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DC Engineering: Buyer Beware

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On 4-8-03 I purchased a scope and mount from DC Engineering. After the first use the mount would not hold “0”. I called them and followed their instructions to modify the system. After firing it still did not hold “0”. Several more phone calls and a lot of patience following their instructions it still did not work

In September I called them to return the scope and mount under there “lifetime guarantee” and received instructions. On 9-6-03 I returned the scope for credit against my credit card. Over the next three months and a lot of phone calls, still no credit issued. Got to the point where they wouldn’t even answer the phone. They knew my number (caller ID).

Finally got through and was told the only person who can give me information on my credit is a guy named Tim, who wasn’t in. I tried continually to call and ask for Tim (I expect that it is Tim Martel from their corporate listing) and all I get is that they are busy.

Contacted the AG’s office in Michigan and they have sent them two letters which DC Engineering choose to ignore. The AG’s office can’t do anymore. DC still has my $145.00. As far as I am concerned they stole my money.

As of 6-1-04 they still have (stole) my money. They do not honor their warranty and could care less about their reputation. Let the buyer beware, anyone who does business with DC Engineering is nuts.

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