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Dittrich BD38

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Dittrich BD38

A semi-auto only MP38 made in Germany. The BD 38 is a detail-faithful copy of these MP38 produced for Germany during WWII.

The orginal submachine gun was developed by ERMA (Erfurter engine works).


- 9 mm Parabellum (Luger)

- Catch safety device

- Semi Auto Only

- Shank and grip caps from bakelite

- Weight: 4.43 kg

Owners Manual: http://www.ssd-weapon.com/downloads/bd_38/...eitung_bd38.pdf


Dittrich reproduction MP38




Dittrich MP38 Advertisement





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Are these going to be available for sale in the US? I mean... I have to have one... I've always wanted one, and from the pics, it looks amazing.. tell me more!

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man- I'd love to get one of those.

but then I'd have to get a K98 and a Luger to round out the collection... Damn- this could get expensive.

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