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AK47 Rifle

AK47 Rifle

ak47 rifle
AK47 Rifle

Mikhail T. Kalashnikov designed the AK-47  rifle for U.S.S.R’s Red Army as a light-weight, easy to use, hard-hitting rifle for motorized infantry. The gas-operated design was innovative. It was capable of semi-automatic or automatic fire modes. The 1947 version of the AK47 was eventually adopted into general service in 1949. The AK47 came in two versions. The standard AK-47 version had a wooden stock. The AKS version had a folding metal stock for mechanized infantry and parachute troops.

Mikhail Kalashnikov, 88, holds his AK-47 Nr.1, a prototype of the famous AK-47 rifle
Mikhail Kalashnikov, 88, holds his AK-47 Nr.1, a prototype of the famous AK-47 rifle.

AK47 Rifle Features

  • Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm M1943 round
  • Length: 870 mm
  • Weight: 4900 grams
  • Magazine: 30 rounds (standard)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 700 meters/s
  • Cyclic Fire Rate: 600 rounds/min
  • Max Effective Range: 1500 meters

AK47 Rifle Variations

  • AK-101 Assault Rifle
  • AK-102 Small-Size Assault Rifle
  • AK-103 Assault Rifle
  • AK-104 Small-Size Assault Rifle
  • AK-105 Small-Size Assault Rifle
  • AKS-74 Assault Rifle
  • AK-74M Modernized Assault Rifle – Intended for motorized infantry
  • AKS-74U Shorty Assault Rifle – Developed from the AKS-74
  • AKS-74U Shorty Assault Rifle – PBS silent fire device and BS-1 silent underbarrel grenade launcher.

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