Is Google Adwords Biased Against Republicans?

Is Google Adwords Biased Against Republicans?

There is gathering storm on the internet with the advent of blogs uncovering bias and lies that previously would have gone unnoticed in the pre-internet days.

One such example is Google Adwords allowing ads advocating against Republican elected officials like Rep. Tom Delay while refusing to run ads critical of Democratic officials like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

The alleged reason for the rejection of ads critical of Rep. Pelosi was :

Google policy does not permit ad text that advocates against an individual, group or organization.

However, a simple search on the Google search engine with the keywords “tom delay” reveals a contradictory result. It seems that Google will allow ads that appear to advocate against Mr. Delay.

Here is prima facia evidence:

delay google ads

It is easy to conduct this experiment for yourself and I ask that you let us know about examples of other instances where Google appears to violate it’s own editorial policy in favor of Democratic candidates or elected officials.

1) Point your browser to
2) Enter in the persons name you wish to search.
3) Viola! Check the Adwords that appear on the right hand side of your screen.

Update: 11 June 2005

Here is another example of Google allowing advertisements that advocate against an individual.

The search term used was in the Google search engine was ‘president bush’.

Here is the result:

anti-bush google ads

Clearly, Google found the adverstisement “Hate Bush? So Do We – Hard hitting political tees for your inner-liberal” acceptable.


Here is another ad that Google Adsense approved. An anti-“W” advertisement that links to ‘dont blame me I voted for Kerry’ dot com.

google adsense bias

Update 12/20/2005 – Google Still Allowing Ads Advocating Against Republican Politicians in Contradiction To Their Own Published Policy.

anti-tom delay google ads

Here is another example of an ad against Tom Delay.