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  3. Swab-its Gun cleaning products

    Swab-its. Cool, have to check them out. I primarily or... pretty much only use a bore snake for the barrel. I also have some Bear Metal cotton swabs that I like for the trigger assy and gas tube, etc. edit - that's interesting. Swab its primarily makes printer cleaning products but expanded to gun swabs.
  4. A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Swab-its Gun cleaning products about trying some of their products out. I checked into their product line and was interested in giving them a try. They sent me a package of .243 and .30 cal Bore-tips and a multi pack of their multi surface Gun-tips. The products are made in the USA in Springfield Massachusetts.
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  6. Just a heads up that server and forum software recently updated as part of normal maintenance in Sept 2017. If you notice an errors or strange things, kindly reply to this thread. Thanks! Admin
  7. 700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is case measurements for our 416 HE target case made from our 585 HE big belted case. Ed[/IMG] Here is picture of 375 HE left, 416 HE next, 416 HSM right..[/IMG] Here, tentative specs, 416 HSM case we are doing from bmg brass,[/IMG] A 375 HE, with Lawton action, bunch being done with those .....[/IMG]
  8. 700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is case measurements for our 416 HE target case made from our 585 HE big belted case. Ed[/IMG] Here is picture of 375 HE left, 416 HE next, 416 HSM right..[/IMG] Here, tentative specs, 416 HSM case we are doing from bmg brass,[/IMG] A 375 HE, with Lawton action, bunch being done with those .....[/IMG]
  9. HK94 16 Polygoal Barrels?

    Why do I ask this question. Have many H&K pistols all polygonal rifling, MP5 has it too. It is more accurate than button rifling some have reported and was used in sniper version PSP1 ? Also, If any member has info on FBI version of HK94 in 1991, (MP5FSA3) with a fully automatic bolt follower, but Semi Auto trigger pack? AFT has no rerond on FBI version, maybe just a HK94 was sold to FBI. Spoke to ATF, HK Parts, Adam and a California Lt. Safety office at the Department of Correction on a DOC imported 1989.1995 HK94, one of last imported . No one has any ideas, Adam has 4 HK94 DOC closed out and asked H&K, but only info is poor computer version of old paper records. This was a LE gun post all bans! The DOC in Cal. replaced HK94 with Ruger Mini 14, and made a deal with H&K for USP pistol back in 1995 or so, Prison guard found old 9mm ammo not capable of stopping rioters, so went to mini 14 223's. The tower guard used Hk94's a short range semi auto, and I have one in very good condition, With never designed 9mm, since FBI went back, due to its women agents from .40 S&W ,ballistics for a 65gr. 9mm +P can go to almost 1900 and close to M1/M2, so a HK94 with a 16.7" polygonal barrel may be quite accurate at 100 yards, after that it all downhill!. It will take a varmint, small dear down with a 5 bullet magazine, legal in some southern and western state. No good in California and northeast states . Perfect hog/pig gun in some states. No good for gators??? Research shows a light bullet has same velocity in 9mm as a M1 .30 carbine and can be accurate for 100 Plus yards!
  10. Newbe here Does an HK94 16.7 ' rifle barrel cold hammered have a polygonal rifling like other MP5 versions?
  11. 700HE and 12GA FH

    The 12ga FH case now is in the new COTW book on last page in the wildcat section, I think page 324. They gave good credit to Rob for the idea of that case.... The model 416 HE long case in middle, hydro formed one, has case capacity of 240 gr, and the 416 HSM in picture, on the right, we fired a case twice, capacity is 320gr.. Ed..[/IMG] More info out now; short, fat cases sticking, pockets not lasting as expected. Trying to get best speeds the things raising pressures are bad case proportions, too sharp of shoulders, too fast of powders........... and debth of the bullet into the powder space, as shown in the picture below.. My 375, 416, etc testing, bullets loaded like bottom one, in longer freebore....Ed.[/IMG]
  12. I built this the other day.
  13. Interesting. Note the price: $189.50. While you might think, "Whoa, prices were so awesome back then! I wish it was like that nowadays", according to the inflation calculator that amount back then translates to $1476.97 in today's dollars, way too high for a base model Colt in 2017. The modern version, a Colt AR15A4, can be had for under a grand (equal to $128.30 in 1965).
  14. 700HE and 12GA FH

    Guys asking about strong economical bolt gun to use for 28ga and 410 ga and 32ga with brass cases and higher pressures than plastic cases. They can use a MN bolt action, here is pic of one with our 585 case in the action.Guys can get Magtech brass cases or have RMC make them....Guys can make 32ga case from 500 NE, 410s from 9.3 x 74 brass, etc..[/IMG] Here is picture of our 416 HSM case sectioned next to original BMG case on the right sectioned, to show that we still have enough thickness in the sides to handle high pressure, in a case with 310 gr capacity..We are getting the wildcatting work set up so we can do at least hundred a month. We have lots of 585s, 375HEs, 416 HEs, 408 HEs..... And working toward getting 416 HSMs in big numbers.[/IMG] Here's comparison of 416 target cases, 1st 416 HE, have whole bunch. Second is model of what I'd have made on medium machine, if I could, the 416 HE Long. It has capacity of 230gr.. Third is our 416 HSM which we are working on making by wildcatting bmg cases, And if had run long cases, make longer 375 HE necking down 416 ..[/IMG] Bryan Litz just recently shot 3 shot group at 2 miles using Paul Phillips heavy barreled, target rifle built by Lethal Precision in 375 Lethal Mag(585HE necked down, very similiar to 375HE )... It grouped 17.5 inches tall by 22 inches wide. Applied Ballistics shooter Mitch Fitzpatrick just hit 3 of 5 at 3520 yards, weekend 10-13th at Valdina Ranch , west of San Antonio. Also used the 375 LM case similar to our 375 HE Great shooting at the 2017 World's Longest Shot Challenge. Ed
  15. Wuzzat?

    No idea where this photo came from!
  16. Wuzzat?

    IWI Galil ACE and I'd say it is from the ATF's Failed Operation Fast and Furious.
  17. Name This WW2 Spy Pistol

  18. Length of time to get tax stamp

    How can I expedite my process in obtaining my tax stamp for my nfa SBG??
  19. Tech Report: Grendel P30

    Welcome to the site!
  20. Tech Report: Grendel P30

    New to this site, I think this is going to the Grendel P30 discussion? anyway I've had one of these since I first saw one 20-30 years ago? bought it new fired it maybe twice at the range, you guys that want one of these should have been around on one of those days...I might have just gave it to you...ha. It did shoot straight and did not fail to function (I guess I had the right ammo) but if you are able to shoot all 30 rounds non stop your a better Man than me, the trigger pull is a very long hard pull feels like 20lbs..ha.
  21. 700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is picture of the 416 HSM fireformed once, next to bmg case we make it from and as we improve wildcatting process next few weeks some specs may make small changes, now from base to shoulder is 3.45", case 3.97" long. Ed..
  22. 700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is picture of a brake on 12ga FH with real hot loaded hollowbase lead slug, brake needed more clearance for the expanding slug.[/IMG] Here is the before and after of 375 HE cases necked, 2 on left, and then formed in hydro die... Ed[/IMG] Here is pic of 416 HSM second from left we are experimenting with, going to see if we can make the ultimate 416 ELR case. Can be 3.60" to 4.00" long, a long one pictured. Holds over 280 gr ball powder under bullet. The 3.6" case can hold about 250gr under bullet.. In picture, 1st case is 416 HE, 2nd 416 HSM, 3rd 375 He, 4th 378 WEA. 416 HSM will get 400gr to 4100 plus without needing BMG action, 470 gr 3800 plus , it may be the ultimate target, singleshot 416.. Case will work in fat bolt actions, with heavy enough barrel to have good, milder, barrel harmonics and be under 50 lbs. A lot of the 2 mile type shoots are adopting 50lb limit.[/IMG] Here is picture of the 416 HSM fireformed once, next to bmg case we make it from and as we improve wildcatting process next few weeks some specs may make small changes, now from base to shoulder is 3.45", case 3.97" long. Ed..[/IMG] Manson has 416 HE and 408 HE prints, as well as 375 HE He can also make you a resize die reamer from that info. We got 700 cases in 416 and one more pass if 408s wanted, , Going to do lot more cases for these 2 sizes, PM or email. ph 989-644-5228.. Here are final specs for 416 HE. Length 3.32", belt diameter ,655", base dia .635" , length base to to shoulder 2.860" , 30 deg shoulder.Ed
  23. Kassnar Arms Model 116 MK IV 22LR Make: Kassnar Arms Model: 116 MK IV Receiver Markings: LR / LY KASSNAR IMPORTS / HARRISBURG, P.A. MODEL 116 MK IV / MANUFACTURED IN THE PHILIPPINES Caliber: .22 LR Magazines: Caliber: 22LR Capacity: 15Rd Color: Blue Fit: M1600 MFR #: M1600-15 UPC: 4806015551119
  24. Need help with Lorcin L380

    I got this pistol last month, and wanted to try it out today. I was going to dismantle it, but it appears to be cocked. The firing pin is back, but it will not fire. The trigger will move whether the safety is on or not, but the pin stays back. Has anyone else had this issue? I know to push the drop pin in to dismantle, but I don't know if I should try with the firing pin back. If someone could share some advice I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  25. 700HE and 12GA FH

    Picture of fellows at Vestals Gunsmithing test firing 585 HE they built for a guy. They got 750 gr to almost 2800 from ultra short barrel, not a full load . A regular barrel would be over 2900, 14000 ft lbs with full load.. Picture of our 375 HE cases, with little 378 WEA on left. Middle case is with 330 gr, right case is 400gr bullet. Here is picture of out 375HE testgun, in heavy t-hole stock. So far 340 gr to 3700 and 360gr 3600. Next 416 HE target case, these run through the hydro-die, test gun done,will complete testing soon, to confirm specs. When specs set, info will be sent to reamer guys Soon will have 408 HE with specs set up also, for guys, Smaller case 416s and 408s can be reamed out for our bigger case .Ed

    Hi there before the jokes stary i know enoigh about guns to know this one is a pos anyways i only know the name of the parts by looking them up but cant get a fix to my problem my J.A. .380 auto will slid eback and the red pin indicates its cocked pull the trigger and nothing anyways took the slide off and whatever my problwm is has to do witht he cam and the sear pin and cam peg the cam wont stay on the cam peg so it wont hold the sear pin down idk if thats the case or what all i know is the cam doesnt move when i pull the trigger and of the sear pin on the spring is suppose to be held down by it its not and cam freely moves please help. Dont need all the jokes about how bad the gun is just need help.
  27. 700HE and 12GA FH

    Here is picture of one of 3 buffs our guy from Canada got in Africa with our 24ga FH he did on a NEF, in 2nd picture[/IMG][/IMG] Here is the neck die setup, with insert stems/plugs for the top that are set in .020" steps to make our 375 HEs shown behind from our 585HE cases. 900 cases behind and 600 on another bench, mostly done, and 600 started elsewhere, We also made a hydraulic form die, 375 HE test gun, starting with lighter bullets, for example got 340 gr to 3700, Will test up to 400gr We will find top speeds and powders needed to get that, and have info where to get powders. Reamer prints are at reamer guys, all prints and info is public domain... Ed[/IMG]
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