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Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun Variations

MP5A3 Submachine Gun

Picture: MP5A3 Submachine Gun with tactical flashlight

The Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun employs the same delayed blowback operated roller-locked bolt system found in the famous HK G3 Automatic Rifle. It uses a sheet-metal receiver with four trigger unit configurations. All the elements of HK excellence; reliability, ease of handling, simple maintenance, and safety are highlighted on the MP5. Firing from the closed-bolt position during all modes of fire makes MP5 Submachine Guns extremely accurate and controllable.

hk mp5

Picture: MP5A4 submachine gun with fixed stock.

The MP5 is used by military and law enforcement units in more than fifty nations. The MP5 is firmly established as the world's preeminent submachine gun. All MP5 Submachine Guns use a free floating, cold-hammer forged barrel and fire from the highly accurate closed-bolt position.

mp5ka4 machine gun

Picture: MP5KA4 9mm x 19 with 3-round burst trigger group

There are over 120 variants of the HK MP5 Submachine Gun are available to address the widest range of tactical requirements. MP5s can be fitted with a variety of buttstock options including receiver caps, retractable buttstocks, fixed buttstocks, and folding buttstocks. SEF and Numerical trigger groups have a single safety/selector lever on the left side, all other groups have safety/selector levers on both sides.

MP5SD3 9mm with integral aluminium sound supressor

Picture: MP5SD3 9mm with integral aluminium sound supressor

HK MP5SD Submachine Gun uses an integral aluminum sound suppressor or silencer and it also accepts hypersonic ammunition.

MP5 Parts & Accessories For Sale

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mp5 burst trigger pack
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Heckler Koch MP5 Data

mp5 weapon data

Picture: MP-5 weapon data. MP5 Modes of fire, MP5 rate of fire, MP5 caliber.

Heckler Koch MP5 Forum

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