Iraqi Insurgent with RPG Video

Iraqi Insurgent with RPG Video

This video taken in Iraq shows an Iraqi man aiming a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) at Coalition forces. The insurgent is targeted by machine gun fire and killed before he can launch the RPG explosive warhead.

Rocket Propelled Grenades are generally fired at short range, so the time between launch and impact is typically no more than a second or two. There are a wide variety of RPG warhead types, but many employ a focused blast or shaped charge warhead capable of penetrating considerable armor, provided the warhead is detonated at the proper distance from the armor surface.

iraqi rpg insurgent video
Video: Insurgent in kneeling position aiming RPG at Coalition forces.

What is a RPG?
The RPG-7 is a recoilless, shoulder-fired, muzzle-loaded, reloadable, antitank grenade launcher. It fires a variety of 85-mm rocket-assisted grenades from a 40-mm smoothbore launcher tube. The launcher has two hand grips; a large optical sight; a thick, wooden heat guard around the middle; and a large, flared blast shield at the rear of the tube. The launcher is 953 mm long without grenade and 1,340 mm with grenade. The launcher weighs 7.9 kg and the grenade 2.25 kg.

In the video, you can see red tracer rounds that are used to improved accuracy against “dismounts” or dismounted infantry forces.

iraqi rpg insurgent video
Video: This frame from the video shows that the “tango” is neutralized and friendly forces did not suffer a hit from the RPG grenade.

Analysis: This man is a moron who wasted his life and will never see “Allah”. The coalition forces will eventually turn over power to the Iraqi provisional government. The coalition forces will also depart Iraq and do not intend to stay there one second more than necessary. Why? It sucks there.

In the near future, there will be democratic elections. This man would have had the new right to pick his new government in a peaceful manner. Instead, he choose to attack those who were there to give him freedom by liberation from a cruel dictator.

Alas, what do you expect from people who are culturally 5 hundred years in the past?

  • khadim

    ben laden vidio

  • Channing Fell

    Too bad he’ll never know the taste of freedom.. I wonder what weapons they trained on him to get him to go out and do this? Was this the choice of a free man, to hide his face rather than stand with the courage of conviction? We are so blessed here…so blessed.. to have the men and women who still defend freedom and will bring it to opressed people. Semper Fidelis!.. keep praying for our President, George Bush, and for our other elected officials, but pray for us all that, as President Lincoln said, “…that we are on God’s side.”

  • Rehan`

    Well, in our terms , we call it “Shahadah”. It’s something the Mujahideen pursue. He received what he was fighting for.

    You keep defending your freedom, we keep degfending ours, this war will go on for centuries. Israel and her illegitimate mother America, will go down, like those two dicks, I mean, towers.

    Poster is from IP address: ( Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • Rex Feral

    I must agree with Rehan`. This war will go on for centuries, until the end of man. It is time for America to stop.

  • Thomas

    Kikass video. This idiot obviously never played counterstrike. Pwned. Fuckin rags.

  • Tom

    Defending the sheethead terrorists and claiming the war on terror is America’s fault is like defending the termites after somebody sprayed insecticide.

    If you’re a defender of that backwards culture of the sheethead terrorists, then why not be an HONEST defender? Why not surround yourself with the technology and lifestyle that is 500 years old?

    Give up your American-designed computer. Take off those NIKE shoes, and strap on some goat-skin sandals. Throw away all of your medicine, and avoid western medical technology and doctors. And if you’re kid is dying of a disease, don’t get help from Western American technology. The honest sheethead will instead go moan to allah of osama for help. He’ll fix you right up!

    Stop using electric motors, lights, and washing machines. Turn off the air conditioner. Stop driving your car. Stop communicating in our language, the language of advancement and freedom. These are just small examples of how you should be in humble thanks for the rich lifestyle you crave, brought to you by the capitalist, free-market culture of America. I’m sure you could think of lots more.

    We are the only Military force in the history of the world that will fight for the liberation of the oppressed. And in this case, we are fighting a war on the soil of the terrorists and those who support terrorism. We prefer to kick your monkey-ass in your own backyard, rather than have to clean up your filth over here.

    No, you can’t reply to this, or else you would be an unfaithful infidel, using Western technology developed by those you hate. So burn your PC to cook some camel-meat tonight, and be thankful.

  • Earnan

    Actually, stupid Islamic assholes like Mister “My brains are all over the street now” will continue to die like dogs, and your pathetic Islamic shithole countries will continue to be, well, shitholes fit only for sons of dogs such as yourselves. You’ve sown the wind, now reap the whirlwind. If you will not act like human beings, we will erase you from the earth.

  • jonathan armacost

    You have broken this situation down very well, to the point where I am now even MORE baffled as to the idiots who have been cursing this campaign since dayone…..”Let freedom ring”!!! land of the free…and home of the brave.

  • fake

    Bush is the coward! This war is so unjust and the whole Bush administration needs to be prosecuted
    as criminals. America troops will continue to die and so will hostages, we put ourselves in this situation
    so we must now accept the fact that Bush is a complete moron. We should have went after bin laden and had him captured first before we decided to attack iraq.

  • Fake is an idiot

    “Fake” you are an idiot. I spent a full year in Iraq and assholes like this bulletstop are part of a very small minority. The overwhelming number of Iraqi’s I met and talked with would agree with me that this fucker deserved the end he got.

  • Brandon

    Bush is only a puppet figure for a neo-conservative action called Pax Americana. In this action the United States will attempt to westernize middle-east countries by the example of their invasion of Iraq. If the republicans stay office, you can rest assured that all middle-eastern countries that do conform to U.S. policy, will be linked to terrorism, and a new government will be implemented.

    Admin Note: What is the color of the sky in your world?

  • American Stud

    Rehan – here’s a crystal ball for the future of you & your offspring. America will not stop until all descendants of the
    bastard Ishmael are shahadad’d. The filthy moron in this video is a shining example of Darwin’s theory. Inshala mutton head…

  • The Justifier

    What was this idiot possibly thinking? All others who choose to fight will meet the same fate – dumbfucks…

  • just another puppet

    The racist nature of almost everyone in this forum cleary shows that this war isnt a war againt terrorism, it is a war based on lies, deception and genocide against mainly civilians who have been opressed for years SOLELY for capitalist interests!!!
    Just take the time to look at yourselves…
    Gratified over death, over cold bloodedly killing a fellow human being, almost getting a ‘kick’ out of seeing someone die. This attitude is absolutely desgraceful!!!
    Showing your complete, total ignorance and prejudice towards a group of people who we proudly slander rather than attempt to understand the underlying and often censored issues which have brought rise to the “free” western countries we now “safely” live in.


  • Lance M

    Hey you all need to chill out on all of this because none of you realize this but this is a part of revelation, yeah I know some of you don’t want to hear this but in this time it’s all a part the end times. This war was set for the end times + the wrath of god. But also, these people who are beheading will fall in the pit of hell yes they will get theirs and I have My word on that. If you stop and think about it you wonder about the un and nato and why they aren’t helping us with this problem. They (the un ) are set in the end times to be with the antichrist but have faith in me these people will come to their death in the end

  • Danny Steward

    I have to say, that I rather eat fish, than camel cum (as the Islamic people do), I rather drink a beer, than drinking camel piss (as the Islamic people do), in context: Islamic murderers, the time have come for you. Remember this, you are cowards, you are filthy and stinky murderers, you will never taste freedom, because you decide to be a murderer. Furthermore, keep kneeling, like and idiot waiting for your camel cum eater Mohammed. Why don’t you fight face to face, and see if you can? You fuck punks mother fucker Islamic murderers, I would love to have zarkawi in my hands, face to face and kick his fucking ass, and break every bone of his mucky animal body. I would love to make him get a taste of his own way. I hope he get catch real soon, believe me after he gets catch I’ll dance around his dirty body, and ask the soldier to please let him alone with me in a cell and have his face up to a point that not even his fucking self animal can recognize.

  • IceHeart

    Some will call this an act of martyrdom…others will call it just reward. This man was someones son… maybe even a husband and a father. ANY religion that causes a single death needs to be questioned. People have killed and died in the name of God since recorded history… Somehow, thats not my idea of God. I may be wrong… and so may you… but no one need die for my belief. That, my friends, was a waste. Nothing more.

    If God wants us (you) to die… let him do his own dirty work. (Omnipotence for a price!)

  • Kevin

    How funny you people are…I choked on my own spit reading this sludge. You see, for me it’s not a racisit issue, it’s not a political issue, and it’s not about religion. Its the fact that 3000 Americans were murdered in cold blood! It’s that I’m one proud motherfucking American soldier and God himself can damn me to the depths of hell for eliminating a target like in the video. If I have to make a choice of my life…or yours…….I’m sorry Mr. Middle Eastern I Hate Americans guy but I’m gonna purge the back of your head….vent your face .223 style. Survival of the fittest buddy!!!! Been that since the begining of time and you know what……I’M MORE FIT THAN YOU!!!!!

  • Lance M

    hell yeah thomas i love counterstrike

  • TJ

    To think that all these men where there ready to strike against America and other nations, think of what could have happened if we hadn’t gone to war.

  • Don Juan

    And Allah spoke to Mohammed. “Go forth and fuck every goat you can. Only then will the infidels understand our resolve.” And Mohammed said, “Is it not enough that we fuck camels every day in your name? “No.” replied Allah. “The only true way to paradise is to fuck every goat in all creation. As the most sacred of all animals, only the goat can help man reach paradise where seventy-two virgin goats await true Muslims.” “I understand” said Mohammed. “From this day forward we fuck every goat and kill the infidels who do not believe in the sacred goat-fucking ways. The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers.” “Now go!” Allah commanded. “I need to be alone with the goats! And the believers of Islam continued the goat fucking tradition for over a thousand years but the men grew weary of fucking goats and prayed to Allah. “Oh Allah the great goat fucker, please give your followers wealth so we can buy ourselves women. We are good Muslims, heed our cries!” And Allah appeared in Mecca as a burning pile of camel shit. “I will grant your wish!” the pile of shit said. “I will give you oil so the Infidels will give you money, However, I place a curse on your women because of those who blasphemy the sacred goat. From now on all muslim women will look and smell like goats to remind men of the true path to paradise.” “Allahu Akbar!” cried the men as they went back to their goats!

  • Ryan

    Did you notice that the positive contributions the arab world has made tend are all ancient? (ie. algebra.) They have contributed nothing good or decent this side of the tenth century, and, explicitly stated, are nothing but a source of problems.

    The more thuggish become the suicide bombers and jihadists, while the more cunning become extortionist oilmen. There may be good muslims in this world, but the “net effect” of Islamic existence is profoundly negative, and as long as they exist, their terrorism will persist. Much like cancer treatment kills both malignant cells and healthy ones, curing the cancer of terrorism will require us to stop nit-picking between “good” muslims and the evil majority – and do what must be done!

    Kill them all! I’ll be drinking a fine wine while watching this great deed courtesy of the great USA! God bless America, and death to our Islamic enemy!

  • Allfight

    I think Bush doing as good a job as any man could in his position. Nobody wants to be there. Not him, not the military, and not the U.S. public. However nobody ever thinks about what it takes to keep us safe. Evreybody blames Bush, but noone blames Clinton for cutbacks in the military, FBI & CIA. America needs these agencys to be fully funded and fully manned now more than ever. When they aren’t it gives those who hate us the chance to strike…..(which they did). So now we have work twice as hard both inside and outside our borders to ensure our saftey. As for our enemies, we have the strongest military machine the world has ever seen. Its only a matter of time before we find you, put troops in your backyard and kill you. You struck us first now its our turn we, will see you soon. You don’t see it, the more you fight us the more troops we send to kill you. The sad part is all this could be resolved so easily. The terrorist could stop fighting, and if they really are fighting for the people and have their support then next year you could vote your own person in. And the Americans would be gone……..(for the most part). God Bless America Semper Fi!

  • bud

    Live target practice. Yay!

  • sangre y hiello

    this is the way it is…if you point a weapon into the face of the armed forces of any country
    you take the chance of getting wasted… and guess what?? its not a matter of race, its a matter of
    historical outcomes and strategic security. babylon, the capital of the ancient babylonish empire,
    (ie-ancient iraq), fell to persian king cyrus the great, and since that event so long ago, world powers have all been western. centuries roll by and the mideast languishes while a religion ran by
    powerful mullahs control an ignorant population. its time to wake up from the 10th century. as far as
    strategic security, iraq is being used not only as an example of a 3rd world country being forcefully
    pulled into the modern world for the rest of the arab world to see but acts as a great attractor-
    if you give the idiots(read terrorists) targets in there own backyard to make war on,it just may
    keep em out of ours. sooner or later, the military/intelligence machine along with the help of
    western trained iraqi troops will tighten the noose and exterminate those who disrupt peace. iran may
    be next with all their sabre rattling and nuke production……………………..



  • Sandy

    You people make me laugh. That guy was a patriot for his country. If some foriegn troops invaded my country because they didn’t like its’ president then I would arm myself with whatever weapon I could get ahold of and fight. It wouldn’t matter to me if I hated my president or not. Use your brain, put yourself in his shoes and THINK!

  • defender

    gree with above, and also, you do not destroy terrorism with terrorism, you attack from roots. Attacking them would only make them rally more to their cause from collateral damage. Those fighters whom america calls “terrorists” aren’t fighting because they hate freedom, they are fighting imperialism, they have seen what imperialism does to poor countries, they know of american policy, they don’t hate us because we’re not muslim, they hate the u.s because trade organizations work against poor countries in the banner of development(one reason why trade center was attacked), when actually under capitalism for their own country, they don’t want to see their resources channeled out fo their country to another only to make one richer and the other one poorer. This war on terrorism will only cause more terrorism, the more they accidentally bomb innocent, the more their relatives would be willing to fight. Unlike most soldiers, those insurgents are not fighting for a paycheck or for a college loan, they are fighting with rage, they would be willing to put their lives not for their pockets but for what they believe is “just”, they are fighting someone who wants to privatize their resources to american puppeted business men. Saddam should have been removed for his atrocities not for what he may have had, as to say the u.s hasn’t done worse?(the u.s has killed more innocent under capitalism, u just don’t learn about it in history books)

  • hiioihi m

    Seen the delightfull video of the CIA agent acting as a contractor the Nick Berg and was happy. As the killers deserve the death punishment by beheading

  • Conrad

    To Rehan and Mr. Eisa:

    First Rehan, this war won’t go on for centuries because we will NUKE your stupid, dirty, no clean drinking water
    Pakastani ass first! NUKE=BOOOOM Chared turbins everywhere. Your people are inferior and thats why your country is so
    dirty and smelly. I know because i’ve been there, unfortunately. Next, Mr. Eisa western powers don’t keep you from
    obtaining modern technology. Your people are too dumb to invent it for yourselves. If you are so smart, invent your
    own weapons and fight America back. Look at China, they are anything but western in their beliefs and culture. They have
    their own space program and intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles. Why doesn’t Pakistan or Iraq have them? Its
    your stupid inferior people. Don’t you ever forget this. Moreover, jackass Rehan, stop reading and writing in English.
    If you don’t like it so much, why the hell would you learn English. You are abviously a jelous fool. I don’t believe
    America should be in Iraq and I don’t agree with many of America’s policies in the Middle East, but don’t you dare say
    that your people could ever begin to fight us for 1 year, none the less 100 years. Our CIA should track your IP address
    and teach you the meaning of “elimination with extreme prejudice.”

  • Conrad

    To Rehan and Mr. Eisa:
    You are fools

  • Scout

    You are an idiot, “defender”. They are to expand the Islam to the whole World, and by any means. They hate us because we are NOT muslims, and we’ll have to convert or die if we don’t wan’t to fight them.

    Living in a country once (6 centuries ago) conquered by the Islam , i feel no pity for people that have expressed the purpose of retaking my land…

    About that poor idiot… obviously he needed more trainig. Or more common sense, at least.

  • Eric The Red

    You are fools. Look at the last 1000 years of western civilization. What we cannot accommodate we erase. The American Indians had a culture that was not as efficient as ours, we absorbed some of their genes, and culture, erased the rest. We are the most powerful culture the world has ever seen, the most efficient since Rome. We will absorb you or erase you from the face of this Earth. “An aroused Democracy is the most powerful force on earth.” You are stupid, we would love to help you and your culture survive, we have “grown” in our domination of the world, we now understand there are different ways and means of looking at reality. But you hit us where we live, and if you don’t stop we will kill you where you live. Every time, all the time.

  • jay

    lol america hasnt been a country for a 1000 years it was founded by britian and other European countries and i must say your approach is rather uncavalier and ungentlemanly were ment to be sorting these people out your quite clearly a nieve young man who doesnt have a clue (no offence) but it certainly seems you dont have a grasp on current world politics

  • Bill

    Politics and rhetoric aside, this video is a graphic demonstration of the difference between the professional soldiers of the USMC and the untrained, undiscliplined Iraqis who are shooting at them. Iraqis are dying by the hundreds because they don’t know what they’re doing. I’m not a huge fan of this war, but if I was a US soldier sitting in a Bradley and Haji down the street was about to shoot an RPG at me–I’d push the button on him too. The guy lying in a pool of his own blood may have considered himself a freedom-fighter, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is up against the best trained, best equipped Army the world has ever seen.

  • Bill

    Politics and rhetoric aside, this video is a graphic demonstration of
    the difference between the professional soldiers of the USMC and the
    untrained, undiscliplined Iraqis who are shooting at them. Iraqis are
    dying by the hundreds because they don’t know what they’re doing. I’m not a
    huge fan of this war, but if I was a US soldier sitting in a Bradley
    and Haji down the street was about to shoot an RPG at me–I’d push the
    button on him too. The guy lying in a pool of his own blood may have
    considered himself a freedom-fighter, but that doesn’t change the fact that
    he is up against the best trained, best equipped Army the world has
    ever seen.

  • texmac1

    Well he should have used the buddy system !

  • oneistao

    The people defending bush have no clue the atrocities commited by our very government, they choose to blind themselves to the truth so they can sleep comfortably at night with their sense of security blankets. You so desperately worship him.. your ignorant, murderous, lying cowardly, indirect, question dodging messiah. I am not a republican, democrate, socialist, communist, libertarian or muslim, I am however a citizen of the USA and my rights are violated every day,. I hold holy the freedoms ensured by our forefathers, me and many others like me are waiting. They can’t deal with an iraqi insurgency how do you dream they will stop it here? I love america and it’s people and this is why I cannot stand to see 95% of the wealth in the hands of 10% of the population, to say this is fair and trying to justify it is just an affirmation of your deluded materialistic views, worshipping ideas and things you’re so far gone from reality you think they are real. Reality is coming though, how long can this systematic oppression last? all but the 200k and up income braket are shrinking.. ironically making our numbers bigger as the continued economic ruining effect of the class war leaves it’s victims in it’s wake. If are of a truely righteous and just character both morally and spiritually how can you continue with any conscious to lament this hero of injustice with compliments, how did he so gain your respect? because some republican newsletter told you to? Or maybe by selling out the priorities of citizens to persue both personal interest and the interest of big business. The arab world feels and also is told by it’s leaders its being pressured from the west, and it is to some degree. The attitudes present are very remeniscent of western imperialist doctors diagnosis of forgeiners claiming they were some how physilogically respond differently to diseases and drugs, this of course is patently untrue there’s no racial basis for drug contraindications. You some how think your social medicine is better than theirs, jesus is some how superior to mohammed. I find this particularly ironic as the old testiment god’s personality is childish; filled with rage, revenge, unforgiving and unloving attitude towards man in general. So christians next time you bury your face in your hands to pray remember in the bible it says god knows everything before it happens, if so this makes him patently responsible for your baby being born with a cleft lip or blind of with an extra finger since he is all powerful he also has the power to fix/stop everything besides he could’ve prevented it in the first place, why pray now when he already has dropped the ball? The bottom line is this; according to your book anything that happens is god’s will so it was god’s will 9/11 happend, god’s will your dad died…. Your philosphy when actually practiced the way it’s preached constructs a very bleak outlook indeed, perhaps this is why you christians are more comfortable living in worlds constructed of your own particular delusional but rosey view of life, which may or may not (depending individually) have some connections to reality. I hope though in time people will come to see the truth and we can all live in peace and harmony, if not directly together in seperate places where our rights can be maintained without resistance in accordance to the local peoples will and without constant fighting which is produced by the this “seperated america”. I think we really should have a “seperate” america, divided by geography, populace and laws of that particular region/state being stated at the entry points. Federal law is an absurdity when applied to most aspects of life there are simply too many people too many opinions and dispositions for a federal government or it’s laws to be truely reflective of the populaces will and this is not right. I’m an american, a freedom fighter, my grandfather fought for the north in the revolutionary war, my eldest uncle served in WWII and Korea, my father korea, his younger brother nam and I like my forefathers stand ready, armed and willing to defend our freedom. I think the problem with this fight is both sides are right and both sides are wrong, for every person there is a different path and we have a natural want to lump everything together, to make it conform to this standard or this ideal we really need to quit being so controlling. Let the people grow in their own natural direction let their intuition guide them to their destined end and I think you will find the world a better place. I dream of one world government and there would only need to be one federal law “Every person regardless of age,race,sex,ability or religion may move to any place in the world they choose” this relieves the need for constant political change like here in the united states how majority in house/senate and presidency changes, this is a huge block to meaningful and long term social/political evolution as no one theory is ever tested or used long enough to truely judge it’s effectiveness. This would allow every one the chance to define their own sense of freedom without hate, resentment or an undeserved sense of “my way is the only way”. Honestly ask your self; how well is our current government really working? It can’t move an inch without tripping on it’s own fat.. made from the blood of the working class, and now increasingly the middle class.. in nazi germany when the nazi’s took their guns and the jews said “it’s not my problem” the nazi’s went after blacks/people of color and still the jews said “it’s not my problem” then the 3rd reich was at their front door……if you do not stick up for the freedom of every one: who’s problem is it now? may you all be blessed with happiness,safety and freedom. =) peace -c

  • hajihater

    fought for the north in the revolutionary war, hmmmmmmm, interesting, keep standing ready, because the fight is going on right now. If you stand long enough, maybe you won’t serve at all.

  • Cipanos

    I feel pity and sorry to all who misunderstanding islam or muslim, we don’t blame christian when U.S drop atomic bomb in hiroshima & nagasaki that killed thousands of civillians

    There is no western civilization without the muslim…. DO YOUR RESEARCH, READ THE HISTORY

    The guy in the video just defending his belief, ever heard of japan KAMIKAZE WW11 fighter Pilot ?

    For me reading this thread just a waste of time and non-educational, only full of hate, racist, uncivillised people who claimed to be ‘civillised’

  • Sho

    We all must agree that the usa is the last remaining super power with their predecessor UK falling short of that status. I believe the war in afghanistan was justified as it was collinear with bush’s plans to defeat terrorism and the axis of evil. But the war in iraq was totally unnecessary and immoral. If he informed initially of his plans to oust saddam hussein from power then maybe he would have obtained the UN resolution and iraq would be further down the philanthropic process. This war is a complete and utter farce. Surely we should be tackling the ethnic cleansing which is occuring in sudan and also in other areas of africa where al qaeda are setting up terror cells poisoning the mind of young innocent muslims. Furthermore, i must ask the question who formed the taliban; and armed them with stinger missiles during the soviet war with afghanistan???? The US administration a name Ronald Reagan ring any bells????? these same weapons shot down and killed us servicemen a bit ironic??????

  • tk whitaker

    Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.

  • A us soldier

    Well I must say this war is not a good thing to most people, and I thought that this war would be fast. The only reason it is still going on and we are still haveing soldiers die, is that we are trying to play nice. if we wanted there would be nothing left but smokeing holes were people once lived. I my self have killed countless people in Iraq hell most of the time I never even seen the people die. just rolled past them as we advance. I feel sorry for some and others I could care less. in war people die. I see no evil in it. I still smell it. the buring cars with people inside them. I took alot of photos to show mom and dad how thier son took care of things. soon we will go back to Iraq and things will change the 3rd Combat group will clean house once again. we were the first in. and things were smooth. and another thing these guys we were fighting suck ass. they can’t hit shit for nothing. we had shells comeing in and it was scary but nearly harmless. And they run real fast. but not faster than a 5.56 I remember one guy with something in his hand and I put that pig on burst and no more mister ugly head. I have seen alot of nasty shit. and a lot of the nasty bits of insides that I have to pick out of my road wheels on the howitzer. I don’t fight for God or the cause of good. God is the last thing I would ever fight for. all this holy war is bullshit. I say don’t bet on the unknown but on not fighting the big DOG. try picking a fight that you can win like hanging your females from goal posts. seen that shit dont know what the hell that was all about. well to the people that are for the holywar I helped many many of a man meet his or her allah. and maybe it was your dad mother sister son daughter whatever dont fuck with US worse don’t stand tall against the 3rd. calling the towers dicks is stupid they are to me just big ass buildings like the car I drive just things. mean nothing to me. but kill people that are non military. then I guess I could see your osama mama cooken a goat infront of your shit hole. If you hear something scream overhead just smile and wave, gives us something to laff at. oh and fuck allah.

  • A us soldier

    stupid shit on more stupid shit. Even japan back in the day when we are fighting, thought they had made a mistake on waking a sleeping giant. your best bet is to be good little people of the desert. be a good dog. we all know what happens to bad dogs. you wast your lives fighting the Western devils as you call anyone that is not your own. and maybe we are Devils who would want that at your front door. keep it up I am becomeing a better shot. I don’t base my life around GOD or anything as silly as that. you might have had wars that last many many years but there is no way in hell you could ever kill every american or german or anyother person you fear. tell us how bad we are by trying to give you the reins on your own life give you things like choice and a life of your own makeing. if we wanted you gone it would be over in seconds and you know it. that is a fact and not me just talking out my ass. keep it up and you might just get to sample some of our grit. what you have seen in Iraq was a soft. how would you feel if your mother was in a group of people trying to get something to eat from US, and one of your buddies pulled out a weapon. that would cause people that want to live to die. I have seen this last year. a group of 10 people near a building trying to not die and are not fighting get wasted by my M2 50cal. it was sad but one guy in that 10 had a weapon. so they all died. sounds smart huh? if you think that is a war crime I was aiming at his rifle and I am a bad shot with the 50. I am tired of this. I feel like this is school and the retards are haveing a upriseing. give it up or die. what the fuck do I care. I still get paid on the 1st and the 15th

  • brenda

    if some one released all the criminals in the usa we would be facing the same thing here, because that is who our military is fighting,not someone who is fighting for a cause ,but stupid uneducated criminals who’s only goal is to cause pain and suffering of anyone they come in contact with it’s really thier only joy in life ,fortunatly it’s just a matter of time…….and time is on our side .all of these sicko’s will soon reap what they are soeing.

  • Frank Penberthy

    Islam and its teachings are taken very seriously in the Middle East. Like Christianity, there are many forms of Islam. But even with the many forms of Christianity, if a Christian group were beheading their kidnapped victims and claming is was Gods way, then just about every other Christian organization in the world would be on CNN telling the world that is NOT Gods way. My question is………….. why do we not see so called “non-radical” Islam groups getting on CNN and telling the world that this is NOT Allas way? I have read the Koran and it dose teach its believers to kill if necessary any and all occupiers of their lands.

    History has shown the Arab to be a hostile and bickering people and especially within their own race. The death of 3000 Americans on 9/11 at the hands of Islamic Arabs was their big mistake. If the Islam Arabs want Jihad then lets give it to them, but lets do it so ferociously and so unrelenting that our enemy will experience complete trauma and will only see it senseless to continue. Once that happens it will send the message to the Islamic Arabs that to mess with us it way too high-priced. Then we can leave Iraq. Amen.

    Today the world is upside down. What is good, decent and moral is becoming wrong, and what is evil, decadent and immorally is becoming right. The war is Iraq is only a small part of the horrors occurring in a world growing slowly sicker everyday. We need to look into our own hearts and we will see that we need help from a higher power to find our way.

  • Frank Penberthy

    may your chains rest lightly upon you

  • a

    If these groups in Iraq keep fighting, then they must have on-going financial supplies. How come USA intelligence cannot trace such vasts amounts of money? If these groups keep getting supplies, then it should be possible to trace these supply chains, right? And there are only so many ways to bring weapons into a country, so why not monitor Iraq’s borders? I sometimes think that USA want to keep this war going on for money-laundering purposes, or else, how can one explain that with such powerful technologies in place nowadays (satellites, etc) these groups cannot be traced?

  • FatTony

    I agree with Kevin. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you point an RPG at any soldier of any army, they will if they can, redecorate the road in brain-fragment grey. This guy got what he deserved. He can join all his buddies rotting in the gutter. No wars should be fought over religion and this is all about corrupt people at the top not wanting to give to the genuine people who make the country. This is their dying breath and last chance to hold on to some of thier so-called ‘power’. Democracy rules and no, the end of the World is not nigh. Long live evolution and natural selection!!

  • Chiba

    A little history, first. You see, Americans are not the first to invade Mesoptamia, nor are they the first, in their messianic fervor, to fail to grasp the idea that their subjects might be ungrateful.

    The mysterious uprisings in Iraq threw the normally poised British Indian administration off balance. Sir Arnold Wilson told the Cabinet at the end of 1920 that “there was no real desire in Mesopotamia for an Arab government, that the Arabs would appreciate British rule.” If that were so, then the explosion in Mesopotamia could not be explained as an Arab independence movement. “What we are up against,” said Wilson, “is anarchy plus fanaticism.”

    A Peace to End All Peace
    David Fromkin

    But does this history matter? I’m afraid it does not. America remains resolutely continental, insular, amnesiac, and

    Despite the threat of war in Iraq and the daily reports of suicide bombers in Israel, less than 15 percent of the young U.S. citizens could locate either country.

    More young U.S. citizens in the study knew that the island featured in last season’s TV show “Survivor” is in the South Pacific than could find Israel.

  • Jacob Graul

    We are fighting a war on two fronts. The United States is engaged with a guerilla Patriot in the streets of Iraq, and the American intelligentsia is fighting ignorance, jingoistic racism and immorality on the homefront. I am embarrassed to call myself an American. This country won’t stand for long…the walls of Rome have already begun to crumble.

  • Iron

    Interesting video, how this guy came way out of cover to shoot an rpg. He abviously had no training. To bad we can’t see what he attemted to shoot at. Anyway that is my comment, without getting all politacal, which gets REAL OLD. I’m not a Bush fan. I find war interesting for the tactics, techniques and gear. I have trained to gunfight, however I would never join any army. Way to much conservative propaganda going on. Fight for FREEDOM, true freedom, the freedom to do / see / say what you want. Don’t push your “morals” and “values” on others. Keep it to yourself.

  • Don M

    The difference between the US and the terrorists is that terrorists intentionally fight dirty. They do not have a chain of command (or they would stop fighting since Saddam has been captured). They do not use uniforms. They intentionally violate mosques, hospitals, and schools. They intentionally target non-combatants. They accordingly deserve no respect that would be due a legal combatant. Terrorists are scum, and hide behind their women.

    US forces respect mosques, hospitals, and schools. They avoid, when possible, non-combatants.

    The invasion of Iraq was absolutely legal, moral, and necessary.
    1. The agreement that ended the previous UN sanctioned military action to restore the independence of Kuwaitt was violated by Saddam Husayne. Accordingly, the US as a party to that agreement had the right to resume hostilities.

    2. Saddam Husayne had used WMD against Iran and the Kurds. Santions were being violated, and our good buddies the French, the Russians, and the Germans would have been proud to sell him anything he wanted.

    3. Saddam Husayne had many contacts with Terrorism. He paid the families of Arab terrorists, and provided retirement and training facilities for terrorists such as Abu Nidal. He had attempted to asassinate a former US president. He had attempted to destroy the WTC by truck bomb, but through incompetence, only managed to murder 6 people. Bin Laden’s operation to destroy the WTC was his attempt to one up Saddam, and was motivated in part by the US forces based in Saudi Arabia to forestall Iraqi aggression.

    The invasion of Iraq has prevented several tens of terrorist attacks on the US. There are other terrorist sponsors. We can not afford to leave any of them alone. Still, we had to begin somewhere, and Afghanistan was a logical place to start. Iraq, center of the ancient caliphate was the best second place. Iran is a long time sponsor of terrorism, but because they are Persian and Shia, are a less useful lesson to Arab Shia.

    The US has fought Muslims before. In Tripoli we dictated terms to the Barbary Pirates in 1803. In the Phillipines we purchased sovereignity from the Sultan, and destroyed the dead enders at Bud bukap, providing the Muslims with the best government they had ever experienced. We have rescued Muslims in Albania, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovinia. In the US, Muslims are free to worship as they chose, just as all are free to worship as they please.

    Afganistan has an elected government. Iraq will soon be another success.

    Any death we can give Saddam and his bullies would be too kind.

  • Al-Queda is not Muslim!

    These wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are SUPPOSED to be a war on terror, Osama-bin-laden and Al-queda. I have a BEST FRIEND who is Muslim and whom I used attend highschool with. There is A LOT of racist, political, and “Christian” bullshit in this forum and I had to comment.

    The U.S. would have been more justified in “Invading” Saudi Arabia than Iraq because Saddam Hussien and his “non-existant WMDs” was no threat to national security. However the Iraqi insurgents are in fact protecting their country regardless of religion from American-Imperialism. These Insurgents are in fact building in number as our presence fuels their fighting/nationalist flame. If I could slap all of our Ignorant/christian-fanatical Americans into shape, I would. I soley believe that dubya invaded Iraq not because it was neccessary to our protection, but because of his greed and revenge. I as all americans support our troops and the way that the Right-wing has used patriotism, 9/11 and war, as political tools makes me hate all republicans with a deep disgust by which I admit. I agree with many who have spoken the truth and regarding the picture, this man is obviously no coward to fire his RPG out in the open as stupid as that would be. Although his weapon choice may be considered cowardly, he hates his enemy and wants to get the job done. It was a mistake for the U.S. to go in without the U.N. and the U.N. is not as corrupt as republicans want you to think, they hate any sort of international control over the U.S.

  • Lui

    I find it interesting how much anger there is on this discussion. I encourage the soldiers in Iraq to shoot the crap out of the terrorists trying to continue the chaos, but at the same time, allowing explosions of anger won’t help convince your opponents (I am NOT one of them).
    And to those who think that Islam can be separated from violence, keep in mind the distinction within your own religion between the more fundamentalist Muslims, and the more moderate Muslims. Many Muslims are indeed peaceful, but you cannot overlook the fact that the U.S. military’s main opponents in the field for the past 20 years have been Muslim (Beirut, Mogadishu, now Afghan. and Iraq), or the fact that the origin of Islam was based upon conquest. The man in the video was probably a radical Muslim, fighting for what in his own evil mindset he wanted – the death of an American soldier. While our troops remain in Iraq, they have the full support of me and many other Americans in trying to create peace. If you think Islam can be preached by those terrorists, you’re nothing more than a murderer hiding behind a keyboard. But back on the other hand, if you’re blazing fury against the terrorists in general, keep in mind you’ll only inflame the problem. We need sharp-shooting, cool-headed soldiery here, not just furious passion.

  • Gewehr98k

    anyone know where I can get a copy of this video?

  • Casey

    I Guess when He was away at terrorist school for 3 days he missed the day they talked aobut finding cover.

  • Marcus S

    The terrorsit are some bad dudes. taking on the richest army on the planet with mostly conventional infantry type weopens. They kill americans everyday. The European Union will rise above all.

  • Dan

    Idk what he was doing. But the war in iraq is just like the nazi its just hell over there. And were trying to help them become what we are. Free and most of us happy. we take advantage of alot of things. Enjoy life and look around to see what u got dont let it go.

  • dizzle

    I think the war in iraq was a good thing.I also think the video was funny ass hell due to the stupidity of the insurgent thinking he could take on the US SOLDIERS. But i think there is a time for this war to end and the time is now.

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