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Diy Sks Trigger Job

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#1 carljenkinsnv


    JSOW Mechanic

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Posted 06 March 2004 - 12:31 PM

I have what I believe is a unique proprietary method of lessening the SKS trigger pull, and smooth it out too. This involves polishing the sear face and *slightly slightly* removing a slight bit of the 90* edge on the sear face that the hammer slides over. I have a fixture for my mill I made up to do this. This allows the hammer to slide over the sear instead of dragging over the edge. This does NOT affect normal semi auto operation, nor will it cause FA fire over time. The amount of metal removed is minute, and the sear still has LOTS of surface left for engagement correctly. I also clip off 4 coils from the hammer spring, and 3 from the sear spring (Then stretch the spring out past its original length to make up for loss of coils...no ill effects from this w/over 2500 rounds put thru it so far..)Then, the sear, rebound disco, disco and trigger push rod surfaces are all polished w/stones and 2000grit wet/dry paper to provide a slick surface to ride against = less stacking and grittiness. I have gotten a HUGE improvement over the stock trigger. I dont know how much pounds of force it lowered, but it is real noticeable. Your groups will shrink from doing a trigger job BTW. So there ya go, thats basically my trigger job... Anyone can DIY..once you cut the coils on the hammer spring its cake to reinstall, and STILL pops the primers each and every time you try it. I have tried all surp ammo and US ammo... Not a problem. I would charge $30+shipping to do a trigger job. If you want Wolff springs instead of modified stock springs, thats not a problem but you need to buy them and send them to me w/the FCG. It will still be $30 w/wolff springs too. Anyway, Im not here to be a vendor, Im just trying to help people with my fairly extensive knowledge of firearms and SKS in general B{ D>

Carl aka C-loke

#2 Omnibus Re: Diy Sks Trigger Job


    I really need a hobby!

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Posted 07 March 2004 - 12:15 PM

If I understand your post correctly, this could be tricky. It has the potential to allow the SKS to fire in burst or even auto mode if a couple of mistakes in filing or grinding are made. This, of course, would be a VERY BAD THING.

You might want to try it out on a second trigger group assembly, just for practice. Frankly, I do not expect a very smooth, competition style action on this rifle. If you want extreme accuracy and smoothness, spend some bucks on a nice bolt action .243 WSSM or something.

#3 carljenkinsnv Re: Diy Sks Trigger Job


    JSOW Mechanic

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Posted 07 March 2004 - 03:04 PM

Well man, I have done 10+ trigger groups already, with no loss of safety..Oh well, this is gonna be doubted since I wont post pics, I always have to defend my work. Trust me on this, if you attack the sear w/grinder or stone/sandpaper and DONT use a precision jig engineered to remove a SPECIFIC amount of material, YES you CAN and most likely WILL get a bad situation in a hurry (FA fire)...However, I have developed a way to remove about .030" of materal right on the corner of the sear, so the engagement still happens securely, but the hammer slides off instead of DRAGGING off, which gives you most of the gritty spongy feeling. FYI I already own a $750 Ruger M77 in 7mmRemMag w/Timney Trigger (12oz), so I got that covered. I like the SKS, it is fun to work with and anyone can do a trigger job that WILL make a noticeable difference...Just stoned and polish all the SLIDING surfaces, and stay away from the sear/hammer engagement pawl and you will be fine...Reducing the hammer spring by 4 coils DOES NOT affect primer popping ability any (Still has no problem on russo and chicom surp)and aids in feel by lowering the tension held against the sear that you have to overcome w/trigger pull. If you concentrate on the SIDES of the sear it will help. I also shortened the spring that holds the sear and mag release lever in by 3 coils and that ALSO takes a little load off the sear. I think it is great that you gave your opinion, thanks I appreciate it. I wrote this for FYI DIY kinda information anyway. I usually do FCG work for local people. Im gonna get a spare FCG to nickle plate for myself. I am going to be chrome plating my chicom to emulate an honor guard (to keep, not to sell and rip someone off)SKS. I do plating of long guns and pistols..$50 for pistol $100 for rifle...Chrome/Nickle gold highlights on trigger/safety/charge handle/etc is $20. It looks bitchen when done, thats for sure. I did a 38snub for my mum not too long ago... Anyway, I can make a pseudo honor guard rifle w/chicom regular rifle look pretty close minus the buttpad... I reccomend doing a second FCG and bolt carrier to actually shoot it with, so the originals w/gold plating on them wont wear off from use....just a thought. Cheers.


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