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Found 5 results

  1. Preface: In a post a few weeks ago, Riot turned me onto a hybrid leather-kydex IWB holster he had come across while he was out whoring himself out to other forums. As I said there, I bit. I emailed Scott, and we had quite a lengthy exchange. He seemed to have no problem answering every one of my questions that he'd probably already fielded about forty-five times that day. In the end, I ordered a Glock 22 holster and a Browning Hi Power holster (for the wife) from him. Total cost? $150? $200? Nay! $85...shipped. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting anything out of this world. Current status? Exceedingly happy. Ordering: I placed my original order (for the G22 holster) on January 22nd. Scott had it done the next day. I ordered the Hi Power holster from him on the 24th. They both arrived at my door on the evening of the 28th. When I ordered the Comp-Tac holster for H&K P7, it took Comp-Tac between two and three weeks to get it to me. Talk about turn around! (Bigger) Construction: Above is the right-handed hybrid IWB holster I received for my Glock 22. This holster is elegantly simple. The base is a piece of leather, cut to size, dyed black on the front and kept natural on the back. There is a kydex shell that is custom molded to your pistol model and riveted to the leather body. The rivets are the same on the front and back. They don't snag or scratch you. The belt clips appear to be sprint steel, and they fit quite tightly onto your belt and pants. With my Comp-Tac, the holster will sometimes slide around on my belt and needs to be repositioned, and it makes you look goofy/suspicious in public. Not so with this holster; it stays where you put it, and -- actually -- it's tough to reposition. I like it that way. The belt clips are attached to the holster body with Phillips head machine screws that go through the clip, through a rubber washer, through the holster body, and thread into T nuts on the back side of the body. There are four holes for each clip so you can adjust where the holster rides. It came set to the second from the bottom, and I haven't touched it. It sits exactly where it should. (Bigger) Comfort and feel: The clips are far enough apart that it spreads out the weight of the gun. The hybrid design means that the holster doesn't collapse. Reholstering is amazing. The mouth of the holster is truly like going back into my duty holster. It slides into the kydex and pops into place. I was at a buddy's house, and he and another officer tried it on and both commented on the ease of reholstering. And there wasn't a learning curve. They both put it on and were reholstering without looking down. The first day or two that I wore this holster, it was a little stiff, and there was a gap between the front of the holster and my body. This went away as everything warmed up and got worn in. It now sits against my side perfectly. The kydex is firm and the leather is flexible in just the right places. (Bigger) My lone, tiny, almost insignificant complaint: When I first received the holster, my G22 slipped in a clicked (it actually clicks!) into place quite snugly. As the leather has worn over the past few weeks of use, it is a little looser. I'd like it to be a little more snug, but it's still secure in there. It's not sloppy at all. It's nit-picky, but it is literally my only complaint. So there's that. If that's a deal breaker for you, have your head checked. Final thoughts: I have had a few (crappy?) holsters for my Model 22. I had come to the conclusion that this just wasn't a concealable pistol. It is a full-sized pistol after all. When you think "concealment gun", is a full-size Glock the first thing that pops into your head? Whatever...liar. It is not. On other holsters, either the butt printed like a samurai sword under a unitard or the holster was just plain uncomfortable. I'd really given up on concealing this gun. But at $40, I thought I'd give this one a try. I mean, what did I have to lose? $40 for a semi-decent holster is a steal. This holster eats holsters that cost three times as much for lunch. I would have given this holster a five out of five even if it was $70-$100. The $40 price point just makes it extra-ridiculously good. Please, someone else buy holsters from this guy. Seriously. It's totally worth it. It is what I'm giving all of my friends for upcoming birthdays and next Christmas. To get into contact with Scott email him at dragonsden73 (at) gmail (dot) com. When you order from him, let him know that you heard about him from Jared at No, you won't get a discount. Do you really think you need one at this price? No, you don't. But it would be nice for him to know where he's getting business from. For sheer awesomeness coupled with being insanely cheap, I give this holster five out of five exploding targets: Jared 12/04/2012 UPDATE: Going on a year later, I'm still pleased as punch with this holster. It is my daily carry, and I've had zero problems.