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Rifle Skill? If Shtf

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An electronic shooting timer is needed. 5 try average, rifle to be in low ready, safety engaged, finger outside of the trigger. 50m to the 10" circle targets, 5m between targets. 2 90 degree pivots, one to the right, one to the left. 2 180 degree pivots, 1 to the right, one to the left. At the timer's beep, react, raise the rifle, hit each target once. Time for the 2 hits to average under 2.5 seconds. A really skilled man, especially using red-dot sights and an AR15, can average under 2.0 seconds. That's real gunhandling. Don't think that a man who can consistently pass this test can't slow down and hit much smaller targets, at much longer ranges, either. :-) If you don't have the basics of shooting really "down" pat, you have no hope of passing this test.

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