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Heckler and Koch Sear FAQ

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Heckler & Koch SEARS F.A.Q.

There were several makers of Sears (or auto catches, or catches) for Heckler & Koch 9 series rifles. The purpose of the sears is to lawfully to convert the host firearms into legal machine guns. The race to produce machine gun conversion sears ended in May 19, 1986 with the Firearms Owners' Protection Act. This law banned the creation of any more newly manufactured civilian transferable machine guns after May 1986. Sears produced after 1986 are now deemed 'post samples'.

Which manufacturer produced the most reliable sear?

There is as much opinion about the quality and collectibility of these friction-type Sears as there are guesses of how many Angels can dance on the head of a pin. I will attempt to clear up some of the myths.

First things first. This is what an original factory Heckler Koch sear looks like.

Picture: Original Factory HK Roller Type Sear

Fleming H sear.jpg
Picture: Fleming sear and trigger pack disassembled.

Known Manufacturers of registered Sears for H&K firearms:

1) Fleming Firearms : produced around 3500 Sears.
2) Hard Times Armory : unknown. HTA did many registered receiver MP5's.
3) Qualified Manufacturing : produced around 1500 Sears.
4) S & H Arms : produced around 1400 Sears.
5) Johnathon Ciener : produced around 250 Sears.
6) Bedrock Class II Weapons and Ammo of Glendale, Arizona
7) Wilson registered sear pack - unknown.
8) LaFrance lower with registered sear - unknown.

Is there any real difference in the SEARS?

The three most collectible and valuable transferable sears are the "Fleming H Sear", the "Qualified Sear", and the "S & H Sear".

S & H Sears are supposed to have been cast made of '01 tool steel'.

The Fleming and Qualified Sears, which are virtually identical, were stamped out of 'heat treated high carbon steel' at the same time out of the same stock. Fleming and Qualified Sears (carbon) are made of higher strength steel than the S & H Sears (tool). Also, it is not known if the S & H Sears were ever heat treated.

Qualified Sears: serial numbers have either the letter "K" with three numbers or "H" with four numbers. Usually designated: "Qualified Sear Broken Arrow, OK"


The Bedrock Sears have a prefix "H" and were supposedly made in the same die as the Fleming and Qualified Sears.

S & H

S & H Sears: serial number has 4 numbers followed by one letter.

Picture: Heckler Koch Type Sear by S&H

Picture: S&H of Oklahoma Sear

S&H Sear


Fleming Sear

Above Picture: Heckler Koch Type Sear by Fleming

Above Picture: Fleming HK Sear

Other Types:

Registered Trigger Pack Examples:



Here is a trigger pack registered by DLO prior to 1986. The pack is registered not the sear and takes all factory full auto internals.



Here is an example of a Jonathan Arthur Ciener (of Titusville, Floria) Registered Trigger Pack.


Above: Ciener Sears: serial number has 3 letters and 2-3 numbers.


Above: Ceiner Registered trigger pack. Note the marking on the metal SEF pack.

Knight's Armament Co

Above: Registered Knight's Armament Company MP5k trigger group


Above: Knight's Armament Co. of Vero Beach, Florida MP5 trigger pack. Mod 94.


ACP Arsenal HK Sear Pack.jpg

Above: ACP Arsenal Registered Trigger Pack

AllTech also produced a registered trigger pack in 3 calibers.

Above: Neil Smith registered trigger pack.

Neil Smith also produced a registered trigger pack. The advantage of this variation is that it uses standard HK factory parts and no custom made sear. The pack will have "Neil Smith" and serial number engraved on it.

How Many Sears were registered with the BATF?

Around 7,200 sears.

How Many MP5's receivers or trigger packs are registered with the BATF?


What semi automatic rifles can I put my registered HK Sear into?

A SP89, HK94, HK91, HK93, SAR3, SAR8, and 911.

How many options are there for a registered HK machine gun?

1) Transferable HK sear
2) Registered HK trigger pack
3) Registered receiver that is a swing down (has push pin in the front). This is the closest to a factory gun as you can get.
4) Registered Receiver that accepts Clipped and pinned lower
5) A Wilson Arms of Georgia lower grip housing with the registration information scribed on the outside of the housing.
6) Registered sear with a push pin lower. These conversions were done till ATF prevented the drilling. The sear is permanently married.

Sear Images -- Courtesy of FJ Vollmer


Left to Right: Factory friction sear, cast S&H sear, Fleming sear, Qualified Mfg. sear. Fleming also used this type of auto-sear.


Left to Right: Factory sear found in the HK21 E, Ceiner HK auto-sear, Hard Time Armory HK auto sear, Unknown type found in a registered receiver MP5.

"These are S&H cast sears. They seem to function ok, as long as the sear pin holes are not over-sized. They usually have four numbers followed by a letter, such as 1534A."

Factory German Trigger Pack Variations


Hk Sears and Conversion Links

1) The Mechanics of the Heckler & Koch NFA Conversions

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