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  4. Prempal Singh

    Obama to move to NYC after Whitehouse

    Great Obama is a very nice person. Best Regards Prempal Singh Best SEO Expert in India -
  5. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    ..... It is possible rig up holders for many types setups., About shellholder supply for big cases, RCBS and others make slip in holders for shotgun cases that can work or reworked for big rimmed rifle cases... Here are various sizes....... 16ga-- .810" rim,........ 20ga-- .760" rim,.... 24ga-- .725" rim,....... 28ga .680" rim.... Ch4d and Buffalo Arms also have these larger shellholders... We fireform the 416 HSM with 65 gr of medium speed surplus powder, with rest of case filled with farina and grits mix, with a play dough plug in the neck. It is loud, so we shoot it into big container through a barrel size size hole, so the sound is muffled, so it doesn't deafen us.. It is great getting more companies making 416 caliber bullets, long target and bore rider bullets. Ed.. ....
  6. Istvan Balogh

    Pricie Of H&k SP89

    I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of The value of my pre ban H&k Sp89 with the rare factory threaded barrel from Germany? It’s in great condition as well. Thanks for your help istvan
  7. Istvan Balogh

    Price of a pre ban H&k Sp89

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the value of my pre ban H&k Sp89 with rare factory threaded Barrel? It’s in great condition..
  8. I recently received a romanian cugir ak74. I have several questions. It is a single stack version which i don’t mind because i will mainly keep it as a collectable. I was not able to get a lot of information on this rifle. 1. With this rifle what type of furniture can be applied to it. Is there only one specific type that can be used? 2. Is there a certain place that it would be a good place to go for information and parts? I am looking for an additional magazine and the original stock if possible . It came with a tapco folding stock. Also if it would not mess up the collectors vision maybe I would put some type of muzzle device. 3.i have not fired this rifle yet, but the person I received it from said he put a few hundred rounds through it. After disassembly of it I find that hard to believe because there is hardly any wear on the moving parts. I hope I placed these questions in the proper area? any help would be appreciated. Mike
  9. Drahcirl

    Patty Hearst's Gun

    Bit late but heck, I'm awake and I saw your thread. If it's the pic I think, it's a movie-fied Schmeiser. The mag well is under that foregrip thing they added and a fake mag well was added back near the trigger guard. That's also a cheap scope....the real Hearst gun was an M1 with a flashlight. Back to bed. Great to meet you guys!
  10. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    Bob Snapp, 90, the great Gun Craftsman, of Clare, Michigan, passed away Jan 28th.... He was an esteemed member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, Being its president in 1992..He liked working with Martini Cadet singleshot rifles .Worked with guys testing armor long time ago. Maybe the 1st to do 20mm necked down to 50cal We lost a great friend,,,Ed
  11. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is picture of our 416HSM cases with screw in shellholders, for Ammomaster, etc, and slip in shellholders for regular presses Also have some for big LEE Classic and Smart Reloader presses.. A 378 WEA MAG in picture for comparison... Second is stacks of 416 HSM, about a third fireformed and the rest to be fireformed... So far total about 1700, Ed
  12. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    In 416 HSM got a 415 gr long target bullet 3800, with plain barrel, no brake, on intermediate action, Now my 416 HE gets same 415gr bullet to 3300.Ed
  13. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is video of early water barrel test of the 12ga From Hell, from years ago. Here is picture from that video.. Here is the intermediate size action for 416 HSM with test barrel, .Ed
  14. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is picture of the bolt from the experimental action, with our 416 HSM case in it. Note the amount of the base size of locking lugs, the amount of area on the bolt..[/IMG] Here is link to guy doing special 585 HE in the EU, Good We tested intermediate action with a 700HE barrel we had here. Just temporary to test strength. 1000 gr over 3100.. Action worked fine.. Ed.
  15. Ammo prices are up hurricane s and other storms are wreaking havic and to culminating Joe I hope you find the ass wipe who is putting needles in the strawberries in your neck of the woods. Also trying to find parts for my pistol.
  16. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    Experimental intermediate size action with the Montana PH, for comparison. It is an experimental action for our 416 HSM, to do our speed testing with and get a better action than Cheytac size actions, for bigger case ELR use, without going all way up to more expensive, huge actions. It is big long round style action that can take our 416 HSM, almost 1.6" diameter and .800" bolt, with locking lugs nearly as big as most BMG actions.... ED
  17. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    About 416 cal bullets............ The heaviest 550 gr for Extreme ELR probably be best 8 to 1 twist , in 416 caliber bullet, and 520 gr 9.5 to 1, and 470gr 10 to one, Some barrels I picked up are 10 to 1....... Now a novel idea is to lighten rear of bullet with small shallow hole drilled in base, might do better long range.which would allow 10 to one barrel stabilize the heavier 550 gr bullets for ELR. Making bullet nose heavier makes it more stable in flight, needing less spin, like our hollow base 585 cal minie bullets only need 48 to 1 twist, or less while out regular 585 bullets need about 24 to 1 to stabilise them.............. The winner of the King Of 2 Mile shoot last week was using 416 Barrett with a 1 to 10 twist, with a 500 gr CEB Lazer bullet, ...Robert Brantley, with Manners Stocks.... Paul Philips was third with a 416... GOOD NEWS-- There is now an importer and seller of our 585 HE brass getting set up here, in US, hopefully will be in stock, few weeks........ .. .. Caleb Hallet.. Have got another intermediate size action besides the Montana PH our guys working on, to do speed testingwith. It is big long REM style action that can take our 416 HSM, ED
  18. hubel458

    700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is sectioned 585 HE case in the middle, we first made from another case, years ago before we had factory run of brass and it had perfect thickness on the sides and inside corrner. We could fire them many times without sides thinning.. First case is factory run of our 585 HE, 3rd is case that is too thick of sides and sticks at high pressures.. Pic of our factory run cases necked down to 375 and fired 4 times at high pressure on the right, with unfired case on the left. Our case is not perfect but does work...Ed
  19. macho999

    What's going on?

    Good question! Why weren't you here posting? I think facebook killed the internet. Also, nothing very interesting gun-wise seemed to be happening.
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