WW2: Japanese Type 92 7.7mm Machine Gun

japanese 7.7mm machine gun

On 14 October 1944, while escorting a task force of of Formosa, the USS Reno came under air attack by Japanese torpedo aircraft. The cruise Reno fired on 11 different Japanese aircraft, shooting down six aircraft. On aircraft struck the aft gun battery on the Reno hitting a fire hydrant …

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Confederate Belgian Pin-Fire Revolver

Captain Clement Sulivane's Pin-Fire Revolver

Confederate Belgian Pin-Fire Revolver This Mariette Pattern Pin-Fire revolver was produced in Belgium. It was owned by the Civil War Confederate Captain Clement Sulivane. Captain Sulivane was famous for setting fire to the Mayo Bridge in Richmond, Virginia as Confederate troops were evacuating the city. Reports are that he was …

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Naval Air Transport Nonstop Hot Shot from 1947

Naval Air Transport Service Hot Shot

Naval Air Transport Nonstop Hot Shot from 1947 This is souvenir from my fathers trip by USN Hot Shot transport after his service in the Pacific in WW2. He departed Moffett Field in San Francisco, California on 25 February 1947 and landed at Washington National Airport in Washington, DC on …

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