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MSAR Controversy

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Complaints about MSAR

I can't verify if any of this is accurate but this is the current contretemps of the gun world.

MSAR produces the MSAR STG-556 (Steyr AUG clone).


By: Keith <> (

Word from Bradford, PA is that MSAR/Microtech is in big financial trouble and might be going belly up.

Dealers and consumers with STGs are going to be left holding the bag. No customer service and no parts to fix their STGs when they need repair.

Facts prove it to be more then just rumors,

1. Within a month Microtech has fired over 20 employees(most of their gun crew)

2. Several of their factory gun parts making machines were repossed within the last few weeks

3. Over 4000, yes over 4000 MSAR STG 556 rifles on distributors shelves and are not selling

4. Tony Marfione is selling his personal machine gun collection, people that know Tony Marfione know that Tony only sells his personal guns when Microtech is in big financial trouble!!

5. Bad reliability reputation, to date many of their STGs still don't work

6. MSAR business so bad they are now offering E4 conversions just to try to stay afloat

7. MSAR making promises and keeps leading followers on to keep their fire lit, MCS carbines, caliber conversions, suppressed barrels, bla, bla bla


Posted By: Dave Robertson, Bradford PA (

Date: 8/29/09 16:26

We have 2 Rock Island M60's just back from US Ordnance where they were converted to E4 configuration. These guns include forward grips and rails. EVERY PART aside from the receiver are NEW milspec US Ordnance E4 parts. Both are unfired and flawless. $29,500 each

Colt M16A1 Carbine, safe, semi, and auto 99% %12,900

Colt M16A2 20" Rifle, NIB, the insert has never been removed from the barrel. It is truly new in the box, unfired! You could not find a nicer example. $17,000

Two very rare MP5-40-SD. These guns are 40 Smith and Wesson. One A2 and one A3. Both guns were built using MP540 post samples and HK 94 hosts. Four position Navy pictogram lowers. Multi caliber transferrable auto sears. MSAR stainless steel suppressors that are extremely quiet. Trijicon night sights. Both are 100% brand new. Comes with 1 HK high cap mag.

A2 $18,000

A3 $18,500

Certified check, usps money order, or CC+3%. Buyer pays actual shipping. All are in house on form 3's ready to ship.

Dave Robertson


WTS: 2 99%+ UZI's $5500 & $6000

Posted By: Dave Robertson, Bradford, PA (

Date: 8/28/09 17:19

I have two UZI's for sale. Both are in house ready to ship.

Buyer pays actual shipping.

USPS Money Order or Visa, MC (+3%)

Group Industries Full Size Uzi, New Condition, 100% $6000 firm

B&G Bolt gun on correct IMI Semi, 100% New Condition $5500 firm

Dave Robertson

814-363-9264 ext 19

BY: SunKiss <> (

I am one of the recently "laid of" MSAR employees and I am here to tell you its all true.

Even currently unemployed my life is better now, working for Tony Marfione and MT was one of the most stressful jobs I have ever had. It sucked not knowing if you were going to have a job tomorrow. They had plans to open a new factory in NC but that looks very grim now.

It all started about 3 months ago when gun sales completey died. MT has laid off/fired half of its employees. The new MSAR STG E4 was a total flop, now they are trying to do conversions to stay in business.

STGs come in daily for repair, problem after problem even some of the new E4s were showing up with new problems.

Don't beleive? I don't really care :) Ask the pr guy Dave Robertson, he might tell the truth


Above: MSAR STG E4

Response by MSAR CEO

To all customers, supporters, and friends,

Please allow me to respond to recent allegations made by board members, competitors, ex MSAR employees, ext.

We all often wonder the validity of comments that are sometimes posted on a majority of the gun and knife boards, especially ones that no one cares to attach a real name or a real e-mail address. We typically understand that there are some folks out there , including ex-employees that apparently have an axe to grind with our company. We here at MSAR have always welcomed constructive criticism, comments, and even complaints. Compile all this information with no emotion, and what you get as a company, and you as a customer, is the best possible products and service.

Our friends and customers DEMAND excellence, precision, and quality. To deliver these expectations to you the customer. WE MUST EXPECT NOTHING LESS from ourselves as owners, employees, vendors, machine companies, etc.

Every one well knows up front what to Expect when they come in the front door at MSAR. I have learned many times NOT to make hasty comments or decisions based on emotion.

Every decisions we make at the factory is based on one factor, PERFORMANCE. No one is forced to work here, or sell to us, or do anything.This has always been elective. If any of the categories do not function of MUTUAL expectation, well it is really simple, PERFORM WHAT IS EXPECTED,HIT THE ROAD. We have over 13000 STG variations, as well as over ONE MILLION knifes in circulation, We also have about $2,800,000 in our finished goods inventory to cover our customers parts replacements or warrenty issue. The summer slump this year along with the troubles economy, I believe has affected many industries including the gun industry. We owe it to our company and to our friends and customers, To remain ductile, innovative and lean. We remain LOYAL to our families, company, friends and YOU THE CUSTOMER.

We invite your comments, suggestion, complaints, or inquires.

Thank YOU,

Anthony Marfione CEO MSAR INC.

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Dang,and I had thought about maybe getting one of those AUG clones one day. Guess im better off without it.

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I think the biggest mistake they ever made was not coming out, right away, with an MSAR rifle that accepted AR mags. Had they, they'd be trying to fill orders right now.

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