Naval Air Transport Nonstop Hot Shot from 1947

Naval Air Transport Nonstop Hot Shot from 1947

This is souvenir from my fathers trip by USN Hot Shot transport after his service in the Pacific in WW2. He departed Moffett Field in San Francisco, California on 25 February 1947 and landed at Washington National Airport in Washington, DC on 26 February 1947.

The introduction:

This pamphlet was prepared by VR-3 for your personal use and contains information pertaining to your non-stop flight via the Naval Air Transport HOTSHOT from coast to coast. It is yours and blank spaces are included for you to write any additional information you may gather on your trip. The elapsed time between cities will differ from the pamphlet, according to the favorable or unfavorable winds encountered along the route.

Position reports will be passed out form time to time but any additional information needed will gladly be furnished by a member of the crew.

If you are departing from MOFFETT, start at the front page and if you are departing WASHINGTON, start at the back page.

We wish you a pleasant trip.