, at which point they mumble to themselves and stare at their shoes. A vastly hyperbolized museum looting story helps them rodeo-clown attention away from our glory-fest.

    Bush throws down a gauntlet by landing, at unbelievable peril, on the deck of one of his Navy’s carriers; they piss and moan and lament his recklessness. Now, every time a soldier is killed by a sniper’s bullet, an RPG from a rooftop, or a roadside bomb, the press giddily reports, “Today the **th soldier to be killed since President Bush declared an end to hostilities on May 1st (emphasis mine) died in a (shooting) (bombing) (ambush). Headlines are as canned as New York Times obituaries. Equally appalling, with that preface to casualty reports, the media are shamelessly grinding twisted political axes with the bones of our brothers. Reporters wonder why we stinky-palm them.

    Now, men are dying to hold this country together, in small numbers yet each irreplaceable beyond all cost, and the dipshits with the cameras and the mikes roll out the “quagmire” playbook again. Hell, now that we’ve offed Uday and Qusay, all you hear is, “Why didn’t you arrest them?” How utterly pathetic. Particularly in the case of Charles Rangel (D-Bellevue). That excuse for a legislator has the gall to propose a reinstitution of the draft, based solely on racial motives tainted by false data, and then months later to call the demise of U. and Q. an “assassination”. Put him in the recall bin with Gov. Whatshisface, that squirrelly sonofabitch on the Left Coast with the financial management problems. You know a politician is worthless when Larry Flynt considers running for his soon-to-be vacated office.

    The Armed Forces been tasked with a tall order, keeping this country from flying apart at the seams; we receive extremely short shrift for doing so. The press plasters its front pages with stories of tanking morale; discontent in the ranks; an untenable peace; a Vietcong-esque Guerrilla war in the making. Journalists circle about like buzzards, waiting gleefully in the wings to sign our toe tags, live and in color. They don’t know us, nor do they understand the situation, well enough to see the reality that lies beyond their lower colons. They have failed miserably to grasp that their irresponsible coverage is only encouraging further attacks, or to put it bluntly, (as I prefer):

    THEY ARE PROVIDING AID AND COMFORT TO OUR ENEMIES. I need to hit the books and look it up, but I am pretty damned sure that that makes them TRAITORS. By unleashing a tidal wave of coverage on each and every attack, they encourage our enemies to hit again and again, confident in their own minds that the constant screeching and bleating in the press will unnerve and worry our families to no end, and little by little dent our national resolve to keep up the fight. At which point they hope internal pressures will cause us to pull our presence out and let a reconstituted Ba’ath flood back into the vacuum, much like the endgame in Vietnam.

    Most of us, those blessed enough to live in Flyover Country, know this to be total bullshit. We finish what we start, and we’re glad to do it, politicians and protesters or no. Don’t even try to pass that thought in the Gore States. You’ll be bound, gagged, and institutionalized for saying that the quagmire isn’t before your eyes, as palpable as your morning coffee or the computer monitor you stare into now. For sheer believability, it’s up there with Barney, the Toothfairy, and Santa Claus. Of course, those blue patches on the map are where they hold the keys to all the doors behind which information is vetted, edited, embellished, fabricated, and reprocessed, much like an Oscar Meyer frank, into the short, meaningless sound bites that end up on the six o’clock news.

    Speaking of gathering and processing information, I will say, up front, that I don’t believe embedded reporters were a bright idea. Geraldo Rivera’s acts of idiocy provided a shining example of irresponsible battlefield reporting, but thankfully instances like that weren’t common. It was awfully polite and patient of us to be open and up front with reporters, but it went too far and, besides, they didn’t have a fucking constitutional right to be there, de-constructing our every move and piss-break along the way. The arrangement only facilitated their round-the-clock coverage and mad dash for ratings. It led, from what I saw, to many, many stories that had to be retracted or seriously amended when the press took the first slivers of incomplete information and ran with them, only to stand, embarrassed, in front of the cameras hours later, as they tried to change their stories while the big picture became clearer. Some reporters (Arnett and Fisk come to mind with little effort) never bothered with accuracy or truth, and became the Iraqi Information Ministry’s propaganda whores. Those weren’t sweat stains on Arnett’s shirt in front of the cameras. It wasn’t milk, either.

    Many times, so it seemed, the “Breaking News” and “News Alerts” lines that popped up with annoying frequency were little more than wild-assed rumors and incomplete information. If the news agencies had fielded fewer reporters, and made them stay in the Rear with the Gear, they could have had all the time in the world to check their facts and get their shit together before running stories that would have necessitated sheepish retractions hours later. Sorry, folks, that’s my cynical 2 cents, take it any way you like.

    The newsies are doing such a wonderful job of making us responsible for problems we did not create, and somehow they expect us to fix all the damned boo-boos. Deficiencies in utility services, communications, unemployment, all that shit that you hear the whiners bleating about when they aren’t slamming the administration. Look, you socialist nanny state assholes, we aren’t social workers. Some of the locals are complaining, but you don’t see many of the whiners actually working to put their own country back in order.

    There are many Iraqis who are doing their best to pick up the pieces and make their land a better place, and they are doing the best job they can with what little is left after more than two decades of Ba’ath Party squandering. They aren’t waiting for State handouts, they’re seizing the initiative and accomplishing far more than many people here have in well over 20 years. I’m talking about policemen, former soldiers, doctors, and shopkeepers; the very Bourgeoisie the radical left despises, the hardworking, enterprising men and women who have been the very foundation and lifeblood of prosperous democracies throughout history. They’re all over the place here, and they will ultimately be this land’s political and economic salvation.

    Don’t give me any of that whiny bullshit about how we should clean up the mess, this place was a shambles when we got here. Much of this country’s infrastructure slipped through the cracks while Saddam and his late, unlamented offspring built lavish palaces and spent money earmarked for humanitarian aid on every luxury they could lay their blood-stained hands on.

    Time ran an article about deplorable conditions at Baghdad’s international airport, stories of looting and general wanton destruction of the airport. Much of the equipment at Baghdad International Airport is so old and dilapidated I’d be surprised if any of it has actually worked anytime in the past decade. Yeah, we pot-holed the runways with bombs aplenty, and a bunch of soldiers picked the duty-free store clean, (which in my opinion the boys fucking well earned) but the field has been repaired and it’s now in better shape than it has been in many years.

    Utilities? Go flying out here at night, you see mud hut villages that are as well-lit as any small town back home. I shit you not. If these dilapidated hamlets and villes have power, then the major cities can’t be in such poor shape.

    Many items the media reports as potential trouble must be viewed in the context of Iraq’s middle eastern neighbors. There are protests against the American occupiers. Big Fucking Deal. Only in Iraq are people assembling and protesting without being summarily dispersed, beaten, arrested, and/or imprisoned (See Iran). Also seen only in Iraq are hundreds of independent newspapers being printed and circulated absent the watchful, censoring eye of the state. Pro- or anti-coalition, they come off the presses and onto the streets without a Ba’athist Bureaucrat vetting them and shooting the dissenters. Iraq now has a fledgling government of its own, supervised of course, for the moment, but lacking crooked, Wahabbi-bribing royals and power-wielding theocrats.

    Sure, if you are in this country and physically attack soldiers and Marines, they will certainly detain you, and if you’re firing on them they will definitely cap you. That’s called self-defense, and it makes perfect sense if you reside anywhere outside the loony havens on our East and West Coasts. But of course, many of those assholes would rather see us die by the thousands than succeed at our efforts here. They can’t stand to watch the people they’ve been raised to loathe win an unprecedented victory and rightfully earn the support and respect of the nation. I love it. Soldiers and Marines are seen as positive role models and it makes the loony left shit bricks.

    This country was raped and pillaged for 2 ½ decades by Saddam, his now-defunct sons, and the Ba’ath Party. The bastards built themselves magnificent palaces, bought the priciest cars, the very best in food and wine, and spent less than the bare minimum on sustaining their people, even as sanctions tightened the country’s belt. Where was the indignation at the Iraqis’ plight then? Wait a minute. The cameras were fixed on wall-to-wall “No Blood for OOIIIIILLLLLLL” bullshit and airhead, mealy-mouthed celebrities running their mouths on subjects well beyond their collective depth (i.e. a 7-Eleven parking lot puddle).

    There was also the daily Kofi and Hans Happy Fun Hour at the UN, that theatre of the absurd where wrong magically becomes right and the most brutal dictatorships in the world are allowed to chair the Human Rights Commission. What a fucking sitcom.

    The UN is also that wonderful, happy place where countries with proven inabilities to defend themselves are not only voting, veto-power members of the Security Council, they get to tie it up with all kinds of “Fuck America” backbiting. Hey Jacques, Dominique, don’t bite the hands that freed you. And don’t stand idle when your nutless citizens deface the graves of the American heroes who spilled their blood, who forfeited their families and futures, to make sure that Horst Wessel didn’t remain long as your piss-puddle country’s national anthem. I hope you also like that tricolore that flies on your masts when you’re not hoisting white flags in the faces of invaders. We put it back up for you. These days, with all your synagogue bombings and anti-Israel sentiments, you seem better suited to those swastikas we drove out of your country for you nearly sixty years ago.

    Don’t bite the hands that keep you free either. We labor to make the world a safer place for our nation and its ideals, safer also for our friends abroad and for those who live under the boots of our enemies, yet the press tramples on us; they second- and third-guess our work; deem some to be heroes who do little while many who sacrifice all remain obscure and uncelebrated; lastly, they misquote, fabricate, deceive, and vilify us at will, while conveniently forgetting that we make possible their ability to shit on anyone and anything they see fit. Because of us, the press can live out their delusional fantasies of being a power unto themselves. Their “Le Etat, C’est Nous” megalomania is not amusing and I don’t believe I am alone in being utterly sick of it.

    Rudyard Kipling hit it on the head:

    Makin’ mock o’ uniforms that guard you while you sleep Is cheaper than them uniforms, an’ they’re starvation cheap.

    Thank you all for your patience, goodwill, and prayers for our safety and health.


    August 3, 2003

  473. ??? You are proud of your crime rate ??

    Does someone have seen “Bowling for Columbine” on this forum ??

    Chirac is indeed a dumb-ass.
    But the funiest of all is George Bush 🙂

    King Clown of the America-Circus-society.

    … and Iraq is free now … we can see it.
    Now all crazy Hallah fanatics are back… nice job. In 1991 Bush father let sadam in place because he was less dangerous than the other.

    Oh by the way … I saw in the documentary of Michael Moore that it is the US who armed Iran, Iraq and Talibans. Great Jobs !!!

    And don’t tell me that a few rotten French mirage did the difference.

    You are all just ignorant. Gung-ho hit first and thing later.

    Brilliant 🙂

  474. I was reading this site and found it kind of interesting. I mean America influences the world, the united Europe formed because of the US, all you wear all the styles you have all the movies you watch coem from America. As for getting out of Iraq I disagree america said they will go in and setup freedom, you cant do that by leaving because then stupid fanatics take over and it gets worse.

  475. Careful Azerite, logic will not help you with any discussion with the above. How do you logically hold a discussion with people who blame Isreal everytime a Palestinian blows up a school bus. “How dare those bastards defend themselves?!” Personally I think it is partially to justify what they did in teh Holocaust to teh jews, both teh Germans, and the french rounded them up as well as other countries……if they paint isreal as evil doers it some how justifies teh blood on their hands.

    This is the truth of the matter. Europeans have showed their ass because they are pissed that they have no political control over the most powerful military in the world. Maybe the most powerful military the world has ever seen…they can’t even play us off another superpower anymore.

    They’re falling behind Asia economically, and their attempts to form a union are failing for the same reasons they always have….short sighted petty arguments.

    Your talking about a society that considers criminals victims of society, and policemen as thugs. They’re also over run with eastern european immigrants bitter about the result of the cold war. They also have to always remember that we saved their ass from Nazi Germany. I suppose in a family this would be the equvilent of the baby brother always being jealous and throwing a tantrum……let’s ignore it and move on…when they stop whining and want to talk realistically we’ll talk. Personally I think morally we have more in common with Asia these days….Europe is broken…..

  476. Dont only look for criminals in the streets, also try out the big offices and you might discover that the biggest criminal of all time lives in the oval office…

  477. I’m here in the name of the world. There are people suffering in Africa and jsut putting yourselves in their shoes would mean a “nightmare.” Why dont we also focus on helping them rather than allocating most our hour per day blaming our governments for the fault within a national boundary or int’l. Think of your passports bearing a logo of the “globe” and not just the eagle, the lion etc… If we could all contribute just $10 per person, do we know how far that would go in enhancing living standards? In Africa, there are people who are corrupt, but there are also those that are ready to help the continent and if America, the world power does not grant them Student Visa and other help, the future for the third world countries would be disastrous.
    I plead to the world.

  478. I’ve heard it all before… “Save the world,” “There’s nothing that we can do,” “F*&% America” — It’s a shame that the

  479. I’ve heard it all before… “Save the world,” “There’s nothing that we can do,” “F*&% America” – It’s a shame that the WORLD doesn’t count the BILLIONS of dollars that it spends on other countries when America SHOULD be helping themselves. Recently, I heard some idiot say “Who invited the U.S. into Iraq?” Are these people so blind that they don’t realize that the Iraqis COULDN’T speak for themselves? These people were being killed because the males wanted a stylish hair cut. The females were being killed because they wanted an education. I also hear people saying how George W. went into Iraq because he wants their oil. Well, he better hurry up, because his days are numbered! I can go on and on about this subject, but it actually boils down to the media. The media is looking for another buck. Who can be the most colorful and get the highest ratings on the 6 o’clock news?! Most of you are suckers! Why? BECAUSE YOU FALL FOR THE PROPAGANDA AND BECOME IGNORANT! For this reason… IF YOU’RE NOT AMERICAN, SHUT UP! You are more clueless than the media brain washed Americans! I have been to SIXTEEN countries in my short life! I’m currently in Germany. Your news is so full of shit that you don’t know how to spell F-R-E-E-D-O-M! So sit back, relax, and let America shed their blood and money for you. How did you like the 200 innocent people who were killed in Madrid, Spain? Your town may be next!


  481. Wow….usualy I respond and try and make counter points etc. Have some sort of debate…but that was seriously way through the looking glass. I’ll debate this with any European who shows intelligence, and just really once to discuss their opinions and views of the issues. I do not expect everyone to agree with me but one should at least try and show some level of civilized behavior. You do remember civilization right? But even at the height of my push for the French Boycott I never ever would say someone like you represents any Europeans other then the Neo Nazi’s, and loony bin people. Dude take your medications….you’ve snapped, you’re broken. Truthfully I don’t even think your European……..I’m not buying what your selling.

    In any case the war goes on. Yes we are losing people, but we’re also doing a lot of good, we have no plans to pull out even if Kerry gets elected. Both sides of teh political isle in our country are determined to see this through. America does not fear terrorist, religious zealots, or European Socialist. We will stay until Iraqi’s can vote and choose their own destiny, in free elections. If anyone has a problem with that….too bad. Cause this isn’t open to debate. End of Story. If you have a problem with that go pick up an AK-47 and join your terrorist brothers….least then we can shoot you instead of hearing you whine.


  483. Heads Up

    April 14, 2004


    I have never seen a head so far up a Presidential ass (pa rdon my Falluja) than the one I saw last night at the “news conference” giv en by George W. Bush. He’s still talking about finding “weapons of mass des truction” — this time on Saddam’s “turkey farm.” Turkey indeed. Clearly th e White House believes there are enough idiots in the 17 swing states who w ill buy this. I think they are in for a rude awakening.

    I’ve been holed up for weeks in the editing room finishin g my film (“Fahrenheit 911”). That’s why you haven’t heard from me lately. But after last night’s Lyndon Johnson impersonation from the East Room — e ssentially promising to send even more troops into the Iraq sinkhole — I h ad to write you all a note.

    First, can we stop the Orwellian language and start using the proper names for things? Those are not “contractors” in Iraq. They are not there to fix a roof or to pour concrete in a driveway. They are ME RCENARIES and SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE. They are there for the money, and the mo ney is very good if you live long enough to spend it.

    Hallibur ton is not a “company” doing business in Iraq. It is a WAR PROFITEER, bilki ng millions from the pockets of average Americans. In past wars they would have been arrested — or worse.

    The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not “insurgents” or “terrorists” or “The Enemy.” They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow — and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush? You closed down a friggin’ weekly newspap er, you great giver of freedom and democracy! Then all hell broke loose. Th e paper only had 10,000 readers! Why are you smirking?

    One year after we wiped the face of the Saddam statue wit h our American flag before yanking him down, it is now too dangerous for a single media person to go to that square in Baghdad and file a report on th e wonderful one-year anniversary celebration. Of course, there is no celebr ation, and those brave blow-dried “embeds” can’t even leave the safety of t he fort in downtown Baghdad. They never actually SEE what is taking place a cross Iraq (most of the pictures we see on TV are shot by Arab media and so me Europeans). When you watch a report “from Iraq” what you are getting is the press release handed out by the U.S. occupation force and repeated to y ou as “news.”

    I currently have two cameramen/reporters doing work for m e in Iraq for my movie (unbeknownst to the Army). They are talking to soldi ers and gathering the true sentiment about what is really going on. They Fe d Ex the footage back to me each week. That’s right, Fed Ex. Who said we ha ven’t brought freedom to Iraq! The funniest story my guys tell me is how wh en they fly into Baghdad, they don’t have to show a passport or go through immigration. Why not? Because they have not traveled from a foreign country — they’re coming from America TO America, a place that is ours, a new Ame rican territory called Iraq.

    There is a lot of talk amongst Bush’s opponents that we s hould turn this war over to the United Nations. Why should the other countr ies of this world, countries who tried to talk us out of this folly, now ha ve to clean up our mess? I oppose the U.N. or anyone else risking the lives of their citizens to extract us from our debacle. I’m sorry, but the major ity of Americans supported this war once it began and, sadly, that majority must now sacrifice their children until enough blood has been let that may be — just maybe — God and the Iraqi people will forgive us in the end.

    Until then, enjoy the “pacification” of Falluja, the “con tainment” of Sadr City, and the next Tet Offensive – oops, I mean, “terro rist attack by a small group of Baathist loyalists” (Hahaha! I love writing those words, Baathist loyalists, it makes me sound so Peter Jennings!) — followed by a “news conference” where we will be told that we must “stay th e course” because we are “winning the hearts and minds of the people.”

    I’ll write again soon. Don’t despair. Remember, the Ameri can people are not that stupid. Sure, we can be frightened into a war, but we always come around sooner or later — and the one way this is NOT like V ietnam is that it hasn’t taken the public four long years to figure out the y were lied to.

    Now if Bush would just quit speaking in publi c and giving me more free material for my movie, I can get back to work and get it done. I’ve got four weeks left ’til completion.


    Michael Moore

  484. Well I’affraid the way you talk about France !
    I am french and i approuve the descision my governement touk few month ago. The Ikraky War is a wrong war as the vietnam war was! (remember!)
    Anyway everybody can make a mistake !
    And i’am french and proud of it. Exactlly like you are proud to be American or British
    And wenn some of you said that France is a nationalistic country, we don’t have our Flag in our gardens or stuck on our cars (think of it!!)
    And Germany is a friend of France exactly like Britan or America.
    Froggy for ever!!
    Is it a crime to be friend!

  485. Ok …..for all those wussies that just wanna be friends w/ everybody ……….wakeup!!! these people want to kill you
    do you understand that ……….they just want you dead because even minding your own business going about your unimportant little lives…….your not one of them……..get it…………if you just mind your business you think they will leave you alone …………not gonna happen your an infidel………..The U.S. must take the fight to them or it will
    come to our shores(9/11) and shut down our economy which drives the world economy …………..wake up and take a stance

  486. Hey mike Moore(mooron) enjoying this capitalist country. Too bad you can’t get drafted. If you don’t like it go to France!! You coward! It took months to cut the underarm hair off of that statue France gave to the States. Mike, you would not know how to react if an Iraqi was boning you in the ass.
    Its not personal, its a fact.

  487. dear stupid yankees,

    I have just finished reading everyones, message, and quite fraquely, all thoes againts france, suck. Let me clear a few things here

    1: WW2. If it were not for france, england were have not have time to fully prepare there defences, if you guys know your history, france only held on for a little less then a mounth, and didn’t sign the pact that said ” french and German will no longer fight” Mounths later even after there were invaded, they did this so that germanies mind would be on france wile england would prepare there defencess. And it is a prooven fact, all the countries that had a role in ww2 were important. U.S.A, Russia, England, Canada, France,( I’m Naming the Major Nations) U.S.A, France, Canada And England Fought the ‘German’s from the east, wile the russians fight them from the west. France did a huge role in ” La Resistance”. Especialy on D-Day. They stoped a lot of german tanks who were gonna role on the beach. Sure The U.S.A freed France faster but it dosn’t mean if it were not for you wee would of stayed that way. Already, Thousnads of German Soldiers were getting pulled back to fight in the west againts the Russians. The russians would just have to get to berlin as usualy and BOOM the war would be over.

    2: We smell?

    The only reason why you guy’s are saying that, is because in France, we use less water, meaning we don’t stay in the SHower 30 minutes like you guys do, we do it in maybe…2-3 minutes. Amazed? here is are secret idiots.

    Step 1
    – Get in shower and get wet
    Step 2
    – Take some soap and wash your body
    Step 3
    – Take some shampoo and wash your hair

    WOW that’s hard. why do we do it so fast? Because in France We do not waist food or water etc…

    3: we have small dicks

    Humm…. Who the fuck told you that? For a proof, one of the bigest dicks on the planet belongs to a frenchy. If your a guy and you say that, Your a Faggot, If your a girl. Your lying. Cuz its not true

    4: Are food:

    One of the food the Americans find discusting are the following:

    – Snails
    – Duck Liver

    …….cough*……, Have you Yanks even dasted this stuff. Maybe 2-4 people in this discussion board have. This stuff is good, yes it’s good. Don’t call us freaks because you have never tasted it. Il be Honest, Personely, I like both these choices, maybe 1/4 frenchmen don’t like Snails. But for duck Liver, It’s probebly the best thing you’ll ever tast with bread.

    5: Iraq: Why didn’t france go to war with you? No ask yourself, Why didnt France, Canada, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Italy go to war with you. Because there was no weapons of Mass destruction and there will never be any. If ever all of a sudden they found weapons of mass destruction, For sure It was a setup by the U.S. There was proof that you guys DId steal Oil. So You guys killed Honest Iraqi people for oil. Don’t give me that Bull About they went to war to stop Saddam Housan, cuz it’s a lie. Why didn’t the U.S.A go to Isreal, North Korea, Saudi- Aurabi? There’s your proof, the U.S.A wanted OIl not freedom for others. Oh and did you guys Know the 3/4 hates U.S.A, it was a prooven fact in the year 2003. That right there, just proof how bad U.S.A sucks. there are no comebacks, think about it, 3/4 of the world hates you. If you still don’t think your country sucks, Go ask the other 150 countries and ask them

  488. hello everyone, my name is kyle and i am a freshman in highschool. Although i may not be able to vote yet, i still have a very strong standpoint on the war, president bush, and politics. I am very for president bush.And ven though my parents are democrats i think Bush is a great man and he made it this far to become president so we should respect that. If any of you disagree, i would like to see you in the white house around next election time if you think you can do a better job. Does anyone else remember talking in history class about how europe and france would behead anyone who spoke out against the government and now a days our presidents just have to bend over and take it. i belive in free speech and everything but some times things go too far. I think that this war is a great idea, all of you hippie democrats beg for world peace, but how can peace be achieved unless you fight for it? And i would like to see one of you no-sayers argue against an AK-47 and win. And yes i am a republican and i have grown up in a democratic environment so there is no reason for me to be a republican but the fact that i belive in the rights and laws that the republican party believes in. And yea i dislike the french alot, they always bitch and moan when we saved there asses twice. next time we should just stay out of everything and let the french get conquered. And can anyone answer me why it is cool to hate the president?? is it because MTV says so? or Ozzy? but that is all for now. i respect all of everyone elses opinion here so i hope you respect mine. o yea france i thought your people invented perfume so why do you smell so bad?, by the way did i mention i hate ur whiny little bitch ass country. bye thanks for your time, Kyle

  489. The French has been our ally since our revolutionary days and prior to gaining independence from England. The French were right on Iraq. It’s too bad that this great country of ours is full of ignorant, pea brained idiots like yourself who staunchly support President Bush who is perhaps the biggest moron of all.

    Keep building this web site because when I need a good laugh I tune in here to read your garbage and show my friends.

    I am a Vietnam Era veteran of both the US Army and the US Navy. I can only say that your web page is full of lies and distortions of fact and you know nothing of world history, let alone current events. Why don’t you take your eighth-grade education and read some history books. Perhaps then, you will understand why the French choose not to stand with such an idiot as Bush. You can read can’t you?

  490. My opinion is that every body is entitled to his or her own opinion and this is why we have wars. So many people are so narrow minded about there opinions that they will not listen to any other opinion and just stand there ground. I say fine, stick to what you think with out budging and when we get sick and tired of not making any progress by debating an issue with a stubborn closed-minded people, government or country, it’s time for war, and don’t ask “Why did this have to come to war?” after the war starts, that’s a stupid question. To me this whole world conflict comes down to an individual’s ability to understand right form wrong and America has clearly always had the best intentions for every body in this world and will always be the good guys in my book. I just hope to God that some day France desperately needs the help of America again and we can take a big shit on that country, like they always do to America. I really hope they get there 9/11 and America turns there back on them in there hour of need. That would be sweet justice.

  491. My opinion is that as United Nations, we should put all differences aside and come together in this time of troubles. France had their reasons for not joining the war at first. In our eyes as Americans, we might have thought they were cowards, but do we really know the real reason. Don’t take this like I’m taking sides with the French because I’m a true American who thinks before I speak. Alot of Americans come off as cocky SOBs, working in an environment where people are pretty cocky at times I know how arrogant and annoying it could be. Some might say they’re being patriotic and proud, others say ignorant and stupid, but people are entitle to their opinions. Yes we helped out the French in many occasions, but that’s our duty to help insure a good future for our kids and grand kids. We as Americans,I believe,should not ridicule a country on information we only got from the news when there could be more to it that we don’t know. We should be proud to help out. Maybe the French were scared ,maybe not, who knows. I love my country and that’s why I serve it proud. The time is now to work together for a better future or prepare for chaos and mayhem to flood the earth.

  492. I’ve always thought that every human being had a spark of reason and truth inside himself, and that it was just a matter of finding the right triggers to activate that truthful reason. After reading the posts of some Americans on this forum, that convincing thought was gone in a split second.

    We’re on the wrong track, guys. This is really NOT OK.

    I’m Belgian. I live about three hours away from France. I used to go there on holiday with my parents and had a great time. Last week, I took my girlfriend on a nice trip to evil France. Good thing you guys waited before you started bombing the place until we got out.

    Have you ever been to France ? It’s a beautiful country, with nice landscapes, mountains, seaside, Big cities, small citties, five way roads, Lots of black people. Suburbs with problems, lots of poverty , but also very rich people. They have a strong filmbussines, the fashionbusiness is known worldwide (your girlfriend is probably saving her hard earned cash for a French designer bra).

    It sounds like I’m describing your country, but its evil France.

    I hope that the people posting these moronic information get out of their chairs on the porches of their houses and look at the world as human beings instead of just American. Without Europe there wouldn’t have been an America as we know it, by the way. That’s history too.

  493. I almost forgot to say that all this war-language makes me physically sick. It’s like I hear dogs barking up a tree, with their skull cracked open and brains spooned out.

  494. Hello I am looking for pictures of St, Mere, Eglise # 2 Cemetery during WW2. Thank you John Slade

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