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  • FNC Rifle with tubular handle bayonet.

    FN FNC Rifle

    FN FNC Rifles FNC Rifle History A descendant of the FN FAL, the FNC Rifle was introduced in the mid-...

  • stoner sr47 rifle

    Stoner SR47 Rifle

    Stoner SR47 Rifle Knight’s Armament Stoner Rifle SR47 U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM...

  • Heckler Koch USP Elite Handgun

    Heckler Koch USP Elite Pistol

    Heckler Koch USP Elite Pistol The Heckler Koch USP ELITE Handgun was specially designed for sporting...

  • M240 Machine Gun

    M240 Machine Gun

    M240 Machine Gun by Fabrique Nationale The M240 machine gun is the latest version of the 7.62-mm mac...

  • M14 Rifle and M14A1 Rifles

    M14 Rifle and M14A1 Rifle

    M14 Rifle and M14A1 Rifle The M-14 rifle is a 7.62 mm magazine-fed, gas operated shoulder weapon, de...


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