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What Is It I Want In A Kit?

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I have an Eagle arms lower and am ready to buy a kit. I am not very familiar with ARs and need some advice.

I know I'm goning with a 20" flat top. I'm not impressed with the A2 sights. What kind of sights do I want without breaking the bank? Also I want a trigger with about 3.5lb pull. Will I need the adjustable to do this?

Here's the newest of Newbie questions; what is the plunger type lever on the right rear, and what does it do?

Also, with one bolt and carrier work with different uppers? Thank you very much.

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I would check out Brownells they have just about anything you would want in all price ranges. But thier may be some cheaper ones out thier as im sure you will get post's about shortly. If you want to go from A2 sights you might want to concider Optical sight on top. You can get some relativly cheap. Or you may want to switch to removable tac sights. Or you could upgrade your A2 sights to National Match sights. Same design but much finer adjustments.

I think the plunger you are refering to is the forward assist. IF it is on the upper receiver. You would use it to ensure the bolt is fully forward by tapping it once or twice. It comes in real handy at the end of a shoot when the gun is getting fouled up in the chamber area and the round wont seat.

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