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  4. And have got 460 HSM specs setup, the impetus for that is some asking about one and new great line of 458 bullets CEB now has. It will hold more powder than the 416 HSM and will get a 572 gr as fast as 416 HSM gets a 475gr.....Ed..
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  6. More about our 416 HSM from BMG brass, and our 416 HE & 460 HE from our 585 HE cases Got reamers for 375 HE, 416 HE and 416 HSM,.... 460 HE & 460 HSM are all spec'd, got HE reamer soon have HSM reamer...Our HSMs have a Wea type radius on the shoulder.. The fellow that set up our 416 HE in an ELR rifle and got 1/4 min accuracy, They got some game out west over 1400 yds.. .Here is the gun they set up. Using a K&P 34" barrel on a BAT action.....Ed[/IMG]
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  8. Got guys doing various 416 HEs.. One just built a 416 HE, just been testing it a few days.. And using 168gr of HBMG 475 gr CEB, tested it, in good conditions, 2 shots at 1800 yards and was within a 1/4 of minute accuracy...A few shots at shorter ranges had same accuracy. Ed..
  9. 20mm Vulcan is a big case that works ok, without having the sides made too thick...They have thinner sides than smaller cases guys are getting that have the sides made too thick and won't extract easy or work with high pressures. Here Barnard P Cheytac bolt that would do for our 416 HSM..Ed......[/IMG]
  10. Wonder if a PTRD with 5 ft long barrel is stable enough for ELR , rebarrel to 416 and use our 416 HSM, 500 gr bullet .... .Here is up north guy using 585 HE in a PTRD with inserts, Light load.....Inserts are in the shape of the 14.5mm case.... HERE ia video, 585 Hubel Express and water jugs - slow motion 750 gr with 155gr RE17, just a moderate load.....Ed
  11. ..... It is possible rig up holders for many types setups., About shellholder supply for big cases, RCBS and others make slip in holders for shotgun cases that can work or reworked for big rimmed rifle cases... Here are various sizes....... 16ga-- .810" rim,........ 20ga-- .760" rim,.... 24ga-- .725" rim,....... 28ga .680" rim.... Ch4d and Buffalo Arms also have these larger shellholders... We fireform the 416 HSM with 65 gr of medium speed surplus powder, with rest of case filled with farina and grits mix, with a play dough plug in the neck. It is loud, so we shoot it into big container through a barrel size size hole, so the sound is muffled, so it doesn't deafen us.. It is great getting more companies making 416 caliber bullets, long target and bore rider bullets. Ed.. ....
  12. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of The value of my pre ban H&k Sp89 with the rare factory threaded barrel from Germany? It’s in great condition as well. Thanks for your help istvan
  13. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the value of my pre ban H&k Sp89 with rare factory threaded Barrel? It’s in great condition..
  14. I recently received a romanian cugir ak74. I have several questions. It is a single stack version which i don’t mind because i will mainly keep it as a collectable. I was not able to get a lot of information on this rifle. 1. With this rifle what type of furniture can be applied to it. Is there only one specific type that can be used? 2. Is there a certain place that it would be a good place to go for information and parts? I am looking for an additional magazine and the original stock if possible . It came with a tapco folding stock. Also if it would not mess up the collectors vision maybe I would put some type of muzzle device. 3.i have not fired this rifle yet, but the person I received it from said he put a few hundred rounds through it. After disassembly of it I find that hard to believe because there is hardly any wear on the moving parts. I hope I placed these questions in the proper area? any help would be appreciated. Mike
  15. Bit late but heck, I'm awake and I saw your thread. If it's the pic I think, it's a movie-fied Schmeiser. The mag well is under that foregrip thing they added and a fake mag well was added back near the trigger guard. That's also a cheap scope....the real Hearst gun was an M1 with a flashlight. Back to bed. Great to meet you guys!
  16. Bob Snapp, 90, the great Gun Craftsman, of Clare, Michigan, passed away Jan 28th.... He was an esteemed member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, Being its president in 1992..He liked working with Martini Cadet singleshot rifles .Worked with guys testing armor long time ago. Maybe the 1st to do 20mm necked down to 50cal We lost a great friend,,,Ed
  17. Here is picture of our 416HSM cases with screw in shellholders, for Ammomaster, etc, and slip in shellholders for regular presses Also have some for big LEE Classic and Smart Reloader presses.. A 378 WEA MAG in picture for comparison... Second is stacks of 416 HSM, about a third fireformed and the rest to be fireformed... So far total about 1700, Ed
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