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 Hello to everyone and I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I am not new to guns and I’ve been around them all of my life. And actually have quite the collection. About a year ago  my son wanted an AR 15 for Christmas so  I purchased a PSA A.R. 15 KIT and then the lower and he put it together. I liked it so much that I purchased one of my own not long after that.  The weapon has done tremendous with the   Short distance and long-distance pop up sites and my group rain has been very good. Not as good as the iron sites at the same distance from my SKS but good all the same. I’ve on the SKS for 25 years so it’s like an extension of me. Long story short I decided to buy scope for longer distances and I purchased the Nikon P2233  three Dash 9 x 40 as well as the Nikon one piece ring sad. Installation was a breeze and I brought the gun down yesterday to my parents who live in  Country to side in the scope as well as look for some coyotes and other varmints. It didn’t take long to get the scope cited in perfect. My grouping of three shots is with than an average of .71 of each other. 810 shot at a somewhat rapidfire gave me a grouping of around threeInches. It doesn’t matter whether I shoot one or I shoot 20 it’s always the same. I’m about 3 inches to the left from center. I have tried everything that I know to Sadie in the scope and it’s not scope. It’s me. A little history, I was injured in 1990 in the golf and head plates put on my clavicle and my scapula but that never has. Made before. I am left-handed and everything I do for most everything I do except writing shooting and a couple other things but throwing a ball  batting and most everything else I am just naturally a left-handed person. When I was in kindergarten the teacher changed me from left-handed to right-handed. Anybody have any idea what could be causing this. I’ve been through a couple hundred rounds today and yesterday just trying to figure out what’s going on. My grouping is precise every time but my accuracy is off by about 3 inches to the left of  The bull’s-eye. Any input constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. 

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