FN FNC Rifles

fnc paratrooper
Picture: FNC Paratrooper Rifle. This model has a folding stock.

FNC Rifle History

A descendant of the FN FAL, the FNC was introduced in the mid-70's to replace an earlier 5.56mm rifle, the FN CAL, which did not sell. The FNC uses M16 magazines and has a solid stock. FN FNC Paratrooper is a lighter, carbine version with a folding stock and a 18" barrel. The FNC rifles is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO caliber and is gas operated with a rotating bolt.

Howco and Gun South Imports imported a number of FNC paratrooper models into the USA prior to the assault weapons ban. The HOWCO imported FNC rifles have a 1 to 7 right handed barrel twist.

How Many FNC Rifles Were Imported Into the USA?

There were supposedly 6,000 FNC semi-auto rifles imported into the USA. HOWCO imported around 1,000 rifles and Gun South Inc. of Birmingham Al. imported around 5,000 rifles. The most common variation accounting for 90% of all imported FNC's was the folding stock rifle with remainder being fixed stock rifles.

A popular accessory is the original scope mount with Hensoldt 4x scope and illuminator.

military fnc
Picture: FNC Rifle in military service. This is the AK5 variant.

FNC Burst Kit Install Guide for Registered Receivers

An excellent write up with photos on how to install a 3 round burst kit in the FNC machine gun. http://www.hk94.com/hk/topic/28462-fnc-3-round-burst-kit-and-sear-installation/

FNC Rifle Diagrams

Picture: Side folder variant.

fnc rifle
FNC Rifle Parts Numbers

fnc rifle
FNC Lower Receiver Assembly. This is the trigger group.

fnc rifle
Here is the FNC buttstock assembly.

fnc rifle
This diagram shows the FNC upper receiver and bolt carrier.

fnc rifle
Picture: Registered S & H FNC Sear.

Picture: Bolt and firing pin.

Picture: 3 Round burst kit for legally registered FNC machine gun conversions.

1984 FN Catalog for the FNC Rifle

fnc rifle
FNC Rifle with tubular handle bayonet.

fnc rifle
FNC Light Automatic Carbine.

fnc rifle
Four position fire selector. "S" for safety, "1" for single, "3" for burst, and "A" for full automatic.

fnc rifle
Power selector and foldable Para butt stock.

fnc rifle
FNC light "NATO approved" carbine.

fnc rifle
FNC Technical Data

fnc rifle
1984 Price List for AUG, FN, and Mannlicher

fnc rifle
The price in 1984 was $765 for a standard FNC and $795 for the paratrooper model.

FNC Rifle's New Brother - the SCAR Rifle?

Picture: The new FN SCAR rifle produced for the US Special Forces.

Fabrique Nationale was awarded a contract to make SCAR ( Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle ) rifles by the US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM).

The SCAR rifle is intended to replace the MK11 (SR-25 Sniper Rifle), MK12 SPR, the CQBR (10 inch SOPMOD), the M4A1 carbine, and the M14 rifle according to the Joint Service Small Arms Program.

The FN FNC and FN SCAR rifle look and function similiarly. It is hoped that it may be possible to use a legally BATF registered FNC sear in the proposed civilian version SCAR rifle.

However, there are reports that the SCAR is, "not a repackaged legacy system", and, "the SCAR is not based upon the FNC and it has no compatible parts borrowed from the FNC".

If these FN reports are true, then adding a registered FNC SEAR to the SCAR would not be a valid legal option.

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