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Pre-ban Sporter Lightweight?

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Welcome to

Colt Preban rifles typically have a two-letter prefix before the serial number.

Serial Number Prefix Model Name

BD AR15A3 Tactical Carbine

CC Colt Carbine

CH Competition HBAR

GC Government Carbine

GS Governmodel Model Service


ML Match Lightweight

MT Match Target

SP Sporter SP1 or SP2

ST Sporter Target

TA 9mm Rifle

For more information check this site:

Colt Serial Number Data

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You forgot SL series Pre Ban Sporters. Mine is a SL 004741 never shot and I've had it since new. I'm thinking about selling it that's why I've been doing all the research. Thank you for a great website!

From :

1978 SP83400 X CC001616 and Below X CH019500 and Below X GC018500 and Below X LH011326 and Below X MH086020 and Below X NL004800 and Below X SL027246 and Below X

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