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The Automatic Rifle G3 cal. 7,62 mm x 51 NATO is a modern combat rifle combining the accuracy of a sniper rifle with the firepower of a machine gun. The rifle is designed for semi-automatic and fully automatic fire and can be fired from any shooting position.

The G3 is a recoil operated weapon with stationary barrel and delayed roller-locked bolt system and is fed from a 20-round magazine. Each rifle is provided with means to mount a scope.

Existing G3 rifle models are:

Figure 1 - G3 Rifle with fixed butt stock from the left

G3 Rifle, Figure 1, Fixed butt left view

Figure 2 - G3 Rifle with fixed butt stock from the right

G3 Rifle, Figure 2, Fixed butt right view

Figure 3 - G3 Rifle with forward slim bipod

G3 Rifle, Figure 3, Rifle with forward slim bipod

Figure 4 - G3 Rifle with retractable butt stock (retracted)

G3 Rifle, Figure 4, Retractable butt stock (retracted)

Figure 5 - G3 Rifle with retractable butt stock (extended)

G3 Rifle, Figure 1, Fixed butt stock (extended)


Figure 6 - G3 Rifle Assembly Groups

G3 Rifle, Figure 6, Rifle Assembly Groups


Assembly Group 1: Receiver and barrel, cocking lever and sights

The receiver connects barrel, cocking lever and sights. All major assemblies are housed within or are attached to that group (Flg. 7). The barrel and barrel extension are press-fitted and pinned. The threaded muzzle has a flash hider, which also serves as a grenade launcher, The cocking lever is arranged above the barrel. It is used for manual operation of the action and to arrest the bolt in rear position. The sighting device consists of a front sight and a rotary rear sight. This rotary roar sight is provided with 3 diopter holes and one open "V" sight and may be set for a range of 200, 300 and 400 metres. The rotary rear sight can also be adjusted in the lateral and vertlcal direction.

Figure 7 - G3 Receiver and Barrel Assembly

G3 Rifle, Figure 7, Receiver and Barrel Assembly

Assembly Group 2: G3 Bolt Carrier and Bolt

The bolt assembly (Flg. 8) consists of:

The G3 bolt assernbly is housed and guided in the receiver Assisted by the recoil spring the bolt feeds, locks and fires the cartridge and also serves to extract and eject the empty case after firing and to cock the hammer.

Figure 8 - G3 Bolt Carrier Assembly

G3 Rifle, Figure 8, Bolt Carrier Assembly

Figure 9 - G3 Bolt Head Carrier

G3 Rifle, Figure 9, Bolt Head Carrier

Figure 10 - Bolt Head

G3 Rifle, Figure 10, Bolt Head

Figure 11 - Locking Piece

G3 Rifle, Figure 11, Locking Piece

Figure 12 - Firing Pin Spring

G3 Rifle, Figure 12, Firing Pin Spring

Figure 13 - Firing Pin

G3 Rifle, Figure 13, Firing Pin

Assembly Group 3: G3 Rifle Grip with trigger pack

The grip with trigger pack (Fig. 14) is hinged to the receiver, can be swung down and removed from it. its housing contains the trigger mechanism (Fig. 15), the hammer, the ejector and the safety axle. The safety axle connects the trigger assembly to the grip.

Figure 14 - Trigger Grip

G3 Rifle, Figure 14, Trigger Grip

Figure 15 - Trigger Pack

G3 Rifle, Figure 15, G3 Rifle Trigger Pack

Assembly Group 4: G3 Rifle Back plate and butt stock

Back plate and fixed butt stock (Fig. 16)
The back plate closes the receiver at the rear, Fastened to it is the buffer assernbly, the recoil spring guide tubs, the recoil spring, and the butt stock The sling holder is integral with the butt stock. The two tubular rivets in the butt stock serve to hold the butt plate and to store the locking pins when stripping the rifle.

Figure 16 - Fixed Butt Stock

G3 Rifle, Figure 16, Fixed Butt Stock

Back plate with retractable butt stock (Fig. 17)

When using the weapon as carabine the -fixed butt stock can be replaced by a retractable butt stock. The two rails of the butt stock are guided in the back plate and alongside of the receiver. They are arrested by a spring-loaded gripping lever in retracted and extended position. A support for faste ni ng th e sl ing is fitted to t"ne back plate

Figure 17 - G3 Rifle Retractable Butt Stock

G3 Rifle, Figure 17, Retractable Butt Stock

Assembly Group 5: G3 Rifle Handguard

The detachable handguard (Fig. 18) encloses the barrel from below, and it is fastened to the weapon by a locking pin.

Figure 18 - Handguard

G3 Rifle, Figure 18, Handguard

Assembly Group 6: G3 Rifle Magazine

The G3 rifle magazine is made of steel or light metal and takes 20 cartridges. it consists of:

Figure 19 - Magazine Housing

G3 Rifle, Figure 19, Magazine Housing

Figure 20 - Follower, Spring and Lock Plate

G3 Rifle, Figure 20, Follower, Spring and Lock Plate

Figure 21 - Magazine Floor Plate

G3 Rifle, Figure 21, Magazine Floor Plate

G3 Rifle Assembly Group 7: Carrying sling

The rifle is provided with a carrying sling (Fig. 22).

Figure 22 - Carrying Sling

G3 Rifle, Figure 22, Carrying Sling

Assembly Group 8: Blank attachment

The blank attachment (Fig.23) is an optional accessory used only when blank cartridges are used.

When firing blank cartridges the combined flash hider / grenade launcher is unscrewed and replaced by the blank attachment. Its booster has a dull chrormium-plated finish to distinguish it clearly from the flash hider. The gas pressure can be regulated by turning the nozzle bolt (with a coin or the head of a cartridge case). The blank attachment must be cleaned after use by putting it into a solvent or gasoline.

Figure 23 - G3 Blank Attachment

G3 Rifle, Figure 23, Blank Attachment

Assembly Group 9: G3 Rifle Telescopic sight

The telescopic sight (Fig. 24) is fixed to the mount by two screws.

The receiver of the firearm is designed to receive a telescopic sight directly without any special arrangements or modifications to the basic firearm.

Figure 24 - Telescopic Sight

G3 Rifle, Figure 24, Telescopic Sight

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