Preban Colt AR-15

Sporter Lightweight 9mm NATO Carbine

colt 9mm carbine


1) Preban, used, Blue Label, 9mm AR-15 NL Series Rifle. This Sporter Lightweight Model R6430 has no bayonet lug or forward assist. It has a bird cage flash suppressor, pinned mag adapter, brass deflector, recessed mag release.

1) 2 Colt 9mm Mags (One) 20 round + (One) 32 round.

2) (One) Aftermarket black sling

3) (One) Photocopy Colt Safety and Instruction Manual for the AR15 9mm

My Cost: $1700

Photos of Rifle and Accessories

colt 4 position butt stock

2) Collapsible Buttstock with police department marking.

R6430 Internals

3) Photo of R6430 Internals

Photo of Mag Well

4) Photo of Mag Well

Colt 9 mm Mags 20 and 30 round

5) Colt 9 mm Mags 20 & 30 round

Note: Paid $65 for 20 round and $100 for 32 round mags.

Bottom View of Colt Mags

6) Bottom View of Colt Mags

Colt sporter user manual

7) Photocopy of Rifle Manual.

(Note: I bought this from a gun dealer by mail who advertised it as an original manual for $15).

Last updated: 30 November 2004

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