Gun Camera Footage from AC-130 Video in Afghanistan

AC-130 Video from Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is being waged daily and without much news from the media. There have been very few actual video displays of combat or combat photography.

ac130 movie is pleased to present an instructional video clip of a coordinated strike involving an AC-130 gunship in Afghanistan from 2002.

Today’s AC-130U Gunship is more lethal than its predecessors, due to the addition of a GAU-12, 25 mm Gatling gun Firing at 1,800 shots per minute and mounted on a fully trainable gun mount, the GAU-12 provides twice the lethality of its former 20 mm cannons, a longer stand-off range and greater accuracy. The operator can select from a series of burst lengths to tailor effectiveness of the GAU-12 for each target due to a fully automated ammunition handling system, capable of carrying 3,000 rounds. The gunship also carries both a 40 mm Bofors cannon, capable of up to 100 shots per minute, and a 105 mm howitzer that can be fired six times a minute. To maximize accuracy, both large guns also are installed on trainable gun mounts. The AC-130U has a dual-target attack capability that allows it to attack simultaneously two targets located up to a kilometer apart. Its fire control system enables the AC-130U to destroy targets more quickly, expediting air-to-ground mission objectives while decreasing threat exposure time, which enhances aircraft survivability.

The war on terrorism in Afghanistan is very much alive and very real. This is the real deal, prepare yourself. This is what it takes.

AC-130 Gun Camera Video – Warning: Video May Be Disturbing Due to Violence!

UPDATE: As mentioned on the Howard Stern Radio Show

Here is a link to a longer, higher resolution video of the AC-130 operations. Warning! Extreme violence and extremely large multimedia file.

Picture: The AC-130U’s call sign is “Spooky”. There are currently 13 AC-130U’s in the Airforce inventory

Video: High Resolution AC-130 Attack in Mpeg Format

AC-130U Spooky Weapons

One 25mm GAU-12 Gatling Equaliser gun (1,800 rounds per minute)
One L60 40mm Bofors cannon (100 shots per minute)
One M102 105mm cannon (6-10 rounds per minute)

AC-130U Spooky Countermeasures

AN/AAQ-24 Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM)
AN/AAR-44 Infrared Warning Receiver
AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning System
AN/ALE-47 Flare and Chaff Dispensing System
AN/ALQ-172 Electronic Countermeasure System
AN/ALQ-196 Jammer
AN/ALR-69 Radar Warning Receiver
AN/APR-46A Panoramic RF Receiver
QRC-84-02 Infrared Countermeasures System

There are 13 AC-130U aircraft in the USAF inventory and they are currently assigned to the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

Older comments and ravings were archived here Gun Camera Footage from AC-130 Video in Afghanistan Comment Archives

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  • True Patriot

    I am and always have been patriotic. I love my country very much, and I am therefore saddened by the lack of intelligence and understanding in the remarks posted on this page. I am embarrassed to be an American these days, because the majority of America, it seems, is full of ignorance and blind hatred and racism–things we fought against in WWII, but now, the similarities are apparent: The American people have been filled with hatred and resentment towards Arabs and Muslims, just as Germans despised Jews and other
    “undesired” peoples 50-some years ago.
    I am not anti-war, but that does not make me a trigger-happy racist, either. I am going into the US Army soon, a dream of mine since childhood…I love my country and I want to fight for change. If this country does not change soon, it will collapse as the USSR did. I do not hate Arabs or Muslims–I have Arab/Muslim friends and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. The racist attitudes presented on this page disgust me, and if you are joining the US military to kill
    “rag-heads”, then I hope we meet up on the battlefield someday, so I can shoot you and rid the world of another racist bastard. I’ll do it with an Ak-47, so if the Army even suspects me of foul play, the 7.62×39 rounds in your corpse won’t match the 5.56mm NATO rounds in my M4A1, and the findings of the Board of Inquiry will prove “inconclusive”, and they’ll send a flag to your mommy and call you a hero, but I know you’re just another hate-filled racist. Am I sick? Maybe…or maybe I just love my country to the point that I would kill you to make the world a better place. Meet me on the battlefield and find out. I believe war is necessary when 3000+ Americans are slaughtered, but to allow emotion and hate to cloud your judgement is folly.
    I also think the Iraq war is bullshit… Saddam was no more of a threat this year than he was on Sep. 10 2001…it’s the post 9-11 paranoia that has Americans feeling that they have to blast anything that moves to keep the USA safe…It’s obvious that our president suffers from this paranoia, because now he wants to go to Liberia and start shit there…I’m sick of the USA being the political policeman of the world and shaping the destinies of others. We need
    to find peace with those who would do us harm, and we need to stop racism and blind loyalty to the state…otherwise, the USA will soon resemble Hitler’s Europe. Do you want that? I don’t, but if YOU do,
    then I hope your existence on this planet will soon cease. Your words and actions put the rest of us in jeopardy of becoming the victims of such a dictatorship.

  • PacMaN

    This just sux!!! After eliminating the target they shot people! My opinion: murder.
    Donno if this is the way war should be…

  • Billy Ray

    In Revelation 20:1–3, 7–8, we read, “Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain. And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it over him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years were ended. After that he must be loosed for a little while. . . . And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be loosed from his prison and will come out to deceive the nations which are at the four corners of the earth.”

  • Billy Ray

    The Rapture: When Will It Happen?
    The timing of the Rapture sparks a great debate within Christianity. Does it occur before, during, or after the tribulation period? The tribulation is a seven-year period that immediately precedes the return of Christ and the establishment of His millennial kingdom, which lasts for 1,000 years. The first 3 ½ years of the tribulation will be a time of peace and cooperation, and the second 3 ½ years of the tribulation will be a time of war and catastrophe. At the midpoint of the tribulation, the Antichrist will proclaim himself god and require worship from all people of the world. Many will bow down and worship the Antichrist, including taking his mark of worldwide registration. Some will refuse to worship the Antichrist and receive his mark, and many will be killed for this act of disobedience. The second half of the tribulation is referred to as the “Great Tribulation.” There will be extraordinary catastrophes all over the world during this period. (For scriptural support, see Revelation 3:10, Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 17).

  • Billy Ray

    The word “Rapture” comes from the Latin word “Rapare” which means to take away or to snatch out. This would be a remarkable event. Pilots would disappear from planes, truck drivers from their trucks; people from automobiles, etc. Some born-again Christians believe that a family will be eating dinner, when some of the members will rise from their seats, pass through the roof and keep rising through the air.

    An associated event is Christ’s imminent return (also known as the “second coming” and “parousia”). This has been expected by many Christians for almost 2 millennia. It was described by the Greek word “parousia” (coming, arrival, presence) during the 1st century CE. Justin Martyr introduced the term “second coming” in the 2nd century.

    Ever since Christ’s death, many Christians have been expecting the second coming in their immediate future. Most Fundamentalist and other conservative Christians believe that The Rapture will occur when Christ first returns towards earth. Most believe that Christ will not actually land or stay on earth at this time; the “real” second coming will occur later, when he returns with an army which will exterminate one third of the earth’s population.

  • 3rd eye

    It seems that Billy Ray is a Finatic hehe.
    As per the real reason for this line of posts.Im glad they got what was comming to them.Y shouldn’t be able to push the U.S around by blowing up our shit and killing thousands of innocent peple.IMHFO we should have wiped out the whole contry.

  • Ugokoh

    Me tinks dem baddys got wut wus commin to dem.Da wus baad.

  • It looked just like the night vision via spy satellite hit on the terrorist training camp in the film version of Tom Clancy’s book, “Patriot Games” with all the guys back at HQ calling the shots while watching it in real-time on their video monitors…. Never Forget the Heroes of Flight 93!

  • Not Billy Ray

    Hey Billy Ray, did you miss your last couple of doses?
    Keep thy religion to thyself.
    Hey, if all these events “will happen precisely as described”, then there isn’t much we can do about it, right?
    Anarchy in the streets!!!!

  • Aussie

    Hahahahahhahahha…….. Americans, the so-called SuperPower of this world. Well whose nuts are you sucking bitch?

    Americans are crap, theyve always been crap, always trying to cover up their mistakes with violence, and how dumb can you get? I think ill crash my own fucking BlackHawks and Blow up my own Humvees cos im a dumb fucking american soldier. There are so many of you but you all are so fucking useless, Americas Ego is the biggest thing in the world, not its army, You want power, go to Russia.

    Toolz now:

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    GG tridfm

  • Yuri

    That religious version of Billy Ray *really* needs to up his medication….

  • Not Billy Ray

    Hey Aussie,
    Sounds like you ain’t gettin’ no lovin’
    Take your anger out on you pecker you Kangaroo Kuddler!!!

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  • Aussie

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  • NotoneoftheBunch

    Never forget.

    Never EVER forget.

  • C. Wanner

    Never forget. Thank God we have honorable men willing to go do whatever is necessary to prevent anything like what happened on 9-11-01 from ever happening again. However disgustin the loss of any human life might be, we must protect our country from further attacks.

  • Uriel

    And thats what youre doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? I´ll remember that on the next 9/11. Because you will NOT discourage terrorists by bombing then.
    If that were true, the Israelis wouldn´t have to drive their kids to schools with armed guards posted at every entrance.

    Never EVER forget THAT!


  • NotoneoftheBunch

    Don’t mean to insult ALL Aussies; just a select few… Heres the link, make your own decision….

    Herald Sun: Blokes fail to please in bed [12sep03]


  • Uriel

    I didn´t say that bombing TERRORISTS is wrong – after all, its pretty hard to terrorize anyone when you´re dead – what I said was that bombing the hell out of ANY country, will NEVER persuade any terrorists living there to give up their “trade”.
    It will only convince them that they are warriors fighting a war, and not cowards preying on the innocent.

    Bush Jr. is going to feel pretty stupid on when the next 9/11 happens, despite his so-called “War on Terror”.


  • lostinspace

    Aussie – email – url
    Hahahahahhahahha…….. Americans, the so-called SuperPower of this world. Well whose nuts are you sucking bitch?

    Americans are crap, theyve always been crap, always trying to cover up their mistakes with violence, and how dumb can you get? I think ill crash my own fucking BlackHawks and Blow up my own Humvees cos im a dumb fucking american soldier. There are so many of you but you all are so fucking useless, Americas Ego is the biggest thing in the world, not its army, You want power, go to Russia.

    Toolz now:

    Russia can own American scum.. wait till this so called “Rebuilding of Iraq” your only after saddams wives. hahaha breeding a new generation of half cast sand niggas.. move to texas u mofo biatches!!!!@!1111

    GG tridfm
    August.26.2003 @ 22:46:03

    You have to be kidding me.Talk about the need to have your medication re-evaluated!
    You must be either a dumb ass French men or just into your eighth year of school. I bet you take a ride on a of short bus to class.
    I’ve never seen such hatred against the U.S.
    By the way I’m not American, but I’m dame glad to live next door!

  • poth thailand

    i need photo full size for wallpaper
    ac130 gunship


    We deployed to Australia alot from Okinawa.The chicks would flock to us because their men were loudmouth pussies and would mistreat the women.The Aussie men would talk alot of smak at the bars but when the time came to THROW DOWN they ran like COWARDS.After several months in the land down under i stole one of your females by marrying her and bringing her back to the states. She never wants to go back home and thinks life here is 100times better.So Screw you you pansy ass coward AUSSIE Criminal bastard that cant get laid.

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  • C130 Mech

    Man. In the Marines i worked on KC-130F/R/T models.Wich we had some of these C130s.Lockheed could Use this Video for advertizing and Promoting the sales of the Most UBER ATTACK CARGO PLANE hehe.Why does the Airforce get to have all the FUN.Spread the Wealth Man.At least let some of us MARINES come along for the ride while you Blow some raghead asses away.Maby even give us some Trigger time.Thats the stuff Wet dreams are made out of.Keep kicking ass americe.Everyone else can burn in hell.

  • HELP


  • Geir L K

    anyone actually using the3 AC-130 against anyone is the real pansies. Video game war. If you want war, go to Chechnya (sp?).

  • name

    The Islamic terrorists you support have declared a holy war on us. Fine, you want holy war, attack us again and you can kiss your holy places like Mecca, Medina, and the dome goodbye. You don’t like that? Why not? You mean you don’t like it when people attack your country and kill innocent people? You’d get upset? Funny how that is, isn’t it?

  • Grunt

    Is there an end in sight, or will this be a perpetual war? Iraq may produce a “Gandhi/MLK” type who may make the politics of the Mideast really interesting. Imagine the terrorists politics of today exchanged for the “civil rights” politics of Gandhi/MLK. The West Bank, etc… would never be the same…

  • Grunt

    ‘Just an American”… “Just” indeed… The main cluprits in ‘African’ slavery were Portugal, England, the US, Spain, and The Netherlands… The US was the last nation in the Northern Hemisphere to outlaw slavery… and it still exists in Africa, so what is your point?

  • Grunt

    Ferret Fang… yeah Mexicans are friendly… if you were broke, stupid, and destitute, you’d be freindly too… Oh yeah, don’t drink the water, you may want to stick to that paint thinner they call Tequila, or horse piss… a.k.a. ‘Corona’.

  • name

    The point is – WE WEREN’T LAST!!!!! Actually, African slavery and mistreatment nowhere nears that of the Spanish and the native indians (Incas, Mayas). As far as I know, African civillization still exists. Put it in perspective. Also, this is a post for AC-130 gunship footage, so take your soapbox, slanted arguments and Funk & Wagnals knowledge of the world and find an audience more easily duped.

  • Been there, done that

    That last post was by me…sorry for any confusion.


    phage you ignorant bitch, Hans blicks was bought and sold. Recent discoveries kind of prove that. he didnt find anything because he didnt want to cause he is a puppet of the worlds largest socialist regime, the u.n.

  • BPS

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  • james white

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  • French=Bastards

    After the US gets done cleaning up the middle east they should turn their efforts to france.They are some cowardly backstabbing Asspounding Faggots and need to wiped off the face of the earth.France has been the Cornhole of the Planet for hundreds of years.They talk all the Smack then run like bitches.Loudmouth little fuckers like that wouldn’t last a Day in the U.S.

  • Dam Straight.

    We need to Boot the French ass faggots back to hell.Bunch of Dick Sucking Pussies.I hate the French almost as i hate Ragheads.They need to make them both Open season in America.

  • Deoderent?>

    Screw Deoderent. They should use FIRE!
    Burn them French and Raghead bitches

  • blackknight

    as a disabled combat vet, seeing this , all i have to so is… hoorah!!! the usa is not just now entering a war of agression (like the germans [hitler is a imbreeder] did in ww1 & ww2 [talk about idiots]) , we as a union have been in a state of war with these fucking retards since the 1700’s (siting the barbary pirates) and like then, we’re coming out. guns blazing! we didn’t start this war, we are finishing it. for fucks sake, even the palistinians were cheering in the streets when the wtc and pentigon were hit. you say we should show them peace? turn the other cheek? i say, fuck that! i was placed in a wheelchair fighting for you, asshole! make my sacrifice worthwhile! DO NOT TREAD ON THEE! thats how we started the whole thing, thats how it is to be. you want to hug a tree and a terrorist, fine you can be shot to shit with the fucking dog. hell i am of the opinion that we should have gone in and fucked them all up with the attack on the embassy in beruit, now fuck, genocide the fuckers! if a restrained hand is swatted away and we are told we are wrong… them light them up for a few thousand years. cut the head off a poisonous snake and the fucker dies, but you missed it’s young who still want to bite you. naplam the area and you get them all and our children are safe. kill’em all… and let them burn in hell. fuck there 70 virgins! let them roast with them! hoorah! i am sick to death of you namby pamby peace sell fucks… sell you peace to the buisness end of a m-16! lets see who lives through it! nuff said… honor the dead! avenge the deaths of our bretheran. defend us with your bodys and souls. god is peaceful but he knows when to kick a little ass… (ref.. the bible, old testimont!) ante up, pony up, and get your gun on… the enemy is at the gates, kill or be killed. they will do it to you and yours…

  • blackknight

    oh and a after tought….

    and this is directed to and for the armed forces of the u.s.a. ….


  • your_own_mind

    King Richard
    The French are about as bad as the terrorists.They will harbor known criminals for crimes agains humanity and hide them from the justice they Deserve.After we get done in the middle east we need to go turn France UPSIDE DOWN.French People are Cowards and have been since the beginning of civilization.A bunch of 2faced backstabbing ass pounding faggots.
    Couldn’t agree more eat cheese drink red wine and give up!

  • lost


  • allen

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  • Radian


    Dead is Dead. Why risk good men shooting these fucks when you can turn them into pink mist from above. They brought it on themselves, fuck ’em. If they spent less time on their knees being backwards fucks they might have a chance when they decided to attack the most technically and millitarily advanced country in the world.

  • turburnator

    wipe the rag heads out … animals the lot of them

  • Been there done that

    Biggest smile I’ve ever had on my face after getting out of an aircraft since my T-38 solo was the night I sent 20 enemy combatants to their deaths. In the back of my head the whole time were the innocent civilians of many nations who perished on 9-11. The people here who think there’s something wrong in striking back at these bastards came from mommies who thought Pearl Harbor was a good thing for America. When will you dolts learn?

    You can run, but you’ll just die tired.

  • Mamajane

    For about thirty minutes after his chief of staff told him that America was under attack, George W. Bush continued to sit in an elementary school classroom listening to a second-grader tell a story about a pet goat. He did a marvelous job of looking completely unsurprised. Meanwhile, four hijacked jumbo jets were able to fly off-course across several states without encountering any opposition from the most powerful and responsive air force in the world.

    Less than a month later, on the pretext of pursuing terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, the Bush administration began what it called a “war” on the impoverished and already war-torn country of Afghanistan. It turns out this assault had been in the works well before September 11 took place.

    Soon after replacing the Taliban government with one more to its liking (and, in what is surely a coincidence, resuscitating the world’s most bountiful opium fields), the administration began agitating for a similar, but even more destructive, bombardment of the oil-rich nation of Iraq. This, although Osama bin Laden was still at large and no link between him and Saddam Hussein could be established.

    For these reasons and hundreds of others, the year following September 11 has seen probably the most staggering proliferation of “conspiracy theories” in American history. Angry speculation – focused mainly on government dirty dealings, ulterior motives, and potential complicity in the attacks – has risen to a clamor that easily rivals what followed the Kennedy assassination. Some of these suppositions are patent balderdash. But many others are coherent and well argued, and cite disconcerting reports from the U.S. corporate media and respected overseas news desks to support their claims. Providing grist for the mill are such odd episodes as last year’s partisan anthrax poisonings (using U.S. army microbes) and the sniper attacks that recently plagued Washington, DC.

    Following are the ten most alarming theories about September 11, the “war on terror,” and the future of the world. Feel free to accept them as gospel, study them as symptoms of a traumatized culture, or scoff at them as anti-American propaganda: I’m only the messenger. Personally, though, at this point the only person I hold above suspicion in the matter of September 11 is that poor kid with the goat

  • Mamajane

    Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon. This is not the wacky conclusion of a religious cult, but rather the result of diligent analysis sourced by hard data and the scientists who study global “Peak Oil” and related geo-political events.

    So who are these nay-sayers who claim the sky is falling? Conspiracy fanatics? Apocalypse Bible prophesy readers? To the contrary, they are some of the most respected, highest paid geologists and experts in the world. And this is what’s so scary.

    The situation is so dire that even George W. Bush’s Energy Adviser, Matthew Simmons, has acknowledged that “The situation is desperate. This is the world’s biggest serious question.”

    According to Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, “America faces a major energy supply crisis over the next two decades. The failure to meet this challenge will threaten our nation’s economic prosperity, compromise our national security, and literally alter the way we lead our lives.”

    If you are like 99% of the people reading this letter, you have never heard of the term “Peak Oil”. I had not heard the term until a few months ago. Since learning about Peak Oil, I have had my world view, and basic assumptions about my own individual future turned completely upside down.

  • Phoenix

    I found this website and only watched the AC-130 clip. It kicked ass. Then I started to read these messages, and gotten up to 47 and stopped. Right now you have proved that you people are complete idiots. I am in the Air Force, yes the U.S. is very powerful, and yes, there are flaws. Why do people insist that their country is better than anyone else’s. I am only 19, and it seems like I’m the mature one writing here.That’s pretty sad. Some of the things that were said in this board were true, and some were it was really stupid. Now, I’m not going to give a history lesson, hopefully you people are old enough to know it, if you need a brush up, go back to 5th grade,children. There were good and bad done to all sides, U.S.,Germany, France,England,etc. Stop fighting amongst each other, things will happen as they are meant to happen.No matter what you all think or say. All of the people that posted messages that were talking about destroying this or other countries/killing people,are truely sick individuals that do not need to be living. I have many friends, of every culture, religion, morality, sexuality and backgrounds. All of them say I am an open-minded person. It takes a lot to upset me, and your messages really disturb me. It’s not right that people kill each other because of stupid reasons,and what’s worse that people can almost worship them. I will stress again that I’m in the service, and the purpose of the service is to protect those we care about. If you think you’re going to come in and try to destroy a country just because of something stupid and petty,expect to get your ass kicked. This is not just for my country, this implies to all countries. I believe that the worst thing is to (how to put this) “brainwash” the people to (also how to put this) “worship” you for doing wicked acts. What has gone wrong with this world. Why can people be more open-minded? Now I conclude this message with a quote from a song by Sting, “…I hope they love their children too…”

  • Gullavire

    This Iraq thing is all about Oil.The US is just trying to protect its intrests.When the world runs out of oil the Super powers will be Equal with everyone else.The US is going to have enough reserves to keep or millitary intact long enough so we will still be a super power when the Oil War Starts.And yes it will also be refered to as WW3.With no oil there will be no more food production.90% of the people on the planet will starve to death. it will be Chaos.In the end we will turn back time to the middle ages.There will be no more electricity.People will farm all their own food by hand.And life on this planet will continue.The Earth will heal itself from all the damage that man has done to it and she will survive.If we want to survive we better learn to get along with the earth.

  • A-Train

    Good footage. It does amaze me that people can be so ignorant to think that by being kinder and gentler, our country can remain a free and sovereign nation. We must frighten our enemies (they choos the title) they have to see what will happen to them if they attack US. THANK YOU TOO OUR TROOPS, FROM AN OLD PARATROOPER (1/505PIR 82D AIRBORNE)

  • d

    Very distrubing video. This and other video’s like it should be play 24/7 on al-jazeera.

  • Mac

    I love this country. That is why I spent over 30 years defending it. But I sure get embarrassed by all the gung-ho foul mouthed shoot em up idiots we seem to have around. If you think being big stick bad asses is what made America great you are dumber than you sound. We have been looked up to by the world for the examples we have set for over 200 years. The Kurdish Peoples Party who is fighting for their freedom has a web site. The opening page of their web site used to be the Declaration of Independence, our Declaration of Independence! That is the kind of meaning we set for the world, not this “squash em like bugs” crap. Some of you people just bring shame to the uniform.

  • fonoghara

    You have my suport and all it takes to put this fight

  • fonoghara

    I cannot stop wishing you all the best in your effort to save the world

  • Bob R

    Really ashamed to be an American, after reading all these cowards’ comments. Why? Because it’s EASY to kill what frightens you from a gunship in the sky. It takes ZERO courage. They kill, because they are frightened. Takes much more courage to find the peaceful way out.
    All you idiots can live by the sword ’cause sure as hell you’re going to die by it. And it won’t be a moment too soon. Hasta la vista.

  • Respect for the troops

    Manning a gun ship in the sky takes alot of courage, especially since that plane has a top speed of less than 250 MPH and is big and an easy target. Being away from your home and family while searching for the scum of the earth whom are planning to kill and destroy innocent civilians takes immense risk and courage. This is so people like you can live free enjoying your DSL connection and fast computer and sipping coca cola in the comforts of your air conditioned home. Wake up and smell the coffee freedom does not come without a price. If you dont like it then leave it, otherwise have some respect for those whom put themselves in harms way for the benefit of the free world.

  • Red, White, and Blow Me

    It always astonishes me how many ignorant, bleeding heart fanatics in this world are willing to give the real bad guys here, a free pass. “America sucks”, “shooting the men from the air is wrong”. Are you people for real? This was a Taliban camp. Those poor, innocent victims of awful, old American oppression are about the worst kind of people there are in this world. You want to delude yourself? Fine. You want to cry for them? Fine. But do it in private, and shut the hell up. I only wish there was a higher resolution, color video clip of these kinds of attacks. Now, THERE’S something for pay-per-view!

    People can bash the U.S. all they want. It’s their right. Hell, I hate most of what this country has become since the end of World War II. But, I have one hell of a sense of unsatisfied vengeance since about, oh, I don’t know…September 11, 2001. I could care less about politics, or any of their attendant BS. It’s simple. Revenge. You whacked the hornets’ nest, and now you’re gonna deal with it.

    You don’t have to like Americans. Hell, hate us all you want. Just stay out of our way. That’s easy enough. The lives youi save may be your own. If not, we’re all always looking for good gun camera footage to entertain.

  • English Patriot

    Baring a few sensible people who have posted comments on this site, you’re all a bunch of dicks. Americans – you go on about 9/11 – innocent people being killed. Yet when you attack another country, you can guarantee that everybody who dies deserves it? You didn’t kill any women or children in Afghanistan or Iraq? I think not. I think the very first comment sums it up best. All you Americans that want to get revenge – what will that achieve? Surely that will just inspire your enemies to get revenge on you. Doesn’t take a genius to work it out, but then again there is a distinct lack of genius’ in America. I have more intelligence in my left arse cheek.

  • Dutch

    Living in one of the countries liberated by (among others) the USA I often wondered what motivated these young men to come half way round the world to give their lives so that I can live in freedom today. And I STILL thank them for doing so! The USA used to stand (for me) for the right thing, for the good in the world. All this changed with George “double U” Bush. He singlehandedly managed to turn America into a country of paranoids. America is turning into the isolationist nation it was before WW2.
    Ofcourse 9/11 was a horrendous event, but does that make waging 2 wars and creating a desert vietnam legit? More US soldiers have died since the war was declared over then during the actual war itself, and I don’t see that coming to an end soon. Even worse: they’ve managed to turn an entire nation from seeing the USA as liberators into occupiers, and a new breeding ground for terrorists!
    Waging war is easy when you’re the most powerfull country in the world, but in the end it still doesn’t protect you from terrorist attacks. It’s about time that moron in the oval office was removed, and a more sensible person put in it. Try to salvage the mess Bush left.

  • Mark

    It’s not just about the oil! Afghanistan is not a major oil producer/exporter. It was however the most significant target in the Global War on Terrorism. Iraq has a lot of oil, however so do a lot of other countries throughout the world, not just the mideast. The US is not toppling governments in those states. What differentiates Iraq is that it was ruled by a despot. Despite the hype over WMD’s, removing Saddam was the right thing to do. Mass graves?
    Additionally, the free flow of resources, including oil, throughout the world is a significant pillar to the global economy. The benefits of inexpensive resources benefits all. The oil that comes from the mideast does not all go to the US, quite the contrary. The vast majority of the oil from the mideast goes to other locations around the globe including Europe and Asia. Don’t forget that the WORLD benefits from the US shouldering the burden to be the preeminent military force that spearheads the battles that are necessary to eliminate the despots and terrorists that threaten all of the WORLD with their evil and madness. Would it be too much to ask that the rest of the developed nations of the world step up and support the jobs that need doing, the jobs that benefit them as equally as the US, the jobs that the US is performing nearly single-handedly. The support could be military, monetary, or moral.
    My deep respect and admiration go out to the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States and to all who serve to preserve freedom and justice and eliminate evil and tyrany.

  • Mark

    To English Patriot,

    You’re right, there is no guarantee that every person that was killed in Iraq and Afghanastan truly deserved to die. Unfortunately, that is a very real result of war. It always has been, in every war. That doesn’t make it acceptable. That is why the US military has developed the rules of engangement it has, the weapons it employs, and the training it provides, to limit non-combatant deaths. However, knowing that some innocents will die should not outweigh the need to eliminate the individuals and groups that have decided to kill, guess what, non-combatants! You have to ask yourself what the endgame is here. It’s not about exit strategies and force balances, it’s about, again, eliminating the individuals and groups that will continue to threaten the free world in the future by abusing and subjugating less fortunate people. If we don’t try to free people and raise up their standard of living and give them the ability to govern themselves, then more innocents will die and the need for continued military policing will be necessary in the future. Why do you think that military operations are not necessary between the developed countries of the world? We have freedoms. We have the rule of law. We have been smart enough to form secular governments. We can freely express our thoughts and ideas, no matter how divergent. These are things that people living under despots and religious extremists don’t have the benefit of. Until these benefits are available to all, there will be strife and war. As a final note, when you disparage the people of the United States for doing what it needs to do to provide security for itself and the free world and call it a lack of genius or intelligence, then answer me this: Why are the Brits in Northern Ireland?

    To Dutch,

    You are absolutely wrong when you say that the US is turning into an isolationist country. We are doing the exact opposite. We are trying to make a better world for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are trying to connect with the rest of the world to achieve this. It is the less stout countries of the developed world that have turned their back on the US as it attempts to do so. They wag their tounges about the need for security and stability in the world but don’t want to carry the burden of military intervention when it is warranted. Apparently freedom and justice are okay as long as you don’t have to fight for it!
    Also, yes the Iraqi people are anxious to rule themselves and be rid of the US military in their country. However, until the security situation improves, any new government will fail and widespread havoc will ensue. This is not a desirable outcome for anyone except those that seek to oppress people. As such, the US will have to remain until the Iraqis can shoulder this burden themselves. I liken them now to a rebelious teenager who has all the answers and thinks their parents are intrusive idiots. Remember when you had it all figured out as a young adult? How right did you end up being? Has your impression of the world changed since then? Would you let a teenage son or daughter run your household? Move out on their own at 14 or 15? I didn’t think so. This is the dilema we face. To provide the best future for Iraq, there has to be the realization that there is going to be some discontent now. The US will leave Iraq. That has always been the plan. It’s just that we want to see the best outcome. We don’t want to run and hide at the first indication of trouble and fortify the actions of terrorists. Yes I’m talking about Spain pulling out after the train bombings. Tragic? Yes! The right course of action? No!
    You are also right that you cannot 100% protect yourself from terrorists and their methods. However, if we do not face down these criminals we will face more of them.
    Being the strongest military power in the world carries immense challenges. However, I would rather have a powerful nation that sometimes makes mistakes in the execution of its policy than to have a weak nation that refuses to provide more than just talk of freedom and security.

    Does anyone truly believe that Iraq and Afganistan were pillars of modern enlightenment? Bastions of societal rightousness and equality? If you think this is the case, go live there. If not, you should be actively involved with changing these and other similar societies in the world for the better. Has the US made all the right moves in it’s current policies and actions in Iraq and Afghanistan? No, of course not. But at least we are trying.

  • europides

    Who is Goliath in comparison to God?

  • Jerky

    I’ve noticed a lot of semantics here. I see a lot of “us” and “them” and referring to whole nations as if they were individuals. Saying that “they” deserve to be punished doesn’t make any sense. The 9/11 attackers cannot be punished. They are dead. Remember? And they were not from Afghanistan or Iraq. They were from Saudi Arabia. I also see a lot of calls for genocide. Have you lost it? If we commit genocide, we become super terrorists. We signatories to the Geneva Conventions and the UN Charter. If you use your enemy’s tactics you cannot hate them because you have become them. You cannot make them stop by attacking them, because they are not afraid to die. Suicidal terrorists cannot be defeated. They are driven by contagious lunacy. You cannot attack lunacy. You can only succumb to it. In the end, we will be sucked into their hatred and become terrorists ourselves, just like the Israeli’s and Palestinians. Revenge piles on revenge, hatred piles on hatred, and none of us can stop it. Dark storm clouds loom. Planet Earth’s greatest military superpower has been sucked into a religous war. We are all doomed.

  • JJA


    You obviously haven’t learned anything since you’ve been liberated by the USA. And yes, 9/11 does mach a case for waging war on those who committed the act and those who support them. 25 million people have been freed from a murderous dictator at the cost of some 700 American lives, not bad in almost any straight thinking head. Life and the world is a difficult thing, very messy. Appeasers don’t make it any easier, dicisive action always brings out the whiners. When you need liberating again, let us know.


  • delta

    france and all the terrorists can suck my balls. i saw we pull out of iraq and cluster bomb the fuck out of baghdad

  • Ed

    First, to JJA. The dutch were liberated by the Canadians and Brits, the yanks were further south. To Mark, some very valid points, however the brits are in nothern ireland because it is part of the United Kingdom, where the majority of the popuulation is in favour of remaining part of the UK, and they are there to assist the police forces of Northern Ireland in creating a secure environment, one threatened by terrorists often funded by irish-armericans in the US.

  • English Patriot

    My point is, Mark, that there wouldn’t be a war in the first place if America had stopped funding its own terrorists in Israel. That is the main reason why so many Arabs hate Americans and why they are willing to give their lives to get them out of their country. And by the way, if you actually knew anything about the history of Northern Ireland, you would know that most of the people living there want to be British. It is the IRISH Republican Army who are causing most of the terror acts, and all of their spin-offs (the Real IRA, etc). Ed got it right too when he said that many of these terrorists are funded by American “paddys”. Finally, remember that a terrorist in one country is a hero in another. Doesn’t that make what America is doing in Iraq and did in Afganhistan similar to what other terrorisits do? After all, you speak about the laws and rules of engagement that America layed down,… and then promptly broke when the UN disapproved of them invading Iraq. “We do not need a permission slip to defend ourselves” (George “Dubbya” Bush). I’m afraid if you obey the laws of the world George, I think you’ll find that in fact, you do.

  • Allah

    Im sorry for my peoples misguidence.The are not acting according to my plan for the earth and they will be delt with.Please forgive them as i will forgive you.
    Peace out.
    Stay black

  • God

    Piss off Allah.Yor people are idiots and it MY EARTH>So go back to rolling over logs and looking for small bugs to fuck with your tiny raghead dick.

  • Jan Sobieski

    If you pay close attention to the comm traffic in this video you’ll notice that the first vehicle hit and subsequent hits produced significant secondary explosions. That was ammunition going off, not fuel tanks. These guys were some baaaad ass 7th century brained Taliban mother f***ers getting ready to conduct some mass murder operation of their own. The USAF just happened to kick them off the planet before they could execute their plan.

  • Duke Nukem

    That was great. I especially liked it when they flew apart. (Who says playing video games won’t get you anywhere?) Got any more footage?

  • what have we done?

    Is this what America has become? A country of War-Mongering bigots? You all say USA is the best country on the planet.Is this the example we set? After reading these comments I’m embarrassed to know that most of you are probably Americans.Most of the hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis.The reason we don’t go after Saudi-Arabia? OIL! The Saudi royal Family even donated money to a terrorist front company! Psychotic Muslim Fundamentalists(terrorists) hate us because of our association with Israel.Israel is the blight of the Middle East as far as Palestinians are concerned.The difference between Israel dealing with terrorism and the US dealing with terrorism is Israel knows who strapped 6 pounds of C4 to their chest and walked into a nightclub.We invaded a soverign Nation because “He tried to kill my Daddy.”GW Bush in a televised interview. Dick Cheney needed to help out his Halliburton portfolio for retirement, and last but not least,the French.I’m sure ALL you loudmouths know our history,General LaFayette.Hung out with Geo. Washington(the face on the dollar bill) has a street named after him in NY City,Helped what upstart British Colony become an independent Nation? The US of A. War of 1812, French Navy helps the US break the British Blockade of the East coast.France has roughly 1/3 of it’s population being Muslim

  • reconsheep

    that shit was cool as shit. ive worked with them in the past they rock you guys saved my ass once
    heres to the spookys

  • puzzled

    I think most of those gung ho types giving it america this and that, are out of touch with reality.
    maybe they’re just joking maybe not.
    It does look like a video game.
    But its not.
    Im not saying its right or wrong,can you become this desensitised?
    Is it through watching x amount of deaths a day on the box that the line is blurred, between reality and as some of the writers put it entertainment.
    Its not just americans who are like this,weve all got them in our own countries.

  • Indiana Joe G

    Mans inhumanity to man is vivid to a historian. It really is not a question of who is right and who is wrong. The only question is? Will America let insane religeous fanatics, get their way, by blowing up, innocent people? The answer is no. This stategy is crazy, they are committed and brave, we are Rome and they do not like it. But we will fight and a whole lot of innicent people will die because of it. So we will eventually forget about these third world idiots after we have killed a shit load of them, just like we have conquered everyone who has confronted us in the past. The only question you have to ask yourself is do you want to make our day. We need a new enemy we were running out of people to fight, thanks to these ragheads were going to get some pretty cool stuff to keep us on top of the world. I live in the United States of America and I am proud of my country. We do not need anyone (except the Brittish). God bless America, God bless the might of our armed forces, now we go on with our great lives and watch our enemies die on TV.

  • g

    As a proud and stable member of the US Air Force for over 20 years, I am proud of this video and the aircrew who supported it. It shows a calm sense of responsibility we as Americans posses during times of crisis. It demonstrates why we are superpowers with the accuracy of our weaponry. As a solider you are not given the luxury or deplomacy to determine who is the enemy and who is not. You follow orders and do what your told. Let the higher ups determine who is a target and who isn’t. Letting personal ethics and morales into your head during a battle will only confuse you and slow down what decisions you make and will get you killed. The video demonstrates the ablity to eliminate the enemy yet have the power NOT to destroy the religious shrine civilians hold sacred. For those on previous postings here, don’t apologize for my or any other american’s actions in this video. And for the guy joining the army who would shoot another american he would decide is a racist; Lets just say there is the UCMJ (You probably know about now if you joined) for those racist individuals and let this document discipline those individuals the correct legal way. You would be just as bad taking actions into your own hands and be stooping to their level. By the way, you seem very knowledgable about weapon stats and seem to have other underlying issues, Good Luck in the army and I hope you don’t turn into Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket.

    Signed by a proud E-7 and I too say, God Bless America. Alot of other countries depend on us…

  • Duke Nukem

    Agreed. It amazes when people see what actually goes on in war and then bring out the hankies. Guys, this is war and that’s what happens in war.

    I also agree with what you say about their restraint. I also was very impressed with the conduct of our guys on the plane and the guys on the comm link. I think one of the things which really defines America is our restraint. We have *immense* power and could wield it in extraordinary and devastating ways, yet we choose not to and only do so when there is no other choice. We could wipe out every country that is against us on the planet and make it all one big America, but that would be wrong (and kinda boring actually). It’s pretty simple, really: Life and let live. But mess with us and you perish.

  • joe


    “Take not the Jews and Christians as friends….Slay the idolaters [non-Muslims] wherever ye find them…. Fight against such…as believe not in Allah…” (Surah 5:51; 9:5,29,41,

    This is not the “Prophet of Peace”

    Mohammed was in fact a terrorist, criminal and murderer whose entire life was based on victimizing innocents and indulging in mindless violence, carnage and massacre, and justifying his actions by brainwashing his followers to accept him as the successor of Jesus. He was a man who destroyed peace wherever he went, and in its place brought terror, carnage and death. In this day and age we would even consider Mohammed a pedophile. Even “Sahih Al-Bukhari” says Muhammad was married to a 6 year old Jewish girl, while he was 51, and he slept with his 11 wives in one night. Safiyah, the 6 year old Jewish girl whose family members were slaughtered by Mohammed, was made to undergo this legalized rape on the day her family was killed..

    Another example of the peaceful prophet without sin was on four merchants traveling to Mecca to sell their goods. It was the holy month of Rejeb which was considered sacred for trade in Arabia. It was a point of honor that any form of warfare or violence was strictly forbidden in this month. Mohammed’s gang attacked the helpless men from behind and stabbed two of them to death. They plundered all the goods as booty and Mohammed got one fifths of the share.

    The Prophet of Islam did not possess a shred of pity or kindness, or the slightest sense of justice. He murdered two innocent people in cold blood. Mohammed was obviously motivated by hatred and greed.

    Conveniently divine revelations came down from Allah that absolved him of all the guilt.

    Koran 2:216

    ‘Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, you knew not.’

    Here Mohammed is completely removing all blame from himself. The most insidious and devilish implication of this verse is that Allah is completely justifying Mohammed’s murder of the innocent Meccans. Over and above this Mohammed is conveniently implying that warfare is hateful to him, but he participated in it because it was ordained by Allah! What sacrifices the ‘Apostle of Peace’ had to make!

    His gangs constantly attacked caravans to gain booty and harm Mecca. In one accounted incident a caravan worth more than 50,000 Gold Dinars was taken by Mohammed and 300 of his men. The people of Meca sent an army to challenge Mohammed. The Muslims killed over two hundred and took seventy prisoners. All seventy of the prisoners were ransomed, and any prisoner who did not fetch a ransom had his head chopped off.

    This time Mohammed needed a revelation that would not only absolve him of all the guilt for murdering so many innocent people, but also give him the ‘divine’ right to get a huge share of the plundered booty. Quite a few revelations magically appeared after the battle of Badr.

    Koran 8:65

    ‘O Prophet exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you 20 steadfast, they will overcome 200 and if there be of you a 100, they shall overcome a 1000, because the disbelievers are a folk without intelligence’.

    No Free Speech for Mohammed

    Like any good modern day Arab dictator critics and challenges were dealt with by killing them. Two famous poets of Medina, who had the courage to criticize the murderous actions of Mohammed and his gang, Abu ‘Afak; and Asthma bint Marwan used poetry to influence peoples conscience against the self proclaimed prophet. When Mohamed heard the verses composed by Asthma Bint Marwan he was infuriated and screamed aloud, ‘Will no one rid me of this daughter of Marwan!’ That very night a gang of Muslims set out to do the dirty deed. They broke into the poets’ house. She was lying in her bedroom suckling her newborn child, while her other small children slept nearby. The Muslims tore the newborn infant off her breast and hacked it to pieces before her very eyes. They then made her watch the murder of all four of her children, before raping and then stabbing her repeatedly to death. After the murder when the Muslims went to inform the Prophet, he said ‘You have done a service to Allah and his Messenger, her life was not worth even two goats.

    A month later the distinguished and highly respected Abu Afak, who was said to be over a hundred years old was killed brutally in the same manner as he slept. Once again the “Prophet” had commented that morning ‘Who will avenge me on this scoundrel!’

    The Battle with the Quraiza Jews

    Mohammed marched with 3,000 followers against 2,000 Quraiza Jews, shortly after the siege of Medina ended. The Jews were attacked and they soon surrendered. A wounded chief named Sa’d was asked by Mohammed to decide the fate of the captives. His response was that the men should be put to death, the women and children sold into slavery, and the booty be divided among the Islamic army. Mohammed then said; “Truly, the judgment of Sa’d is the judgment of the Lord, pronounced on high from above the seventh heaven”.

    The Muslims dug trenches across from the marketplace, and in the morning Mohammed commanded that the male captives be brought out 5-6 at a time. The Jews were made to sit down at the top of the trenches. Next, the Muslims beheaded them and tossed their bodies into the trench. This sickening butchery by the “Prophet of God” lasted all day. It continued into the night by torchlight.

    Islamic leaders who criticize the west for being heathens are the same people that use Allah to justify death by offering Muslim terrorist martyrdom and sex with virgins in heaven. Muslims may challenge my sample of the many murderess acts of Mohammed or even be offended by my comparison of the actions of Arabs today echoing the teachings of their prophet. Critics will say that Christianity has blood on its hands as well, but there hasn’t been a crusade in 600 years, but Jihad is still taught today. Moors pillaged southern Europe for 300 years before the first Crusader set foot in the Middle East, and another 500 years to defeat them. The Crusades were nine campaigns over 190 years to reclaim the Roman province of Palestine, so Christian pilgrims could safely pass through to Jerusalem without the fear of death. Three of those campaigns never even made it to Jerusalem and a fourth was a Summit. That is supposed to make us feel guilty to deserve this?

  • Indiana Joe G

    I do not know what to think anymore. Their physical poverty and mental instability will lead to eternal suicidal behavior. In short there will always be a section of society that feels slighted who will use this perceived injustice to blow up innocent human beings. We cannot stop this. Our dilema. Police state where thought is controlled or death at any turn. Relidgeous fervor when put into terms of eternity for the proprietor is doom for the normal human being, who gets caughtup in this sickness. Let me reiterate. God cannot condone any of this maddness. This is pure sadistic anamalistic behavior. How bout those Bengals.

  • True Patriot

    To the USAF E-7 who posted on comment 77… Hooah to you and thanks for your concern…it’s been over a year since I posted a message on this site. Yes, UCMJ is great…no, I do not have my own UCMJ problems or underlying issues. Basic was a breeze; me being one of only 2 platoon guides for my unit. The Army is great; I’m now in 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment at FT Polk LA–1st Squadron recently returned from 16 months in Iraq, with most time spent in Fallujah and Najaf. 2ACR is moving to FT Lewis WA, but I am staying here to be part of a new 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, which deploys to Iraq in Jan 2006. I plan on reenlisting with the AF when I get out of the Army and being USAF CCT or TACP. My dad was AF Intel officer but I prefer field work. Enjoying my military life and hope you are too. Take care and hooah. Out.

  • master chief

    for those who would start trouble,weapons like spooky will deal with it…

  • uncoolperson

    Support the Troops, not the war…

    give this arguing bull shit a break…we’re there, can’t really “logically” pull out, can’t fix what we’ve done, so hell…deal with it, i don’t like but it’s done, it needs to be handled as that, an action that needs to come to a COMPLETE end…not something to bitch about long after it’s started, complain how it ain’t working… who cares if it was wrong to start, or right to start… we all want the same thing, it to be over, with the best possible results…bitch about that instead (the best possible results) or just shut the fuck up…

  • DFG

    The explosion bloom into white poison flowers of hell.

  • Just Joe

    Ed (#67) you stated ” First, to JJA. The Dutch were liberated by the Canadians and Brits, the yanks were further south. To Mark, some very valid points, however the brits are in nothern ireland because it is part of the United Kingdom, where the majority of the popuulation is in favour of remaining part of the UK, and they are there to assist the police forces of Northern Ireland in creating a secure environment, one threatened by terrorists often funded by irish-armericans in the US.”

    Well, The Brits and Canadians would not have done that if not for “The Yanks” or don’t you remember Dunkirk? You know, when the allied forces were pushed into the channel? And as for Northern Ireland, you must be a Brit! The people of Northern Ireland may be “British” today and want to be part of the Empire, but that would mean ignoring 700 years of occupation, oppression and tyranny by the “Brits” over the Irish people. Or doesn’t that mean anything either? And couldn’t the IRA be called “Freedom Fighters” against an occupier also?

  • Litheduke

    I just love it when people who know nothing about acomplex political situation air their ignorant prejudices. &00 years of occupation, oppression and tyranny in Ireland – who were they occupying and oppressing – the Irish? Who are they? Vikings, Picts, Scotii, Celts (the original Bitish/Britanii)and others (even romans) made p the so called nativ population. Who have been leaders in the struggle for an independent Ireland – many people with namesstarting with @fitz@ (Fitzgerald, Fitzmorris, etc)- in other words, Normans, the 700 year old oppressors. The majority of people in the North ofIreland who want to stay as UK citizens do not think of themselves as English or Scottish or Welsh. They and their ancestors for hundreds of years were born on the Island. They have worked the land and built the cities and lived their lives there. Longer than anyone in the US. Simple “give it back to the Irish” and Brits out talk is a silly as “give it back to the indians” and “whites out of America” talk.

    And it is heartening to see that the latest generation (now that grinding poverty is being eliminated and the chains of fundamentalist religion and class oppression are being dropped) are as likely to say that they do not give a stuff about nationalism or unionism. They want peace, prosperity and a chance for a job and a life. They really do not want terrorism, and do not support the gangsters that call themselves nationilists or loyalists.
    So if those in the US who have been brought up on nationalist pipe dreams would just stop giving them money, maybe in a few years we can have some real politics here, where borders don’t matter (all part of the EU) and religion does not matter (fewer and fewer go to church – hurrah for the second enlightenment). That is the lesson for the US and everyone in the West to learn – the preading of wealth and education achieves more than the spreading of death and destruction.

  • jeff nalle

    reminds me of the time I killed a manatee.

  • Just Joe

    Nice Rant! It was almost coherent,,, but was not. read some history and try responding again.

  • g

    Violence will always beget violence. It has a way of radicalizing the moderates and pushing those close to the edge right on over. Anyone who considered themselves a pacifist would sorely review that position when faced with the murder of his loved ones. Human nature. War will always, ALWAYS kill far more innocents than ‘enemies’. A westerner, TE Lawrence, taught about nationalism and guerilla warfare in WW1 before a bunch of destitute yet spiritually strong quarreling tribesmen. That was before the oil wealth they garnered, handed to them by industrialized nations saddled with a nonsensical addiction to exponential growth. This is more or less brought on by the idea (most prevalent here in the US, I may add), that to succeed in wealth and industry equated to godliness- an old Calvinist puritan ideal. Anyway, Lawrence said some great things about war. Clausewitz and his contemporaries advocated the new idea of total war- a war of ideology, pure and simple, with no possible outcome besides the total annhilation of the adherents of the opposing dogma. Lawrence thought it was funny, for before nationalism and the power of sectarian religion, wars were fought for more ‘practical’ purposes: ‘We’re out of water here and if we stay we die, therefore we must move onto your territory, and if you will not abide by us peacefully, then we must come with arms, for we face death and hardship either way’. It made it sound like wars of ideology were the result of organized brainwashing, and to apply it to our current situation is simple. One side convinced that their culture is under attack, bolstered by an austere faith and little material wealth (also in the peculiar position of having to live on the area from which the lifeblood of their enemy is drawn; not to mention a heavily subsidized hostile ideological and military power next door), and another desperately holding on to wealth and a conviction that they must be right due to the fact that they’re so wealthy- really it’s an inextricable yin-yang of need coupled with fear and hate. Our fangs are so deep into one another there’s really no way around it. Stripped of all that, People are the same. They eat, they sleep, they dream, they have hopes for their children, and most of all, they truly want what is right. Breaking it down like that, what we all seem to need is a slap in the face and a good education. Not one that teaches us how to run a lathe either, although that’s always a good thing to know, that’s a trade, not an education. I mean something that gives us enough understanding to drop the bullshit premise that any one race is better than any other. The arabs saved math and science during the middle ages while ‘the west’ was mired in endless murder and depravity, largely illiterate and living lives nasty and brutish and short. We have the potential to give back our science, our nimbleness of thought (before that slips away into dogma) and our understanding of how things work, to the betterment of everyone, all the way around.

    This is most certainly a rant, but I’m trying to get a largely intangible point across in as few words as possible.

    So where does that leave the AC-130? Well, how much does all of it cost, what went into it? To design and build it? To get it to Afghanistan, to train all those people, to fuel, arm and support it? Are there better things we could be doing at home to assure that 9-11 does not happen again? Does anybody think of those unglamorous solutions? Well, let me put it another way. A Serb pro-democracy activist once said that instead of wasting millions (billions?) of dollars and man-hours and lives in bombing and occupying parts of the country, all they needed was a few million dollars to get their messages out through the media, in much the same manner that Milosevic incited the ancient hatreds with his use of TV and radio. Populations are that easily swayed. Goebbels said as much after the Nuremburg trials when he said that the surest way to get a population to support a war was to convince them they were under attack. That, my friends, is surely what has led us to this conversation, and the only thing that can stop it is simply KNOWING BETTER. I won’t quote scripture, but both Jesus and Mohammad have moments where they preach understanding and compassion (as well as outright hatred and intolerance). I have to think that while it’s an impressive display of the victories of modern physics, there has to be better ways to put all of that power to use. No matter how many Afghanis and Iraqis we mash into the sand with high speed uranium, there will always be people, and in those people, there will always be hate and fear and lack of understanding, as well as the potential to realize we’re not robot animals and thus enable the nobility that it is to be human. Personally, I prefer mashing people on my Playstation: Grand Theft Auto. They’re not alive like me. Like you.

  • US Vet

    Just at little something to think about….did you know that among other things, our bullets, missiles and other harmful projectiles and weapons of immediate destruction are all dipped in pig fat before we use them. Some have cavities filled with PIG FAT. Serves a few purposes, greases up those barrels “NICE” so the rounds slide out easier, and also penetrates the flesh smoother so the PIG FAT can slide off onto/into the lifeless broken body that was targeted. Didn’t know that PIG FAT was our secret weapon did you. OBTW….know those 70 virgins you were promised? Nailed ’em. Then spread PIG FAT all over their bodies. They’re waiting for you, you ignorant dog fuckers! Enjoy! Oh, I’m curious…is it true that “Mrs Arafat” is raping you cause to the tune of $22 million a year? That’s on top of what she “inherits” from the old asshole. Keep you cards and letters and donations coming suckers.

    And another tidbit….Killing shot made at distance of 2,430 metres
    Stephen Thorne
    Canadian Press

    A world-record killing shot by a Canadian sniper detachment in Afghanistan could never have been made with the ammunition they were issued when they left Edmonton last winter, the triggerman said in a recent interview. The Canadian .50-calibre rounds have a maximum range of between 2,200 and 2,300 metres.

    But the U.S. rounds, they discovered, “fly farther, faster,” said Cpl. “Bill”, a 26-year-old native of Fogo Island, Nfld.

    The two-man Canadian team, coupled with American Sgt. Zevon Durham of Greenville, S.C., made the kill from 2,430 metres, or nearly 2 1/2 kilometres, on the second shot.

    This feat is the equivalent of standing at the foot of Yonge St. and hitting a target in the intersection of Yonge and Wellesley Sts., just north of College St.

    The first shot blew a bag from the hand of their target, an Al Qaeda fighter walking on a road.

    “He didn’t even flinch,” said Bill, who spoke on condition that his real name not be used.

    “We made a correction and the next round hit exactly where we wanted it to. Well, a bit to the right.”

    See, killing slime-assed pig fuckers doesn’t have to come exclusively from the sky! And gee whiz, it wasn’t even an American that sighted and pulled the trigger.

  • F. Bryant Hawkes, P.E.

    It is clear from reviewing other comments, that the level of naivety is substantial. As a Nam E-5 Marine Sgt veteran told me last nite, ” shoot anything that moves and kill it…then let God sort it all out !” That’s the only way you have a reasonable chance of surviving the battle zone….liberals would want to interview each one first…and then make a moral determination as to whether they should be shot…..

    “War is the largest and most important undertaking done by man…it changes the course of history. All else pales by comparison.” approx quote from General George S Patton, WW II

    War is terrible, and apparently a necessary tool today to convince barbarians to understand the consequences. Recall that the Talliban was torturing, raping, beheading, and murdering the people there, who dared to speak out.. In the west we called them Islamo Terrorists.

    What would the liberals call them? freedom fighters?

  • spooky

    To those warriors that know, there is nothing to be said. To the rest of “the critics” out there trying to armchair quarterback about the video they’ve seen…fuck off. You weren’t there, never gonna be, never will. So live with it b/c the people that do these things and worse live with it everyday. To see people write negative comments about a thing they will never understand makes me sick. Most who bitch about how real world business is done have never lived in a “real” world country where things are handled with a business end of an AK-47. God bless the USA and her allies fighting for a better world. Gun Ready….bitches!

  • Aussie!! Hey Buddy!

    G’day Mates,
    Let me clarify…I dont hate all ‘aussies’, just certain ones. Like the one who often apperars in this forum…that being said…

    Hey ‘AUssie man’ You are one pussy mother fucker!!!
    Get off your momma’s tits bitch!!

    Thats funny; I always wanted to meet a kangaroo fucker! So THATS what you gay guys do, when all the australian men are taken…I see. What do your kids look like?

    Anyways, careful what you say mate;
    Consider meeting, face to face, the ‘American fuckers’ from this forum, how long would it be before there guns filled your fucking ass with lead? How would you fight back? Words? Crying to momma? Fists? throwing stones at them? you’d be one toasted fucker!!
    Also after what you said, realize that the only thing keeping you alive right now is several thousand miles of ocean…so until you get in range of there .50 caliber Barrett you can say what you want. (thats not a threat just an observation) Basically, watch what you say. We dont take kindly to those lies.

    How do you even back what you say? You aint got shit bitch!!!
    Gun-wise, or your dick!! HAHA!!
    Do australians own a lot of guns? NO. Do you own a long-gun? Do you own a handgun? very few people there do…I sure as hell doubt that you do!
    What kind of ‘MAN’ lives where they dont allow even semi-auto sporting shotguns?
    What would you use to overthrow your corrupt government if needs be?
    And with all your strict gun laws; enjoy your ‘crime free’ Australia. Beyotch.

    So come on over to America. We’d love to sit down and chat about your feelings towards us. We’ll even go shooting sometime…wait…do you even know what a gun is?
    No its not what your boy-friend straps on to ass-fuck you…
    Peace-out Aussie man!! Enjoy those Kangas’

    ‘Lets put another shrimp on the barby Mate’ Write Back

  • Stone Cold, TN

    I’ve just discovered this site and just finished reading it all. As expected there are crazy ass holes on all sides of every issue. Grounded mainstream Americans have the good sense to understand war and what that means. We are good people. We don’t want to kill people for the sport or without result and/or cause. How can anyone compare the murderous acts of terrorists with precision military operations? At least we give some effort to distinguish who is hostile and who isn’t. The purposeful targeting and killing of non-hostile, non-uniformed, and non-military civilians is pointless and evil. That doesn’t progress any agenda or demands at all besides killing people for the hell of it. It is a fact that there is no reason good enough for many people here to support war. If you can think of it somebody believes it somewhere. However, a lot of the people bitching today would be the very ones bitching about WWII after Pearl Harbor. You have a right to disagree, but we also have the right to disagree with you and take care of business. The only way to combat the jihadist anti-American crap is to liberate the people and build an infrastructure like economy and legit education. If those people begin to have a better life then they will care about life enough to actually be considerant of the lives of others. Then maybe if we’r lucky they might evenb appreciate the gift we gave them. Do you think Germans would give a rat’s ass about human rights if Hitler won? No way. We don’t have the luxary of lining up in battle against another military with uniforms belonging to a specific country. That makes this much more difficult. We are learning and kicking ass still, nevertheless. It must be done. I don’t care what your college professor tells you, America is doing what we must to survive and preserve our way of life. We are actually doing the world a service even though they bitch about it. As usual we have to take the lead and deal with the critisism of others with no valid alternate solutions. Professors like to use philosphy and civilizational theory to discredit all we do, but they cannot produce another plan that would yield any real result whatsoever. So give your protest speeches all you want , but just remember that if it weren’t for the very things you speak against you would never have the opportunity to speak at all without a 7.62x39mm in your head soon thereafter. Enjoy the milk and honey our fighting men and women have provided. Oh, and give the politics a rest and stop blaming Bush for everything. Is he perfect? No way. Is he doing what he feels is right? Damn straight. Hindsight is 20/20. In the same position as he has been in time and again I would have done the same thing without precognitive info. At least he isn’t afraid to take some course of action instead of ignoring, postponing, and passing on old unaddressed issues to the next President. That makes for a good PR while in office but doesn’t do the job. God bless the troops.

  • Alex

    Have any of you losers ever faught in battle. You dont know what your talking about. Ive been on the ground directing those airstraikes and shooting at them too from abouve. Most of you have NO CLUE….

  • Alex

    Spelling Corrected: Have any of you losers ever fought in battle. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been on the ground directing those air strikes and shooting at them too from above. Most of you have NO CLUE….

  • 6confirm kills

    it’s about time we stop takeing shit and start giving it mybe if billy rays mom or kids where in the trade center sep. 11 his attude would sure b changed . as 4 him in the service he better watch he don’t end up in the sights of a m16 his self . mybe the sight of 1 of his close friends brains sprayed all over his face will change his tude i no it did mine go USA

  • vasja

    jizz,this link is still alive