Stoner SR47 Rifle

Stoner SR47 Rifle
Knight’s Armament Stoner Rifle SR47

stoner sr47 rifle
Stoner SR47 rifle in 7.62x39mm

U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has received small number of new assault rifles from the Knight’s Armament Company. The new design is based on the U.S. M-4 rifle modified for special operations work.

The new Stoner Rifle 47 or the SR47 is designed to make use of enemy Ak47 ammo and magazines. The Stoner SR47 rifle will let the soldiers keep a weapon configuration they are familiar with like the M16 and M4A1 but have additional advantages. The SR-47 is a blend of the current M-4 and M-4A1 carbines. However, the Stoner Rifle 47 will fire the Soviet 7.62 x 39mm cartridge and make use of AK-47 magazines.

SR47 rifle with suppressor
SR47 rifle with suppressor

The SR47 Rifles were delivered with sound suppressors to diminish noise in cave and tunnel operations. Reports on the weapons performance in combat are unavailable.

For special operators, the rifle enables them to use a sound suppression system, use enemy ammo, carry less ammo, and to leave behind only enemy brass. The rifle has a collapsible butt stock, fore-grip, a AK magazine ejector.

The SR-47 rifle has a free-floated barrel design which improves the accuracy of the weapon. The rifle had to have a redesigned receiver to accommodate the Soviet bloc 7.62 x 39 mm ammo. The new rifle design keeps the modular component system like the M-4 rifle (pictured on the left). Operators can attach a variety of scopes, grenade launchers, and other high tech gear for specific mission requirements.

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