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What Are Prices In Your Area For Armalites?

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my new gun dealer friends are certified armalite dealers, and they carry several models in stock. these guys are AWESOME, for just about everything they're on the cheap. almost online prices for everything they carry, and they'll pretty much beat any local price on anything. hell, they even have NEW usp's for $700, which locally the cheapest i've found is like $825.

anyways, their armalites start at either $700 or $800 (can't quite remember) for the a2 upper, $850 for the a4 uppers.

they seem to be about $300-400 lower than the armalite catalog list prices on everything, up to the ar-10(t) with 24" ss barrel for $1700 instead of armalite's $2000+.

just wondering what people were seeing locally. for that price, i'd probably just buy an armalite instead of something else. the other main (probably their biggest competition) sells RRA's for $800, and colts and such for well over $1000.

they said they could get me a new colt for $950, but the model lineup is limited to like 4 styles.

seems like a pretty damn good deal, they'll even do payment plans lol :) just thought i'd check what others were seeing them for.

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I debated over getting an M1A, or AR-10A2, for a lo-oo-oo-oong time. Pined, sweated, drooled on, lost sleep over. I got the Armalite. WELL worth the $$$. $1400.00 got me the AR-10 with the Stainless, target barrel, and the two-stage trigger. Just a great rifle. :c)l::beer:

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