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Colt Mt6400c, Match Target M4 Carbine

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COLT MT6400C, Match Target M4 Carbine

Semi-Automatic Rifle

223 Remington, 16" Barrel, Black Oxide Finish, Black Stock

MATCH TARGET RIFLES have the accuracy and dependability needed to live

up to the reputation of their predecessors as one of the greatest rifles of all time. Designed to meet defined government requirements, The Match Target family of rifles are excellent examples of the responsible role Colt plays in the future of firearms.

They are easy to field strip, and feature comfortable accurate shooting. The Match

Target are enhanced with heat dissipating ribbed handguard, cartridge case deflector and adjustable sights. Ideal for competition shooting, varmint hunting and general target shooting, the Colt Match Target is second to none. Two Compensated models are now available.



MT6601Match Target HBAR Semi-Automatic Rifle, .223

Remington,20" Heavy barrel,Black Oxide Finish,

Black Stock.

MT6601CMatch Target HBAR Competition Semi-Automatic

Rifle, .223 Remington, 20"Heavy barrel, Black

Oxide Finish, Black Stock.

MT6400CMatch Target M4 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle,

223 Remington, 16" Barrel, Black Oxide Finish

MT6700Match Target HBAR Semi-Automatic Rifle, .223

Remington, 20" Heavy barrel, Black Oxide

Finish, Black Stock.

MT6700C Match Target HBAR Competition Semi-Automatic

Rifle,.223 Remington, 20" Heavy Barrel,Black

Oxide Finish, Black Stock.

MT6731 Match Target Competition HBAR II Semi-

Automatic Rifle, .223 Remington, 16" Heavy

barrel, Black Oxide Finish, Black Stock.

CR6724 Accurized HBAR Semi-Automatic Rifle, .223

Remington, 24" Stainless Steel Finish, Black



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