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Tula Arsenal 91/30 With Hex Receiver

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The 91/30 arrived today. I bought the Sale model from AIM Surplus for $69.95 +12shipping. I was expecting an Ishevek round receiver 91/30.

What they sent me was the Tula Arsenal Hex Receiver made in 1934. This is the version they usually sell for $120. I have emailed them to see if they had made a mistake and I have received no response.

The Tula Hex Mosin 91/30 are considered the more collectable out of the these rifles because of thier limited number and they were made before WWII. The WWII production rifles started to cut corners to speed up production. This was made with good old fashion milled steel work. It is fantastic.

The rifling is excellent, the grooves have sharp lands and after running a few patches through the bore, I found no evidence of rust or pitting.

The other rifle shown is a later production carbine called the M-44. The barrel is 20" (as opposed to the 91/30's 28").

Both of these rifles were Arsenal refinished and recrowned after WWII ended. The bolts are probably not truly matching, but the old serial numbers were ground off, and the bolts restamped to match the rest of the rifle. The blueing is dark and nearly perfect.

The lacquer finish on both rifles is not exactly the best, and it is thin in spots and has some small areas where it flakes off. Overall I think the finish will hold up well, but if I was to do alot of field shooting and handling, I can see how it could wear quickly.

Both rifles came with a dog-collar sling and ammo pounches with cleaning kit and a bolt tool. The Bayonet on the M-44 is side folding and the 91/30 is not shown. it clips onto the front sight.

I can't wait to take it out. I will follow it up with a range report and hopefully will remember to keep the targets and show them as well.

-Thed :wub:

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Looks familiar! I happy I stumbled across this forum!

I've just re-entered the world of shooting as a full-fledged adult by buying a mid 1940s M44 ($65 at a gun show). The stock is a bit beat up, and it's covered with grease, but that's no biggie.'s what I'm hoping someone out there can help me with:

1) I know next to nothing about how to tell if this weapon is safe or not. What should I do, look for, or check before I fire it to make sure it's safe?

2) I'd like to disassemble it (naturally) to clean it, but am concerned that once I have it apart I'll not be able to remember where everything goes. Never done it before. Does anyone have available or know of a source for a breakdown manual or something similar?

3) I want to keep the old finish. What can I use to get the grease crud off without stripping the finish?

I'm looking forward to shooting this rifle. My wife was (maybe) expecting me to come home with a .22 (since she's interested in also doing some plinking), but this one looked to good to pass up.

She hasn't seen it yet.

I'm enjoying reading what y'all have to say about these weapons, and I hope to fire mine up ASAP, just so long as I'm sure it won't take off the side of my face.

Thanks! N/

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Welcome to the Forum!

Sorry about the slow reply. I have been busy working on projects, and there are many posts I miss now with the increased traffic lately! Sorry.

As to safety...

When in doubt get a full inspection buy a reputable gunsmith. Or buy some headspace gauges to check it yourself. The trouble is a set aof gauges will cost more than the rifle.

Most of the Mosin Nagants I have encountered are rugged and reliable, and I have not heard of a excessive headspace problem injuring someone with a Mosin. BUT as a rule of thumb ALWAYS wear safety glasses when using one.

Avoid the heavy ball Milsurp ammo (more than 160gr). The Commercial 180-200 gr soft points are fine, but the milsurp in these sizes are designed mostly for Machineguns.

As to the cosmoline....I use OldEnglish furniture cleaner/poish to clean up my stocks. works great for me. If you are considering refinishing let us know. I would avoid sanding as much as possible and strip the old finish off chemically.

Disassembly instructions are here: Surplus Rifle Mosin Nagant Page

Taking it apart for cleaning is easier than you think.

Best of luck and keep us posted!


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Hi Thed!

Thanks for getting back to me, and for the link. I appreciate it!

One of the first things I did when I got the rifle home was take out the bolt. As I got to twisting the know part the whole thing came undone - so there I was, clueless, with my bolt in 4-5 pieces! Kind of funny at the time. But I got it back together, and it only took 1/2 hour!

I was going to buy a cleaning kit for my M44, but was confused about sizes. Should I go with a .30 caliber or a 7 mm, or something else for a bore brush? Would I need anything more extensive than an off-the-shelf kit from WalMart?

As for refinishing - my main desire in that department is to get the crud off the wood. The stock is blackened and sticky, dinged in several places, and there is a lot of junk around and under the barrel bands. I'd like to get it into a condition where it looks dark but not dirty, and is clean. I don't really care about it being like new. That would be nice, but...

Thanks again! N/

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