Military Weapons Reference data

military weapons reference

Military Weapons Reference data Pistols, Rifles & Machine Guns To See More Data Click on the Links! M14 M14A1 Rifle Heckler Koch MP5 N Manufacturer: Heckler and Koch Length: Collapsed stock: 19.29 inches (49 centimeters) Extended stock: 25.98 inches (66 centimeters) Weight: 7.44 pounds (3.38 kilograms) (w/30 round magazine) Bore …

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National Defense Service Medal

National Defense Service Medal The National Defense Service Medal was recently awarded to all members of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty in recognition of their efforts in the war against terrorism.  This is the fourth time in history the National Defense Service Medal has been awarded. All service …

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List of Military Service Provider Companies

military security company list

List of Military Service Provider Companies Looking for a job in the war on terrorism? Have previous military, intelligence, or specialized training? Looking for a security or international body guard career? These companies provide Force Protection, Maritime Security, Protective Services, and Training. These corporations are dedicated to security for government, …

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