Italy Probes US Marine for Calipari Murder

Italy Investigates US Marine for the Murder of Italian Agent Calipari

In a sign that Italy is not serious on the war on terrorism, Italy has placed a United States Marine under investigation for the ‘murder’ of an Italian agent in Iraq this year.

Let’s remember that the women who the agent ‘rescued’ was a Communist and insurgent sympathizer. Italy allegedly paid a ransom to the insurgents for her ‘release’ which helped underwrite further terrorist operations against the Coalition. The Italians did not coordinate with US troops the evacuation of the kidnap ‘victim’. Italy went against Coalition policy of negotiation with kidnappers and terrorists. And finally, the Italian agents vehicle allegedly failed to stop at a roadblock which resulted in his death.

What is Significant About This Investigation?

The Italians are probing a US service man for murder. This implies that the US willfully and knowingly tried to kill the Italian agent. Also, the Italians are not probing the insurgents for the crime of kidnapping, assault, and other felonies against her citizens.

Gee, I wonder why Italy does not want to punish/arrest/criticize Islamic insurgents and just target the United States? If Italy was semi-serious about terrorism it should apply the same standards toward the kidnappers as she is applying toward her ‘ally’.

Italian magistrates have placed a U.S. marine under official investigation for murder over the killing of an Italian agent in Iraq earlier this year, judicial sources said on Thursday.

Intelligence officer Nicola Calipari was shot dead at an improvised U.S. checkpoint on a road near Baghdad in March as he was accompanying an Italian hostage to safety.

Italy and the United States held a joint inquiry into the incident, but they failed to agree joint conclusions and instead issued conflicting reports.

While the U.S. military exonerated its troops of any blame, Rome said nervous, inexperienced American soldiers and a badly executed road block were at the root of the shooting.

In the meantime, Italy’s independent judiciary have pushed ahead with their own probe and have carried out forensic tests on the car Calipari was traveling in when he came under fire.

Placing someone under official investigation for an alleged crime does not imply guilt and does not mean the person will necessarily be charged.