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The following pictures of a Lee-enfield #4 Mark 2/3 Savage. I bought it at a gun show a couple of weeks ago. The rifle was built in 1944 by Savage. I am guessing that it was sent to the UK and used in Europe, because it was later overhauled and upgraded to a mark 2/3 (the 2 seems to be scratched out, there is also a star at the top of the receiver near the back handguard). The rifle also has an Iraq import/acceptance mark on it. I was wondering if it had been to India because of the screw in the wood infront of the reciever (I hear that's what they did).. and I was wondering how it got all the way back here to Canada. Any help would be great.

[attachmentid=5855] [attachmentid=5856][attachmentid=5857][attachmentid=5858]

And here is my Jungle Carbine (original BSA No. 5 Mark 2).. all the parts match (except for the back sight, which was put on by me), even the magazine matches. The wood is pretty much perfect also. I only paid 125 Canadian dollars for it (about 106 US dollars). I was wondering if that was a fair price, or what the aprox. value is for it. The barrel and receiver are also in pretty good condition (probably only 100 rounds have gone through it), the barrel is like a mirror.


IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image







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