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M240 Machine Gun

M240B 7.62-mm Machine Gun

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Picture: M240B Machinegun

The M240 machine gun is the latest version of the 7.62-mm machine gun. As units are fielded with the M240B, the M60 will be phased out The M240 was originally designed as a coaxial weapon for armored vehicle applications based on the FN-MAG-58.

The M240B machine gun is now refined as as a tripod-mounted or bipod-supported 7.62mm machine gun for use by ground forces. Like the M60, the M240B is a fully automatic machine gun, fires from the open-bolt position, and is belt fed, gas operated, and air cooled with fixed headspace and timing. The M240B has a butt stock and can be ground mounted on the M122A1 tripod mount.

The M240B is the modified version of the original M240/M240E1, 7.62mm medium class, coaxial/pintle mounted machine gun for tanks and light armored vehicles. The weapon feeds from the left, ejecting links to the right and spent cartridges underneath the receiver. The rate of fire may be controlled by three different regulator settings.

The M240B is modified for ground use by the installation of an "Infantry Modification Kit", comprised of a flash suppresser, front sight, buttstock, pistol grip, bipod, rear sight assembly, feed tray cover with optical rail, protective heat shield for the barrel, and a carrying handle for the barrel.

The M240 model feeds ammunition from the left and the M240C feeds ammunition from the right. All parts are interchangeable between the two models except the cover assembly and feed tray. The M240B uses the AN/PVS-4 night-vision sight.

The 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, became the first U.S. Army unit to field the new weapon.


Caliber = 7.62mm x 51
Weapon Length = 49.3 inches
Gun Weight = 27.6 lbs.
Maximum Range = 3725 meters.
Maximum Effective Range = 800 meters (point) 1800 meters (area).
Maximum Tracer Burnout = 900 meters
Rates of Fire = Sustained, 100 rnds/min
Rapid, 200 rnds/min.
Cyclic, 650-950 rnds/min

Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing, Inc.

M240B Unit Replacement Cost: $6,600

M60 and M240B 7.62-MM MACHINE GUN
M61 Armor-piercing Against light-armor targets.
M62 Tracer For observation of fire, incendiary effects, signaling, and training.
M80 Ball Against light, materiel targets and personnel, and for range training.
M172 Dummy During mechanical training.
M82 Blank During training when simulated live fire is desired. (A blank firing attachment must be used to fire this ammunition.)

m240g medium machine gun

The USMC is replacing the M60E3 with the M240G medium machine gun.

M240B Machine Gun 7.62-mm

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