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SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) Paperwork FAQ

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SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) Paperwork FAQ

For those who wish to shorten their rifle barrels to less than 16 inches, there are certain BATF regulations that must be followed to lawfully fulfill your goal.

SBR Paperwork Required:

- Complete 2 copies of ATF Form 1 (5320.1, Application to Make and Register a Firearm). Forms are available at no charge from the ATF Forms Distribution Center or atf-f-5320-1.pdf

- Attach a passport style (2"x2") photo to each form (2 photos)

- Complete 1 copy of ATF Form 5330.20 (Certificate of Compliance) atf-f-5330-20.pdf

- Be fingerprinted (2 copies) on FBI FD-258LE cards (available from the ATF website). Your local Police Department of Sheriff's Office can usually do this for you at no or minimal cost.

- Most importantly, you must obtain the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your area of residence. The 'CLEO' may be the Chief of Police of your town, the Sheriff of your county or a District Attorney, among others. Depending on where you live and your political connections, the signature may be the most difficult part of the process. You just never know.

- Pack up all forms, cards, etc, along with a check payable to the Department of Justice in the amount of $200, and send them to the address on the form (Georgia address).

- In 2-8 weeks, ATF will return 1 approved original copy of your Form 1, with attached NFA tax stamp. At that time (and at no time prior), you may "make" or assemble your SBR/SBS/DD/Suppressor.

SBR Receiver Markings Required:

- As the 'maker' of the NFA firearm, you must mark the newly made NFA firearm with the Serial Number, Model Name or Number (if it has one), *your* Name, City, State and the caliber or gauge. If you used the serial number, model and caliber of the original Title I firearm to make your NFA firearm, then you're already half-way there as far as markings go.

- Accepted abbreviations may be used for your name (i.e., your initials), city & state. Ex: John Q. Public, Houston, Texas can be marked as JQ Public, HOU TX.

- The S/N must be marked on the receiver or frame, and must be no less than 1/16" in height and no less than 0.003" deep.

- The remaining information (name, city, state, model and caliber) may be placed EITHER on the receiver OR the barrel, and must be no less than 0.003" deep. There are no minimum height requirements for these markings.

- All required markings must be in Roman letters (English) and Arabic numerals (1,2,3 ...), and be "wholly unobstructed from plain view". In other words, they may not be placed under hand guards, grips, inside mag wells, etc."

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