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Found 11 results

  1. From the album: Admin's Gun Gallery

    Chinese SKS rifle with bakelite stock and 20 round magazine with star.
  2. Norinco and Polytech M14 Rifles Norinco M14 Stock Norinco M14 stock inleaded for selector, magwell includes metal insert.
  3. My Norinco (Chinese) SKS. I brought it 2 months ago and so far I've added a John Masen recoil pad (adds a few inches to the gun stock, rifle felt a little short to me) I re-finished the stock and hand guard with Formby's Tung Oil Finish and semi-gloss poly.
  4. She is no Legend, but she is my favorite AK out of my collection. This one has a lot of rounds put threw her. She is a fun gun to shoot! I can't find the bayonet that came with it. Does any one know where I can get a replacement??? ChrisK
  5. Hello I recently bought a Norinco SKS Paratrooper with a Type 89 scope. The dealer said finding a Para with the Type 89 is very rare. Is this true or just sales talk? Stuman
  6. Hello, everyone. I just wanted to use this as an introduction and to show off my "girls". First pic is a Yugo which I acquired from my son, a National Guardsman, who also introduced me to rifle shooting about four years ago. He just was not impressed with the accuracy, even though he was hitting a 4" round steel disc at 100 yards 7 out of 10. It came from a pawn shop, and did not include a magazine. We would hand feed one cartridge at a time. I grew to love the whole SKS experience, though. Therefore, I had to find one of my own, shown in pic 2. It is a Norinco DP serial number, and has been my test bed for modifications, like a new receiver cover (not shown) and a leftie friendly bolt carrier. Both rifles have been modded to enable drop-free mag changes. Both rifles had composite stocks and the Norinco had a small scope, but was all over the paper, since the scope was mounted on the receiver cover. The Yugo stock is made of African mahogany and the Norinco stock is walnut. They were modeled after the Thompson .45 SMG which has come back into into vogue at gun shows. I have always loved the shape of the Tommie. I hope those here who enjoy the SKS rifles will enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed building them. They are both quite accurate and tons of fun to shoot. KTF
  7. Chinese Steel Core 7.62x39 on stripper clips Crate of Norinco Chinese 7.62x39 AP Steel Core ammo. Each crate contains two Spam Cans of 550 rounds on stripper clips each, for a total of 1100 rounds per case.
  8. Just found a distributer that has brand new Norinco M14's for sale and I am seriously thinking of ordering one. Anyone have one of these, or have any dealings with one?
  9. Norinco 84S-1 Here is a little treasure I found in the mountains of New Mexico over the Thanksgiving holiday. The price was about right, and I figured there was a very slim chance I would ever find another one like it for anywhere near this price again, so I snagged it up, and decided to give it a good home until some one else comes along and proves they want it more than I do. But here's the thing, I did the unthinkable. Sacrilege! Horror of horrors! I refinished it. ( - well the stock anyway, I'm leaving the rest alone ) Ok, ok now wait... First let me explain. This thing had obviously been sitting in someone's closet for a number of years, and it came in an awful 70's looking soft gun case, with the mags (3 of them) stored loose in the case with it. So the stock was a bit scratched up, nothing too bad or deep, but the finish had some unsightly marks on it, both from the folding stock scraping up the side of the fore grip, and some damage to the pistol grip, from what I can only assume was a mag rubbing up against it. It really marred the look of such a nice old gun, and since they probably just dunked the wood furniture in a vat of yellow tinged polyurethane at the Norinco factory, I figured I could do better than that, and decided to have a go at it. I've been really liking the looks of those red Lancaster AK's so I decided I would model my refinishing job on that. Here it is. What do you think? Is it ruined forever? Ha! For my taste, I'll take this any day over the original, scratched up, yellow, poly-dunk factory finish. This is Minwax Sedona Red stain with Wipe on Poly over it (about 8 coats) in keeping with the gloss look of the original finish. These Norinco 84S-1 pics doesn't really get the color of the stock right, but I'm doing quick shots using the crappy flash on the camera. I just don't have time to do well lit photo shoots anymore. A little more story to this Norinco 84S-1: When I got it home I noticed that the extractor was stuck open, and it would not eject a casing. This really pissed me off, because I had just paid a healthy sum for what I though was a working gun! So I got out my set of punches and went to town on the bolt. The extractor pin was a real bitch, and actually broke one of my punches getting it out. I think something got jammed way up inside the extractor hole in the bolt carrier, and was holding the extractor open, because once I got it out, and lubed and cleaned everything and reinstalled it, it works like a champ now. That's when I noticed something else. There is almost no wear on the ejector. This thing is looks almost cherry. I think when that crap got jammed up under the extractor, the owner didn't know how to fix it, and just threw it in closet for 15 years or something, and then pulled it out and decided to pull a fast one on the local gun store. But I really don't think those guys knew anything about it, seemed like great guys to me, and I can usually see someone out to screw me coming from about 10 miles over the horizon. But I didn't bother calling or asking them, besides what was I gonna do, take it back? Screw that. It really turned out to be a blessing in disguise, an easy fix on an otherwise cherry 84s. Oh, and another thing. It was imported in LA. - yeah that's right, CALIFORNIA baby. (Back when you could spell it with a C instead of a K.) All in all, a pretty good score. I'm a happy guy. For reference, here some pics of one with the original finish.