HK94 Heckler Koch Carbine

HK94 Heckler Koch Carbine

Heckler Koch Hk94 Carbine Rifle
Heckler Koch Hk94 Carbine Rifle with “A2” stock

The Heckler Koch HK94 is the civilian version of the HK MP5 military series assault rifle. There are a few key differences. The trigger pact only comes in a semi-automatic version, it was only produced in the 9 mm version, and the barrel is longer to comply with USA firearm laws for the civilian market. It is currently considered a “banned” rifle thus preventing further importation in the USA. This is assault rifle is considered a collectors item. Class III NFA collectors will purchase this rifle and convert it to a fully automatic MP5 SMG by carefully following the law.

The MP5-N version is manufactured by Heckler and Koch and is presently fielded to Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Companies and Marine Security Force Battalions.  It is currently considered the main weapon in the close quarters battle (CQB) environment.The semi-auto cousin of the famous MP5 is the the HK94 which was designed for civilian, police, and security markets.

Hk94A3 carbine variation with the retractable stock.
Hk94A3 carbine variation with the retractable stock.

The HK94 above features the early slim line fore grip and early “A3” retractable buttstock.

Heckler Koch 1983 advertisement for HK94
Heckler Koch 1983 advertisement for HK94

Heckler Koch began marketing the HK94 carbine in 1983. The retail price for the HK94 A2 model was $650.00 USD and the HK94 A3 metal stock model was $720.00 USD. Today on the collector market, one in good condition can fetch several thousand dollars.

HK94 A3 rifle with barrel shroud and K-grip accessories.
HK94 A3 rifle with barrel shroud and K-grip accessories.

Many owners modify the HK94 with a K-grip and barrel shroud to hide the plain barrel. The long barrel was required due to NFA laws prohibiting short barrel rifles. The size of the barrel does not affect function of this weapons but it satisfies the law.

HK94 variations
HK94 carbine variations

The Heckler Koch HK94 Rifle came in a few variations. One Hk94 rifle option had a fixed stock and the other had a retractable butt stock. Most collectors have both options. Note the updated plastic foregrip sold with later models.

HK94 mag well markings
HK94 mag well markings

Heckler Koch Hk94 Owners Manual and Diagrams:

Hk94 owners manualView the original owner’s manual in PDF format.

Heckler Koch HK94 Owner’s Manual

Heckler Koch HK94 Forum

Heckler Koch Pictures Forum

HK94 Specifications

Hk94 Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Operation Recoil operated, delayed roller-locked inertial bolt system with direct blow back action
Ammunition Feed Staggered, box-type magazine; 15- and 30-round capacity. Positive round extraction.
Mechanical sights Rotary aperature rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation; Hooded post front sight
Optical sights Any telescopic sight or aiming device compatible with HK claw-lock mounts; HK PULSE BEAM laser aimers mounted on cocking tube
HK94 Weight: with A2 (fixed) stock 6.43 pounds (2.92 kg)
HK94 Weight: with A3 (collapsible) stock 7.18 pounds (3.26 kg)
Barrel length 16.54 inches(420mm)
Overall length: with A2 stock 34.59 inches (878mm)
Overall length: with A3 stock extended 34.05 inches (865mm)
Overall length: with A3 stock collapsed 27.58 inches (700mm)
Sight radius 13.39 inches (340mm)
Rifle Width 1.96 inches (50mm)
Rifle Height 8.26 inches (210mm)


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