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SIG556 Russian 7.62x39 rifle

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SIG556 Russian 7.62x39 rifle


SIG556 Russian 7.62x39 rifle

"Sig Sauer is offering several variants to its tactical platforms. Leading the way is SIG556 Russian, chambered for the widely used 7.62 x 39mm caliber. Using AK-type magazines, the shooter now has a more potent round for small to medium game. The SIG556R features a distinctive folding and telescopic stock, and an M1913 rail for accessory attachment. The 16" barrel features four-groove rifling and a twist rate of 1:9.5". At its full extension, the SIG556R measures 36" but can fold to 26", making it ideal for situations where maximum maneuverability is required. For Special Forces requiring an accurate, more potent rifle, chambered in 7.62x39mm."

SIG556 Russian 7.62x39 rifle Specifications

Item Number R556-762R-16B

Caliber 7.62 X 39 mm

Overall Length 36.1 in

Rifling 1 in 9.5 in

Number of Grooves 4

Barrel Length 16.0 in

Weight w/out Mag 7 lbs 0 oz

Mag Capacity 30 Rounds

Accessory Rail No

Features Mini Red Dot Sight

CA Compliant No

MA Compliant No

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Well, I don't know what to say about this rifle. I don't see if selling like hotcakes in the USA. I don't know if its filling an overseas niche for a quality firearm that takes advantage of the 7.62x39mm ballistics.

I like the AK47 platform which tends to be an inexpensive pursuit but I would not mind trying one of these out. I can't say if the higher price point is worth it to fire the same cartridge or if shot placement is better. Sadly, lacking informational reviews to satisfy my curiosity.

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