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Found 1 result

  1. Ar-15 Mag Reviews

    Standard Pmags = Good To Go Owned 6 Heard Magpul CS was amazing Windowed Pmags = Good To Go Owned 5 Lancer L5a 20rd = Good To Go probly my favorite mags Owned 5 Heard Lancer CS was amazing Lancer L5a = 10 inbound rating to follow Lancer AWM = untested Owned 8 Tango Down ARC = Good To Go Owned 2 Heard CS was amazing D&H Alluminium Magpul Follower = Good to Go Owned 10 ProMag = Shiza made a better target than mag... shoulda kept for malfuntion drills... wasnt surprised bought without any expectations Owned 1 All my mags get mistreated My Sundevil Lower is rather tight fitting so other than alluminium none drop free unmodded. All GTG ratings are only given to mags that feed flawlessly and hold the bolt open on empty.