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Found 1 result

  1. En MP5 / EN MP5 Just wanted to add a little more information about the En MP5s floating around out there. The ones that are marked En (lowercase "n") seem to be HK Germany manufactured and assembled in Enfield by Royal Ordnance Factory under much controversey. If any of you bloaks out there have one, I'd hang on to it. The EN (upper case "N" with the M and P join") were manufactured and assembled by the british during the time period that British Areospace owned HK. There was a guy out there on gunsamerica.com that was selling one but it is no longer listed. If you can get your hands on one it's a keeper. I think most of them are coming into the country due to military personnel bringing back "war trophies". Very nice. They will probably be worth quite a bit in the long run. Here are a few links that back up my research. Please share your thoughts or any information you may have on them. http://www.independe...37.html?afid=af http://www.independe...42.html?afid=af Here is a link to the actual British Made and manufactured ones: http://www.deactivat.../prod_1094.html There are several differences from the British made ones and the German made ones that pretending to be British. The British made ones spine will look like the above link spine AKA: EN M(letters run together)P5 KAL. 9xmm19, #####(Serial Number) #/##(Production Year) The controversial ones that were German made then sent to Enfield for assembly to be sold to countries with trade sanctions with Germany have a upper receiver spine that resembles: En MP5 C#####(Serial Number) EP/##(Production Year-Mid 80s) (Stamp of a Crown) If you all have one of these, I'll buy it! Awesome collectors item!!!
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