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Found 1 result

  1. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    Myself (Ed Hubel) and others on the AR forums have done alot of bigbore wildcattting. One of our projects is the 12GA From Hell.Like rifle/shotgun a takeoff of the the old African Paradox guns, only a ten times better brass case. Rob from the forum came up with the name and original concept. We built the case from BMG brass and Rob chambered a big falling block, a Borchardt 50 BMG action, with heavy rifled barrel. I chambered a Savage 210 bolt-action, with a heavy barrel and a weighted stock. Here is a photo of my Savage and the second photo is the 12GA From Hell next to a standard plastic case.I have one case I fired 36 times and sectioned it and there was no stretching.Regular plastic cases will fire in our chambers also, so it's technically still a shotgun-cartridge, gun. I also have developed my 700HE belted straight case from BMG brass. See the last photo on the far right or bottom.Ed.